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My latest tweet really struck a chord:

I’ve been doing this “Today In Liberal Democracy” series for months now.

In my view, there is some powerful symbolism in this image. When I criticize liberal democracy on Twitter, I am really criticizing three things about the modern West: liberalism, democracy and capitalism. Cumulatively, all three are having a destructive impact on our culture.

The system we have now has severed the present generation from our cultural roots. It weakens the social fabric by dismissing the natural order and undermining and dissolving social hierarchies. It feels like the religious and moral topsoil of our culture has been washed away. We’re not grounded in anything anymore. We’re clinging on by the barest of threads to our shared past.

Imagine what Christmas must have felt like to a Medieval peasant. It was a deeply meaningful holiday. It was a public festival that involved the entire community. Everyone had their roles and place and shared a common identity. They were part of a common story. Medieval Europe was a poorer place and was technologically inferior, but it was culturally healthier than the modern West.

We don’t even reproduce ourselves anymore in our present day degenerate, desiccated culture under liberal democracy. We’ve become an atomized, alienated and morally confused mass. We’re going insane and killing ourselves. Christmas has become a ritual about shopping for the latest junk at the mall. It is a pale reflection of what it used to be because our culture has unraveled.

It really does feel like we are hovering over an abyss. We’ve been stripped of our identity and traditions under liberal democracy. The soil of our culture that remains has become poisonous. We’re not going to vote our way out of this either because the assumptions the system we have now are based on are the driving force behind this process of steady cultural erosion.

Today In Liberal Democracy highlights the things that have filled this … gaping void.

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  1. The jews have been working to destroy white culture and civilization for over 100 years. It was all hidden prior to the internet.

  2. & yet the tree still lives.
    that’s the most honestly spoken metaphorical truth i’ve seen in a long, long while.

  3. Old FBI Nazi-hunter Christopher Wray is coming your way. Just wait til “domestic terrorism” is addressed under a Democratic administration.


    Let us now throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    The problem is the Judaists who have usurped our govt.

    Jew-S-A is NOT a democracy. And that is the problem.

    Eg. most people are against immigration and want it banned, but the politicians don’t give a damn, because they are taking bribes from the Judaists and the corporations.

    In a real democracy, people vote directly pass laws by voting on the issues (national referenda) which Jew-S-A does not have.

    • @Arnold

      If we suddenly had a direct Democracy, the Deep North and Pacific Coast would simply out vote the South and the Interior West. They’d abolish the Constitution and vote themselves unlimited powers and take the rights of everybody south of the Ohio river/Mason Dixon line and west of Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, and everybody east of the Pacific Coast urban strip.

  5. You say: “When I criticize liberal democracy on Twitter, I am really criticizing three things about the modern West: liberalism, democracy and capitalism. Cumulatively, all three are having a destructive impact on our culture.”

    To that list of three things some people also add Christianity because of its equality teachings, that we are all equal.

    • Is that you Ole Chapped Ass?

      Why are you hasbara types always trying to sow discord among us?

      Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s easy way to get shekels. Always count on the Chosen finding the easiest ways to collect shekels.

    • Box456, I saw some of your comments on another thread. I ask to take back what I wrote earlier.

      … But I am 100% confident that there are jews and shabbos goyim who lurk on these comments section and post comments to sow discord and try to exploit the divisions/disagreements among us. In fact, I read an article over at the Political Research Associates website (What Time Is It?) where they explicitly state that this is their first priority to disrupt our activities and slow our momentum.

    • Box- Because they aren’t Christian Churches, but ‘synagogues of Nestorianism/Gnosticism’- i.e., stupid, graceless, Protestant assemblies.

      The real Church is historically contiguous, and is both hierarchical & unabashedly sacramental, and not filled with antinomian idiots who think the Trinity boils down to “Jezzzus, the Bah-Bull, and ME.”

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