Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Election

I’m angry, but not surprised that Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate race:

“BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Doug Jones, a Democratic former prosecutor who mounted a seemingly quixotic Senate campaign in the face of Republican dominance here, defeated his scandal-scarred opponent, Roy S. Moore, after a brutal campaign marked by accusations of sexual abuse and child molestation against the Republican, according to The Associated Press. …

Propelled by a backlash against Mr. Moore, an intensely polarizing former judge who was accused of sexually assaulting young girls, Mr. Jones overcame the state’s daunting demographics and deep cultural conservatism. His campaign targeted African-American voters with a sprawling, muscular turnout operation, and appealed to educated whites to turn their backs on the Republican Party.

Those pleas paid off on Tuesday, as precincts in Birmingham and its suburbs handed Mr. Jones overwhelming margins while he also won convincingly in Huntsville and other urban centers. The abandonment of Mr. Moore by affluent white voters along with strong support from black voters proved decisive, allowing Mr. Jones to transcend Alabama’s rigid racial polarization and assemble a winning coalition. And solidifying Mr. Jones’s victory were the Republican-leaning Alabamians who chose to write in the name of a third candidate rather than back one of the two major party nominees. Over 20,000 voters here cast write-in ballots.”

It is crystal clear what happened here:

1.) Roy Moore defeated Luther Strange in the Republican primary.

2.) The Strange voters refused to support Roy Moore for class reasons in the general election. They either voted for Doug Jones or sat out the election in protest.

3.) The Republican establishment (this includes the entire Senate) and all the organs of Conservatism, Inc. spent the whole month of November virtue signaling and campaigning against Roy Moore with the mainstream media in order to discourage the college educated, suburban voters from voting for him. This is the same ploy we saw with Donald Trump last October in the 2016 election. We’ve seen them do it before with Tea Party candidates like Todd Akin and Chris McDaniel.

Here’s what we learned tonight:

1.) There is no such thing as a “populist-conservative” coalition. When a populist candidate wins a primary, conservative voters will stay at home in the general election to elect a Democrat. Even though Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, this happened across the country in suburban areas, which is why he narrowly won states like Georgia, Arizona and Texas.

2.) Conservatives DO NOT believe in the social issues. For generations, we have been told that we have to vote for Republicans because of abortion, gay marriage, immigration or some other polarizing cultural issue, but these issues are just bait to attract White working class voters. When those voters elect a champion who truly believes in those issues, the cucks will balk at voting for him.

3.) The suburban, college educated, White upper middle class voters who elected Doug Jones tonight to the US Senate DO NOT believe in party unity. It is a one way street for them. If they lose the primary, they are willing to be swing voters and openly campaign against the nominee. When their candidate wins though, they will come back with arguments like we have to “unite the party” in order to elect conservative judges who as we have seen tonight they really don’t care about.

There is a massive class divide in the Republican Party.

It is a party with a White working class populist base, but with a suburban upper middle class conservative management agenda. This is how we have mysteriously gone from “Build the Wall” to passing a massive corporate tax cut for wealthy donors. It is why the Republican Party is now turning its attention to entitlement reform after working to defeat Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. These three things are connected and illustrate who was really empowered by the 2016 presidential election.

The 2018 midterms are coming up and will pose some big questions for White working class voters. Is it even possible to reform the Republican Party? Do we want more of the Paul Ryan agenda? Why should we vote for cucks in the name of party loyalty who refuse to support populist candidates? If the Republican Party doesn’t support a working class agenda, why bother to vote them? Surely, two can play this game of sitting out a general election in order to throw a race to the Democrats.

Note: As you have probably noticed from our coverage of the issues, I made up my mind about this a while ago. I’m sitting out the 2018 midterm elections. I’m also going to do everything in my power on this platform to discourage our people from voting for more conservatives.

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  1. How much of this due to Yankee transplants, Niggers and Mexicans, the traditional enemies of the Southern people? What does it say about the size of the native, Southern population?

    • The white Yankee transplant element irritates me the most. The other two vote how we would expect. If you love blue state politics so much then please stay in a blue state. I find it hard to believe that our transplant population is that large though. This result has to largely be from people staying home.

    • Only one word is necessary. Only one word will work.

      Secession. I’m done with the god-damned facade of a Jewish-owned, and nigger-dominated Multiculti crock of sh*t, masquerading as America.

      Secession. Totally. Fully. Eternally.

    • STOP BLAMING “THE YANKEES”. Kikes have used and about White Southerners since the BEGINNING. You let them blame Whites for the “evils of slavery” – when KIKES were and are the slavers. Modern Southern Whites put up a big show about “southern traditions and culture” – but I’ve seen FIRST HAND White Southerners who will do ANYTHING for Jew shekels. Southern Evangelitatds literally WORSHIP kikes. Not God. Not Jesus. KIKES. I BLAME Southern Whites for perpetuating ZOG – because White Southern Men are the ones that, until very recently, and the quickest to enlist in ZOG’S wars against Humanity.

      “Yankees” didn’t torpedo Moore. Any “Yankees” that showed up are the same ones that infested your part of the country during the Cibbil Rites era – JEWS. They’ve been using their bio-weapon dindus against YOU for ever. Your own Southern back-stabbing “educated” White class nailed Moore, too.

      • I believe you are correct, one viewing of Hagee working the evangelical crowd for israel is quite enough to prove your point. I have an old friend who lives in the South and is a Southern Baptist, and she and her husband do worship jews and israel, literally.

        • I am seeing in solid white, red state, conservative areas more and more Israel flags flying at Baptist Churches. It is always a Baptist church. I passed one the other day whereby the Church sign read God bless American and Israel. I am sure I do not need to remind of the the viciously anti-white antics of Russell Moore who is a former Southern Baptist convention leader and a fanatical Judeo-Baptist..

      • Denise – you nailed it. I see that Courtney, whose avatar is of an antebellum HALLOWEEN COSTUME (!), is continuing the grand Southern tradition of perpetuating ZOG by absolving the kikes and blaming fellow White ‘Yankees’.

        IT’S NOT THE ‘YANKEES’ (who don’t even exist anymore, as this isn’t 1870 during Reconstruction, it’s 2017 Jewmerica), IT’S THE JEWS.

          • I saw that horror on SF. Lots of Southrons have interesting alleles in the DNA woodpile. That story from TX though – it’s a total disgrace. I don’t think the female looks particularly White, though. The bone structure of her face is….odd.

            Never-the-less – most people will read her as “White”. And the only way you could go lower is if her Daddy actually went out seeking a nigger buck for his daughter, or himself……I really wonder about the proclivities of the father.

            To the point though – I’ve never seen a White “Yankee” do something like THAT. The closest I’ve come – a White man I know brought a niglet ghetto chile into his family for a Summer, a few years ago. This was due to a program to get po’ inner city pavement applets into the fresh country air. This man totally know the score about niggers. He’s dealt with them for his entire working life. His own young White children have never been around Nigs, 24/7 IRL but their Communist Core skoolz are beginning to preach the Anti White dogma. This fellow rcvd funding to house this dbaby dindu for a few months, and then it went back to it’s ‘hood. He used the creature as an object lesson for his own kids. The kids are very intelligent; the one young boy has already received all kinds of awards for academic brilliance, etc. The Human children could not believe how stupid and lazy the ghetto niglet was. They thoroughly enjoyed recounting it’s antics to me, after it left.

          • Actually you can get worse. How many college football scouts encourage black players to come to their university by telling them how many white girls they can get? I’ve heard high school football coaches tell me just that! Rumors are that some even buy them high class escort girls to help seal the deal. Or it that doesn’t work donate thousands of dollars to their dad’s church if he happens to be a pastor!

        • So many Southerners are so fixated on “hating/getting even with the Yanquis” they can’t even see who has been screwing ’em left right and center for close to 200 years. I’ve written warnings, on this very site, about the real enemies. I’ve been told, in a variety of ways that “Our Jews (the Dixie infestation) are ok….”.

          Well these is a HUGE influx of Hebes, in Dixieland. Wait til the genteel, chivalrous Southerners have to deal with the REAL Thing, now that the masks are off. There will be no secession, and the Hebes will go full NKVD. Just like in Charlottesville.

    • Not much tbh. If a few percent of the women there had voted as their men did Moore would have won.

      Given all that, Moore was ZOG through and through so it’s not a stinging loss for me anyway. No bet riding on the result either.

      • John, aren’t you English? Channel the spirit of Marlene Guest, a heroic WOMAN (oh no!) and go save some English roses from being pimped out to Ahmed, Mohammed & Co.

        Alex Linder has written extensively about your type…

  2. In the the short term, we’re simply going to have to buy out the Niggers, like it or not, to get them out of the hands of our enemies.

    • James – it’s not the niggers. What don’t you get, at this 11th hour? FYI a new NAZI Party has a better chance of attracting adherents, than does a “Confederate Party”. Drop the idiotic LARPING.

  3. You can’t discount the Soros funded “get out the nigger vote” that was active in Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile. Also, the cucks were worked on by Bush Crime Family retainers.

    • @jps

      Hear hear! They let them cheat, walk all over their constituency then they JOHN MCCAIN their own candidates.

      I’m glad we don’t believe in reform!

  4. I’m always amazed at how so many alt righters take the results of elections on trust, and deride as “conspiracy theorists” those who express doubts about the integrity of the voting process. On the one hand they tell us, oh look at how corrupt the establishment is – they promote the murder of unborn children, men who wear dresses sharing showers with girls, crazy corrupt wars for Israel that kill millions, white genocide etc etc., but then when someone says, oh yes and they rig elections too, most leading white nats in effect say, “oh no, get a life, conspiracy saddo, they’d never do that”. To use high falutin terminology, this is a very extreme case of cognitive dissonance. If the Zios rig the media, the banking system, deliberately flood the west with migrants it seems utterly bizarre to believe that they would leave who gets to run ostensibly run the show to the whim of voters.

    My belief is that the only reason Trump won last year is because he said the election would be rigged, and the prospect of scepticism about the integrity of elections becoming mainstream so spooked the powers that be, that they let him win – albeit not with the popular vote (since they wanted his presidency to be tainted from the start). Whatever one may say about Trump,his electoral success disproved forever the notion that “conspiracy theory” marginalises a movement. In saying the election would be rigged, he was going much further than even most professional conspiracy theorists. Sadly the alt-right don’t seem to have taken the right lessons from his victory.

    • Did you notice that 2 hours after the polls “closed,” that the red counties had fully reported the results but the blue (black/brown) counties had yet to fully report?

      It is my contention that blacks and browns voted late (after the polls should have been closed) and voted often (at least 10-20 times per nappy head).

      Nomesayin? Sheeit mufugga!

      • Interesting – didn’t know that. Not sure whether the conspiracy buff Jim Stone knows what he’s talking about on this, but he said the day before the vote that even many blacks in Alabama were quite pro-Moore, and that the polls were lying through their teeth about the race being tight – that Moore was ahead by miles, and that the “tight polls” indicated they intended to rig the outcome. The bit about the blacks supporting Moore may be bs for all I know – although it wouldn’t altogether surprise me – but what I do know is that after the proof of the Moore accuser’s yearbook being “annotated”, Moore – by every law of logic – should have surged ahead. Instead, if you’re to believe the official outcome, his vote completely collapsed in the last lap of the campaign – even though one of his main accusers had been seriously discredited in that last lap. It doesn’t make a shred of sense.

    • I don’t doubt the election was rigged at all. It would be EXTREMELY difficult to rig a National election, but a state wide election – easy peasy.

    • Jude, I viewed last year’s election as rigged for hillary, too, but I thought that the dems just didn’t rig it quite enough; they underestimated how many people would be voting for Trump.

      • Good Point Le Hunt – what you suggest is highly probable. Also the fact that Trump supposedly lost the popular vote was a way of keeping right-wing populism on a leash – and of keeping the tribalist left-leaning rabble of all races fired up for the next round.

  5. Can anyone tell me if the statements are true that people were bused in from other parts of the country? I sure hope not.

    • The main story is that white women lag behind white men in the vote for Moore by around 10%. Niggers vote 91-97% Jones and white men vote 75% for Moore and white Women vote 65% Moore. The election was lost in that 10% gap.

      Mind the Gap.

    • It was posted from someone on Reddit who was in Tuscaloosa yesterday afternoon. A few other reports trickled in as well. Then there’s the numerous reports of people in certain counties going to vote where their name mysteriously “disappeared” from the voter rolls. The situation was always the same scenario, white men that were registered to vote, voted in the primary, voted in the presidential election and their names disappeared from the voter lists. I read 3 different Facebook posts from 3 different people saying it happened while they were in line more than once or they were the person who’s name disappeared.

      How many did that happen to,

  6. It appears that suburban white women refused to vote for Moore. The women might as well be spitting the throats of their white husbands and sons. Thanks Belles!

  7. This belle voted for Moore. But evangelical white men may have contributed also to the results. The evangelical white men I know from college on Facebook unanimously put down Trump in their comments and now were doing the same to Moore. They seemed to be big advocates of write ins and third parties.

    • Some maybe, but I think the vast majority of Whites who voted for Jones came from richer suburban areas like Hoover, Vestavia Hills, etc…

      These are people who are either transplants, or are natives who thanks to their sheltered lives and affluent economic status have yet to experience diversity in all its nasty glory.

      Upper middle class folks are also the most likely to cave and virtue signal whenever accusations of racism come flying.

    • This belle didn’t either.

      I’m in Madison County & you could see the writing on the wall, in the neighborhood surrounding mine there were Doug Jones signs ERRRRYWHERE. None thankfully on my street, but they dotted up and down the streets preceding.

      It all comes down to evangelicals who basically should’ve set their ballot on fire instead of vote by writing in a candidate, that accounted for 1.6%, just a portion of that vote would’ve put Moore over the top. Then there’s the felons that were recently given the vote by Kay Ivey, Think Progress was in the state feverishly registering them in prisons up & down the state until a month or 2 ago. No doubt those votes went to Jones. Any evangelical who wrote in a candidate deserves to be set fire to, THEY made sure we got a Democrat & those hypocrites will be the first to bemoan any policies he tries to implement. Their write in movement was the final nail in the coffin. Fuck them ALL.

      Then there were men like my husband who just didn’t like Moore, but that’s besides the point, keeping our party in power is the main goal & my husband got a laugh out of Moore losing. However, he didn’t vote in the primary or the election, I did. My man thought Strange would’ve been a lock & we messed up by not blindly following Trumps edict to vote for him. I disagree. Strange had competition in Moore & Brooks, he was also tainted by association with Bentley. Speaking of tainted, Kay Ivey has GOT TO GO. Because of her, people sitting in county jail & prisons in the state can now vote, people unpalatable to walk the streets can decide what happens in our government. Tommy Battle is running against her & he needs to flattened that old blue haired crone. Fuck her to hell and back.

      Moore lost because of a concerted effort by the media along with a small handful of aged whores accusing him of sexual misconduct whom I guarantee will now fade back into the background not to be seen again. Moore needs to sue all of them, their “claims” hurt his chances & caused uncalculatable damage to his reputation. I hope all of them meet a bitter & painful end. Nelson and Corfman particularly.

      This is a set back for sure, but it’s worth remembering that Jones will enter the Senate as a junior senator serving the remaining 2 years of Sessions term, not as Jesus Christ. Jones will not be able to unilaterally make unrestricted abortion happen or change gun control laws. He won’t have that kind of power & our state government is not likely to give it to him via any vote because their votes are a matter of public record and could come back to haunt them.

      Evangelicals need to learn to take the bad with the good. They don’t want unrestricted abortion, but their stupid as fuck write in campaign just got them one step closer to it. I’m beginning to see why people think evangelicals are bible thumping idiots. They did this. And Charles Barkley? That coconut headed nigger needs to shut the fuck up.

      • Evangelitards are JEW WORSHIPPING lunatics. And they ARE mental defectives. THEY will be the death of the White Race. They do vote in blocks, against their own existence. They hate life and themselves so much they CREAM for the Apocalypse. Think about that. They love the idea of total annihilation so much they do everything they can do to make it happen.

        • 75% of white men there voted for their own interests. Only 65% of white Women did likewise.

          Black Women voted 97% for their own interests, Black men voted 91% for their own interests.

          7% of black men went for Moore and a statistical zero of Black Women voted for Moore.

          You can’t wiggle around this data. It’s intellectually dishonest.

          • I think you are avoiding what happened in Alabama with racial solidarity across gender lines.

            It’s either that you are dim or that you are operating an angle.

  8. Some Jew Poll?

    I’ll make a caveat, did not like Moore’s holy Rolling but it appears that hundreds of thousands of Republican voters just say it out or more criminally voted for the Joneses.

  9. NBC’s analysis of the demographics:

    Funny how they keep trying to focus attention on white women, when reports circulate about bused-in blacks and massive numbers for Jones in urban centers that these ‘suburban white women’ probably don’t live in.

    Headlines also ignore the youth vote which supposedly leaned strongly for Jones, and what that says about Generation X and even the Boomers.

    • White Women who went to college gave Jones parity in a general sense.

      They continue to slit the throats of their menfolk. Every fucking time. Niggers are gonna Nig Onceler. Bitches gonna bitch.

        • John strikes me as a repressed homosexual. I’m being serious. This explains a lot of his targeted anger toward women, especially White women. Lesbians often exhibit this same kind of irrational targeting of men whom they always accuse of attacking them or representing views and actions that harm them as lesbians.

          I’m curious how many women get turned off to the pro-White world specifically because of people like this. Anyone care to speculate on why Alt-Right/WN leadership(men) will often do nothing to curb this kind of behavior and cull the defectives? Hell, they’ll even promote it in many cases.

  10. The way this movement obsesses over white women being part of the enemy really confuses me and it is divisive. In red states white women vote mostly conservative just like white men and in blue states white MEN vote largely democrat just like white women. This is pretty obvious. Yes, women are more soft hearted and liberal overall but a lot of you act like 75% of white women love Hilary and 95% of white men are dying to join the race realist movement if it weren’t for their wives. That isn’t the case at all. It isn’t that black and white. The sexes can only be antagonistic towards each other up to a certain extent in any society. We want to impress each other biologically after all. That has to be some sort of overall similarity when it comes to cultural views despite the differences between the sexes.

    • In Alabama white men voted 75% for Moore while white Women voted 65% for Moore. That’s a drag of 10%.

      Niggers universally backed Jones. Total lockstep.

    • Courtney, darlin’- Go read some of Andrew Anglin’s posts over at Daily Stormer. If you don’t understand the growing anger of White men against their women (and you all ARE ‘our women’, or you are nothing) voting contrary to our Racial Interests (as this election, ALSO has shown) before you open your pretty little mouth, bless your heart.

      • I am aware of that anger and it seems to be confined to the internet. Most white men I interact with away from the internet don’t show animosity towards their women. And 65% of white women voting for Moore vs 75% of white men proves my point above. Yes women are more liberal but the differences aren’t so drastic that they should be viewed as enemies. 65% voting towards Moore doesn’t sound like an enemy vote. Please direct your anger towards the homebuyers vote and the 35 % of white women AND 25% of white men who voted against Moore as well as the countless Republican whites of both sexes who continue to be oblivious to the race issue. Even here in Alabama the average white person I run into of both sexes has a lot of waking up to do when it comes to what we discuss on here whether they voted for Moore or not.

        • My comment above should say minorities instead of homebuyers. Don’t know why auto correct did that

        • That’s my sense as well. Most of the white men I interact with in real life don’t harbor this hostility towards their women, either.

          This is the Maladjusted Men’s Movement, not a pro-white one.

          You probably don’t think this way, but I’ve noticed a push from what is the most organized controlled opposition to re-position themselves as somehow pro-woman or at least not anti-women. I believe this is happening precisely because the pro-white movement, as it were, has veered so far away from mainstream normal white men sentiment that it’s no longer even controlled opposition and instead is just repelling normal white men (not to mention any even semi self-respecting woman).

        • Questionable on the phrase “their women”.

          They literally voted for a front man for niggers.

      • White women’s voting habits tend to tell me a little more about the vacuous, smug, archaic & misogynistic nature of the candidates they vote against than it does a general assumption about White women. When you give them borderline misogynists and geriatric assholes to vote for, the only question is what flavor of geriatric asshole you’re going to end up with. Anyone trying to pass off Daily Stormer and Anglin as pillars of masculine, mature and intelligent thought in the pro-White sphere needs to pull the gerbils out of their ass and listen to what real men have to say.

        Unfortunately, many people masquerading as pro-White men seem to believe White women are just White men with vaginas. You either make a genuine effort to understand and appeal to the unique dynamics that make women women, or you just sit back and have them reject you and watch as they drift further away.

          • Why? I don’t know. Maybe because you can’t squeeze an 8-pound baby out of your piss hole? What do you think?

            You should stop being melodramatic and learn a fundamental lesson in politics and life in general: You try to belittle people and turn them into the scapegoat for all of your failures and shortcomings, don’t be surprised when they not only DON’T support you, but return all that animosity by making sure others don’t support you either.

          • It’s not melodrama. It’s solid data. One could understand voting like this if the Democratic candidate was a woman like Clinton. Then there would be a swirl of identity issues and such to attract otherwise conservative women.

        • @celestial time

          Why would we appeal to morally bankrupt?

          The answer is what we have been saying all along, form a small ethnostate and the ones that follow come along. To hell with the others.

          • Me too Celestial.

            I’ve been a considerably more prolific than you though.

            Now, I’m just looking at this as a war.

            White men 3 to 1 voted for Moore.
            White women 2 to 1 for Moore.

            A general can attack a position when he’s got a 3 to 1 advantage and expect to win. A general can attack with 2 to 1 but he can expect to lose and get everyone killed.


            Stop psychologizing the numbers game. It’s Freudian.

        • EVERY ETHNIC POLITICAL OUTFIT TAKES ALL COMERS. Jews use their women to immense success. So do Negroes. Even freaking Muslims make a show of putting female faces in front, when appealing to Westerners.

          ONLY alleged “WN males” go out of their way to drive potentially half the supporters away…..genius. Simply genius.

          • I can assure you that many aren’t White or at least not genuinely pro-White. Those that are White and pro-White who make a habit of belittling White women are, more often than not, extremely insecure about their ability to hold onto or attract women without wielding some kind of power(physical or psychological) over them. The failure of the Alt-Right-White Nationalism has always been its failure to bridge the divide by flushing out the people constantly creating the division. Alt-Right/WN in America has the poorest and most dysfunctional leadership of just about any entity I’ve come across.

          • @denise

            Women are not white men’s pawns. At shelbyville I noticed black lives matter standing behind white women. They don’t mind using them as shields and pawns.

            IF white women want to be there when bullets start flying I will be truly amazed. We don’t need to appeal or appease anyone. We just need action.

          • Professional points out that at C’Ville white Women were used as pawns in the battle line for spooks to hide behind. Just doing that gives the left free hits on a line of decent white men and it went on for hours. Jews and Blacks literally hid behind the skirts of collaborating females that day.

          • Funny, I was just thinking about how Jews and Blacks literally hide behind the skirts of collaborating males every day, in pro-white and all over.

    • Cranks and maladroits are trying to distort a complex issue to suit their child-like world views.

      Some women are single, many with children and no way to enforce child support (and no, I’m not claiming none of these women have responsibility for their circumstances, it takes two) and therefore reliant upon the Democratic party’s welfare and family support. It can be very hard for single women to make a living; their choices are far more limited than those of their male counterparts, whose sheer physical labor can translate into some kind of livable wage relatively quickly. These men might not have or care about children who need constant guardians.

      I think some women feel the weight of male sexual predation in the workplace, both among the college educated (a college degree gets you nothing but more debt these days) and the working class.

      This is all assuming we accept these polls at face value, which I don’t necessarily.

      It seems very odd that Trump skated by while Moore got tripped up on accusations. Could be that there was some truth to allegations against Moore, and that, moreover, Trump has failed to deliver on his more economic populism. So his allies go down with him.

      • @onceler

        Regarding women struggling to support families lacking men comment.

        This is a good point and I will be honest that I hadn’t considered this and will concede it makes a huge vote-gap difference.

        My only hope is that these women ultimately stand behind men that are trying to fix the system. In a land that looks more pitiful and rundown each day there will be examples coming forth to look up to. Many men that post on here are examples for the real world to look towards.


          Two thirds of mothers voted for Jones, the article doesn’t give a racial breakdown of that statistic.

          Jones only beat Moore by 21,000 votes, while the write in candidate received 23k+.

          The pro-white movement represents the interests of male sucklings, not white men.

          I still don’t necessarily believe the ‘exit polls.’ Who conducts them? How many white women refuse to acknowledge who they actually voted for?

          The system is rigged, the courts even more than the voting. We can’t politic our way around that.

          • Onceler – please. Stop citing data. The eunuchs would rather blame White women more than they want to do anything else. Doug Jones, of course, is a White man. Pandering to every Orc on Earth. But no matter. He dint do nuffin.

          • Which commenter in that comments section are you then? The one from Cambridge MA? Lot’s of feminist gloating.

    • I’m trying to figure out if you are more overjoyed that Moore lost or generally pleased that Jones won.

  11. Damn straight Roy Moore should demand a recount!

    More importantly, if Jones suffers some terrible accident, prior to seating in the Roman Senate, it would only be the righteous vengeance of an Angry God, and nothing more. God is damning this nation, even when being given the chance via a pagan Emperor, to turn it aside from its destruction. Yup, I’m talkin’ Donald J. Maximus….

    Secession. Flee unto the hills, before Jerusalem is destroyed… again.

  12. Does it really matter who won the fucken thing?
    I mean….the Repulsives or Demons- six of one or half a dozen of the other. They are ALLLLL the same!!!
    The notion that any mainstream politician, regardless of party, will ever go in to bat for us is naive at best.
    Its either Demoes get elected-be disappointed now, or Repubs in- be disappointed later. They don’t give a shit about you. Democracy at all levels are a massive failure.

    • Yeah, I think Trump’s election proves your point beyond the shadow of a doubt. Moreover a lot of our Trump support, not unlike Moore support, is based on wishful thinking. Until genuine White ID politics emerges we’ll continue to be ruled by cucks and traitors.

    • Get back to your tractor or helicopter John. Grow the food and drove the sheep.

      Prepare for war.

    • My worry is the lack of white solidarity in the exit polls. The candidate is neither here nor there. An afterthought.

  13. Dailyschnorrer is now calling it a rigged election as the court ordered the hard drives destroyed late last night.

      • Why are you glossing over clear exit poll data that shows White Women there literally stabbing their menfolk in the back? There’s a clear as day 10% gap in the white male/female vote.

          • I’ll answer your questions in turn:

            1. No Englishman really thinks the royals are English. We are quite aware they are Germans.

            2. While the GOP Senate establishment stabs white voting blocks in the back for sport and shekels the white male demographic vote in solidarity for their own racial interests. That’s true even in Competitive states and some stereotypical blue states.

            I’m talking about the demographics not individuals.

            Alabama is going to turn into a rape-ape-orama now.

    • I’m talking about solidarity in the voting block.

      When you have niggers voting 91-97%percent against you and actually coming out to vote 65% won’t cut it at all.

  14. I hear that Doug Jones is now saying that the election was never about Moore, despite weeks of nothing but 38-year-old sex charges against Moore.

    Suggesting that Alabama is for amnesty and against Trump…

  15. I’m going to have to disagree with hunter a little bit here, Trump just barely won Georgia, Arizona and Texas because of all the Mexicans living there. Other than that he’s spot on.

  16. Gotta wonder why didn’t they go to the cops when it happened? Clinton had several females accuse of him of rape and he’s still going pretty strong along with his soul mate.
    Africans in America will get to be even more of an impossible problem as time goes along.
    There’s some saying the military vote has not been counted in Alabama yet. Probably just dreaming.

  17. Jews & Co. have packed the courts, so the normal avenues of redress for corrupt cracks in the system are blocked to whites and here, Moore.

    If any good comes out of this, it will be some awakening among southerners to this jew-rigging. Unfortunately the jews know the South well enough to assiduously hide behind white toadies, so prospects for this awakening seem dim without something or someone major changing the game.

  18. I ceased believing that the US has free and fair elections some time ago. As for the rule of law– just a bad joke.

    (They yell about Russian election interference, but the US is the world’s champion at interfering in other countries’ elections. Currently they’re working against the Hungarian govt in advance of that country’s 2018 balloting. History shows scores and scores of examples. And if the “wrong” side wins an election abroad the US often overthrows that government — Ukraine, Chile, Iran, etc.
    So much for “Muh Democracy.”)

    I won’t be voting next November. My GOP representative has a safe seat and is close to the leadership. His list of important issues on his website is long but does not even mention immigration.
    The likely senate candidate is an appalling career politician from the age of 18 who is “Israel First and Always.”

    Let this sick place collapse.

    • I’m more interested in making sure whites vote in lockstep against the brown horde than about issues…once the habit of voting together is established the rest follows.

  19. Hopefully all you Muh Constitooshun types just got bitch-slapped back into reality as a result of last night’s nigged, jigged and rigged election in ‘Bamy. We are NOT going to be able to vote our way out of this mess. Short of divine intervention a massive White uprising is all that can save us now.

  20. @spahnranch1969

    I am agreeing with you except we don’t revolt. We must try to get a “closed election” that only allows white American men to vote.

  21. Whatever the reason, the fact is that Alabama voted for amnesty, no wall, Obamacare, more Muslims and to get rid of Trump.

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