Cuckservatives Celebrate Doug Jones Victory

David French is ecstatic that Doug Jones won in Alabama:

“Let’s plainly state the reason why Roy Moore lost tonight. Alabama conservatives took a stand. By the tens of thousands they either stayed home, voted for other candidates, or — in some instances — voted for Doug Jones. To say that conservatives beat Roy Moore is not to take one thing away from Doug Jones. He ran a smart race, he mobilized Democrats, and his voters came to the polls in large numbers — large enough to win. But this is Alabama. He could have run the perfect race, and he still would have lost — if conservatives supported their party’s nominee.”

I fully agree.

Everyone in Alabama knows that is what happened last night. A drive through the Huntsville or Birmingham suburbs or the wealthier areas of the smaller towns was enough to reveal that the country club crowd wanted Doug Jones to win. They all had Doug Jones signs out in their front yard.

“Tonight, Alabama conservatives told Steve Bannon and, yes, Donald Trump that integrity matters. They told their party that some victories aren’t worth the cost. They declared that partisanship isn’t worth grotesque moral compromise. The deep South said no to Roy Moore’s bigotry. It said no to his ignorance and malice.”

I admired Roy Moore BECAUSE of his integrity. He was twice removed from the Alabama Supreme Court over his religious beliefs. A conservative would have simply folded, declared that gay marriage is “the law of the land” and accused anyone who opposed it of “bigotry.” But anyway, I grant the point that the college educated, suburban voters who voted for Luther Strange – who are a minority in Alabama – look down their noses at the rural, working class voters who have given them absolute power in this state. As I said last night, they don’t believe in the “social issues” and only give them lip service.

“To give you a sense of the magnitude of the conservative rebellion tonight, consider some numbers. Donald Trump won Alabama by 28 points. Jeff Sessions had such a hammerlock on this seat that he ran unopposed in 2014 — collecting more than 97 percent of the vote. The closest Senate election in a generation was a 19 point GOP victory in 2002. In other words, what happened tonight wasn’t the result of changed hearts and minds in a tiny few swing votes. It was a mass rebellion.”

What is the result of this mass rebellion going to be? The result will be the death of the Trump agenda in Congress. In other words, the GOP is going to pass the massive corporate tax cut for wealthy donors, but when the 2018 midterms get here there isn’t going to be a border wall. More importantly, the mass rebellion proved that the GOP doesn’t care about the social issues.

Every election cycle we are told that we have to vote for the GOP because of judges, immigration, gay marriage or some other polarizing cultural issue. In reality, the GOP just wants the tax cuts, deregulation, entitlement reform and others things like that and considers the rest of the agenda to be “bigotry” and laments having to be associated with it. The lesson was sent loud and clear to White working class voters that the social issues are a ruse and party unity is a one way street.

Where do we go from here? The answers are obvious. Nominate conservatives with integrity. Retake the seat. Reject the vicious, malicious politics of men like Steve Bannon. Center the political fight around ideas and values that men and women are proud to vote for. In the meantime, Alabama conservatives have sent their message. May the GOP hear it loud and clear.

Where do we go from here?

The 2018 midterm elections are coming up in Alabama. Mark my words, the sons of bitches who sat out the election last night are going come back next year and say, “you guys, we got to have party unity. We got to stop the Democrats.” We’ve got nearly a year to discourage White working class voters from voting for the party of management and Corporate America.

The same tactic that was used against Roy Moore last night can be used much more effectively against conservative politicians in the South. Just don’t vote for them. Let them go down in defeat. Understand that the “social issues” aren’t real and are just bait to get you to vote for the donor class agenda for they can do things like take away your healthcare and cut the corporate tax rate.

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  1. Alabama is approx 70% white.

    75% of White Men supported Moore. They did what they could.

    Say no more…


    Maybe the Libs rigged the election, or maybe the scandals worked.

    But, today is a special day for the Judaists. It is the first day of Hannukah.

    And today, I call upon my Jewish friends to mourn their biggest defeat of all—that of Jewish mythology, and to leave Judaism for good.

    Jewish people are waking up and realizing that these fake stories of Hannukah and Moses and Abraham are all myths, and leaving this criminal cult called Judaism.

    On Hannukah, people please share the light of wisdom on sites like: mosesneverexisted on zohosites in the com domain.

    With your Jewish friends to awaken them.

    • Power never gives itself up, and that’s what Judaism is – ethno-nationalist supremacy pretending to be a ‘faith.’

  3. Okay, it’s over. We lost. Charlottesville, Moore? Did you think that this would be easy? Quick?

    We are at the beginning of the beginning.

    Start here:

    Each one teach one:


  4. Good article on class clash and also, the NASA facility in Madison County:

    Corey Booker, NJ Senator, helped secure ‘the win.’ Roman Catholic Murphy clinched NJ’s gubernatorial race poised against corrupt Christie’s republican successor (another italian). Murphy positioned himself as the antidote to Trump and is declaring NJ a ‘sanctuary state.’

    WTF, what is it now?

    Look out for lots of ‘yankee’ refugees fleeing south. Rutgers University main campus in New Brunswick looks like New Hong Kong. Multiple Chabad houses along four blocks, third worlders everywhere and whiteys are total freaks.

  5. This is a disappointing loss. Alabamans had a chance to demonstrate that the media and the elites have lost their influence. Instead they have showed the opposite. The media and elites retain the power to dictate elections.

    • You are so, so correct, glacier.

      Alabama will never vote for independence short of collapse, catastrophe, open warfare in the streets or a FBI-led coup d’état taking out the natl government and installing the Clinton-Obama machine.

      The Trump agenda is probably gone and replaced by GOPe tax cuts to benefit (mostly) you-know-who and more wars for “our most cherished ally.”

      The Cuckservatives just gained much more power, both real and perceived. It’s not impossible that Flake and Corker reconsider their retirement plans.

      • Many of us here understand the problems that face white working class, traditional, and patriotic Americans. It seems though like we are powerless to fight back. It is obvious that elections can’t save us because we have won elections and nothing changes. So now what?

  6. “ It is obvious that elections can’t save us because we have won elections and nothing changes. So now what?“

    Secession or Martyrdom- probably both.
    America is damning herself.

  7. I didn’t follow it that closely, but seems to me part of the reason Moore lost is there was no counter-offensive against Doug Jones. I never heard any attack on Jones. All I heard was from the paid accusers against Roy Moore day in and day out. Roy Moore had 100% of the negativity directed at him. Imagine if Trump never attacked any of his opponents and all they did was attack him. It’s not about facts it’s about perception. Trump would have lost. Roy Moore, like the typical conservative, only responds to accusations. He didn’t attack back. They’re obsolete in today’s Jewish politics of personal destruction. Jews fight dirty and lie every single day.

    • I watched Sen-elect Jones victory speech last night on Fox and at the end when he and his wife are shaking supporters’ hands, he gives this lame sock puppet kind of wave. Weird, was he channeling Lamb Chop?

    • Roy Moore is the prototypical Christian Zionist patriotard veteran boomer Republican. They worship kikes, grovel to the negro and spic menace, and have shown themselves to be cowardly brainwashed evangelitard sheeple. If you can’t take on Big Jew, you’re a nuisance and a menace.

  8. Judge Roy Moore was about to throw a wrench in the Swamp’s sin game of ignoring the abomination of hoe moe acts…which were capital crimes in all 13 of the original colonies back in 1776…these “Sodom and Gomorrah” legislators were not about to have Moore put them on the spot on whether they hated this abominable sin or not…the GOP and Dems made sure he was gone…but you can’t cheat God…this issue is not going to go away…same sex marriage is a disgrace and blight upon this nation…and we are headed to nuclear destruction unless we turn this around…good job Judge Roy Moore … your effort will not be forgotten … twice removed from office … and now cheated out of an election by both the Dems and Repubs … God will stop our sins — even if it takes some mad men with nukes …

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