GOP Reaches Tax Cut Deal

When the 2018 midterms come around, I will have voted for the GOP to “Make America Great Again” only to get this lousy corporate tax cut for the donor class:

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, says it will create jobs though. This is the definitive proof that the Republican Party isn’t going to be reformed and only caters to wealthy interests. The Tea Party tried to reform it. Donald Trump tried to reform it. Steve Bannon tried to reform it. And yet, it has remained in essence a country club party that exploits White working class anger over the racial and cultural decline of our country to advance a disgusting neoliberal economic agenda.

Note: I suppose today is a good day to officially kick off OD’s coverage of the 2018 midterm elections. I’ve really been doing it for several weeks now though.

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  1. The best way to control your opposition is to lead it. Republicans will never stop respecting our worst enemies.

  2. Not a done deal yet. From the Axios article:

    An open meeting between the Senate and House conferees this afternoon where they were to iron out differences in their plans.

    Of particular interest to me is whether the House or Senate plan on pass-through income prevails.


      —Pass-through entities get a 20% deduction

      This is even less of a tax cut for small business than the Senate plan originally proposed. The Senate bill proposed increasing the deduction from 17 to 23%, whereas the House bill proposed cutting the maximum tax on pass-through income to 25%.

      Looks like small business was ignored in favor of protecting mortgages, SALT deductions, and graduate students.


      Let’s hope after this is done they get the RAISE Act out of the Judiciary Committee. I’m not holding my breath.

    • Of course not.

      USSR did not came down via elections. Elections are only tool to formalize status quo. Like we did. Yes there were elections in Russia, Poland, Hungary and the rest of the Eastern Europe but there were no liberal candidates except Soros cronies because every normie knew that it is not OK to be anti white.

      Normie does what is the norm and white nationalists must establish the norms. Thatiswhy is very important to go after white liberal. Normie must know that there is new sheriff in town.

  3. Over at Breitbart a number of Jew fawners and Jew worshipers wrote that moving the embassy was a nice Hanukah present to the Jews. My reply to such shameless ass kissing was “and a lump of coal shoved in the Gentile’s stocking.”

  4. The kikes are indeed of their father, the devil.
    That Moore was a zio lover makes this less painful for me.
    Now we get to see how much of the help for the dirt people is axed.

  5. Heres my negotiation proposal for taxes: You can have a 90% top tax rate when we have a 90% white country again.

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