National Review Declares Class War On Republican Base

If you have a strong stomach, check out David French’s latest article at National Review which portrays the victory of Doug Jones as a triumph of New South Republicans:

“I was born in Opelika, Ala., in 1969. My parents were students at Auburn University, and after they graduated I spent my entire childhood in the South, moving from Alabama to Louisiana to Tennessee to Kentucky. I had the privilege of growing up in a region that was in the midst of one of the most remarkable and positive social and and cultural transformations in American history. I grew up in the New South.

Consider, for a moment, the pace of change. Just a few years before I was born, white men and women rioted to keep black Americans out of schools and colleges. The stench of institutionalized racism pervaded the region, oppressing American citizens and leaving the South a region apart. It wasn’t the Confederacy, but it wasn’t like the rest of America. Nowhere was American sin more pervasive or obvious. …”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

National Review‘s official position is that White working class communities “deserve to die” because they are “morally indefensible” and “economically, they are negative assets.” They also believe that Confederate monuments should be torn down. David French has decried the rise of “the tough guy right” and is living vicariously like other conservatives through Doug Jones.

In their view, the South was a horribly racist place until heroic business leaders stood up to evil segregationists by courting their votes. Roy Moore was “the zombie manifestation of the Old South” and “his supporters and apologists were walking, talking caricatures of the region’s very worst.” Instead of being a major defeat in the culture war, it was “the gasps of a dying way of life that was seeking to resuscitate itself through the twisted fury of partisan politics.”

It doesn’t matter to these cucks that Doug Jones and the Democrats are willing to play identity politics with full-throated appeals to black and Hispanic voters. They make emotional appeals to suburban women as a voting bloc. In contrast, these cucks go out of their way to sabotage their own candidate in order to virtue signal to the media that there is “decency” in America. Whites who vote in their own self-interest are “evil” while blacks who do so are heroic fighters for civil rights.

I hope you are listening because something very important is being communicated here by the conservative brain trust to White working class voters: they don’t believe in the social issues, they look down on their own voters as a bunch of retrograde bigots and have been simply exploiting your resentments to advance their neoliberal economic agenda. For generations, conservatives have made bank on these social issues – they’ve controlled the Supreme Court for over 20 years – only to cynically turn around and do favors big business and large donors while in office.

Far from being a triumph for New South Republicans (their candidate Luther Strange went down in defeat), Roy Moore’s loss in the Alabama Senate race heralds the impending demise of their monopoly on Southern politics. Their rise to power has always been predicated on addressing the cultural resentments of White working class voters. Having secured unified Republican control over nearly every Southern state government, the cucks now want to ditch the social issues and run only on their wildly unpopular economic agenda. The bigots are just going to have to accept that.

What is the argument for Republican majorities? If they aren’t going to do anything about abortion, political correctness, gay marriage, immigration, Confederate monuments and all these social issues, why should Southerners who care about these issues vote for them? Once that agenda is taken off the table, the only thing left to debate is taxes, healthcare, student loans, entitlements, etc. If the choice is between the Democrat or the Ryan agenda, many people would prefer the Democrat.

Doug Jones might not even be so bad in the Senate. The Republicans never had any intention of building the wall anyway and he could end up blocking the Ryan agenda on healthcare and entitlements. Also, if Doug Jones wants to be reelected in 2020, he will need the support of the Roy Moore voters after the Strange voters go back to supporting the Republican establishment candidate.

Note: The GOP establishment plan here was to throw the election to Doug Jones so that “Big Luther” could run in 2020 which is all the more reason to sit out the 2018 midterms.

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    The hatred which this scumbag Rich Lowry spewed for Trump shows that this guy is no conservative and his rag is not either.

    They are both posing as “conservative” when they are totally left wing.

    I suspect Rich Lowry might be Jewish.

    • Precisely. John Birch Society was controlled opp as well.

      The book ‘America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative’ by Revilo Oliver explains this all in grotesque detail.

  2. I am ready to become a Democrat. At least they take care of their own. No matter how much damage this does. I’d get invited to lots of parties, and have fun again. If most Whites want to exterminate themselves – so be it

  3. Trump is a dried out husk. Kushner is the Overlord. One day, the cheering crowds, cheering for Trump, will go away………..après emptry stadiums, le deluge.

    • Moore was in many ways your guy. Maintaining a very Christian identity in his politics…how is that strategy working out for you Afterthought?

  4. Can t we fix this as& ho&@ scalywag?

    Let s order him some pizzas

    Let s invite hepatitis homeless to move in with him

    Also we can challenge Islamists that this guy is a pro Israel crusader

    Have sone fun out there

    • Children in grown white men’s bodies like you are part of the reason white people fail.

      You bring nothing but regression, roman degeneracy and hard core personality disorders to this blog.

  5. This isn’t the first time McConnell has throw money at blacks to defeat a white candidate. There is no doubt in my mind their was plenty of Republican walking around money being doled out in black cities to get blacks to vote in the special election.

  6. Hunter – one of the really vital things you can do, to help White Southerners, in your case, is to work on convincing them to STOP joining ZOG’s Army. Whites serve as targets for elimination . The Orcs, fags, and lesbos get the cushy office gigs. Please start a campaign to get White to understand every time they fight for ZOG, they are killing themselves and their families.

    • Agreed. An idea for a future poster campaign…

      Black and White with appropriate graphics, over the statement,


      Post these on the windows of any recruiting center in your area.

    • Enemy provided training is also training. Refusing to collabotare with enemy is noble thing but the bad side is that when freedom fight begins, you don`t have anybody who understand the art of war. And also it is good to have some own guys inside enemy ranks.

  7. Does anyone else see how fast the media changed the narrative. Before the election we were told that this race was all about keeping a child molester out of office. Now we are being told that this election was a referendum against Trump. The media is nothing but propaganda.

  8. maybe we will get lucky and the Dems will nominate a presidential candidate in 2020 that might actually implement single payer…I will vote for that person! The GOP really offers us nothing …even their supreme ct picks are going to sell us out…

    • doubt that’ll ever happen. But you have a good point. It would be a solid tangible policy that would benefit whites.

    • Single payer? Are you crazy? Talk about giving Yids total control over your literal life. Just sign over your organs to a rabbi now, and get it over with.

        • Yeah, single payer sounds GREAT! I’ve always wanted to turn over my internal organs (and entire earthly existence) to Dr. Shekelbergsteinowitz and his colleagues Dr. Commie Chink, Dr. Shitskin, Dr. Poo In Loo and Dr. Fri’Chickenisha.

          Bioethics for White Americans in the Current Year (and this would worsen dramatically under single payer) means your hospital’s go-to (((bioethicist))) for all matters of life and death will be the aforementioned Dr. Shekelbergsteinowitz.

          There is a 100% probability that your doctor (Dr. Random Shitskin, graduate of Idi Amin School of Medicine) hates whitey. They will NOT think twice about pulling the plug on you, and your entire family, very prematurely. Quiet ODs of the elderly and infirm will skyrocket as well. Look up ‘brain death’ and see what I mean. (((They’re))) literally redefining the concept of death, so as to gain speedier access to your organs and other assorted body parts.

  9. That low-T faggot David French isn’t even 50 yet? I thought he was around 70. I’ll bet he likes watching niggers run a train on his slut wife while he’s hiding in the closet playing with himself.

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