Twitter’s Laughable New Rules on Violence

There is some dark humor in the Twitter purge:

“Accounts that affiliate with organizations that use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes. Groups included in this policy will be those that identify as such or engage in activity — both on and off the platform — that promotes violence. This policy does not apply to military or government entities and we will consider exceptions for groups that are currently engaging in (or have engaged in) peaceful resolution.”

I’ve actually never advocated violence. I believe in free speech, rational debate and calm persuasion. I must be pretty good at it too for Twitter to have to change the rules to ban me.

Does this new policy apply though to establishment warmongers like John McCain and Lindsey Graham? The US Senate is full of people who have incited pointless, destructive wars, which I have consistently opposed, that have cost us trillions of dollars and led to the death of millions of people.

Of course not! It is okay for the state to murder people. In Libya, blacks are being enslaved, their organs are being harvested and their flesh is roasted and eaten as döner kebabs. They have Hillary Clinton and Twitter virtue signaling to thank for that glorious triumph of human rights!

Note: I’m only interested in slavery as a historical curiosity. I haven’t actually restored it in the modern world like our journalists and politicians in Washington.

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  1. The ADL calls the shots.

    It would be nice if Twitter rules were simply expressed and honest:

    “Accounts disliked by jews will be deleted.”

  2. Jewish conspiracies are real. Exhibit A, the ADL took over Twitter. Exhibit B, the ADL took over Facebook. Exhibit C, the ADL took over PayPal. Exhibit D, the ADL took over YouTube.

    • Odd, how Taylor who has never criticized a Jew, or Jews, is censored by Twitter. Brad, over the years we know this has been the case with Taylor, and, we also know even the mildest criticism of a Jew or Jews was not allowed by Taylor on his AMREN. I can think of a couple of times that I took the mildest of swipes at a Jew, or Jews and my comment was censored by Taylor.

      I understand Taylor’s position, and AMREN has always been a treasure trove of racial facts, and statistics that would qualify anyone for a college debate.

      I find it ironic that the ADL would play a part in banning one of their friends—Jared Taylor.

      • Taylor brings people to racial awareness. Not a fan of him myself because he does cover for Jews. But his racial stances offend Jews who are completely opposed to any discussion on race. Once a person questions black dysfunction, the dots lead to their enablers.

      • Crafty- again, you’re not.

        Recent AmRen comments are quite ‘woke’ – even using the ‘J’ word. I think THAT is the reason for JT’s gagging. The Saxon is awakening.

        Deo Gratias.

      • Right, PayPal, YouTube and Facebook are all Jewish to begin with. They are the #ADL. Jack Dorsey the kingpin of Twitter is a Roman Catholic.

  3. One saving grace of Obama was he resisted the Jews to some extent. Trump, not so much. They pretty much have free reign now.

    • Obama’s finest hour:

      He defied Netanyahu’s direct orders by REFUSING TO START THE IRAN WAR.

      Of course Obama figured he had to give the shyster some kind of consolation prize.

      So he quietly gave the Terrorist Theocracy (“Jewish State”) another $$$ 38 BILLION $$$ (on top of all the other freebies Israel extorts from the goyim).

      That is in effect picking the pockets of every American man, woman, child, & baby to the tune of $100+ each!! (If you were reading the (((news))), you might have noticed a small nondescript article on about page 5.)

      Did this fantastic consolation prize console the shysters? Not one iota. Despite everything Obama did to promote their (((agenda))), they never forgave him.

  4. I live in Las Vegas, it is completely controlled by Jews. Our mayor is the wife of the previous mayor that came to power defending the mafia as an attorney. The entire strip in owner by Jews. The degeneracy on the strip is unreal, breathtaking. They fleece people for their money 24/7 in their casinos. Our entire economy, in Nevada, is built on parasitic jews.

    • “I live in Las Vegas” STOP right there.
      Why? Why the fuck do you live there?
      The answer to your problem is simple. MOVE.

    • Gambling used to be disapproved by religious people unless the proceeds went to the church. Nobody is going to argue that gambling is a good use of one’s time. And yet the Republican Party not only courts a giant evangelical vote but its leading donor, Adelson, is a casino mogul. Moreover, Adelson, like other GOP “big donors” is a self-described “liberal on social issues.” Someone needs to talk the evangelicals into a saner use of their very important vote.

  5. The more I observe the Trump policies, the more he resembles a greedy Jew.

    So much for MAGA. I’ve been off the train for some time.

  6. It’s not just violence, but some very vague language.

    “Any account that abuses or threatens others through their profile information, including their username, display name, or profile bio. If an account’s profile information includes a violent threat or multiple slurs, epithets, racist or sexist tropes, incites fear.”

    How the hell do you incite fear over the internet? You have to be a real mental patient to be fearful over the internet. “Racist or sexist tropes…” is nonsensical.

    They should just say anything politically incorrect will get you banned or think of a hysterical Jew, and if that Jew is offended by what you post then you will be banned. In other words it’s nothing remotely like white Western civilization. They promote mindless, Judaized consumerism.

  7. What kind of faggot uses or has ever used twitter or facebook? Why does anyone empower these fuckwits? Unless you’re a 16 year old girl, what the hell are you even doing on sites like that?

  8. Some speculate as to why Twitter banned Judeophile Jared Taylor — but (SO FAR) not David Duke?

    Twitter’s censors surely know their motives must not seem too obviously Jewish-ordained.

    And what the hell, Duke (& others who dare invoke the JQ) can always be banned later.?

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