The Tyranny of “King Numbers”

I see the shitlibs and the Coalition of the Ascendant (that doesn’t include white people, btw) are agitating for the termination of the Electoral College. If you don’t know the reason for this new push, you’re asleep at the wheel. I’ll spell it out for you anyway – the Left realizes the Republican Party can only win national elections because of the Electoral College and by removing this system their hordes of mongoloids and degenerates can cruise to presidential victory based off the popular vote. In a democracy, only numbers matter.

I was reading through H. V. Traywick Jr.’s excellent bookVirginia Iliad: The Death and Destruction of the Mother of States and of Statesmen, and came across this interesting excerpt from one of our ancestors. The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

The chief value of history is the moral discoveries it makes. What is discovered in the records of the old Union and events of the present war, of that portion of the American people commonly known as the Yankees, furnishes not only food for curiosity, but a valuable fund of philosophy.

In exploring the character and political experience of the people of the North, much of what is generally thought to be confusion of vices may be traced to the peculiar idea that people have of the nature and offices of government. Their idea of government may be briefly stated as the sovereignty of numbers. This conception of political authority is of no late date with the people of the North; it came in their blood and in their traditions for centuries; it was part of the Puritanical idea; it was manifest in the Revolution of 1776 (the issues of which were saved by the conservatism of the South); and it is today exhibited in the passionate and despotic populace that wages war upon the Confederacy.

The peculiarities of this idea of government are very interesting, and its consequences are visible in every part and fibre of the society of the North. It excludes all the elements of virtue and wisdom in the regulation of political authority; it regards numbers as the great element of free government; it represents a numerical majority as infallible and omnipotent; and it gives opportunity to the flattery of demagogues to proclaim the divine rights and sagacity of numbers, and to denounce all constitutions which restrict liberty as most unrighteous inventions. It is unnecessary to comment at length upon the error and coarseness of this idea of government. According to the interpretation of the Yankees, the body politic ought simply to have a political organization to bring out and enforce the will of the majority; and such an organization was supposed to be the general government made by our forefathers. But while it is unnecessary to discuss the fallacy of this view, it is entertaining and instructive to observe the train of demoralization it introduced into the society of the North and the consequences it involved.

The Northern idea of government was materialistic; it degraded political authority, because it despoiled it of its moral offices and represented it as an accident determined by a comparison of numbers. It destroyed the virtue of minorities; compelled them to servile acquiescence; and explains that constant and curious phenomenon in much of the elections. It laid the foundations of despotism more terrible than that of any single tyrant; destroyed moral courage in the people; broke down all the barriers of conservatism; and substituted the phrase, “the majority must govern,” for the conscience and justice of society.

This idea, carried out in the early political government of America, soon attained a remarkable development. This development was the absurd doctrine of CONSOLIDATION. It denied the rights of the States; refused to interpret the Union from the authority of contemporaries, or from the nature of circumstances in which it was formed, or from the objects which it contemplated; and it represented it as a central political organization to enforce the divine pleasure of numerical majority. The Union was thus converted, though with difficulty, into a remorseless despotism, and the various and conflicting interests and pursuits of one of the vastest political bodies in the world were intrusted to the arrogant and reckless majority of numbers.

-Edward A. Pollard, late editor of the Richmond Examiner, from his Southern History of the War

The Republic died at Appomattox. We’ve been living under the tyranny of “King Numbers” since before you were born. Remember, it wasn’t always this way.

Retake Everything.

-Originally published at Identity Dixie.


  1. The abolition of the Electoral College would be a catastrophe, but I don’t see how it could happen. Reason: It would require a Constitutional amendment. Even if the proposal got two-thirds majorities in both houses of Congress, it would then have to be ratified by three-fourths of the states. The Southern states and most of the Western states would almost certainly oppose such a radical change in our presidential election process.

  2. Sweetie – as much I love your articles, Southerners are no less materialistic than Yankees, and even more so. Ya’ll have been getting screwed blue by the Jew SINCE THE BEGINNING. The South was always about making shekels. Still IS. That, and your Dixians are the base of ZOG’S Army. Your boys die and fight and kill for the Jew demons that hate them, and want them dead, while your women are getting raped and/or willingly railed by Negroes. And then there are the millions of Jew-Not-God Worshipping Evangelitards, who will be the death of the White Race……………

    Remove the mote from ya’ll eyes, darlin’……..

    • I’ve thought this sites glorification of the South and denigration of the North has always been a mistake, and it’s a shame since it’s turning away a lot of people who would support their basic cause. As for the ‘Confederacy’, it’s gone, just give it up and let’s work together to come up with something new that will provide a home for everyone on the alt right. Southern Baptists are among the biggest ass kissers of Israel, and the South is full of them.

    • Genuine New England Yankees are pretty thin on the ground these days. True Southerners likely have more in common with them than with the people who inhabit the major Southern cities. The divide now is between Urban and Not-Urban. However, the goal of an Independent South is a worthy one, and by helping Southerners, we non Southerners help ourselves. Our joint goals are compatible.

  3. Also – if you are really worried about numbers – STOP serving the Kikes and their Orcs by keeping the North/South divide going. NO Northern Whites care about that. The hatred is one way. The “Yankees” that deride and degrade Southerners are Jews. PERIOD. Grow UP.

    • Thank you, Denise. At this point, the pathetic impotence of ‘Southern nationalists’ brings to mind Thoreau’s classic line – “the louder he talked of his honor, the quicker we counted our spoons.” The South is literally ZOG’s home base in America, and it is extremely depressing to witness the results of such unbelievable brainwashing. Christian Zionism, football and opioids reign supreme to an extent truly unseen anywhere else in the country.

      It is truly, truly sickening to watch Southern patriotards defend ZOG to the extent of their own physical death. Your STATUES and GRAVES are being destroyed, for God’s sake, in an ongoing cultural genocide, and yet Southern churches continually fly the Israeli flags of their masters. I wouldn’t be surprised if less than one in a thousand White Southerners thinks poorly of Jews. A horrifically sad situation…

  4. Goddess- I am of the same opinion. The South’s Anabaptistic schismatism is the Achilles heel of all such Christians, and the confirmation of their apostasy is their antichristian affection for the Christ-killing Jews.

  5. The only hope for America is the social kingship of Christ the King, Christ Law and the order of His Church as the basis of the social order. (Forget about demoncracy and the Masonic constitution and non-separation of synagogue and state)

    As in the Europe of the Dark Ages – the society of the nation (tribal in those days) must be baptised as a nation (ethne). And the social order must be refounded upon the Church which is the reigning Christ’s kingdom order for all nations..

    This was the only hope for the Iberian peninsula in the War of Reconquista. And it is the only hope for America today.

    Visigothic Spain fought a far of over a 1,000 years to remove Muslims and their Jew overlords from Spain. They won against all military logistics and odds because Christ was their King. And the Arc of the Covenant (the Blessed Virgin) was invoked before every battle. Her banners were carried with honour into every battle. Pressed by the French allies to tax the people who had been liberated by the Spanish armies and Crusaders, St Ferdinand (later king) replied that he feared the curse of one poor old Christian woman more than the entire Muslim army.

    Get a hold of this faith and this history and America will not only survive but win.

  6. Trump took 30 states as the Republican candidate, while Hillary Clinton sealed 20. Trump’s ability to win over voters in crucial states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — all states that went for former President Barack Obama in 2012 — sealed his fate as the successful winner of the 2016 election and next president of the United States.

    The number of Counties won by Trump is 2,623 compared to Counties Clinton won of 489.

    Clinton won the two hugely populous states, California and New York. She won the popular vote because of these two states.

    However, the Electoral College was created to give the less populous states a voice in the final determination. (This prevents a president being elected by the states with a greater population.)

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