Gab Isn’t a Ghost Town

Get on GAB.

Seriously, we have work to do in 2018. Gab is now our most popular platform and it hasn’t even scratched the surface of its potential. Yes, it sucks that we have been deplatformed by Facebook and Twitter, but those brands have abandoned free speech in the process. Henceforth, the ADL will be thought policing and shoahing accounts which will create a constant stream of refugees.

Gab is still very useful to us for a number of reasons:

1.) First, it isn’t a ghost town. It is already more popular than our other sites.

2.) Second, it is a free speech website, so it can appeal to a broader audience on the Right that is becoming fed up with the censorship of Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

3.) Third, we can use Gab to import and rebuild our social networks and recreate the sort of hive mind that was wiped out on Twitter. It is still very valuable for organizing and sharing links.

4.) Fourth, if we were to put the effort into it, Gab could become a very popular platform as Silicon Valley abandons free speech. It won’t have any of the tricks either like shadowbanning.

5.) Fifth, it is the best option for reconnecting when we are banned elsewhere, and mainstream social media platforms are becoming more boring by the day.

This is going to be the future so we may as well embrace it. We can continue to play whack-a-mole on Twitter, but nothing we create there will have any permanence. Unless you are trolling, you are just wasting your time. Half the time your own followers aren’t receiving your tweets anyway. The normies aren’t even seeing your tweets because of the shadowbanning.

Since getting on Gab, I have been struck by how many more likes and responses I have been getting even with 1/7th the followers. It is like Twitter was two years ago. I had long suspected that my account was placed in some kind of limited state for months before I was banned. My stats were telling me that I was getting millions of more impressions, but it didn’t match likes and retweets.

Anyway, these rigged social media platforms are a waste of our time. Even if I hadn’t been purged from Twitter, I would have been better off investing my time in OD and Gab. The only real question is how long they stretch out this shuttering on Facebook and Twitter and how far it goes. If it is stretched out for a long enough period of time, it will only delay our adapting to it.

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  1. Gab seems like a decent place to expend some energy, it’s not truly an echo chamber at this point, because people who voted for Trump are kind of fractured and directionless, meaning we have an opportunity to influence them.

    • On GAB I find myself attacking the #AlwaysTrump / MAGA maniacs more than I do the heebs or the coloreds. I find the first group extremely irritating, much more so than the other two groups. But I’m glad GAB is around. It gets better every day.

      • I feel the same way. I absolutely hate white bugmen/leftists/neocons while the NigKike alliance is a foreign force operating within our borders. NigKike is at least fighting for his own interests, unlike the white traitors.

  2. GAB has over 350,000 real users. GAB’s numbers would be bigger, but, GAB really goes after spam bots and porn bots, consequently you have real people communicating with each other not with bots.

    GAB has one oddity, they don’t take cash, checks or money orders and they don’t have a published mailing address. I love them, but, they are not getting my credit card numbers. The same goes for their investment platform stock sales—they ask for too much information. Heck, my broker doesn’t ask for that level of information they are asking for and he extends credit lines, and banking services. Once again, the Jewpersons who are running the GAB investment platform are not getting my numbers. They won’t even take cashiers checks—so this investment platform is questionable to say the least!

    So aside from the financials…GAB is a fun and growing social media platform with lots of interesting people.

    • Vox threw a tantrum, threatened to sue Gab for Defamation (LOL), and left in a huff. Leaving him with no micro blogging social media platform since Twitter already banned him.

      Vox is a Comic book/video game nerd.

  3. I’m still a bit mystified as to why twitter was so quick to shut down MILO’s account? What did he do that was so wrong? I should have thought a flamboyant, controversial character like him was a perfect match for the kind of demographic twitter wanted to appeal to, no?

    • Psychological warfare 101. Alt Right did instinctively everything right. Your guys hit the enemy weak spot.

      Liberalism is mental disorder and that is why psychological attack works the best. Liberals are like computer under ddos attack, they don`t know anymore, where and with who to fight. You succeeded to turn liberal genetical madness against themself and drive liberas into self destruction mode. I think very soon will be day, when twitter is banning mr. Donald Trump himself and then will be a lot of fun.

      Attack using enemy genetical weakness is very effective and one good example is described below.

  4. I was disappointed to see so many people praising Nikki Haley on GAB last week. And so few people seemed aware that she was pranked and exposed as a dunce by Russian radio show hosts.

    • GAB has the goy front man Torba, who seems almost ok, but the money bags there are synagogue of Satan. Just like Breitbart. If this ‘is the future’, you can include me out.

  5. I usually read this website and I find it interesting. I think Gab should have a Spanish version to expand to another audience. In my case, I’m from Argentina and here slowly has begun to emerge a current against political correctness, ethnic replacement, feminism, etc. It would be great to have a single platform and not have to create an extra or several extra for publics of other languages .

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