America First, Goys

As we head into 2018, it is time for some soul searching.

How did it come to this? How did we allow ourselves to get so swept up in the Trump mania? I know that I am not the only one watching this and having second thoughts:

In hindsight, I was never a true believer in Donald Trump. In 2016, I made a very instrumental case for backing him. I figured none of it was ever real, but metapolitically it was still a good thing that Bannon and Trump were selling the Republican base on “nationalism” and “populism.”

Even though he is an “America First” candidate, Breitbart won’t give a platform to Paul Nehlen. He crossed the line by fatally offending the Jews who control the website.

Fake News Jack is having a #MeToo moment. Suddendly, the Deep State is fine so long as it is undermining the Iranian government to promote Western feminism.

The MAGA movement/MerchantRight is all style, no substance. Just look at Jack Posobiec decrying the Deep State one day, cheering it as it pushes Bill Kristol’s foreign policy the next day.

As Kevin Williamson said, tax cuts and half-assed health-care reform is “pretty ordinary Republican stuff.” The same is true of fomenting regime change in Iran and making bellicose threats to attack North Korea. Donald Trump should apologize to George W. Bush. Finishing off the “Axis of Evil” was W.’s foreign policy, not some radically new “America First” approach.

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  1. What happened is that Jewish pundits recoiled from him like a Vampire from a cross.

    It was a good wheeze.

  2. Donald Trump, still hated by those who voted against him for promises he made during his campaign and hated by those who voted for him for not making good on those promises. I’m surprised that there are not calls by both sides for the impeachment of this wretched man.

  3. Really dangerous stuff here for DJT. Alienating his base will do nothing to endear him to the deep state. He will be totally isolated and likely impeached and possibly executed.

  4. The administration preceding The Donald’s was so steeped in Marxist insanity, so outspokenly anti-White, that any White man was a great idea. The campaign, Trump’s victory, and the hilarious Antifa melt-downs were pure opium for all of us. Now we know the truth. Donald Trump is………President Of Israel.

  5. The kikes are certainly crawling out from under their manhole cover all of a sudden. And why shouldn’t they? After all, Trump is their president, not mine.

    If there is another presidential election in 2020 I’m voting for the most far out, uber Marxist candidate imaginable: Kamala “Foxy Brown” Harris. CAN YOU DIG IT?

  6. I voted against the Clinton’s. I had a sneaking suspicion that Trump would either be destroyed or coopted somehow, or other.

    In any case, no matter who wins, we still lose.

  7. Politics can be used as a free speech platform to directly address White America with the home truths. Whoever ‘wins’ the election will be programmed into the voting machine made in Israel.

    • Many of em did. See it. But like desperate people trapped in a burning building, anything remotely resembling an escape-route looks like blessed salvation.

      And, of course, the yids knew it, too.

      • JimB,

        So, how smart are people that see a building burning sElection after sElection and the STILL believe?

        No, it is a brain thing. A lack of ability to think and discern.

  8. Mr. Wallace…

    You cannot deny white (S)upremacy (The Southern Monopoly, in particular) and then lament President Trump’s submission to Jewish anti-white (S)upremacy. His leftist enemies hate him for even their own delusion of his preference for “white (s)upremacy.” His sycophants love him for anything and everything he does EXCEPT in the name of “white (s)upremacy.” And you and your cohorts despise him WITHOUT EVER mandating his deference for The Southern Monopoly, ie., white (S)upremacy in the South.

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