Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

From OD:

“Men are not “born entitled to equal rights!” It would be far nearer the truth to say, “that some were born with saddles on their backs, and others booted and spurred to ride them,” – and the riding does them good.”
– George Fitzhugh

From the ZOG Emperor and mainstream conservatism:

Why isn’t Paul Ryan kneeling?

Who is this great reverend we are celebrating with a federal holiday?

F***in based!

I’m told the world will end if these people lose the 2018 midterm elections. They’re moving the Overton Window or something. Personally, I don’t see a bit of difference between the Republicans and Democrats on race or White identity or political correctness or other important issues.

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  1. If he’s not been shot MLK would have probably become President in the early 1990s or late 1980s.

    The nation dodged a bullet.

        • By the time this Multiracial experiment called America is over looks like MLK’s ugly mug might be as common in North America as statues of Rameses II in Egypt. It’s quite depressing to contemplate. As Hunter points out the entire edifice of respectable American politics worships at this dead black’s feet.

          • My country will be just fine. We’ve been through worse situations in our history than what we are in today. You’re country is the one that’s over, Britfag. You are overrun with sandniggers who rape your daughters and your policemen do nothing about it but wear nail polish. You even made a sandnigger the mayor of London, loser. And after this spring, you will be worshiping at the feet of a nigger “royal”. Have fun LOL.

          • The entire political class is literally genuflecting before a statue of a black rabble rouser. It’s an observation of a phenomenon not a put down of White Americans. It’s a shame you’ve interpreted it that way. I don’t really understand why you’d react with that much vitriol to someone making a simple observation. MLK is the God of white dispossession, and it’s getting worse.

            I give Markle and Harry 5 years and he’ll largely vanish in public consciousness after the marriage anyway just like every other spare who checks out. Who remembers the siblings of kings and their uncles? No one.

    • Won’t be ANY blacks browns muslims or gays in the new enlarged Confederate States. Or any women allowed to be representatives judges police or in charge of men in military or prisons. A nice modern Mayberry / 1950’s America.

  2. Martin Luther King Day, a Federal Holiday is a violation of the anti-establishment clause of the 1st Amendment. Because King was a religious leader who preached his own brand of religion in an attempt to make all Americans accept it by the force of the Federal Government.

    • I did time a few cells down from him in the early 90s at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution. Not meaning to “brag”, just stating fact. At the time, he was still saying that he didn’t kill the negro, was getting stacks of fan-mail every day, and visits from the negro’s wife and grown son occasionally. I personally thought Ray was a cantankerous old asshole, tbh. But… if he did shoot that negro, kudos to him, except that it caused the negro to become a martyr.

        • Who knows what would have became of him later had he lived. But I highly doubt he’d have made president of the NAACP, much less POTUS. He definitely wouldn’t be the “Negro God” he is now, that’s for sure.

          • He was fundamentally revolutionary (homicidal) leader. Eventually it would have been him against Reagan or Bush.

  3. MLK’s dream is my nightmare & isn’t etched into my heart. The memorial needs to come down, all my white memorials did. MLK makes me think of lost morals and values. Not all men are created equal. This is a false narrative. For equalness & for privilege, does not come from skin color- it comes from ones ability to work. It’s called “work privilege”. That’s how u get what u get. If u don’t work & u don’t have what everybody else has it’s bc of “work privilege” – not “white privilege”. It just so happens that a larger percentage of white ppl work to have the things they have. Not bc of their skin color. If that was the case then I would have everything & not just the little bit I have. A model of an American Patriot is Robert E Lee. A man of workmanship, morals and values. Not deceit & adultery. But for the most part, aside from MLK’s infidelities, if black ppl would model themselves around the values MLK spoke of- yes, they would be a tab bit more privileged of what they had. Human progress is ppl WORKING- not looking for handouts. I have the equation for “privilege” – work + progress= equal privilege. MLK’s personal life was not eloquent, so scratch that. His message is good but only if the black ppl apply it.
    Happy Robert E. Lee Day!

  4. It’s quite obvious that The Donald did not read the JFK documents he released last Fall that clearly show that the communist God of the darkies was a sexual deviant dummy placed in a high position by his kike handlers to help overthrow white America.

    I know it’s all theatrics Donald & Melania but save some of your dignity for when it will really counts. Nothing is more repulsive than high-end honkies groveling over low-end jiggaboos. Is someone spiking their foie gras with hallucinogenics?

  5. Joel Skousen said years ago that Mitty would do ANYTHING to please the establishment.

    Is pretty boy Mitty a closeted homo or pedo? Time will tell.

    • Thanks for the link to that website JimB! I really got my jollies today reading aboout what happened to those 2 unfortunate congoids up in the what was fka as the Motor City, but now a world class shithole. BTW, I first visited Detroit back in the late 50’s when it was till safe to do so.

    • If our white elected officials didn’t show up for this, they all would have been an automatic racist. For white ppl to even show up at a nigger thing is just sad. Those same black a$$Holes refused to show up for the new white Presidents inauguration. Black privilege I suppose

  6. The brainwashing continues and is full force. Little these do these normie people know of this communist negroes FBI files that are buried for 50 years.
    Another perfect example of America’s decline and the worship of negoes as they were kangs and sheeeit but in truth, nothing but a financial burden on gibs and the overwhelming prison industrial complex from their violent crime that’s inbred in their DNA
    ‘Around blacks never relax’ -A Wyatt Man
    The government should offer money incentives to give up US citizenship and locate them to their shithole home lands

  7. People would have gotten tired of that nigger. His “greatness” is that he was considered worthy of being assassinated.

  8. Anyone else notice that the black man Carson actually paid king less homage than the whitey establishment? I notice this type of stuff a lot! Kind of like how I talk a lot about the Confederacy and our rights and I have more genuine black friends than most whites that tell me “SHHHUSSHH……DON’T USE THE ‘N’ WORD”

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