SPLC: The Alt-Right is Killing People

I wasn’t going to respond to this.

It wasn’t until it was brought to my attention that I was mentioned in the article that I bothered to read it. Then I also noticed that media was uncritically spreading these claims as gospel.

Let’s scrutinize the list of the 13 alleged Alt-Right killers:

1.) Dylann Roof – Dylann Roof unambiguously falls into the category of what I have described in the past “a self detonating lone wolf vanguardist.” He was a White Nationalist lone wolf killer in the tradition of Frazier Glenn Miller, James von Brunn and Joseph Paul Franklin.

There is nothing that connects Dylann Roof to the Alt-Right except his age. It later came out at his trial that he was inspired by old Hollywood movies like American History X, Higher Learning and Romper Stomper. He was disappointed that there were “no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything” in South Carolina like he saw in these movies. We also learned during his trial that Dylann Roof suffers from a number of mental illnesses and Hashimoto’s Disease.

No one at the time described Dylann Roof as an “Alt-Right killer” because there was no obvious connection to the movement. The Alt-Right later became famous during the Trump campaign. This is a mendacious attempt to smear the Alt-Right through association with Dylann Roof.

2.) James Fields, Jr. – James Fields, Jr. is an Alt-Right sympathizer.

Aside from his age, James Fields, Jr. has nothing in common with Dylann Roof. There is no proof that he came to Charlottesville with the intention to kill anyone. Dylann Roof unambiguously engaged in premeditated murder in an attempt to spark a race war. James Fields, Jr. killed someone in a traffic accident and spent the rest of the day crying in his jail cell. This isn’t similar to Dylann Roof, James Von Brunn, Glenn Miller or Joseph Paul Franklin who were ideologically driven killers.

3.) Devon Arthurs – Devon Arthurs killed his Atomwaffen roommates after he converted to Islam. He was angry that his roommates had “disrespected” Islam. He also told the police that he was motivated by US military attacks on Muslim countries. His crime was motivated by religion. He also has nothing in common with Dylann Roof and James Fields, Jr. except his age.

4.) Elliot Rodger – The Supreme Gentleman was a mixed race incel. I have no idea how Elliot Rodger has been posthumously rebranded as an “Alt-Right killer.” He wasn’t even White. No one including the SPLC labeled him an Alt-Right killer when he went on his shooting spree.

5.) Christopher Harper-Mercer – This one is the biggest stretch of them all. Christopher Harper-Mercer was a mixed-race Satanist who executed nine Christians. No one associated him with the Alt-Right at the time and he is also being posthumously rebranded as an “Alt-Right killer.”

6.) Jeremy Christian – Jeremy Christian was an insane Bernie Sanders supporter. He planned to sell his comic book collection to move to Brazil to live among an aboriginal tribe. The only thing that Jeremey Christian has in common with Christopher Harper-Mercer was that both men lived in Oregon.

7.) Samuel Woodward – Samuel Woodward is a former member of Atomwaffen who is accused of murdering Blaze Bernstein who was a Jewish homosexual. While the crime may indeed have been ideologically motivated, Atomwaffen is known for its hatred of the Alt-Right.

8.) Nicholas Giampa – Nicholas Giampa killed his White girlfriend’s parents in Virginia. Even if you connect Giampa, Arthurs and Woodward to Atomwaffen, there is no obvious pattern to their crimes. Their motives were different and their victims have nothing in common.

9.) Lane Davis – Lane Davis was a MILO intern who killed his father over his obsession with conspiracy theories. He was arguably an Alt-Lite killer. This is yet another example of how an interpersonal crime is used to smear the Alt-Right. Once again, it is mendacious to argue that Lane Davis is a murderer in the same sense that Dylann Roof, Glenn Miller or Joseph Paul Franklin were murderers.

10.) William Edward Atchison – William Edward Atchison was a school shooter in New Mexico who admired other school shooters. He was fed up with his life and randomly targeted his victims. The claim has already been dismissed by the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office.

11.) James Harris Jackson – James Harris Jackson was a racially motivated murderer. He claims to have hated black men his entire life. Once again, there is no proof he had any connection to the Alt-Right except for his age and racial beliefs.

12.) Matthew Riehl – Matthew Riehl was a mentally ill libertarian Trump supporter who shared memes and posted on 4chan. He shot four sheriffs deputies and killed another one. He was motivated by hostility to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department which he accused of being a bunch of Nazis. He also appears to have had either Asian or Native American ancestry.

13.) Alexandre Bissonnette – Alexandre Bissonnette was a Canadian who shot up an Islamic Center in Quebec City. The evidence of his connection to the Alt-Right is that he was a Facebook fan of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen.

14.) Sean Urbanski – Sean Urbanski was a racially motivated killer in Maryland. The single strand of evidence that connects him to the Alt-Right is that he was a member of a Facebook group called the Alt-Reich which is a term typically used by conservatives like Rick Wilson as an epithet.

The names on this list are reminiscent of the time the SPLC’s Mark Potok attempted to blame Jared Loughner’s shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords on the Tea Party. More than anything else, it shows the sheer mendacity of the SPLC because the people on this list have nothing in common. Basically, this is an attempt to force meme the notion that the Alt-Right is turning back to the violent vanguardism of the 1980s. No one on this list is even connected to any Alt-Right group or leader except for Atomwaffen which is a National Socialist group that is known for being emphatically anti-Alt-Right.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t racist murderers. Dylann Roof was a racist murderer. Glenn Miller was a racist murderer. Joseph Paul Franklin was a racist murderer. In all of these cases though, there was no ambiguity about their motives or ideology. These men recognized each other as being White Nationalist vanguardists – Miller was inspired by Franklin – whereas most of the people on this list would dispute the argument that they are part of the same movement.

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  1. The Kikenvermin have NO issues with all the negroes that have shot up police, or raped, attacked, and murdered thousands of White People, do they?

    Jews have killed more Humans that anyone else.

  2. The Kikes are killing white men, women and children not the other way around. This is nothing more than Jews slandering our race, and obfuscation of the fact that some of these recent mass shootings were in fact the work of Jews.

      • It is the truth. Whites are not hated and attacked by Jews because they are white. Whites are hated and attacked by Jews because they are Christian. Do you know why the Jews killed Christ? The Jews had and still have certain expectations of their messiah. Jews expected their messiah to enslave their enemies. The Jews expected their messiah to enslave the non-Jew. Christ wanted Jews to forgive their enemies and make peace with their enemies. This was blasphemy to the Jews. So they killed him. Christ died because he refused to enslave the world for the benefit of the Jews and the Jews have never forgiven him for not enslaving every last non-Jew on earth. That is why you and I are free and that is why you and I are hated by the Jews. Do you understand how sick and evil these people are??

        • You’re wrong, Robert, Jews are attacking us because we are White. I constantly hear about my White privilege & White supremacy, but I never hear Jews complain about Christian privilege or supremacy. Plus most of your Leftist Jews are secular in their beliefs now, they see race first.

          I just did a Bing search for the following terms (I refuse to use Google).

          White privilege: 3.5 million hits. Christian privilege: 357 thousand hits.
          White supremacy: 5 million hits. Christian supremacy: 100 thousand hits.

          Oh and while I’m at it:

          Jewish privilege: 100 thousand hits. Jewish supremacy 120 thousand hits.

  3. Maybe not. Or maybe recently unblocked.

    My biggest gripe against this site and whole scene is precisely that it purveys disinfo and psy op propaganda, even about itself!

    Charlottesville was staged, 100%. All of the names I recognize on the above list are either agents or patsies.

    ONCE and for all, listen to what the jew-wise amongst us have to say. I’ve never been the only voice of reality, yet we all go ignored. Midwesterners and southerners are going to interpret the jew-controlled media whose seats are NYC and California. All northeasterners are paranoid…or perhaps psychic? We manage to predict with incredible accuracy the contours of these traps and hoaxes.

    • Yeah, all of us who’ve lived amongst the jew majority in the Northeast are potheads. I myself can’t tolerate the stuff.

      All these incidents are just so spontaneous. What is everyone smoking to cause such gullibility and denial?

    • Were the people at Renegade ‘high’ when they predicted a trap in Charlottesville?

      I’m not even a contributor there, but facts are facts. Charlottesville was a trap and numerous people warned against such an obvious set up.

  4. Yes, there’s enough information out there to drive us “altright”: folks crazy, but none of us are willing to go to prison for killing a few… Just simply not worth it. If u could corral em up in a specific area n handed me the nuke codes, I’d prolly go for it. Take one for the team. Y’all just put some money on my books.
    Recruiting at age 10 huh? Kinda like ur taught from an early age whose side ur on. As u get older n learn more, u choose whose side ur more on by beliefs and knowledge.
    I’ll have to say the Daily Stormer hasn’t asked me to kill anyone nor have I seen a promotion for violence. Those kikes can’t take the heat (so I heard) bc the Daily Stormer is growing n speaking the truth. They are doing everything they can to make us all look bad. Not working.

  5. Your race is your father…

    None of these killers killed on behalf of their fathers.

    In fact, I suspect that the common link between all of them is a fatherless existence.

  6. Potok is a species of rat. Wont mention the thousands of Palestinians murdered by his fellow Jews in occupied Palestine…they make me want to vomit

  7. This list of killers is alt-rite in the sense that alt-writers are radical male liberationists one step removed from self-annihilation. This list of killers is not alt-rite in the sense of being a group of high IQ “white” male liberationists one step removed from white (S)upremacy.

  8. Most if not all of these people had serious emotional/mental disorders which combined with stressors not from the Alt Right but rather life, non-whites and leftist media, caused them to react violently.

    In the Fields case they conveniently leave out that just prior to the event he was chased by a leftist with a loaded rifle, and also his car was attacked by a mob.

  9. SPLC will always attempt to connect individuals violence being pro-white. There will be more berserkers in intolerable system.

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