Heavy Metal and white identity part 2

In my previous installment, I featured bands from Italy, Switzerland, Finland, and Russia. In the sample songs I posted, each featured both singing and growling.

For those who don’t like growling, I present the non-growl edition with four more bands from Norway, Germany, Ukraine, and Scotland.

First of all, a lot of the current folk/metal crossovers in Europe have sprung out of the underground Death Metal and Black Metal genres. However, not all of them use growling vocals. Some use a mix of different types of vocals, and some do use growling at all.

Back in 1994,  Fenris Nagell and Satyr Wongraven, two of the biggest names in the notorious Norwegian Black Metal scene, recruited 3rd and Mortal singer Kari Reuslatten to record a studio album with them. The result was Storm, which was released on the obscure Norwegian metal label Moonfog Records. Many of the lyrics are simply traditional Norwegian folk songs. It was an instant sensation. It became the first and only album released by Moonfog records to be played on the radio in Norway.

Then the Norwegian media denounced it as “ultra-nationalist” and accused the band members of being “racist.” Nevertheless, Kari Reuslatten released another solo album singing Norwegian folk songs and then released pop albums that enjoyed major commercial success. Satyr Wongraven’s Satyricon was signed by Canada’s Century Media and began touring the world. While Kari Reuslatten and Fenris Nagell continued to make interesting music, Wongraven’s Satyricon began a very generic cookie-cutter “Satanic” metal band once they were signed by a major label. I saw them live and was extremely disappointed in their performance.

Circle from Ukraine. This is from their album “Ethnosphere.” They sing about Slavic history and folklore. Many of the members come from a Black Metal background, but play atmospheric folk/rock in this band.

Ukraine is currently a major source of folk/rock and folk/metal crossovers. There are also a lot of bands like this in Poland, Belarus, and Russia.

Germany is known for its wide array of unique genres of metal. The most commercially successful is the Tanz Metal (Dance Metal) genre made famous by Rammstein. The Slovenian “art-rock” band Laibach is widely credited with founding this genre.

There is also a large genre known as “Medieval Folk Rock,” which is also called “Neo-Medieval Rock.” Many of these bands incorporate renaissance-era music instruments and often play historical songs. There are even several popular bands in this genre that incorporate renaissance era bagpipes as a very prominent part of the music.

Faun is a major part of the German “Medieval Folk Rock” genre.

Of course, there is the classic Power Metal. Many old-school power metal bands are still around and many have lyrics glorifying European history.

Below is a live performance of “Rebellion” by Scottish metal band Grave Digger. It also features the Wakken Germany Pipe and Drum Corps, the German “a capella heavy metal” band Van Cantos, and Hansi Kürsch, singer of the German power metal band Blind Guardian.


  1. I used to relieve a lot of pent up aggression slam dancing, or moshing, at concerts by Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, and many other Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Punk Rock bands. “Pantera” was the house band at the club that I used to frequent. I used to complain because I remembered them from their early 80’s albums, “Power Metal” and “I Am The Night,” which you could often find at the record store in the bargain bin for a dollar. I decided that I had to distance myself after seeing a band called “Deicide,” whose name translates as “the killing of a god” or “the crucifixion of Christ.” One of their delightful ditties declares, “You say that Jesus died for me. Well, that’s too bad, ’cause I don’t believe. Nail Him!”

    I’m not so sure that there’s much difference between the Satanic influence of the Death Metal scene and the Pagan orientations of the Folk Metal genre. The fact that many of these bands are crossovers from the Black Metal movement is telling.

    I will say this regarding the Hurdy Gurdy that was mentioned in the previous article. Much like the bagpipes, with the exception of a few tunes and some limited usage, it is a noisy, annoying and irritating contraption. In earlier times the Hurdy Gurdy was most commonly associated with (((beggars))). After listening to one of these things for any length of time, it becomes easy to understand why Stalin had thousands of Hurdy Gurdy players rounded up and executed

    • No. Slam Dancing is for Punk Rockers. “moshing” is angry hillbilly fare. In other words, metalhead fucktardery.

  2. I thought I should mention a couple of more things: I missed seeing M.O.D. (Method Of Destruction) because the gig was sold out. I purchased “U.S.A. for M.O.D.” when it came out. Their predecessor was S.O.D. (Stormtroopers Of Death), who released one album, “Speak English or Die,” and featured Scott Ian, later of Anthrax, and Danny Lilker, bassist for Nuclear Assault. Other than Zionist leanings, there are some good tracks on these albums. The title song from the S.O.D. album, and “Imported Society” and “Aren’t You Hungry?” from “U.S.A. for M.O.D.” are noteworthy. M.O.D. has some new material out that has caused them to be blacklisted and they have had their tour dates cancelled. I have been meaning to support them by purchasing their newer C.D.’s

    Iron Maiden used to have a few songs that were history/heritage focused. “The Trooper” was about The Charge of The Light Brigade in the Crimean War, and “Aces High” was an ode to The Battle of Britain.

    I try to take what I can from the mainstream, while attempting to avoid the rest. Surely, there’s a way to incorporate these things and use them to our advantage.

  3. Theres something appealing about gorgeous white girls singing with a beautiful voice in another language, with traditional European musical instruments backing them up. I’m open to really getting into this style.
    Yes the male growling was not missed!

  4. I’m a big fan of the female Nordic aesthetic, as we all are I’m sure, especially in the form of the old pagan ways. I reject the idea that we were all savages before Christianity which is the common belief. Let’s not forget that Western civilization started out as pagan before Jesus was born and before we were all enslaved by Abrahamic religions. I am not anti-Christian per se, as I think it’s a nonstarter in general, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tell the truth, give due criticism and defend and appreciate our ancient, native cultures.

    • @Jack,

      Yes I’m with you. I’m not pro-Christian entirely, but just pro-my ancestry. I’m a vague Christian socially and culturally, if not especially religiously, and I indeed believe its helping to destroy white culture as its moved over to the left and non-white side-which preaches inclusion at all costs. I’m rather sick of it.
      It used to serve as a means for young people to meet, marry and breed. Now its just a leftard outfit that many true Christians have long since moved on from.

      • Someone pointed out the film “How Green Was My Valley”, as a counterpoint to unhinged Anti-Christianity.

        The Da of the Welsh mining family Gwillim Morgan was obviously Godlike. The boy Huw plaued by McDowell was a stand in for Christ. The Older brothers were various heroic types.

        If that film reflected the Christianity of 1941, then there’s really little wrong with it.

        It’s well worth a sit down to watch, was like looking at another world. A better one in most respects.

      • I see this, but it’s not complete. Christianity can always go either way – be more pro European, more Pro White, more traditional nationalist patriarch family or it can go the other way.

        Pope Benedict was excellent.
        The current Liberation Theology pro Muslim migrant Pope Francis is the worst Catholic (in name only) Pope ever.
        Don’t ever let your local Christian church get taken over by homosexuals, LGBT or childless women hags – same goes for Conservative political parties.

        Probably the worst corrupter of Christianity was St. Paul, the former Jewish Pharisee Saul of Tarsus who preached a universalist, John Lennon “Imagine” style Judeo Christianity where there were no Greeks and Jews, no male and female, no bond and free just those who’ve accepted Jesus Christ and supposedly the entire world would become one and live in peace once everybody accepted Jesus Christ.

        Maybe some modern day St. Paul will end the Arab vs Israeli Jew conflict by getting everyone to convert to their version of Christianity….


    • Wardruna is another good folk metal band, from Norway. They provide much of the music in the “Vikings” series.

      • Einar Selvik has done a few side projects, this one with the Enslaved guy.

        How Black Metal have gone from absolute pariah to becoming promoted by the Norwegian cultural elite in 20 years, is a white pill as well. The embedded project was ordered for the 200 year celebration of the Norwegian constitution.

  5. Everyone is of course, entitled to worship the God, or Gods, of their choice, or deny that there even is a God. Whether you pay homage to Thor or Odin, or Zeus, Jupiter or Crom is up to you. I certainly can’t lay any claims to deep theological knowledge, but it seems that Christianity was entirely compatible with progress and racial conciousness for centuries. Lands were conquered and great cities rose, with steeples bearing the Cross reaching into the heavens. Technological advancement was accompanied by large Church attendance, not hampered by it. The descendants of the ancient Europeans adopted Christianity and appeared to have thrived and prospered from it.

    It is clear, as others have pointed out, that the modern Christian church is not that of our forefathers. Those men had no problem discerning between Jews who rejected Christ and themselves. Nor, were they confused about race, sexuality or gender roles. It seems that it is since these basic principles have been confused and distorted, or denounced, by those in authority, whether it is by the Church, State or Media, that our decline has been set in motion.

    That said, I’m certain that some of this music is very original, creative and inspiring, and, as I haven’t been keeping up with anything regarding music in a quite a while, I really should take the time to give it a listen. Unfortunately, the public access computer that I routinely use isn’t sufficiently upgraded to permit me access it.

    • Christianity forbids divorce. Or at least “not putting your woman away”.

      The rule in retrospect was a foundation of the most important kind.

    • Europeans thrived in spite of a foreign religion. Remember that Christianity was forced on the people, either by sword point or by decree of the rulers. Christianity is really a hybrid of its original form as our people refused to completely erase their native culture and practices so Christianity just co-opted our myths and celebrations such as Yule as Christmas, Easter after the festivals for the Germanic goddess ?ostre, etc.

      Tacitus wrote that the Germanic barbarians already practiced monogamy as a rule. Infidelity was severely punished, much more than it is today by Christians.

  6. Don’t let’s kid ourselves, Motorhead was one of the best metal bands ever. And front-man Lemmy Kilmister was a fine Welshman.

  7. I would recommend Moonsorrow, for the Nordic folk metal enthusiasts out there. Vocals are growlly, but the music is so outstanding that it can be forgiven.

  8. @Spahnranch,

    I saw Motorhead open for Slayer in 1988. I still have, and occasionally wear, the T-Shirt that I got at that show. I opted for the Motorhead T with crossed Confederate and U. S. Flags behind their Skull emblem. above a caption that read simply , “America 1988.” This was long before I became a racialist, or had any real knowledge of the Confederacy, although. thanks to the neighborhood that I grew up in, I was already racially conscious due to proximity. I was not, however, like many people whom I’ve encountered who are wearing Confederate themed apparel , or who have Battle Flag tattoos, but don’t care anything about it at all. I just had other, less meaningful, things occupying my mind those days. Motorhead was very good live.

  9. This stuff is garbage. We need to get back to REAL folk music like the Dubliners and Show Of Hands, to name but two. Bluegrass this side of the pond.

  10. @Jannie

    I like a lot of American folk music (pre Blue Grass), and the Celtic, Gaelic tunes that were carried across the Atlantic and from which it evolved. I’m a fan of several War Between The States era musical ensembles.

    Sadly, I’m cursed with a wide appreciation of musical styles and genres. It’s the one area where my level of acceptance often gets the better of me.

  11. @serf,

    Better yet, why not the original version, “To Anacreon in Heaven?” There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned, drinking song to build camradarie!

    • ethnostatist, Rahowa put out 2 full-length albums/cd’s. The band didn’t last because their founding member and singer went over to the dark side. ‘Cult of the Holy War’ was and still is a great album/cd. The original guitarist —an exceptional musician— is still around Racialist circles though I haven’t heard anything about him in 4 or 5 years now. Possibly just focusing on the parent and family thing.

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