Nikki Haley Addresses AIPAC

I’ve been in a negative mood for the past few days.

The American Nationalism debate raged all weekend. It was 1,500 comments of watching The Daily Stormer crowd take a piss on the Traditionalist Worker Party.

I made it known how strongly that I disagreed with that. I watched Matt Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party get swarmed by Antifa this afternoon at Richard Spencer’s speech at Michigan State. It was inspiring to see Traditionalist Worker Party, Patriot Front and Operation Homeland working together. After checking the TRS Forums, I noticed the optics faggotry had flared back up again, which was another reminder of how little loyalty some people in the Alt-Right have to each other. I don’t think they understand how their lack of solidarity is the worst optics imaginable.

I’ve spent the last hour torturing myself out of a sense of duty to listen to Mike Pence and Nikki Haley address the AIPAC conference. This is what our leaders are doing while Antifa are shutting down free speech at Michigan State, Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Queen’s College in Canada, and King’s College in London. This also happened to Christina Hoff Summers, Jordan Peterson and Sargon of Akkad on two continents in three countries all in the same day.

Meanwhile, the mainstream Right can’t rise above its total subservience to Israel. I sometimes wonder why I even bother. I have no idea what these people see in the Trump administration.

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  1. Holy hell. I was coming on here to say “thank you for advocating for real activism, against insane spergs who would start slagging off a serious organization solely because it is in a better position than their own recently relaunched white fashwave tshirt club”..

    But watching a Nimrata Randhawa speech? That’s got to be almost as bad as pretending that faggot Charlie Sheen LARPer isn’t a Jew plant.

  2. Why do people keep bringing up and defending Sargon like he’s our best buddy? He’s openly expressed his total disregard for Germans and their suffering in WW2 saying, “Germans can get fucked.”

    • Partially probably attempting to sabotage the Michigan event in advance, partially promoting their relaunched ‘Book Clubs’.

      That YT guy’s a pinko libertarian faggot crank. James Fields did nothing wrong.

      • Why did Fields back up his car on 4th Street?? Kessler knows and has the video. Why is he hiding it? Do you know why Kessler is hiding the video??? Do you know why Brennan Gilmore lied to the media about what he saw? You know Brennan Gilmore has Deep state ties?? Don’t you want the truth? Why is Kessler a party to hiding the truth? What purpose does it serve?

  3. I’ve always thought highly of Heimbach and his approach. He seems like a decent guy.

    To each is own, DS and Jew Weev should stay in their own lane and not interfere.

  4. “Meanwhile, the mainstream Right can’t rise above its total subservience to Israel.”

    Which is why Trump is now inviolate. Leftist/SJW “Resistance” types are going to be sorely disappointed when Trump isn’t impeached or jailed. Trump has done the Jews’ bidding. For which he’ll receive their protection, until he fouls up, or displeases them

    From now on, anyone who goes after Trump legally, is placing their careers and even their lives, in jeopardy.

    Mueller, et al.., will go before Trump and Pence do. Even if he has to have an accident? or a sudden illness.?

    • It’s quite funny when you do point this out to Leftwingers who are not Jews.

      You can almost see the Swastika twirling in the eyes.

      But then they get a grip of their programming and vaguely blame capital.

  5. This is why I no longer post comments at the Daily Sperger. That place has a weird vibe around it. Anglin attracts a lot of closeted fanbois, not unlike “Ricky Vaughn”. It’s a total sausage-fest. The TWP isn’t perfect but they work hard and are trying to make a difference through IRL activities. How can anyone have a problem with that?

    I am hoping to see an alliance forged between HW and Commandant Linder. They are the two wise “elder statesmen” of the alt-right. The movement is crying out for some mature, responsible leadership.

  6. KCL is the heart of the security establishment in the UK.

    Sargon, how did he get a speaking gig there at all?

  7. The optics debate is ridiculous. I only fractures the movement. Divide and conquer. The jews infiltrate and seed distrust and division.

    Anyone who complains about optics is not a friend and should be expelled.

    • Um, expelling so sowing division.

      The thing is that there are a very small minority of whites willing to actually do something – because that carries a huge personal cost – whether that something is writing or IRL speaking/protests, etc.

      So, anyone who picks on that small minority because of optics is, as HW has pointed out, showing a disturbing lack of solidarity.

      To me, given that WN activists are such a small minority, each should ignore the optics of any other group with whom they disagree, and just concentrate on growing their own movement.

      Events, i.e. economic collapse and political repression, will grow the movement organically.

      Patience is required and support for the persecuted.

      As the Boomers pass from the scene, the culture will change and the success of the movement will grow.

      Too late? Maybe too late for peaceful changes, but none of us is in control of history.

        • Maple Curtain

          If there is someone who is an enemy in our ranks they should be expelled.

          Marcus Cicero has a great quote on traitors.

          For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic.

          • Who decides who is a traitor? The great pissing match on that TRS forum is utter nonsense on all sides.

            People are frustrated because there appears to be a lack of progress, indeed a retreat by WN, so they’re going for purity-spiralling and the Latin American firing squad.

            I think HW and others have pointed out that it is not optics that fails to convert normies, but the fact that the vast majority have too much to lose in the current climate of economic and political repression.

            Those whining about optics are mistaken, but not traitorous.

            As the economic and political repression advances (and as Boomers die off), those with too much to lose will become the minority and those with little to lose the majority – then, antifa will be routed, as will those politicians/police chiefs/sheriffs who use unlawful authority to repress the citizenry.

            But patience is required.

          • Scary how accurately that quote applies to the Jew.

            Almost sends a shiver down your spine when you read/hear it.

      • Yes, but we’re a generation and a lot of societal collapse away from that being understood by any kind of critical mass.

        • And why is that?

          Well, I recently came to the conclusion that Pat Buchanan had nothing to say about today’s political culture because he comes from a generation whose ingrained sensibilities don’t allow for cognition of the JQ or the FQ.

          In the same way, having grown up in a white and peaceful land (since destroyed), my sensibilities, like those of my generation, are horrified psychologically by the idea that one needs to resort to violence to maintain one’s civilization and homeland (even though I am acutely aware on an intellectual level that it is a must).

          I doubt very much that, once the economic collapse occurs with inter-racial strife rampant, young men who are, today, just reaching their teens will have sensibilities that see them recoil from such violence.

  8. Matt Heimbach is a TRUE Hero. He’s done some silly things, as a young man, but he’s grown into an intelligent, prescient, and very brave man. I’ve met him IRL; were we in a sane world, he’d be in the process of being groomed for High Office. He’s amazing! The valiant gentlemen that comprise the TWP are WONDERFUL, courageous, honorable MEN. God bless them and keep them. I cannot praise them enough. Bless Matt and his wonderful White Heroes!

  9. And with all respect to Matt Heimbach ( I’ve listened to his words..mostly very good effective speaking..) you guys put out a very marxist vibe to people you are hoping to recruit.
    Carpenter jeans and a tan carhart shirt would be a better uniform choice to reflect “traditional” white workers image to the public.
    Just a suggestion..

  10. Meanwhile, the mainstream Right can’t rise above its total subservience to Israel. I sometimes wonder why I even bother.

    I have been trying top convinced you to stop and change course since I first met you on Twitter. I’ve been trying (desperately) to get this country to understand that playing the R vs D game a a lose-lose.

    We MUST do something different. Working within that corrupt paradigm is impossible.

  11. It is literal kikery to pretend you care about solidarity when you have been the one most vociferously pushing to artificially split up the Alt Right into “hard right” and “American nationalists”.

    In reality, my guess is that you’re finally getting the idea that we have ALL rejected this idiocy you are advocating (hard right vs. American nationalists) so you’re pretending everyone else is guilty of what you did. Shameful.

    You admit you spend hours watching irrelevant AIPAC speeches. No wonder you’ve come unglued.

  12. I saw plenty of contrary views on the BBS regarding this issue. I didn’t post the below comment there until Monday, so very few likely saw it, but I post comments like these frequently. I have posted them here too. Keep in mind this was a reply to Anglin meant for his eyes. I have also pasted a second post, which was a few weeks ago, after becoming triggered a bit by Anglin’s choice of words. He responded to that one constructively. I doubt he saw the first one below. I’m a pleb, so I’m just spreading a bit of thought from what I believe represents plenty of our rank and file. I’m on your side. I’m on Anglin’s side. We all want the same thing overall, so let’s quit this nonsense.

    “As these back and forths continue, it seems to get more difficult to be confident in the best path forward. We all know that division, purity spiraling, etc. are bad for our movement, which needs to be as united as possible, at least in our main goals. I suppose when it comes to TWP, League of the South, et al, it all boils down to whether you feel these groups are truly acting in bad faith in a manner that selfishly sacrifices our movement’s goals to stroke egos. If this were the case, and it were obvious, then distancing oneself from it is necessary.

    The issue I have is that I do not believe the efforts of these “costume wearers” is disingenuous, but rather they have a different approach, which may seem blatantly counterproductive to some of us. We are white people, and our very nature makes us uniquely susceptible to division, as we have the most diversity of thought and the highest need to stay true to our convictions. Hell, we have killed each other over political and slight (in the scheme of things) religious differences. Disagreement among us seems to be the only constant, and it is a trait within us that helps our enemies do their work.

    We know the only chance we have of any form of victory is to grow our movement, and I believe your actions are a reflection of this fact. We are also all too aware of the subversive influence our enemies have against us, so it can be easy to see counterproductive sub-groups in our movement as yet another subversive force, which increases the perceived need to nip it in the bud. I get it.

    I am an outsider looking in when it comes to the inner workings of the various “leaders” of our movement, but from this position, insight into how the rank and file perceive things might be gained. My preference would be that infighting is NOT done publicly. However, it has been very public of late on BOTH sides. At least in the short run, this is not good for us.

    I also believe everyone knows we need to grow our movement, however contradictory the actions of some might seem to this goal. I understand the “American Nationalism” thing as a way of perceiving the Alt Right that will allow much smoother entry for the average white American. I believe a recent Occidental Dissent article on this was disingenuous. It claimed that the goal here is to go back to a 1980’s America, a takeover of the GOP, and a drive to seek elected office. Wallace sees the US as something that can no longer exist due to demographic changes, which we cannot stop, at least not enough to allow such a retaking of the US to be possible. However, the US is STILL something real to millions of white Americans, hence the need for a push for American Nationalism. If white identity can become synonymous with the notion of America in their minds, then we will be a powerful force.

    I view some of the break between DS and TWP as a difference in politics combined with a desire to recruit different types of normies. DS seeks the “normal” normie, many of whom have much to lose if they choose the wrong political path, with an emphasis on the youth. Most of these people are generally good citizens, and they will never become part of a costumed white nationalist movement. Perhaps due to their politics, TWP seeks to bring in working class whites. These are the ones who are looked down upon by our enemies and our own people alike, but they are also the most amenable to our cause. Nonetheless, they are terribly afflicted by the poison our enemies have pushed on them, and they suffer the most.

    Personally, I am someone who simply cannot help but try to spread what I see as truth to all around me, depending on their given current “power level.” Most of my family has come to our side, including boomer parents, siblings, and children. The same is true of friends and coworkers. The reason I mention this is because I have a lot of experience (though not on a massive scale like DS with its internet reach) speaking our views to normies IRL. Those who most readily accept our message are white working class men. Yes, they have drug problems, broken families, and other issues that come with being lower class and poor. However, they are the most in touch with reality, so they do not tend to have problems with homosexuality, feminism, gender identity, etc. In the scheme of needing society to collapse to bring about whites with nothing to lose, they are already there, and they are less turned off by TWP types than other white normies. Good ol’ boys also tend to be the most masculine, hence the reason these groups are the most demonized by Jews, and even our own people tend to despise them as mere white trash.

    While we will never save all of our people, we MUST draw what support we can from ALL factions of our people. Unless we miraculously unite under a “Hitleresque” leader, we will not appeal to all of our people from a single perspective. I understand the need to distance DS from TWP in the context of them entering TRS. Perhaps rather than having this be a point of conflict, TRS can act as a bridge. Perhaps not. I default to the side of DS given my own perspective, but I cannot deny sympathetic feelings towards TWP and their stated goals, and I am not alone here among our rank and file. Obviously, this must be considered in the context of seeking to grow while staying true to one’s base. The GOP is a good example of what happens when too much emphasis is placed on bringing in new members, while third party fringe groups are a good example of how they will never grow and triumph. Solving this balance is a task beyond my capabilities, but I do know it needs to happen.”

    Here is the earlier one:

    I understand the points made in this article, but as a white nationalist, I am fed up with the constant cheap shots running between Daily Stormer and Occidental Dissent et al. Yes, we all want to win, but we are in uncharted territory here. NONE of us knows the exact path to what will achieve this. However, we should all know that infighting is one of the most important things to hold these ideas back from ever becoming mainstream.

    I agree that optics are important, and if when Anglin mentions “costumes,” he is referring exclusively to Nazi flags and SS uniforms in the public sphere, I agree that is problematic. Not all of this is just “costume” bullshit. Different factions of our movement are trying to create new symbols, often pulled from our ancestors (or at least inspired by them), that look weird in the sense they are unknown and nationalistic (and certainly demonized in the media). To me, a man walking around in a monkeyball jersey is fucking weird, and its damn sure a turn off. I bet the Nazi flag didn’t appeal to the German masses the day it was hatched in its infancy to be a national symbol, but it prevailed there through unity.

    In addition, it doesn’t matter whether /our guys/ wear “weird” garb or not, the Jew run media will simply create it and amplify it with impostors, so it’s there to stay. I don’t believe for a minute that League of the South or Trad Workers are going to suddenly change it all up due to inside criticism, and at this point, mockery.

    Before anyone gets butthurt about my constructive criticism here, I have posted the same in the comments at Occidental Dissent against the butthurt seen there over what was previously and objectively constructive criticism coming from DS. I noticed right away that Hunter removed the DS as one of the many links for allies to network and discover new voices on the site. That’s just more unproductive, ego driven bullshit.

    Perhaps the criticism from DS against “costumes” is more directed at those entering the movement as a warning against going this direction, and the DS certainly has the largest online influence in our movement, so there is utility in this approach. It is still my favorite site, hands down, and every book club, conference, or hu-white advocacy event I have attended was filled with people who feel the same way. Perhaps I am just too dumb to see between the 4D chess lines here, so one will have to forgive my oversight on this.

    Unity is key. As Goebbels wrote (per an article on renegadetribune.com1), “If I were to try and put our aims in a nutshell, I should say that it is our endeavor to build up in Germany a people who all possess the same rights in life. We want everyone, high and low, to belong to such a people. We desire that the highest among them shall feel themselves more closely united with the last and lowest of their own kith and kin than with the highest of any other nation. We aim at this – that the highest of our people would rather be the lowest of his own nation, than the highest of any other nation. Such an aspiration can only be the outcome of an absolutely unified national will.”

    I’m not trying to resurrect a dead German movement, but I understand the desire to repeat its glory, and the unknowing will only see it through Jew flavored bullshit.

    Perhaps those of us with common goals will have to fight out the details until an actual leader is established that unites us all. Still, we must remember who are our enemies and who are our allies.

    I’m done with this effort post. Hail victory!

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