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  1. Looking at the picture, the placard on the right says it all. ‘We interrupt those choosing’- I asume hate or racism. Their idea of free speech means their free speech and only theirs.

  2. Hunter, where is the best place to watch the coverage of Richard’s actual speech? I am only finding coverage of the protestors. Not seeing anything on Altright.com or Altright YouTube channel. Thanks.

  3. People love to hate Heimbach lately. Must be the newest bandwagon thing. I don’t completely agree with him, but I’m sure the Jews appreciate the constant open-air criticism.

    • The attacks on Heimbach are from the Jews and he is under attack because he is a Christian, a righteous Christian. A Christian man who inspires others, is honest and sincere in his words and actions and who can not be swayed by money is a great great threat to the Jews. It will get much worse for Heimbach.

    • Gut instinct and certain sources indicate that they’ve done a lot more than cheer this crap on…

  4. Hmm, so Spencer’s prediction is that “Bernie bros” are going to suddenly become Alt Right. Sounds silly and not sure that’s a good idea anyway.

    Spencer must have gained weight, he’s about to bust a button.

      • The younger males hate the establishment but don’t understand why. They might have some hope. The Bernie sluts are a lost cause. Their tattoos will identify them for life.

    • I’ve always had more success with traditional Leftists (not the rabid Antifa types) than with cuckservatives who try to portray themselves as “color blind” every second of every day.

  5. Caught the tail end of it. Looked like a very small group attended, most of the seats were empty. Spencer rambling about how he supports Bernie more than Trump, makes zero sense.

    Watched Evan McLaren’s stream and he said Conte was arrested.

    • The main body of supporters and Heimbach who was going to speak were turned away after the police repeatedly messed with them and told them they had to march into the crowd of antifa

  6. Tony Hovater posted a message on Gab saying it looks as if it will be necessary to sue MSU and the police. What happened?

    • Evan McLaren said they pulled another Charlottesville where the police physically pushed Alt Right attendees into Antifa, did nothing, and then arrested Alt Righters for defending themselves.

      • Very sorry to “notice” that this very dishonest tactic seems to work. The powers that be including all cuckservatives and even the Trump admin and now apparently Trump himself just give this a pass.

        I was at one anti Sharia protest in Chicago – we were outnumber ~ 300 to 25 but at least the Chicago Cops did their job.

        I’m not really sure what is a good response now that the system cops are behaving this way. I think maybe the free speech opening for Milo and Richard Spencer speeches on American Universities is closing – there aren’t many/any honest free speech liberals left defending our free speech.

        I sadly note that The Atlantic Magazine has end the free speech to write any comments to their blogs.

      • Basically – give it some time, and we’ll probably get the same evidence that emerged after Charlottesville.

  7. Remember ALL of this when they come to confiscate firearms, “But…but I’m just doin’ my job!” REMEMBER these pieces of shit.

  8. Michigan is not a good place for a Richard Spencer speech. Neither was Gainesville, which is full of Jews.

    Stick to the South and Mountain West. Antifa will have trouble traveling to locations like Alabama and Wyoming, and will not get a good reception there.

    • I think we need to stick to discouraging young white men from the South and Mountain West from enlisting in ZOG’s army. Let these antifa faggots from the Left Coast and the (((Northeast))) fight the CHICOM People’s Liberation Army and Chechens, Cossacks, and Wagnerite PMCs of Russian Federation. If these faggots love being the pawns of the (((bankster owners of Murica))) so much, let them die for them! Not us!

      • Great idea. But how do we do that? Billboards? Who will let us advertise such a message? Flyers? Who will allow flyers to be posted?

      • I’m getting extremely good vibes and personal contacts with Whiter Hispanics. Not everything is cartel terrorized Mexico or barrios. Lots of really good relationships between younger Hispanic gal and older Anglo guy (including my r). Spanish isn’t as hard to lear as say Russian which has a separate alphabet.

        I can envision American Whiter Hispanics soon taking over the roll of say the Italians – tougher folks sort of between the country club suburban Anglos or Mittens Romney types and the lowest most violent Blacks or Muslims.

        Another unknown fact that helps us is that 3rd generation Mexican Americans or Ricans who make noises and threaten us with their LaRaza – they can’t speak Spanish. They really are just some almost, sort of a race. It works great to have a Whiter Hispanic get in their face and put them in their place using Spanish.

        Hey, hey if you can’t speak Spanish are you really….


      • Let them face the merciless Cossacks over there, only to find
        MORE of them waiting on them here in my country. If you have Ukrainian blood as I do, you are a Cossack too even if you were born and raised as an American. .

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