Populists Surge In Italian Elections

While all this shit was flying in the Alt-Right this weekend in the United States, Matteo Salvini and the populists made huge gains in the Italian elections:

“ROME — Italians registered their dismay with the European political establishment on Sunday, handing a majority of votes in a national election to hard-right and populist forces that ran a campaign fueled by anti-immigrant anger.

The election, the first in five years, was widely seen as a bellwether of the strength of populists on the continent and how far they might advance into the mainstream. The answer was far, very far.

After Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Emmanuel Macron of France beat back populist and far-right insurgencies in the past year, Europe had seemed to be enjoying a reprieve from the forces threatening its unity and values.

That turned out to be short lived.

In Sunday’s vote, preliminary results showed, the parties that did well all shared varying degrees of skepticism toward the European Union, with laments about Brussels treating Italians like slaves, agitation to abandon the euro and promises to put Italy before Europe.

The most likely result will be a government in Italy — a founding European Union nation and the major economy of the Mediterranean — that is significantly less invested in the project of a united Europe. All the while, geopolitical competitors from Russia to China are seeking to divide and weaken the bloc. …”

Luca Traini’s vengeance on African migrants didn’t even slow down the populist juggernaut. Silvio Berlusconi and Forza Italia representing the center right underperformed the Northern League. Salvini could be on the verge of becoming Italy’s Prime Minister.

In Europe, populist parties take votes away from the conservative parties. In Italy, nationalism and populism have now eclipsed mainstream conservatism. Unfortunately, we don’t have a similar dynamic within the United States where a populist party competes with and takes votes away from the Republican Party and shifts the whole political spectrum to the right.

In our case, the huge base of populist and nationalist voters ends up getting cucked into empowering the center right conservative minority. We need a political alternative to change that dynamic. If the GOP can’t be reformed, it is better to split it and come away with the bigger piece.

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    • no one, Not Italians, not Americans

      is going to vote their way out of a judeo-globalist

      open-borders orc-insourcing/kosher culture-of-death White birthrate-killing


      that has already snapped shut.

      the Jew billionaires and banksters will see to that.

      you better think of something else.

  1. It still sounds like pretty small potatoes, but thanks for this news. Let’see what if any difference it actually makes.

  2. I think the reason France, Germany and Britain can’t get leaders installed with some morality and principles is because of the huge non-white components in the population, along with white leftists. These two groups combined
    would easily be outnumbered without each other, but together they provide a majority voter block for anti-white parties. Italy doesn’t yet have this issue.
    As David Duke says-the majority of whites are conservative, but are outvoted by the left and non-whites combined.
    The more immigrants there are, the less democracy works for us.

    • France and the UK are tethered to leftist politics because of the Celtic Fringe bating the Franks or Angles respectively. Germany is occupied territory.

  3. Politicians are creatures of the system, not changers of it. Don’t be fooled by populist rhetoric like I was in 2016. Wait and see what they do.

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