National Geographic: (((The Race Issue)))

You will never guess why National Geographic has published “The Race Issue” as a special issue which kicks off the magazine’s “Diversity in America” series:

Here are the links to the individual articles:

“The Race Issue, which is accompanied by a discussion guide aimed at parents and educators (here), includes the latest research, powerful anecdotes and unparalleled visual storytelling to explore the human journey through the lens of labels that define, separate and unite us. Select features include:

“Skin Deep,” an article on the genetics of race and roots of scientific racism, by Pulitzer-Prize winning authorElizabeth Kolbert and photos by Robin Hammond.

“The Things That Divide Us,” a look into the evolutionary roots of group bias and current efforts to combat this bias, with text by David Berreby and photos by John Stanmeyer.

“The Rising Anxiety of White America,” by renowned journalist Michele Norris, who looks to 2044 when America will be less than 50 percent white and details the cultural shift already taking place. Photos by Gillian Laub.

“The Stop,” a powerful piece featuring anecdotes from black and Hispanic motorists who’ve been pulled over by the police due to the color of their skin. This piece was reported in partnership with ESPN’s The Undefeated, with text by Michael Fletcher and photos by National Geographic photographer Wayne Lawrence.

“Streets in His Name,” a photographic essay, with text by award-winning journalist Wendi C. Thomas, on streets around the world bearing MLK Jr.’s name and how they reflect the legacy he left behind.

“A Place of Their Own,” which showcases a new brand of activism at historically black colleges and universities as racial tensions escalate across the country. Text by Clint Smith and photos by Nina Robinson and Ruddy Roye.

The Race Issue kicks off the magazine’s “Diversity in America” series. Throughout the rest of 2018, the series looks at racial, ethnic and religious groups in the United States, including Muslims, Latinos, Asian Americans and Native Americans, and examines their changing roles in 21st-century life. …”

Could it really be that simple?

NO …


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      • Racist is an anti-white slur used exclusively by Jews to malign and defame whites. When are you going to stop antagonizing us Gothic Jew?? We gave you your own country to rid ourselves of your pestering. What are you doing here??

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        • You are right in a way. On the other hand, Pathetic Jew & El Chapucero are good for group cohesion… 🙂

          I sort of find the whole thing quite funny. Like when Chapucero tried out his tough-guy stance: “Back in my college days, I’d have f-d you up”. Just picture a smirking Carl the Cuck while reading that. Hilarious.

    • Remember, goyim, race is only skin deep.

      Of course, failing to take into account “ethnicity” (race) can also be “racist”.

      “A black former soldier is suing the Ministry of Defence for injuries sustained during winter training when he claims his hands were exposed to freezing temperatures.

      Abdoulie Bojang, 30, was training in Banff, Canada, and is seeking £200,000 after he says his hands were exposed to temperatures of -30C.

      He claims the army ‘failed to take into account his ethnicity’ during the training exercises, according to the Sunday Times.

      A spokesman for solicitors Bolt Burdon Kemp said: ‘Service personnel of African and Afro-Caribbean descent, including those of mixed race, are particularly vulnerable in low temperatures.’
      A spokesperson for Bolt Burdon Kemp added: ‘The MoD has acknowledged research indicating that these groups are 30 times more likely to contract an NFCI (non-freezing cold injury) than Caucasian service personnel.
      ‘Personnel from the Commonwealth will often find that, following a cold injury, they are restricted to working in warm climates.
      ‘This means they can no longer follow any plans they may have made to make a life in the UK, Europe or North America.'” (OH NOOO!)

      ‘He made his way to the resort lodge to warm his hands and saw that they had changed colour.’

      Don’t worry lad, that’s just skin deep.

  1. Every white nation is expected to embrace the salt and pepper demographics and be tolerant. Every ad has a mixed race couple. We’re told everyone is equal. We’re told to acept more as they are fleeing war (ok bring the problem from their country to ours) and then we’re told when they rape someone….not all blacks are rapists!

    Meanwhile over in South Africa…

  2. Chutzpah is when on the one hand you try to pass off the notion that race doesn’t exist and then on the other hand write narratives entirely through the prism of race, as seems to be done in the same issue of the same magazine.

    • Exactly. Try telling the ‘first Jewish person’ that her race is a construct. Try lumping the Jews in with the general carnage of WW II. They are liars and hustlers.

      • Well, “she” claims to be a woman, so “she” is only one construct away from being a total work of fiction.

  3. Who is still reading that verkakte magazine? It’s certainly not the niggers that they are pandering to. National Pornographic’s last remaining subscribers must be almost exclusively ultra liberals in Academe and other effete PBS/NPR bow-tied FAGGOTS.

      • “moderates who you are unworthy to lick their boots”

        Congrats there, Chapucero. You actually managed to produce some Pidgin English. Good for you, blanco!

    • It’s there to sit at the check out at the book shop, supermarket, surgery, waiting room, gym. No one reads anything in it.

    • The magazine really is unbearable now. You can just tell that they’re ecstatic about the prospect of a white minority population in America by 2044.

      • I stopped reading back in about 2010 when the front cover showed something similar to this one and glorified how Whites were being exterminated in South Africa.

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  5. Your race is your (f)ather and so “racism” is definitely a biological construct something akin to a near-infinite bridge to the (F)ather.

    The radical anti-racists of the global zeitgeist MURDEROUSLY HATE their (f)athers and so seek to burn once and for all the ephemeral connection to the (F)ather that flows through a son’s racism.

  6. Race and nation are biological, national, cultural, historical and social realities. If you are Christian , you accept that in the theosis (as seen by St John the Evangelist), the national identity carries over as it is part of the soul as is the tribal identity and language. To attempt to erase this is to attempt to erase a quality of the soul.

    There is an African genome and its variations are on the map. There is a European genome and its variations are on the map. But even apart from these biological realities a nation (ethne) has a history and cultural heritage.

    In Europe and nations founded by peoples of European descent, this heritage belongs to the founding stock. These nations are entitled to that heritage.

    • I recently took a required Biology in Modern Society course at my college… no matter how many dozens of papers I cited, I still failed the final exam in which we had to “prove” that race wasn’t biological – the professor simply couldn’t believe there were so many wayciss publications (incidentally a lot from kikes were included).

  7. “Race is not a biological construct” even though it’s entirely heritable and stable for 10s if not 100s of thousands of years. We already know from twin studies and others that race, IQ and behavior are heritable. There is no human trait that has zero heritability.

    Showing quadroons with one darker and one lighter means nothing.They’re fraternal twins, not identical. The genes reshuffle and one happens to get more nigger and the other more white. That doesn’t surprise or rewrite anything. That’s how it works. The girl isn’t white either because she has significant nigger DNA and as she ages it will show more. Only morons with a Latin standard of race think she’s white.

    They say her dad is black but that’s not accurate because recessive genes like blue eyes require both parents to have it. The dad is mixed.

    They also repeat the lie that skin color defines race. It does not. Albino Negroes are still Negroes. There are different races with similar dark skin like Negroes, Hindus and Aboriginals.

    • If the mommy was a mudshark it is also completely possible the sperm is from two different fathers.

      • What do you mean if? Her mate is a mixed nigger. We have pictures. They have children.

        Heteropaternal superfecundation among humans occurs at about 2.4%.

        The light-skinned quadroon is not white. If someone thinks she is then you have a problem yourself.

  8. If that twin story is true (those two small girls in the above photo are fraternal twins) then note that for fraternal twins, “they develop from two different eggs. In fraternal twins, each twin is fertilized by its own sperm cell.” (this quote is copied from wikipedia at )

    The most likely explanation is that the mother was having sex with at least two different men, one white and one black, at roughly the same time when she was ovulating. Thus, the white mother is a mudshark, and the white father a possible cuckold.

    • I’ll back you up on that BOX456! I have fraternal twin sisters born back in 1957. One looks like mom, the other like dad. However, both have blond hair & blue eyes & distinctively Aryan features. Even their voices after 61 years sound similar. By the way, the WIKIPEDIA definition is accurate. Hell, my mother knew that the day she left the hospital with them!

    • Doubtful as they do have similar facial features. You do realize that even among whites, say a North Euro female and Med male, you can have children where one is blonde like the mother and another is darker like the father? Race is about the total phenotype and ancestry not just pigmentation.

  9. Notice race is not a “social construct ” when it comes to their little racist apartheid state they stole from the Palestinian people!

    • Race isn’t real that’s why Israel has the Law of Return which is based on ancestry not religion. It’s a lie that Jewishness is merely a religion. Studies show that Jews themselves, even Orthodox Jews, state that being Jewish is primarily based on ancestry, not religion or politics, etc, but they are part of it.

      Another lie is that Islam is just a religion when it’s a lifestyle and political system. Familiarize yourself with Dr. Bill Warner’s work if you haven’t.

  10. Well, I’m Sold!!! I really need to start perusing, and maybe, collecting, those back issues of National Geographic that I always see at Half Price Books. I never gave much thought to how much realism might have been published in them. Though, I do remember seeing some of the photos of protected species in their natural habitats. In fact, using some of these images as an inspiration, I went into a tattoo parlor and asked them if they did piercings. When they answered in the affirmative, I asked them if they could put a set of plates in my lips, and explained that I had seen a picture in National Geographic of African tribesmen with plates in their lips. To my astonishment, I was invited to leave the establishment.

  11. For anyone who argues that race is only skin deep, I humbly refer them to the television series, “Forensic Files.” It’s amazing what can be determined by a drop of bodily fluid or a bone fragment. Among these are age, gender and race.

    • Race can be identified with high accuracy by a single strand of hair, along with skull shape, bone density, bone length, etc. Racial differences are bone deep.

  12. Anti-Whites deny White Genocide, then they celebrate it. I’m going to start a bonfire, then go out to the garage and throw all those NG’s on it that I’ve been saving for years.

    • Fact is a lot of you are fooled into thinking that light-skinned quadroon is white. Most people don’t much about race at all and have faulty perception. IMO people don’t even start making sense until 115+ IQ.

      Spencer says mongrels like that are welcome in his “white” ethnostate. Spencer, Enoch, Fuentes and others think someone only has to be 75% Euro to be white. That’s “white nationalism 2.0.” What a joke.

      • Honesty is hardly the anti-White strong suit. I’m wondering about her “whiteness” too. Only a valid DNA test would remove all doubt.

  13. Race may have some aspects that are socially determined but we kid ourselves if we deny any biological ramifications. Race is not a social construct, instead it is society that is a racial construct. Different medicines effect different ethnic groups. A good forensic scientist can tell you the ethnic identity of a person thousands of years ago from bone of tooth fragments. So much for race being merely skin deep. The fact that all dogs can interbreed may be a factor in their quality- as with people- but we kind ourselves if we image all breeds of dog are the same. Studies show Poddles bite the most of any breed, Labrador retrievers the least.

    • Your “identity” is socially/psychologically determined. Race is purely biological like sex. Someone can think they’re of the opposite gender even though their allosome pair is concrete.

      Racial identity is more complicated as there are millions of mixed people, but original races are relatively pure. Most European groups are not 100% European to begin with. 1-2% non-white admixture is the historical norm.

  14. Meanwhile in South Africa – the issue of race (understood as race) continues to boil behind code words like ‘Radical Economic Transformation’. A video on White Privilege is currently being run on YouTube as an ad in South Africa. It is voiced by a ‘White’ South African – or is it voiced by a (((Usual Suspect))) pretending to be a White South African? [ That would be my take ]

    The following video made about this video / ad is deconstructed by Gouws as a hateful, racist POS promoted by YouTube SA.
    How is this Video allowed on YouTube / South Africa uploaded by Renaldo Gouws

    The Black Majority Rule situation is Southern Rhodesia and South Africa is a topic that White populations in current White majority (and declining) nations should be carefully following: the politics, analysis, strategies and discourse of the White voices living in those nations. This is the workshop where our strategies and tactics will emerge. Doofus Whites in ZOG.usa do not have a seat at this table – an advanced workshop afterall – but we should be listening and learning.

  15. If Cliff High is correct and we are entering a new ice age, perhaps every single day will truly be a White Christmas.

    If we can only rid ourselves of one parasitic race, which one? We all know we don’t have a Jew problem because of niggers but EVERYONE has a nigger problem because of Jews.

    Jews – the world’s oldest problem.

  16. y, i’m wondering when the jewess will run ‘the’ article on israel’s expulsion of 38k africans….. 🙂

    • They have been working on us for decades, thanks to the media and government indoctrination centers that we pay for with our property taxes. However, a lot of people have awoken and more are waking up every day.

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