#MAGA: Rex Tillerson Ousted As Secretary of State

I wasn’t a fan of Rex Tillerson.

I publicly said that I supported his removal. In this game of musical chairs though, replacing Rex Tillerson with Mike Pompeo is another step in the wrong direction:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump on Tuesday ousted his secretary of state, Rex W. Tillerson, extending a shake-up of his administration, 14 months into his tumultuous presidency, and potentially transforming the nation’s economic and foreign policy.

Mr. Trump announced he would replace Mr. Tillerson with Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. director and former Tea Party congressman, who forged a close relationship with the president and is viewed as being more in sync with Mr. Trump’s America First credo. …

His profound disagreements with the president on policy appeared to be his undoing: Mr. Tillerson wanted to remain part of the Paris climate accord; Mr. Trump decided to leave it. Mr. Tillerson supported the continuation of the Iran nuclear deal; Mr. Trump loathed the deal as “an embarrassment to the United States.” And Mr. Tillerson believed in dialogue to resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis, but Mr. Trump repeatedly threatened military options.”

Mike Pompeo is a neocon who has called for regime change in Iran and North Korea. Rex Tillerson supported negotiations with North Korea and keeping the Iran deal. That’s the crux of the matter. Tillerson has been checking Trump’s worst hawkish instincts on foreign policy.

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  1. Conservative review calls Tillerson an Arabist, while it claims Pompeo is more of a friend to Israel

  2. Great. Pompeo. Could not make that name up. Looks like it will be Carthago delenda est for Iran. Cue ‘hava nagila’.

    • I’d like to see Zion-stooges Trumpenthal and Pompeo stumble into a war with an Iran-backed-by-Russia.

      lost wars accelerate the Wheel of History.

      lost wars is how (((empires))) die and (((ponzis))) collapse.

    • If Trump is real, I think he will have Sessions do something significant then replace him as a sacrifice. I am pretty sure the Presidency is merely ceremonial at this point in US history so I am not expecting much.

  3. So we’ve gone from Tillerson to Pompeo, and we’ll likely go from Cohn to Kudlow.

    This, in the year of the “Full Trump.”

    Looks like the only difference between the cabinet members who got fired and the new ones coming in is that the new ones are somewhat more sycophantic. In terms of swamp-draining, Trump is removing a handful of bog-slime and dropping a giant steaming deuce in there to fill the void.

  4. I think the Pompeo appt signals that Donald J has moved war with Iran into top priority.

    GOG almighty, the organ harvesting capital of the world, has spoken. All the right tushi has been kissed. Sheldon has his war with Iran. ZOGusa has the green light to open another front in the ME – probably when Kim, that little globalist Chinese widget, goes off the dial over in NK and provides the important diversion for the masses. If that evil little beast does send a nickel popper over to Ca, it is probably too much to hope that it will land smack on Universal City

  5. What’s sad is that Tillerson is from Wichita Falls. He’s just another cuck that won’t take up for the South. Just another USZOG stooge.

  6. It looks to me that Syria is still very much on the agenda for these scumbag warmonger stooges. Then Iran. This could mean The Big One since Russia is signaling that they are through being conciliatory and passive in the face of nasty provocations. They even issued a threat to sink US ships firing cruise missiles at Damascus. Time to test the new Kinzhal missiles?

  7. Trump is not “draining the Swamp.”…He obviously enjoys splashing around in it too much. Get rid of the neocons Mattis, Kelly, and McMaster and I’ll take notice.

  8. As soon as Strump started mentioning potential appointees and they included kikish corporate raider Carl Icahn, that told us everything we need to know.

    But let’s enjoy our time in purgatory while it lasts — après lui, le déluge. With considerable thanks to the 19th Amendment, Amurricans are incapable of voting in anything but a billionaire, preppie or nonwhite for prez, and that narrows our hopes to about nothing.

  9. President Trump has good instincts on immigration and Trade, plus the Anti White media hates him. He also has some good instincts on foreign policy, military policy but he tends to want to agree with whomever is in the room with him and he likes to travel to Israel and Saudi Arabia (they’re on the same side now).

    We might be pretty much left with just Trump and nobody else in foreign policy and that reverts to deep State, neo Cons/Zionists, military industrial complex.

    So looks like more US confrontations with Serbia and Iran are on the horizon. And then I have to get mailings from Wounded Warriors with lots of White guys with artificial limbs.

  10. I don’t know what the musical chairs is all about but surely the ZOG warmongers are fully aware of Putin putting them on notice. Will these fools risk WWIII just the same? God help us!

  11. (((Mark Dubowitz))) of Sheldon Adelson funded Foundation for the Defense of Democracies cc ‘d “@khamenei_ir,” “@HassanRouhani,” and “@Jzarif “: Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Hosseini Khamenei, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on a tweet approving Tillerson’s ouster and his replacement by Pompeo.

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