NY Times: Oops, Race Exists After All

In The New York Times, David Reich tries to make the case for a soft landing from the implosion of the myth that “race doesn’t exist”:

“In 1942, the anthropologist Ashley Montagu published “Man’s Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race,” an influential book that argued that race is a social concept with no genetic basis. A classic example often cited is the inconsistent definition of “black.” In the United States, historically, a person is “black” if he has any sub-Saharan African ancestry; in Brazil, a person is not “black” if he is known to have any European ancestry. If “black” refers to different people in different contexts, how can there be any genetic basis to it?

Beginning in 1972, genetic findings began to be incorporated into this argument. That year, the geneticist Richard Lewontin published an important study of variation in protein types in blood. He grouped the human populations he analyzed into seven “races” — West Eurasians, Africans, East Asians, South Asians, Native Americans, Oceanians and Australians — and found that around 85 percent of variation in the protein types could be accounted for by variation within populations and “races,” and only 15 percent by variation across them. To the extent that there was variation among humans, he concluded, most of it was because of “differences between individuals.

In this way, a consensus was established that among human populations there are no differences large enough to support the concept of “biological race.” Instead, it was argued, race is a “social construct,” a way of categorizing people that changes over time and across countries. …

I am worried that well-meaning people who deny the possibility of substantial biological differences among human populations are digging themselves into an indefensible position, one that will not survive the onslaught of science.”

This is a very big deal.

In my own case, I am justified in being angry about it. I’ve been demonized for years as a “racist” and a “hater” for nothing more than rejecting this bullshit orthodoxy. There is an enormous social and economic cost for violating this absurd taboo for the sake of telling the truth.

I don’t hate anyone because they are a different race. I DO resent being lied to. I DO hate the people who consciously tell lies and attempt to intimidate and destroy the lives of other people to advance their blinkered cause of “social justice.” This has always been a true or false question. Either racial differences exist or they don’t. Morality has nothing to do with the subject.

Yes, it will be explosive when the truth comes out. That’s not because it is the truth though. This particular truth was known for centuries in the United States. It is because Whites have been browbeaten for decades into believing that racial differences are their fault and they are uniquely wicked and should feel guilty about it. We’ve transformed every aspect of our society under the Iron Curtain of anti-racism and the coiled spring is inevitably going to snap back in the opposite direction.

The people who forced us to conform our lives to this lie should be discredited.

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  1. I’m out of free articles on NYT for the time being, so unfortunately I can’t read the whole thing, though it looks like it’d be worth one.

    I’m shocked to see this on the NYT of all places, though. What do they get out of potentially stirring up a paradigm shift in the mainstream media?

    • If you’re out of free articles try turning on incognito mode in your browser, or using a different browser.

      • Thank you. Finally got access to it. While it was nice to see some concessions on racial differences, I noted toward the end the overall conclusion of “genes might determine height or susceptibility to disease, but we mustn’t think they determine behavior or inteligence! Heavens no! That was the ideology that led the Nazis to kill 6 million jews!”

        There is nothing to cheer about regarding this article. Genetic differences will be declared “acceptable” within safe parameters only. No different really than what we’ve been used to

  2. What we’re finding is not only that race is real, but that races do not derive from linear descent, but rather from hybridization between species.

    Linear descent is actually quite slow and conservative in that people are pretty much the same over 10s and 100s of thousands of years.

    What we’re also finding is that not only were there human races, but that erectus, neanderthal and denisovan also have races.

  3. “If ‘black’ refers to different people in different contexts, how can there be any genetic basis to it?”

    How does the conclusion follow in any way shape or form from the premise there? How is it even distantly related to it at all? Is this person seriously arguing that: (a) people have different definitions of black, so (b) blackness must not be related to genetics in any way? Is that what educated NYT writers actually believe?

    Please just pause for a moment and really take in the reasoning on display here. As an analogy consider the definition of “day” (as opposed to night). Some people might consider daytime to start when the first light appears (false dawn). Others might say, no, the day only really starts when the sun itself is visible. Perhaps others might contend that it starts when the sun is fully past the horizon.

    If we use NYT logic, then from the fact that people define “day” differently, we can conclude that the sun does not exist, and that day and night are actually the same thing. If “day” refers to different times in different contexts, how can there be any solar basis to it? (“Different contexts” is a trick designed to get you to think that there are two different material phenomena occurring, rather than just two different definitions of a word.)

    It is absurd to make conclusions about physical reality based on how people define words, obviously. To do so is so asinine that the reader is hesitant to contemplate that that is what is actually being argued. This is similar to what someone called the “big lie,” which people believe because they are disturbed by the idea of someone lying so boldly.

    • Its because Brazil had so few whites that they fudged the issue so as to prevent revolt. “Okay okay so you niggers are white! Okay?”

    • @septentrionist The Race of Devils from the Bowels of Hell aka the JEW have always used words to trick Humans into believing their lies. They are masters at this, as you would expect from demons from Hell. They’ve exclusively controlled Western Media – the flow of information, for almost 100 years.

  4. For some reason this story reminds me of the World Cup semi-final when the Gërmäns defeated the “white” Brazil squad at the Maracana Stadium in front of the blubbering “white” Brasilenõ audience. 7-2 was the final score if I recall. Or was it 7-1.

    Good times.

    • Damn, Wrong stadium, would have been a total humiliation if played at the Maracana though.

    • As whites become a minority in the US biological markers are going to be used to persecute against whites. Does that answer the question?

    • Possibly to enhance tribalism within safe parameters. To get the last remaining nonwhite fence sitters to accept that yes, they are different from whites, and maybe it’s time to get on the same page with those of their racial brethren that got it long ago. They get to keep their pride (cuz genes don’t make em dumber and sheeeeeit), while pulling further away from any feeling of commonality with whites.

      Setting us up for the drama that will be the new South Africa.

    • They’ve no choice. Genetics, still a relatively new science, Watson and Crick only identifying the structure of DNA in the 60s, is blowing this claim that “race is a social structure” out of the water. Scientists, as opposed to social sciences, have known Lewontin was full of shit for decades now. No modern geneticist believes race isn’t real. The scientific literature was starting to be spread to the general public. See the HBD gang.

      Now that denial isn’t an option any more, the Christ Killers now have to spin things to their advantage. Watch this space — the shysters have serious work to do.

    • @Denise

      “Why do you think the Jew York Slimes is writing about this now?”

      To defuse the lethal backlash they fear is coming.

    • @Denise

      The Jews always fear that they’ll be discovered in their lies. They know that the longer the lies run, the more violent and lethal the reaction will be, once they’re found out.

  5. “I don’t hate anyone because they are a different race.”

    If this were true then you wouldn’t oppose interracial marriage and you wouldn’t want to kick your law abiding minority neighbors out of the country.

    • The notion of minority is going to have to be rethought. In many cases whites are a minority city wide, region wide and in the case of South Africa nationwide.

      What do you think about confiscating property (land and houses) from whites without compensation? As the nigs are planning in South Africa?

      • “What do you think about confiscating property (land and houses) from whites without compensation? As the nigs are planning in South Africa?”

        I oppose it as another form of racism.

    • @Gothic Joe,
      Maybe he wants other races to live happy, healthy and productive lives……in their OWN nations,away from whites. Doesn’t sound like hate to me, but common sense.
      That some token non white family is ‘law abiding’ is beside the point-we still don’t want them replacing us. Third world majorities result in third world countries. Anyone of sound mind knows this.
      As for interracial marriages…..its likely frowned apon, or even forbidden in places like China, Israel or Liberia…..are THEY racist?
      Every argument you attempt to put forward just falls in a heap.
      I want other races to thrive in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. My only crime is that I also want that for my race.

      • “Maybe he wants other races to live happy, healthy and productive lives……in their OWN nations,away from whites. Doesn’t sound like hate to me, but common sense.”

        It is one thing to oppose inner city gangsters and Islamist fanatics, quite another thing to oppose millions of peaceful, law-abiding Americans of other races who like their lives here and who are a threat to no one. Plucking them from their homes and kicking them into countries they’ve never set foot in is not common sense or compassionate.

  6. David REICH? Ashley MONTAGU? Richard LEWONTIN?

    Oy vey, what would that cross-dressing faggot Jordan Peter-Eater have to say about all these Cohen-cidences?

  7. Anti-White narrative: There’s no such thing as a White race but Whites cause all the evil in the world so the White race must go.

  8. All dogs are capable of interbreeding. Does that make all dogs equal? Are we going to deny that certain canine breeds have unique genetic traits. What separates man from ape is less than 2 % DNA and yet that tiny percentage has made all the difference. Regardless of whether or not race is real or not I want to preserver the Northern European (AKA Nothernkind) phenotype.

    • Infertility and sterile offspring have to be explained away in the current human population.

      Mixed race people in my experience shoot blanks or have cracked eggs at a noticeably higher rate.

      I’ve got no data on this but the issue has come up a few times. What’s the chance of that?

  9. “The people who forced us to conform our lives to this lie should be discredited.”

    They’ll be hanged.

  10. Clark McClelland, the NASA engineer targeted and destroyed by the Zionists for revealing truths about our space program, stated during a conversation with Jeff Rense that Africans are the only race indigenous to this planet and that they have monkey blood. The conversation occurred in 2015 or 2016. I heard it myself (not hearsay).

  11. It is getting to the point that the evidence will be too much to ignore. It’s possible to fight against the truth and reality for a while, but not forever. So now they will be trying to get out ahead of it with moralizing.

  12. The differences in races is so obvious and dramatic that only hypocrites can say otherwise. We’ve been forced an evil poison for generations, so many of ours have suffered.

  13. How can there be racism if there are no races?

    If you tell the average South African black man on the street that there are no races and he is not actually black en I am not actually white, but both the same and it is only the skin colour, he will think you have become non compos mentis. He lives closer to nature and senses the truth better than us.

    • @ex South African

      In Africa, “Racism” is just common sense and necessary for survival. In most of the rest of the world, where White Leftist don’t exist, it is, too.

  14. Research has been out there for years that whites have better cognitive abilities and higher IQs on average.
    But of course the one time leftists don’t want to believe science , is in that case. There’s countless articles and different studies that show whites are on average smarter

  15. For centuries, differences between races were observed and noted. Not just physical differences such as Whites can endure cold better and negroes can endure blazing hot/humid climes better. But also mental differences; not only the ability to understand/learn (later called IQ) but foresight (planning for future) versus concern only for the immediate to the exclusion of future needs, conscience or lack thereof. Mental abilities were also noted due to civilization accomplishments such as cultural indices of language, math/science, humanities.

    Once upon a time, Whites noticed that mulattoes seemed, with few exceptions, smarter and better able to maintain a White civilization, than the garden variety full blooded african was. The mulatto seemed to be made more civilized. To function in a White society better than full blooded africans. But still not able to compete and survive in a White society.

    We Whites do not need any “science” to tell us what we can see with our own eyes. We don’t need IQ tests to demonstrate racial differences; we see them every day. We’ve always known there was something in the “blood” (now called genetics/DNA) that made up race.

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