#MAGA: President Trump’s Omnibus Debacle

Yesterday, the MAGA movement come to its ignominious end:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump, hours after threatening to veto a $1.3 trillion spending bill and throwing the capital into turmoil, signed it into law on Friday, yielding to advisers and Republican leaders who urged him against manufacturing a government shutdown crisis.

Even as he signed the bill, the president seethed about being forced to swallow legislation that broadly repudiated an agenda that once foresaw the reshaping of the federal government into his “America First” image.

Enactment of the bipartisan spending package, which had seemed like a certainty at dawn, brought an end to hours of chaos at the White House, where Mr. Trump surprised his advisers — and Republican congressional leaders — with an angry morning tweet threatening to sink a measure that his aides had already promised he would sign. …”

I woke up to the news that President Trump was threatening to veto the omnibus bill. I was speechless when he folded on his own threat and signed it several hours later.

– The omnibus bill BANS President Trump from building any own his own border wall prototypes which he recently toured in California.

– The omnibus bill funds Planned Parenthood.

– The omnibus bill allocates less than half of a billion dollars to extend the existing fence by only 33 miles.

– The omnibus bill authorizes $1.3 trillion in government spending.

– The omnibus bill contained $1.8 billion for border security … in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon.

– The omnibus bill more than doubled spending on security grants that go to Jewish institutions.

– The omnibus bill included the annual $3.1 billion in foreign aid to Israel.

– The omnibus bill authorizes $655 billion in military spending.

In other words, the die is cast for the MAGA movement. The omnibus bill was expected to be the LAST major piece of legislation to pass Congress before the 2018 midterms. Republicans were already set to get blown out in the midterms and this will further destroy the morale of the conservative base. If the GOP loses Congress, President Trump’s domestic agenda is essentially dead until the 2020 election cycle.

Donald Trump is basically now a lame duck president except in foreign policy. All he is going to have to show for it is the tax cuts, deregulation, military spending and gibs for Israel … the same shit that any conservative president would have done if Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush had won the presidency. The MAGA movement is now a total and complete failure.

Note: There was a lot more news yesterday. We will get that next.

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  1. Trump’s claim to sign the Bill in the interest of national security is bogus…Financial insolvency does not secure the country. I want to throw up every time I read of military spending. We spend more on the military than the combined military budgets of the next 8 largest nations (June 2017 figures). And for a country which has been fighting wars for nearly 40 years, why should we spend money we don’t have on a military which doesn’t win? Disclaimer: I don’t think any of those wars were worth fighting.

    • If we could cut the wasteful military spending and contracting, we could spend 2/3 of that and still maintain basically the same manpower and equipment on the same bases that we do now. That would require paying fair market prices for equipment instead of the inflated prices we pay now, and cutting red tape that degrades readiness. I have to take multiple classes and hours of training just to be authorized to drive a Humvee. It’s taken months just get that done. How much money and manpower is that wasting? It could be cut down to “Do you have a civilian driver license in good standing? Good, let me see you drive this Humvee around the block a couple times and then you’ll have your military DL.” But no. I have to take multiple classroom and online classes created by some company the Army contracted for millions of dollars to create, that I could have created for a hundred dollars using PowerPoint. What a waste.

  2. The extra money is not for “defense.”

    It’s for the next war against an Israeli-designated victim, probably Iran.

  3. The only card left in Trump’s pocket to affect public opinion is his power to wage war. The stars have aligned, I think, for a major conflict to start up in the next several months…low public support, presidential desperation, jewish bloodlust, John Bolton, bloated “defense” budget…all we need is a pretext.

    • We already have the pretext … the CIA/Mossad/MI6 fake nerve agent “attempted murder” of a minor ex-Russian nobody on Cuck Island.

  4. I don’t think that, before Trump’s victory, any of us (including Trump) realized how powerless the office of the President actually is.

    Obama made it seem like such a powerful office, but that was exclusively because the courts rubber-stamped everything he did, regardless of its “constitutionality,” and because the GOP rolled over for him on everything. The office seemed dictatorial, under Obama, because Obama was unopposed.

    But if the courts are against the president, and the congress is against the president, then, as we’ve all learned, they can stop him cold anytime they want.

    I don’t think that anyone realized, till Trump, that this nation does NOT have three equal branches of govt. Sovereignty resides entirely within the courts. Every single federal judge has the power of veto over the President, anytime he wishes to use it. To put it plainly, the President serves at the pleasure of the nation’s federal judges. We’re ruled by 3,294 kings (that being the number of federal judges in the country).

    Only congress can oppose the courts, and only be impeaching judges. But if congress is against the president too, then he’s left essentially powerless. At least as far as I can tell.

    Despite the Bolton appointment, though, on foreign policy Trump IS (or at least has been) materially better than JEB or Romney or Hillary would have been. They ALL would have already waged McCain’s war in Syria. Trump made the U.S. stop, step back, and let Russia keep Assad in power. Syria right now would have been another Iraq. That this didn’t happen is due solely to Trump. So that’s something.

    Which doesn’t make the other blackpills any less bitter.

      • I don’t see it as a rationalization. If anything, I think it indicates that everything is much worse than most of us thought.

        I’m saying that it ultimately doesn’t matter if Trump meant his campaign promises sincerely or not, or whether he’s a shill or not. It would appear that it wouldn’t even matter if there were an actual Alt-Right president in power. Because the Presidency itself appears to be almost powerless. The few campaign promises that Trump did try to implement (like the Muslim ban) were immediately halted by one of the 2000+ King Federal Judges we have in America.

        What power would a real Alt-Right President have that Trump doesn’t have? None. He’d still be stopped at every turn by the judges, and the congress would allow them to do so.

        You’d pretty much have to have an Alt-Right supermajority in the Senate and an Alt-Right Congress to have an Alt-Right President able to do anything meaningful (i.e., clear the courts of every Leftist judge — which is to say, most of them).

        The current system, in which the judiciary is the sovereign branch, is guaranteed to achieve Leftist results and preserve Leftist power, no matter what else is going on in the rest of the government, short of levels of Alt-Right electoral victories that are all but impossible. The reason Obama was able to do pretty much everything he wanted is because most of the judiciary is of his ideological bent.

        • The first things he should have done, if he was really sincere about returning the country to normality, is get rid of ALL the obama and bush appointees in the Pentagon, FBI, CIA, and IRS for a start. He should have appointed an Attorney General who had more of a resemblance to a man rather than to a jellyfish. When the courts gave him shit about the muslim ban, he should have just told them to go fly a kite and taken control of the international airports; obama never hesitated to do what he wanted, despite the feeble bleatings of the repubs. Once he had the loyalty of the military secured, he should have declared martial law in California and arrested brown and the mayors of the sanctuary cities. He should have used the Army Corps of Engineers to start work on a wall. Unfortunately, he isn’t a man, he’s just another cuck rich person.

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