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I’ve been enjoying taking some time off from blogging.

I was so disgusted with Donald Trump’s latest attack on Syria that I couldn’t even summon the will to write about it. I’ve watched as he has mused on Twitter about pardoning the Jim Crow era boxer Jack Johnson. I also recently got this text from him about Kanye West:

“The American people do not want to be told what to think or who to support.

Group think is a mandate in today’s society and when a free thinker like Kanye West speaks truth, they attack him.

We support Kanye speaking his mind, even if sometimes we do not agree on the issues.

Do not let them silence you. Get your red MAGA hat today >>> http://bit.ly/2qZKcle

I had heard about it, but I was trying to ignore the depressing episode. It is nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt and millions are dumb enough to fall for it.

Conservatives on Twitter are still slobbering over the likes of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who are synonymous with America’s cultural decline. I’ve even seen people who claim to be pro-White promoting them. My only thought … is an overwhelming desire to tune it all out.

Robert Lewis Dabney once said that “American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition.” That’s never been more true than the sudden conservative embrace of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. It is truly a movement which has conserved nothing. Why should anyone even bother to keep track of this circus after this?

I don’t care what anyone says. Feel free to call me a “blackpiller.” This is a dead end. America isn’t coming back. It isn’t great again. It is still rolling down the same tracks it was before Trump.

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      • Nope. Just provided, and gave moral support… What about yours or Spahns? (I bet you got your own little creatures running around that yall haven’t seen in awhile)…SMH

  1. Ok, so America isn’t coming back.
    Where do we go , Poland , Czech , Bosnia , where?
    What do we do, how does the average White insulate himself?

    • I don’t know about you but I’m heading to a small cabin on the shores of Lake Baikal. Ain’t no way the niggers can follow me out there!

          • Arian – there’s really no place left to run. Russia doesn’t want us. I don’t blame them. Toughen up. The Rus went through 100 years of pure Jew Hell. They are emerging from the other side. We cannot insulate ourselves. We DEAL with it. This is the Age of Kali Yuga. We DEAL with it. The MOST IMPORTANT THING is to consolidate as a Race. We can be Nation within the mess. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is to purge the JEW EVIL from your soul.

          • If we leave America, El Puto, we are taking everything of value with us. So even if you subhumans do take it over there won’t be anything left behind for you parasites.

    • For western patriots, emigration is non issue. Poland threw even Richard Spencer out. Our vision to western problems is totally different from our western brothers and we are very scared that western refugees bring western problems.

      In the Hungary, there is an issue with South African farmers. Some people want give them asylum and other people are angry. First they let immigrants in, then 20 years ago they voted for their own extermination and now this heavily cucked folk want to come destroy Hungary.

      Sorry, we don,t need immigration activists and black president electorate. Number of nonwhite immigrants are the only thing, SA farmers can grow.

      • @Juri,
        Your last paragraph just totally doesn’t make sense to me. Your command of English is a little peculiar and confusing.
        Mean no offense, but just some constructive feedback.

        • Mr. John,

          I believe Mr. Juri means that the white South Africans in the early 1990’s voted to make blacks full citizens and handed over control of South Africa to the blacks. Now anyone in their right mind knows that is signing their death warrant.

          It appears that even white South Africans with centuries of racial experience had become liberalized.

          • @Christina,
            Thank you. All we can do now is pressure our governments to grant refugee status to those WSA’s who want to leave.
            I spoke to a WSA at church today-who lived there-and yes its as bad as the alternative media is reporting it. Without going into everything he told me, lets just say the whites really are victim’s of violent and systemic racism. I would have been happy to believe the reports were exaggerated and that things were not really that bad…….but he is from there and confirmed the worst.

          • @Christina Romana Alva H.
            Bob Whitaker was in Africa before the South Africans committed suicide and tried to talk sense into them and failed.

            What he said happened is White South Africans voted to trust their Conservative leaders and the Conservatives screwed them, just like they do in every White country. Just like Trump is screwing Whites now.

            They also told Bob they wanted to play international cricket again. If they gave the blacks vote the other countries would lit the ban. DUH…

            I assume the above is why Bob said he wouldn’t help them, when they came to him. He was focused on the non-violent White Genocide of the West, which is massive immigration and forced racial integration. It leads to the same result as any violent genocide. No White people.

        • @John

          Thank You for Your answer. English is not my first language. I am Eastern European nazi , born in the USSR and still living there and watching in horror how Western World get;s itself exterminated.

          Feel free to offend as much You like. As we Eastern Europeans said to British patriots before Brexit. Blame us if needed, the only thing that matters right now is get the border closed.

          Later we can sort the mess out.

          “”….All we can do now is pressure our governments to grant refugee status to those WSA’s who want to leave….”””

          Well, all we can do down here in Eastern Europe, is pressure our governments not to grant refugee status to those white liberals at any circumstances.

          This is fundamental difference between Eastern and Western nationalism. We want white cucks and communists out, You want them in.

          We think that white liberal is root cause of all evil. You think that all white people are good and there is nothing wrong inside the white race. I do not know who is right but somehow we are less multiculted than You.

          We do not have English articulated pro white jewniggermuslimanddarthwader bashing intellectuals. We just have drunken illiterate average Joe who understands only one thing. White genetic liberal is the root cause of all problems.

          And that is enough to keep borders closed, Soros out and country white.

          • @Juri
            “This is fundamental difference between Eastern and Western nationalism. We want white cucks and communists out, You want them in. ”

            You should read Bob Whitaker. If it wasn’t for Bob the concept of White traitors would not be understood here. They would still be wanting to forgive and convert them.

            I have come to see White anti-Whites as a genetic aberration. It has nothing to do with “liberalism”, “communism”, or any other recent “-ism”, it is GENETIC.

            Until we find a cure or discover how to identify them by their DNA, they will always undermine and destroy White civilization. They have done it many times before going back thousands of years, all the way to formerly White India.

            White self hatred is SICK!

          • @ Its the DNA

            “”…..It has nothing to do with “liberalism”, “communism”, or any other recent “-ism”, it is GENETIC….””

            Yes, it is. So simple. And that is the reason why white race goes from one horror to another. We have devil inside us. And this that is why all madness happens. From Salem witch hunt to Salon racist hunt.

            We have mentally ill people inside the white race. And Jew only exploiting it. This is called anthropolodgic weapon. Using the genetic traits of the people under Your command.

            When You have smart people, hit the enemy with cyber attack and novischock
            When you have strong people, form the street gang and use blatant violence
            When you have mad people, use them to support Israel and liberalism

            When You have long people, put up the basketball team, just sit back and enjoy sport and money and collapse of the white race.

            Genetics is everything.Jew knows it and that is how jew works.

      • Juri – I understand and God bless you! We Western Euros have to learn, in our marrow, to be Race. We’re like Dorothy, in Evil Oz. We have to learn our lessons for ourselves. Bless you and your wonderful Hungarian Race!

        • Juri, Half-Polish … from the maternal line. Thank you for demonstrating what the Poles have always known …. why Hungarians ROCK!

          You have also validated my the reptilian loathing I have for liberals (both “progressive” and “conservative” that has been growing inside of me ever since I took the red pill and my eyes were opened.

          That’s why I went from being a “pro-life” conservatard with Zionist leanings to someone who favors abortion because liberal Whites are the industry’s biggest customers.

          I have to grudgingly agree with you about offering legal asylum to the South Africans. You have illuminated why the South Africans bother me. They are the ultimate conservative; willing to jeopardize their own safety and that of their children to be respectable even if respectability has been redefined to mean nothing more than degeneracy on every conceivable level.

          I DO want some pissed off South African illegal aliens to break into the countries that rope-a-doped them into handing over their birthright to immigrant Black labor. But the last thing we need in this country and other White majority nations is a bunch of sheeple who just want to be respectable. We have too many of that ilk living here.

  2. As I have already stated numerous times I believe Trump will be America’s last “real” president. If there are any who come after him they will be ceremonial at best. The USSA is going to break up no matter how cowardly or indifferent White Americans are about it.

    • Trump is clearly ceremonial at this point although he was elected with a mandate. Coolodge might have been our last real President. Hoover wrote a great autobiography that was only recently published and named many causes of our problems but never directly named the Talmudicists.

      • Coolidge oops. President by accident. (((They))) were caught off guard I think. Stopped Jewish immigration cold with the help of the KKK. (((They))) never forgot but chose to memory hole him rather than address his policies.

  3. Remember the book The End of History and the Last Man?

    They are trying to tell us that there is nothing to dream for other than this.

    The author (Francis Fukuyama) wrote a subsequent book, Our Posthuman Future, just to give you a sense of where these people want to go.

    The anti-thesis of course would be a movement to insure that humanity as we have known it* endures into the indefinite and infinite future.

    * and humanity’s God

  4. The 5 Words and Emma Lazarus A liberal, and therefore a respectable conservative, will say he supports America, but ONLY so long as America exists for 1) the 5 Words “All men are created equal”, & 2) immigration, and lives up to the words of Emma Lazarus on the Statue of Liberty.

  5. The ‘Conservatives’ in every Western nation stand for nothing, conserve nothing, and have no principles. They pretend to be an alternative to the Left-but are just like them. At least with the Left proper, they say who they are and what they represent.
    At the next election, you may as well vote Democrats and fast track the inevitable, then the uprising can proceed sooner.
    Other than taking you to endless, useless wars, the Conservatives don’t stand for a fucking thing.
    ‘Democracy’….yes it’s really served us well hasn’t it…

    • White Nats have poured all their sweat into the Republican Party for decades and what has it got them? They don’t even control a chicken stand.

      • @Spahn,
        The ‘Conservative’ government Australia encouraged the voters to vote yes in a recent referendum on gay marriage.
        They opened our borders up to black Africans for the first time a few years back. They signed free trade agreements with nations such as Thailand-effectively killing off local manufacturing. On top of that, they won’t deport foreign born perps who’ve committed hideous crimes such as kiddie diddling or drug peddling, and let back in Jihadis who’ve fought overseas with ISIS, etc.
        …….Yes, very oh so conservative of them. A waste of space and oxygen, the lot of ’em.

      • Alt-Kike said we should vote for anti-white Trump because anti-white Hillary was worse. So now we vote for the next anti-white POS the Democrats spew up, because Trump is the lying POS we always knew he was?

        How about actually opposing liberals and respectable conservatives for a change? They are both anti-white POS, so why not expose and oppose them?

        Why is it so hard for our “leaders” to put their names down as candidates? They are already public, so what do they have to lose by running? Run for local politics, run for every office from dog catcher on up. Run on the fact that both liberals and respectable conservatives are anti-white and will bring about the genocide of our people, then push for white secession as a matter of survival.

        Lets see how the conservative and liberal snakes deal with a real and determined opposition in Amerika. They have never seen any opposition from their obedient goy slaves, so it should be a real shock for them.

  6. A real opposition to liberalism could take this country over. It could rule this country, even as liberals win and hold offices. But we could do all that only if we had a real, determined, intelligent anti-liberal leadership in this country.

    • Well, then let’s see you step up andlead the masses since you have all the answers… apparently…lol

        • No. I’m stronger than you will ever be. We will turn your whole country into a Tijuana hellhole. 🙂

          • Pride cometh before the fall you little shit. Unfortunately for you, the pendulum always swings both ways. You don’t seem to understand that now, or ever. Tick-tock.


          • Have you been busted yet for your stolen valor lies you scummy dirtbag?
            I know some hard hitting dudes who would want to speak with you about that. They are somewhat ‘offended’ and upset about your lies.

            Tell us some war stories of your heroism el chapoberg! Didn’t you say you were some special forces bad ass or some bullshit like that?


          • Oh Chapped Ass NiggerKike! Thank you for that! Truly. From my heart! You have just validated everything I’ve every written and SAID about your Race of Walking Garbage!

            “We will make the West so rotten it stinks”. THAT is your jew essence. It’s what you ARE.

            You are not strong. You are weak. You are shadows on the wall. You live off White because we’ve allowed you in. You’ve abused White decency, kindness, and generosity. You tricked us into believing you are Human. You aren’t – but how would a normal White know this? Some thing that is good cannot conceive of being so utterly debased, wicked, depraved and malicious…..but you’ve taught us what you are. Year after year. Decades after decade. Century after century.

            We see you now. You are literally NOTHING without us. Dust and grime in our footsteps. Non-Whites could care less about you. Normies are instinctively repelled by you. The young White and non-Whites couldn’t care less about your Holohoax.

            We’re done with you. We’re going to get rid of you. We’re going to clean you OUT. Once and for all.

          • Wrong, El Kike-o, as jusual.What you have is Kaposi’s sarcoma. It’s actually what you are. No run along and take the gas pipe.

  7. Glad to have you back Hunter Wallace you seem to think that America is unsaveable but I can tell you your wrong. And here’s why.

    1. Americans and the world are waking to the JQ.
    2. You still have a website and can speak your mind to influence millions.
    3. Your soul of discontent in America speaks to humanity in a deeper longing for freedom and self determination.
    4. God blessed you to be alive in this great awakening and to speak a deeper understanding to the masses.
    5. The internet can bring even the most humble opinion to millions.

    Don’t lose faith everything happens for a reason, the hard times make us stronger. Easy come easy go. The harder we fight the better it will be.

  8. The ADL and SPLC were handed the monopoly on censorship of the monopoly social media platforms. Soon their censorship of the other 98% of the country will be fuly automated by AI, and Conservatism Inc will let that happen.

    There is no way out of white genocide by continually voting for Conservatism Inc, since Conservatism Inc are the main perpetrators.

    Is there someone in this country willing to oppose anti-whites, instead of voting for them year after year expecting a different result? Anyone???

  9. Hunter all kinds of people were FURIOUS about the latest attack. All kinds. The day after the attack, Assad walked to his office LIKE A BOSS. And now more people, than before HATE KIKES.

    Kikes are literal devils from Hell. Nothing they do works anymore. The JEWSA is splitting up. EXCELLENT. No it’s not coming back. Why do you want it back? This is all good. Kanye’s a good nigger. He sees strength and power in Da White Man. (Well what passes for one….) This is the Nigger bending the Knee. It’s an admission of failure on the part of niggers.

    • Yes, these token attacks based on fake news seem to have the effect of further discrediting Trump, but not really weakening Assad. (although he still has to deal with US plans to occupy his country)

      I wonder if the heebs just made Trump do these attacks to alienate half his base and ensure he loses

      At this point, I’ll be glad to be rid of him

      • Marcus maybe remember or you dont. Four years ago you and I mentioned a protest in Harvard square to me on a DS forum and we interacted very well.
        One question, what happened between you and Anglin? Was it the podcast with that woman from the south?
        After that you were silent
        Enlighten us please, we believe this is very important

        • Yep, I remember.

          That woman was/is my wife, and you can go back and listen to the podcast – all it was saying is that men engaging in miscegenation are just as mentally deranged as female mudsharks.

          At the time, Anglin found an issue with the content, and we parted ways – I continued to write for various sites, and don’t see any halt to that in the foreseeable future.

          • Do you plan writing for DS again?
            Id stay clear if I were you, I believe they’ve been heavily compromised.
            Like always subversion

          • I think hell would freeze over before Anglin would ever let me back on his site – I got a thousand year ban from the BBS, for example.

            And even if things had never soured, it’s for the best that everyone just part ways – there are too many sketchy things out there, and the ideological/strategical differences are just too vast.

  10. The answer is not Southern secession but instead all of red state American needs to secede. Quarantine liberalism. Let New England, Aztlan, and the pacific coastal states become their own nations. Let African-Americans create a Republic of New Africa in the black belt region and let a White Heartland Republic arise with the upper South and all red states in between the pacific Coast and New England.Thinking in terms of only southern secession is too narrow! Demography is destiny. No nation can exist for long that operates on deficient spending especially when it has outsourced its industry and insources its technological workers and refuses to enforce its borders or regulate its franchise by means of voter ID. America is terminal but modern America is not a nation. It is an anti-nation in that it actively supports, both home and abroad, all the traits that strode nations and nationalities. The White Heartland Republic on the other hand will be a true and legitimate nation in every sense of the word. George Washington’s alleged allegorical dream is starting to take on reality!

    • Democracies are just mob rule as we have seen in this country. If any of our current states are to secede we need to combine and set up a kingdom with a king who has royal blood from Europe that can be traced for all to see that he is legitimate.

      Christ in the future is coming back to rule this earth as a King. He is King of kings and Lord of lords… not some leader of a mob who has taken control over the land.

      • Mr. Turn Hearts,

        I agree on your anti-democracy beliefs. But I think most Americans would rather their country and themselves go to hell than give up on their republic. It would not even have to be a monarch from europe. Just do like Alexander the Great said on his deathbed when asked who the kingdom should go to. He said ————-to the strongest!

        It could also go to a smart girl. I think Queen Christina has a nice ring to it.

        I think Catholic tradition is that people can only be taxed a few percent of their wages, not 40%-50% like modern Americans when you include state/local and sales taxes and social security etc. Tax rates in democracies are extremely oppressive. Most monarchies have parliaments/senates and guilds to help them and to check oppression. Modern democracies vote themselves to their destruction.

        Christina Romana

        • @Christina Romana

          Several decades ago I saw this quote:

          “There is nothing to stay you. Your Constitution is all sail and no anchor. As I said before, when a society has entered on this downward progress, either civilization or liberty must perish. Either some Caesar or Napoleon will seize the reins of government with a strong hand; or your Republic will be as fearfully plundered and laid waste by barbarians in the twentieth century as the Roman Empire was in the fifth; with this difference, that the Huns and Vandals, who ravaged the Roman Empire, came from without, and that your Huns and Vandals will have been engendered within your country by your own institutions.”
          –Thomas Babington Macaulay

          I thought that what Macaulay didn’t acknowledge was that there was something to “stay” us — the unseen hand of God, but since the time Macaulay wrote this we have been slipping more and more away from the teachings of God and in the last few years when a majority in this country started supporting same sex marriage, whatever “stay” we had is gone… we are now being invaded and plundered and no one is standing at the gates or on the walls to repel the invaders because we are rotten to the core within …

          We need a blood and soil kingdom based on our white European heritage and turn to God and all become servants — servants to our God and servants to our king ….

      • @Turn Hearts
        “we need to combine and set up a kingdom with a king who has royal blood from Europe that can be traced for all to see that he is legitimate. ”

        Ya’ll need to stop this nonsense that Kings and royal families are going to save us, when the British royal family is marrying their sons off to blacks and the Queen is screeching that she doesn’t want to hear any “racism”.

        Part of the reason the American revolution started is King George told the White settlers they could not go into certain lands, because his Indian Subjects lived there.

        Classists don’t care about race, they only care about clahss. A Black King is just as classy to them as an Asian Emperor.

        The royals of Europe don’t care what color their subjects are, they only care that they continue to RULE.

        • “The royals of Europe don’t care what color their subjects are, they only care that they continue to RULE.”

          But that’s where God comes in … you may not believe in prayer but there are many in this nation that still do…. we are to serve God first and then the king second … if the king is sinning then prayers to God will remove the king and the people will rejoice and the new king will be their chance to get back on track… this nation was much closer to God than this current generation … homosexuality used to be considered a curse by every decent person … I am old enough to have seen the moral decal and decline …

        • Mr. Dna,

          We are not writing about the way monarchies are now but the fact that they are traditionally wed to their people. White people voted themselves into this mess. Who keeps voting for Merkel and other whites who openly wish their destruction. Whites do under democracy.

          The white settlers would not have the right to steal land from Indians. The British king was right in that respect. And I would not respect a black king over whites and historically neither would any other whites.

          The majority of whites in usa believe in homosexuality, abortion, and glorify in legal immigration. How can anyone keep supporting a system that is evil?

          Modern monarchs do not rule. They are just on welfare and they merely reflect the degeneracy of their subjects. I come from a people——latins who are both class and race conscious.by tradition.

          Do you really think people are voting themselves out of this? None of this happened under monarchies but it is happening under democracies.

          If you believe in the principles of America you will end up like this every time.

          Christina Romana

          • Queen Victoria was declared Empress of all the brown people India. The only thing Queen Victoria was mad about, was they didn’t declare her Empress back home!

            “The white settlers would not have the right to steal land from Indians. The British king was right in that respect.”

            Ah ha! So you side with non-Whites against White people? I knew it. I can’t begin the count of “Christians” who have given me their word and then reneged on it and quoted some scripture.

            “latins who are both class and race conscious.by tradition. ”

            Catholic Royals turned all of South America brown with race mixing. The Catholic hierarchy has been anti-White for centuries.

            If royal latins had ruled the USA from the start, it would have been a shithole country hundreds of years ago, like all of Catholic/Royal ruled South America became. Computers and the Internet wouldn’t have been invented, so I could converse with Cultists who don’t know any real history at all.

            The difference between a nationalist and a conservative is a conservatives support Royals, while a nationalist supports his RACE!

            Respectable Conservatives support homosexuality now and they wave their Bibles in the air while they do it.

          • @Christina Romana Alva H.
            “The white settlers would not have the right to steal land from Indians.”

            If you believe your land is STOLEN, then GIVE IT BACK and GET OUT!

            You have just said in public that you believe you are in possession of stolen property. The first duty of anyone who thinks they have stolen property is to surrender it to the authorities and to GET OFF IT!

        • There are Americans today who are descended from royalty:

          “Due to primogeniture, many colonists of high social status were younger children of English aristocratic families who came to America looking for land because, since given their birth order they could not inherit. Many of these immigrants initially enjoyed high standing where they settled. They could often claim royal descent through a female line or illegitimate descent. Some Americans descend from these 17th-century British colonists who had royal descent. There were at least 650 colonists with traceable royal ancestry, and 387 of them left descendants in America (almost always numbering many thousands, and some as many as one million). These colonists with royal descent settled in various states, but a large majority in Massachusetts or Virginia. Several families which settled in those states, over the two hundred years or more since the colonial land grants, intertwined their branches to the point that almost everyone was somehow related to everyone else. As one writer observed, ‘like a tangle of fish hooks.’ ”
          — Wikipedia

          • @Its the DNA

            The crowning moment of democracy was putting a black (half) in office to rule over a nation with a white majority. No, democracies are not good….

            A mature wise king of white European royal descent not playing the sjw, looking out for his own people like the Jews just happen to do as if by some strange coincidence is much much better ….

  11. Brad stop crying like a little fucking bitch and get back to work. Leaders can’t show defeatist tendencies for what you’ve been showing in past weeks. We got to move ahead. Its not over.. Yes we have enemies amongst our ranks, more to be cautious and too weed out the chaff.

    • I’ve been reading, doing a lot of research and writing my book over the past few weeks. I’ve also had a ton of personal stuff to deal with over the past two weeks – a wedding, a birth, a funeral – so I haven’t been writing as much here.

  12. Hello Brad:

    Glad to see that you are visiting your blog at least once a week instead of getting hammered at GAB after being kicked/kiked off The Kike Stuff by Mike the Kike Enoch Peinovich and off of the Daily $permer forums by Andre ‘the nigger’ Anglin over Weev Kiken-tonto-heimer.

    Sort of reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon in which Bugs Bunny sees Daffy Duck falling over cliffs and such and wonders aloud whether Daffy Duck will remember that he can fly. Daffy couldn’t.

    I see that you post at least a dozen posts over at Gab. Why not take three or four of your Gab posts and instead post them over here?

    Just a notion.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

  13. Mr. DNA,

    The Spanish monarchy has not been anti-white for centuries. Until deep in the 19th century a Spanish officer would have to prove that his wife was pure white or he could not marry her and remain an officer. The Jesuits from 1593-1946 would not allow anyone with a drop of moorish or jewish blood to be in the order. It was only due to the allied victory in WWII and the liberal forces of democracy that caused those changes. These were the purity of blood laws in Spain as well as racial differentiating in the New World.

    Please tell all about my religion and people. I stand amazed at your knowledge. Also, I will side with anyone when they are in the right, including Indians.

    I believe Mexico and South America will continue to exist while the usa becomes a dung heap. Actually it already is. Besides, you are not even a Christian but a pagan.

    As for the race mixing in latin America? Most of it occurred when there were few white women in latin America. In modern times I see more whites mixing with blacks in usa than I see whites mixing with Indians in Mexico.

    Christina Romana

  14. Yeah Trump is a liar, retard and hardcore cuck and anyone who even tactically supports him should be mocked and not taken seriously at all. Nobody likes Trump except rich jewish lobbyist, cuckservatives and brain dead civic nationalists.

    And yeah Mike Enoch, I know some of my enemies hate Trump. So what? Some of my enemies hate war and Israel apartheid too, doesn’t mean I’m going to start supporting bombing 3rd world countries and sucking jewish cock just because some anti-white liberal might agree with me on some issues.

  15. Only reason I voted for Trump is he was better than Hilary Clinton, but having the clap is better than a Clinton presidency. I wouldn’t do it again. Maybe we’d be better off to let liberals fuck up what’s left and try to re build. Hunter has suggested something like this. I would agree with Denice that we need to try to maintain civilization somehow.

    • Logically then we should be aiding the leftists. If the goal is accelerationism then unironic philosemitism makes a whole lot of sense.

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