Caravan of Truth Finally Arrives At The US Border

Earlier this month, I wrote about the Caravan of Truth that was making its way from Central America through Mexico en route to the US border.

It provoked a big hashtag campaign on Twitter. Several e-celebs congratulated themselves and declared victory after President Trump announced he was mobilizing the National Guard and that the caravan had been disbanded. I warned on Gab at the time that both George W. Bush and Barack Obama had pulled the same stunt of sending troops to the border under orders to stand around and do nothing.

Nothing much came out of those PR stunts in the past. This was the scene that played out on the Mexican side of the border in Tijuana this morning:

It’s not clear how many of these illegal aliens scaled the border fence, hoisted the Honduran flag aloft over the border and crossed over into the United States. The Border Patrol has confirmed though that some of them have already entered the United States illegally. The rest are still preparing for a showdown with Trump over immigration enforcement.

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  1. If you want to collapse the US government just do nothing. Why fight to protect a subverted organization anyway? Natural law will collapse this at some point just worry about yourself and your friends and families.

      • Depends on where you are. The county I live in can no longer even afford police due to pension obligations and a history of retiring officers at 45. State police will probably be busy with immigrant riots in the major cities. Food security will likely be the only issue for most people when the time comes.

  2. The news is bad all over.

    Tonight one faction of the Israel/US Empire attacked Hama in Syria with a blast that registered like a 2.6 earthquake as measured in Turkey and Lebanon. Russia did nothing.

    Russia did nothing when the Empire’s “moderate Syrian rebels” killed a Russian general. Russia did nothing when a manpad furnished to said moderates downed a Russian plane. Russia did nothing after Russian contractors were deliberately targeted by the US side of the Empire and the perps bragged about it to Congress. Russia did nothing tonight. (Other examples exist.)

    Now I realize that Russia is not the Empire of Death and Destruction and does not want a wider war, but this will encourage the Empire to blast away at Syria and Iran until Russia sits there in their bases twiddling their thumbs.

    Now on topic. As I understand it, those who wish to claim refugee status or asylum are supposed to do so in the first safe place they reach. Mexico.

    As far as US failure to halt and turn away the invasion caravan, that’s what I expected. Just as the coming illegals no longer are scared away by Trump’s rhetoric, I don’t pay attention anymore to it. It is not backed up by actions.

    Russian threats in Syria are like Trump’s promises vis-a-vis the border.

    • Russia does nothing because they have an economy the size of Italy, while the United States has individual states with an economy three times that size. Can you imagine Italy going to war with the United States? How long do you think Italy would last?

      Israel has been bombing Syria at will for 10 years. Russia did nothing then too.

      • Russia is unwilling to fight WWIII for Syria. The US seems willing– even eager– to fight WWIII for Israel. Maybe Russia should withdraw and allow the Empire, specifically Israel, to “Libya-ize” Syria. A serious loss of face for Russia, but if the result is inevitable…

        Then on to Iran.

        I think taking a stand will be required at some point.

        • it’s not a secret that Putin has almost as many Zionist billionaires fluttering around the Kremlin as does ‘Murka’s bought-and-paid-for political class.

          for the most part, Putin behaves accordingly. He responds to Judeo-globalist aggressions either late (Syria) or minimally (Ukraine).

          eventually, possibly during the upcoming ZOG attack on Iran, the Judeo-globalists will push the Russians beyond a point of no return, and the missiles will fly.

          but I doubt it. Just as many people on the right took Trump as “one of us”, the same mistake has been made with Putin.

          • Putin can trade space for time. By the time the US/UK/Fra are ready to fight Russia openly, each state will be nigged out.

          • “but I doubt it. Just as many people on the right took Trump as “one of us”, the same mistake has been made with Putin.”

            Its not a mistake, it is wishful delusion. They wish for messiahs to come save them, because it beats doing any work.

            Even after Trump said he was 1000% for Israel and his kid threatened David Duke’s life, they still made up creative nonsense about him playing 3D Chess – WN loony la la land.

            Even if Putin was on our side, the best he could do is send hackers and Twitter trolls, because as AJ points out he doesn’t have the economic might to fight the USA. This BS about him using his resources better than the US that has 50 times more resources is yet more Trumpist style wishful delusion. The only card Putin has to play are his nukes, but its the one card that no one can play.

      • Buttttt…they have Autarky. Italy is dependent on oil imports and food imports. Russia not so much.

    • In the 1812 Russia did nothing even when Napoleon captured Moscow. And we all know this ended up. Napoleon was this guy who said that never Interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.

      About size of the economy. It does not matter how much money you have. Important thing is how you use your money. GDP and military strength are very loosely connected.

        • The US does not get bang for the buck. Runaway costs, a bloated bureaucracy, buying the wrong stuff, 750+ bases, corruption (they’ve reportedly lost trillions over the years), etc.

        • It’s not a commendation. Russia can trade space for time and wait for opponents to overstretch their limits.

      • Well said…look at what’s happening at Tijuana…summer is coming, so will more Central American
        “migrants”…AMNAT self-destruction will inevitably follow…

      • @,Juri: The retreating Russians burned Moscow rather than let the French have it.

        • Yes they did. In strategy, only final outcome is important. Current events are irrelevant. After victory, Moscow was rebuilt .

          “””….Russia can trade space for time and wait for opponents to overstretch their limits……””

          Yes, Russia can and everybody else can too, Trump for example. Draining swamp is long term job. Everyday bling bling, like The Wall, is very much irrelevant. Until judeocommunist power remains, no walls can defend the white race.

          UK is protected by 25 miles wide ice cold stormy English Channel , they had Brexit…….and are they saved ? No, because jews and liberals stay in power and they bringing immigrants in. 2 days ago they put Pakistani muslim to their home secretary.

  3. The world laughs at this. I feel nothing but shame. True lawlessness it’s foreigners spitting in our faces. I just had to pay a fine for window tint and a seat belt violation. You know serious crimes, not like these rapists and gangbangers. Such utter nonsense. We need a plan. The Zionist took a long time to plan and execute the Occupation of Palestine and world control. This plan of ours needs to be just as well thought out and executed. This will not be easy but don’t lose faith God has our back.

  4. Its Camp of the Saints. The enemy is not the immigrants, they are just the symptom. The cause is our rulers.

  5. The first thing an explorer did in the past was hoist the flag of his native land and claim the territory for his king. I have long noted that when a member of some other nationality puts up their country’s flag at their home or business in America, they are signaling that they have made a conquest.

    The White Elmer’s Glue simply cannot continue to bind this ugly mosaic together. Delusional liberals tend to think of all Hispanics as belonging to a united peoples; just as they speak of Africa as if it were a country instead of a continent and fail to make any distinctions between the various Aboriginal tribes of North America. The reality is there is a great deal of difference between Mexicans, Cubans, South Americans and Central Americans, and Puerto Ricans, and they do not like eachother. Liberals may naively believe that because they have all been Hispanicized and speak Spanish, that they are all just Dreamers who merely want to have a better life, but the truth is that they are territorial and adversarial. White people might not be able to discern between them, but they can and do.

    I recently encountered a woman with a Hispanic surname and an Asian appearance. I asked her if she was from the Philippines. She curtly informed me that she was from Guam; obviously annoyed by my assumption. I once worked at a place where there were some Mexican girls and there was one girl from El Salvador. The Mexicans hated her and mistreated her just because she wasn’t Mexican. As I was saying, we may not be able to tell the difference, but they can.

    When Los Gringos aren’t in a position to referee anymore, it will be interesting to see how all of these diverse elements work out their entitlement programs between them.

    • Mr. Cowtown,

      You have said something about so called Hispanics most do not understand. Yes there are differences among us. Most of Mexicans in my experience do not care for Puerto Ricans and we are strongly against central Americans.

      My grandmother in one of the large border states was talking to a Guatemalan and could barely understand him. She was pretty disgusted with those type of people. We also do not as a group like anyone else either.

      You are the first anglo I have encountered to the best of my knowledge that has mentioned this.

      Christina Romana

      • Fill up a large gathering room of Hispanics from every nation in the Western Hemisphere and Spain of multiple racial and socio economic classes and residencies and it doesn’t take long for a very clear social/cultural/linguistic pecking order and pecking order subsets to become apparent.

        • Strumpet,

          You are so correct. We generally know our position based on social status/the way someone speaks etc. Those of higher order act with more assurance and dignity than lowers etc.

          Christina Romana

          • Flaxen headed strumpet,

            You are right again. i am not particularly in love with so called hispanics from different countries. I do not understand the anglo but you have hit the nail on the head. Central Americans have frequently complained in usa that Mexicans like to automatically assume control in groups.

            However, there is group solidarity against the anglo when push comes to shove.

            Christina Romana

  6. That is the sorriest looking border fence I ever saw. And yet we are forced to spend hundreds of billions a year on “national defense” . For ISRAEL, that is.

  7. Welp, since the rule of law is dead, I don’t feel bad about doing illegal activities to ensure the survival of me and mine. Auto-Delegitimization. You bring the coming chaos on yourselves, .gov

    • I agree. Since we no longer have a government that respects us why should we go out of way to obey its laws?

  8. If Trump was as zealous about protecting OUR borders as he is about protecting Israel’s this caravan crap wouldn’t be happening.

    We are all White Genocide cultists now.

  9. Here’s how sovereign nations enforce borders:

    India has had to deal with illegal migration from its poorer neighbor, Bangladesh, and has a long standing “shoot to kill” order for those who attempt to breach the fence.

    Apart from the two grisly pictures in the link above, note the following quote from the same:

    “On the dawn of January 7, 2011, Felani’s father and uncle managed to crossed the barbed-wire fence of the border by using a ladder. But Felani’s clothes were entangled in the wire and as she struggled to free herself, she was shot. Eyewitnesses had informed the media that the teenage girl was still alive while dangling on the barbed wire for nearly an hour. Even after she breathed her last, her dead body was left dangling for the next four hours.”

    Here’s another reference:

    I am not recommending we descend to this level of brutality in protecting our borders from illegal immigration, but obviously we need to do better.

    • Use some of that “shock and awe” they’re always babbling about on the Meheecans. But I guess they’re not potential Israeli territory, so who cares?

    • Revolutions always come from a new, agressive set of elites. From what I can tell there is no rising elite on our side. I suspect nothing can really be done. We are watching the unfolding of prophecy. Soon as Israel destroys Iran, they will probably tear down the the mosque on the temple mount and start building the third temple. Once that is done the Anti-Christ arrives on the scene. There is really nothing we can do about it. Assume crash position.

      • You should check your assumptions about revolutions. I’m not so sure about what they were or are. I do not think the Russians can dispense with Iran. The Iranians will ultimately back Assad and the Alawites with their best and most fanatical fighters against Israel. Persians have been playing the Middle East game for a long long time.

      • “There is really nothing we can do about it.”
        A true product of the poison of christianity.
        That is a huge reason the White race is being wiped out.
        Our ancestors have so wasted their time and efforts.

    • I was just saying that this morning and I think a mobile phone heard me. lol

      Establishments aren’t changed without cataclysmic wars unfortunately. WW2 was one such war.

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