DOJ Charges 11 Illegal Aliens From Caravan of Truth For Crossing US Border

The Trump administration is scrambling to respond to the Caravan of Truth:

1.) Vice President Mike Pence traveled to the US-Mexico border to lament our weak immigration laws:

“Calexico (United States) (AFP) – US Vice President Mike Pence blasted “weak” and “ineffective” immigration laws Monday during a trip to the border with Mexico, as a caravan of immigrants two hours to the west prepared to claim asylum in America.

Pence’s remarks came as he toured a construction site for a barrier in the Californian border town of Calexico, 120 miles (200 kilometers) east of the San Diego-Tijuana crossing where the group of at least 150 people has amassed.

“I stand before you today when most of the attention of the nation has been focused on the so-called caravan,” Pence said.

“As the president said on Saturday night, this situation is a direct result of our weak immigration laws and our porous border.” …”

2.) The Department of Justice has charged 11 illegal aliens from the Caravan of Truth with illegally entering the United States:

“The Department of Justice filed complaints on Monday against 11 members of the “caravan” from Central America, charging them with illegally entering the U.S., CNN first reported and Axios confirmed with a federal law enforcement official.

Why it matters: This is the first major action on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ “zero tolerance” policy he announced last month. “Illegally entering this country will not be rewarded, but will instead be met with the full prosecutorial powers of the Department of Justice,” Sessions said in a statement at the time. …”

3.) President Trump sent out a new tweet about the caravan and attempted to shift the blame onto swing state Democrats:

4.) Finally, the Border Patrol has begun processing the first 8 individuals from the caravan:

“TIJUANA, Mexico — Several members of the Latin American migrant caravan that has enraged President Trump were allowed to step onto United States territory to apply for asylum late Monday, easing a border standoff that had lasted more than a day and marking the beginning of the final chapter of the group’s monthlong odyssey.

At about 7 p.m. local time, eight migrants who, like most of the caravan’s participants, said they were fleeing violence in their homeland, passed through the metal gate separating Tijuana from San Diego, entered the immigration checkpoint and began the process to petition for sanctuary, caravan organizers said. …”

As we have already seen, President Trump ordered the National Guard to be deployed to the border earlier this month in order to boost his image of being “tough on immigration.” The caravan has already exposed the fact though that we are legally obligated to deal with these people.

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  1. This country has become a joke, a giant with feet of clay. There is no government to speak of, nor is there anyone in charge. I believe it will soon break up and collapse under its own weight, even though the majority of White Americans are too lazy, cowardly and indifferent to care one way or the other.

    • They may HAVE to care before too much longer. Even the worst normie probably has some sort of instinct for self preservation. Or so one would hope.

    • Negative ,negative, negative with you people. Remember, turn that frown upside down. You have to keep on keepin on.

    • @spahnranch1969

      “There is no government to speak of”

      There is, if you or I assert that we have the same rights as Jews, Communists, their White stooges, and their pet niggers.

    • No government to speak of? There’s tons of government. It just doesn’t work for White people and bleeds us in the process. It’s an anti-White government.

  2. The Republicans may have both houses and the Presidency, but its da mean ole Demorats that are stopping our poor Trumpbergerstein from doing his job! Wahhhh!

    Meme for Kayne Pepper West as if your life depends on it Goy, because it really does! Vote early! Vote often! #MAGA

  3. These invaders who’ve claimed ‘asylum’ had to pass through how many countries to reach America? Once they’ve escaped the zone or country of actual danger, they’re technically no longer asylum seekers, but economic invaders. Couldn’t they claim asylum in Mexico, where the language and culture is closer to their own than that of the U.S. Anyone with half a brain cell should know your being made fools of, or more to the point, the government is.
    And Trump is complaining about weak borders!
    Well…..he is the fucking president! Stop tweeting about it and get some action going. Make examples of these people.

    • “Couldn’t they claim asylum in Mexico, where the language and culture is closer to their own than that of the U.S. ”

      No. That would defeat the purpose of leaving a brown country. They are chasing down White people.

      They call America the land of opportunity, but if you test the soil in America you will find it is no different to the soil in any other country, therefore Americans must be the people of opportunity.

  4. @Bob,
    Exactly. And its funny how all these lands of opportunity just happen to be white. No more opportunities will exist for anyone once we’re extinct.

  5. This guy running for senate in California openly names the jew, yet Andrew Anglin gives him no mention.

    • The Marine Corps allegiance is to ZOG. That flag waving shit doesn’t work anymore. Oh wait, I guess it does work in Poland and Hungary according to shills and media sources.

    • p_s mike: Little openly excoriates Weev and Anglin for their attempts to divide the alt-right.

  6. The laws must be changed. The filth in Congress must change them. “Asylum seeking” must be outlawed. All current “refugees” must be repatriated to their home countries. The Refugee Industrial Complex must be dismantled. The fraud of “asylum” must end.

  7. Eleven arrests out of how many thousand? Boy, I’ll bet they’re all scared shitless. BTW, they’re ALL getting in. Didn’t Lord Reagan say something about a country with no borders isn’t a country?

  8. Why in the Name of God do we have armed militaries if we refuse to shoot down invaders at our border? What is the point?! Some days I feel my head is going to explode.

    • To keep us pinned helplessly while the invasion goes ahead, of course. The military is there to suppress us, the American people. In short, it exists for the benefit of the invaders.

  9. Both political parties are owned by ZOG. They fake infighting but they all are friends. We need to get rid of the democrats and republicans. A new nationalist party needs to be created. Republicans lie just like democrats. Wake up White Man your government will NOT help you and if you think America will break into smaller countries you smoking something. We need a MAGIC WAND.


  10. the entire caravan thing is a mare’s nest, a scam, a distraction.

    all along the disappeared border, an average of 3,000 spic illegals a day cross, and have done so for years. That’s why the real # of illegals in ‘Murka is c. 30 million, not “10 million”.

    and you all are hyperventilating about “11”.

  11. Looks like Richard Spencer’s online fund raising effort for his legal defense has been hacked….go have a look….somethings up…

    • Democracy has never been implemented anywhere. If it did, none of what we see would be happening.

      All governments are oligarchies, be they Communist, Monarchy, Democrat, Fascist, etc. They all answer the call of the ones with the biggest purse. What you need is an oligarchy that doesn’t hate your guts.

  12. How nice. The USA illegal immigration welcoming office is so considerate — they built a workout wall for illegals in hopes of getting them in a little better shape before they started getting fat and lazy off all the government handouts they would start receiving ….

    May God Save the South … the Communist globalist open borders USA sure won’t …

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