Jacob Goodwin Found Guilty In Charlottesville

Jacob Goodwin was found guilty this evening of malicious wounding in the DeAndre Harris case in Charlottesville. The jury recommended sentencing him to 10 years in prison:

“After a little more than an hour of deliberations, a jury on Tuesday found Jacob S. Goodwin guilty of malicious wounding in the group beating of DeAndre Harris following the Unite the Right rally last summer.

Goodwin, 22, and his mother mouthed, “I love you,” to each other after the jury’s verdict was read to the court.

The jury recommended 10 years in prison with the option of some suspended time, a $20,000 fine and empathy training. A formal sentencing hearing was set for Aug. 23. …”

I expected as much from Charlottesville.

It was clear to me where this was going when DeAndre Harris walked free on March 16th. DeAndre Harris stalked a group of Unite the Right protesters returning to their vehicles and ambushed them at the entrance of the Market Street Parking Garage. He swung a flashlight and hit Harold Crews on the side of the head while his accomplice Corey Long attempted to steal his Confederate Battle Flag.

The incident was captured on video:

Corey Long and DeAndre Harris started that brawl in the parking garage. It happened in front of the Charlottesville Police Department while several police officers stood around, witnessed the altercation and did nothing. Harold Crews was attacked twice in front of that police station.

After the Charlottesville Police Department was presented with this evidence and dithered and refused to press charges, Harold Crews had to go to a magistrate to seek justice. The charges against DeAndre Harris were later reduced. Finally, he went to trial and walked free even though he unambiguously struck Harold Crews with the flashlight on video. He never spent so much as a day in jail. Instead, he was rewarded with a $166,000 GoFundMe campaign and was portrayed as a victim by the media.

Everything about Charlottesville is rotten and corrupt to the core. Tim Heaphy’s Independent Review found that the Charlottesville Police Department deliberately allowed Antifa to start a riot on August 12th. The lawsuits and the selective prosecutions that have come out of Charlottesville since then have revealed that law and order and equal justice are dead there.

The mistake that we made in Charlottesville was assuming that it was like other cities in the South. The League of the South has held public demonstrations in Uvalda and Vidalia, GA, New Orleans, LA, Harrison, AR, Tallahassee, FL, Richmond, VA, Shelbyville, TN, Pikeville, KY, Montgomery and Wetumpka, AL, Greenville, SC and many, many other places over the past five years that have been peaceful and uneventful because local law enforcement is competent and capable of doing their jobs. Normally, the police separate our people from counterprotesters as they have most recently done at the 2018 Amren conference in Burns, TN or at the recent NSM rally in Newnan, GA, but that didn’t happen in Charlottesville.

In Charlottesville, the police stood down and allowed anarchy to erupt on the streets in order to use that as an excuse to nullify the federal court order that allowed the Unite the Right rally to take place. After the event was over, Charlottesville sued the Unite the Right groups and the Charlottesville Police Department and the Commonwealth Attorney targeted White Nationalists like Jacob Goodwin for political reasons. This is an extraordinary situation which doesn’t happen elsewhere. All the subsequent events that have happened since August 12th have shown that Charlottesville was an exception to the rule.

In Tennessee, there have been White Nationalist events since Unite the Right in Memphis, Burns, Nashville, Shelbyville, Murfreesboro, Crossville and Knoxville including one at the University of Tennessee. Every event in Tennessee has been peaceful and uneventful. That’s because Charlottesville is unique in being allowed by the federal government to get away with replacing equal justice with social justice.

In Charlottesville, there is one law for Antifa and other leftwing thugs and hoodlums who can assault others with impunity and get away with it, and another law for everyone else. There is one system of justice for DeAndre Harris and Corey Long who can attack others a flashlight and a flamethrower and another for White Nationalists who are selectively prosecuted and rot in jail for months.

As this country continues to go down the drain and social justice replaces equal justice, there will be more Charlottesvilles. There will be more political prisoners like Jacob Goodwin.

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    • Just remember, there’s an old saying; what goes around, comes around… shut-up, and take it…

    • Hey Shotgun,
      When the state no longer secures the liberty and property of its *free citizens*, and refuses to punish criminally violent men (like Bix Nood Harris), then that state has ceased to perform the only functions that gave it legitimacy.
      In addition to being in a secure territory, a free people must be able to feed themselves (agrarianism). Our free Southern ancestors could do so. Let us prepare for the day that the giant’s feet of clay crumble from it’s own weight.

    • Just another aspect of reconstruction in the South………the hatred of the White Southerner has never stopped. We might as well turn in our guns and be the negro’s slave

      • The negro isn’t doing very well and certainly can’t afford slaves. Average black net worth is 1/20 of white. The people who run Charlottesville are not black, nor do blacks have any real power anywhere. Blacks vote for Democrats in order to obtain a better deal than the GOP is offering, and the Dems once elected indulge their hatred of white southerners.

  1. You probably wouldn’t get treated fairly by the authorities if you held a rally in Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, or Camden either. But at the end of the day, the fruit of liberal victory is that they’re still living in an urban ghetto with their fellow liberals.

    Charlottesville isn’t Detroit yet, but it’ll be something worse when the government can no longer print money fast enough to keep the colleges open. Shit’s gonna burn if I can’t finish my seven-year degree in Intersectional Genderqueer Black-Chicano Studies!

    • Despite its imperfections the American legal system affords many opportunities for push-back but you have to be persistent. Right-wingers tend to be give up very quickly. Charlottesville police chief’s stated intention to let the groups get violent so he would have an excuse to block the rally seems to constitute “conspiracy to violate civil rights” namely the right to assemble and petition for redress of grievances. That legal case needs to be pushed as far as it can go. A victory here would have major significance for protesters everywhere.

  2. This clear explication renders these events as if they were a compass to the course of the ambition of our enemies.

    Those who will not courage to look upon the rampant baleful beast,
    or stand to change the course of history now,
    what have they but a cud of lies to chew
    up along the slaughterhouse ramp
    if we should lose?

    Or the disdain of the victors
    when we win?

    But I feared too, still do truth be told — changed only by understanding
    there is no choice but to serve ones people
    — so I grip a fading empathy for those yet unmoved and call:

    Come now my kindred, the blood that burned through ice ages,
    conquered this world and had begun to reach for others,
    this blood bore you, this blood calls you to your duty,
    to your glory, to redeem their struggle that let you live
    and to secure by struggle those yet to come.

    Let their blood past and future whisper in your veins,
    let it sing,

    Enter that moment that neither begins nor ends,
    that lasts forever…

    One glimpse into the Aeternal from which we come would show you:
    In that realm we may have, already lost everything
    …destiny and progeny fading from the landscape
    like mist forgotten…
    Thin mist forgotten while we wallowed here below in illusion.

    Nothing more to lose but our poisoned lives here,
    and everything, Everything!, to gain.

    To become again who we are,
    in full, in continuous flow from the dawn of our race
    on up to the infinite rising destiny of millions of worlds,
    billions of years,
    the blood flowing down as if through one body through aeons,
    and onward toward this Universe’s infinities and
    ultimately beyond even that even to approach
    that which created us.

    Nothing to lose but lives without meaning.

    And the world, the universe, the glories of our progeny to come,
    and in the end to know at last our creator — All of this to win.

    Spit out the cud.
    Crash the rail.
    Be again as men.

    And whatever your role, open or obscure, I tell you this:
    You are not alone in this world, or this time, or in the Aeternal.
    The blood, the honor, the soul, the love of our people…
    It all connects, believe as you will,
    but I have glimpsed this.

    Rise, rise to your blood.

      • Nope. Just provided, and gave moral support… I come from a loving family, that’s why I’m not hateful and stupid like y’all are.

        • Wow, El Chapped-Ass lives such an amazing life…and yet he finds the time to come here and put everyone in their place with his borderline retarded insults that contribute nothing. HOW DOES HE DO IT?

  3. How to destroy a promising movement:

    Step 1)
    Troll the most powerful Jews in the country by posting gas chamber memes at them on Twitter for one year. Don’t stop until they are good and scared and they apply pressure to ban everyone from Twitter.

    Step 2)
    Hold a conference in DC and invite the anti-white media. Do sieg heils for them so the story goes international and everyone gets the message that you are real naziswantstokillsixmillionjews!

    Step 3)
    Announce that you are going to hold a demo in a city with a Jewish Mayor. Make sure you give the Jews months of advanced warning, so they can prepare a warm welcome for you in their Jew Run City.

    Step 4)
    Lead 500 stupid kids in there. Make cars go nuts and make a helicopter fall out of the sky and explode.

    Step 5)
    Set up kangaroo courts. Send stupid kids to jail.

    Step 6)
    Start attacking the representives White people have. Call them Wignats -> Wigger Nationalists.

    Step 7)
    Put on your red booties. Kiss black ass and MAGA.

    • The WN movement was put out to pasture because it became surplus to demands.

      It Happens when you get a Republican in on office and the radicals don’t get the hint to stand down.

    • Public lists of openly Treasonous Judges and civil servants might be a good start also.

    • Far worse behavior and tactics used by Jews and Niggers are successful. The problem with white folks is other white folks. Their gullibility and stupidity knows no bounds.

      Whatever happened to Kessler and Spencer?

      • Go to the Big Tent at rallies to meet gay singles. For extra attention wear brown and bring some black people

    • “Kiss black ass and MAGA.”

      To quote Jimmy, although Jimmy is missing that the WORD “BLACK” can be used as coded speech to refer to the lowly gentiles.

      They have literally transformed whites into niggers while giving a boost to the nonwhite world. This is advantageous to those in power because it re-enslaves white goyim to give them more progress at the barrel of a gun. If they do not get it from whitey then they will figure out how to steal it from IQ Asians. It being what any wealthy elite would likely want, more scientific progress to patent. This will be their children’s legacy at your expense goyim,

  4. I forgot the step about calling for White Sharia. Call for White women to be beaten up, raped. Chase them away from the White movement any way you can.

    • Anglin has always been honest about being the internet’s greatest Republicuck Nazi, which is codeword for ‘smooth bottom boy’

  5. In the words of the Marxist agitators and their pet niggers: No justice, no peace!

    • What does Richard Spencer have to do with this? He was an invited speaker but had very little to do with organizing or promoting it.

      • Then why is litigation pending against Spencer in Charlottesville? He’s in a heap of trouble and being held culpable.

        • Lawfare.

          It’s how the SPLC destroyed Tommy Metzger over a dumb African invader picking a fight and getting his tail handed to him by some of Metzger’s followers.

          Jews and their white enablers use the court system to destroy their enemies. Look at how segregation was dismantled; it wasn’t the legislature or the executive branch but the judicial system.

    • Short-sighted Capitalism demands irrational returns on “its” investments. Unfortunately there are no real alternatives to this Jewish Capitalism other than exterminating more white people.

  6. Charlottesville and particularly Monticello itself are a wholly owned Jewish subsidiary. Been that way for 150 years since Commodore Levy purchased Monticello off Jefferson’s daughter.

  7. Didn’t some ‘banshee feminist’ poster warn vehemently against Virginia’s (Judeo)-Roman Catholic governor, Terry McAuliffe? Didn’t he chair both Clintons’ presidential campaign committees and graduate from Catholic U and then Georgetown Law, after growing up irish catholic in New York state?

    Didn’t total wonk Richard Spencer attend UVA undergrad?

    Where’s the good Dr. Marcus?

    Someone(s) has serious delusions.

  8. I was not at Charlottesville, but I sympathize with my Alt-Right brothers who went there that day. This is living proof that there is *no justice* in ‘Merica. The United States is no longer a free country. While this is obvious to us, the normies are yet to awake to this reality.

    • Considering how many firearms they’re buying, i’d hazard a guess that they know subconsciously, at least.

  9. Here is another even more fascinating article asserting that Jamestown, Virginia was founded by secret Catholics: https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2015/07/a-skeleton-a-catholic-relic-and-a-mystery-about-americas-origins/399743/

    I suspect this is an (((attempt))) to dislodge and appropriate Protestant America from its authentic roots, but it’s intriguing as a study therein or as something even more arcane in our history. Catholicism has sort of always been the new Judaism.

    Judeo-Romanism must be destroyed, squashed, incinerated.

  10. I dunno, goys. I’ve watched the videos concerning DeAndre Harris many times and I think Borden, Goodwin, Ramos, et al, made some really bad decisions in the moments following Harris’s attack with the maglite. Harris runs away and falls after hitting the elderly gentleman with the maglite. He then gets back up and tries to run again. Only then do our guys rush in to counterattack Harris. Don’t get me wrong, in a sane or just world Harris would have had much more coming to him than a few bruises. But in this world it was downright foolhardy to rush after him, in broad daylight, ON CAMERA and give him a beat-down, 4 on 1. I feel bad for the guys who were charged in the incident but it’s time to move on.

    • I guess the bottom line and the lesson learned is white folks should not defend themselves. Isn’t that the message?

  11. Sorry to sorta spam but this is again important, Blacktivists are revolting against the Jews!


    Certain factions of BLM et al want the ADL out of their self pity party-partnership with the corporations, citing the ADL’s indulgence of Israel’s anti-palestinian stance and its alleged favoritism of whites.

    The jews’ shell game is being overturned. Does anyone really believe BLM thinks the ADL discriminates against blacks in favor of whites?! They are more likely using ‘white’ to refer to jews.

    It’s also possible the ADL’s fake out in defense of white rights in Charlottesville is costing them at least something. Mostly I suspect some of the black radicals are onto jewish tricks, ‘white’ but ‘not white.’

    It’s all so deliciously chaotic.

    But this is what the quietly forming Stasi State apparatus is for – to intern radicals from all the jew-created identity groups. The Frankensteins will have to be penned in, lobotomized, chemically and politically castrated.

  12. …..And, black politicians in DC call out jewish control, then apologize to no effect:


    The time has come for stalwart whites to recognize that we must ally with some of the anti-jew factions of Diversity. They have no desire to become or remain goyim chattel anymore than we do.

    Undiscerning bashing of all ‘coloreds,’ both black and hispanic, needs to end. We don’t have to become them to share some agenda goals.

    Failure to do so guarantees our destruction. There is no other way. It’s what the jews fear the most.

    • I disagree respectfully. They are not our alies, they are at best competition for living space, resources, even our own women. At worst they are genocidal opponents. Whites only have each other for allies, and even that is not true for many. Either they stand together, or they will die separately at the hands of the Jews or their brown proxies.

      • The colored proxies have minds and autonomy. Some know they are being used, and that the jewish plan for most of them is the same as it is for us – enslavement.

        They have gone along, the hispanics especially, for so much time only because they (and the jews) wanted to increase their numbers and clout.

        The grave risk for the jews is that this now established middle class, and the lazy welfare masses, face having their quality of life sacrificed to jewish greed. Both their aspirations and entitlement must be contained.

        The jews know their pets might rise up against them and the JWO, that their anti-white agitations and orchestrations will give way to anti-jewish fervor among the ranks of misbehaving pets.

        I am 100% certain of this. We need to shift to an ideology that is ethno-political and not biologically racial.

        World leaders have always understood that today’s staunchest ally could be tomorrow’s gravest menace.

        • “ethno-political and not biologically racial”

          Why not both?

          I get what you’re saying, but right now we have all we can do to separate whites into those who will support white nationalism, those whites who will passively accept or not oppose white nationalism, and those whites who are anti-white and fight against our self-interests.

          This is a battle to make sure that all whites either support or passively follow our group’s self-interest. We aren’t going to make converts out of non-whites. They aren’t our audience.

          If every anti-white white person (both leftists and cuckservatives) dropped dead tomorrow, our struggle would be straightforward. It would be just fighting to secure a nation-state with defined borders and the ability to support and defend itself.

          There is no reason, were that the case, we would have bad relations with non-white countries. Look at Vietnam: they defeated America essentially, but now they are perfectly glad to coordinate with America.

          Our fight right now is to eliminate anti-white whites, whatever their political affiliation, economic status, or profession. Hopefully we do most of that by means of propaganda and converting them to our cause.

  13. Simply questioning the Jew makes them tremble. Why else do you think they send their mobs of JIDF trolls to comment sections like this? They’re losing it, it’s why the bait is so utterly obvious.

  14. Never forgive. Never forget. Pray to God hourly for the defeat, destruction, punishment and extermination of all our enemies and all ignoble and evil beings. May they be ended if it takes a thousand years. Pray for the upliftment, protection and empowerment of all decent, noble beings and friends.

  15. I think a “loose” pact with black Asian and brown is what is needed to get rid of Zog. If all colors of the rainbow name the jew. They would shit themselves and flee to Israel. We don’t need to join the rainbow but a loose coalition would force (((their))) hand. IF we could somehow forge a non-aggressive pact. I know this is a pipe dream. Brown and black wouldn’t work with us and the Hard Right wouldn’t work with black and brown.

    • Do what the Jew does. Pay a black man, or other minority, to go into a Jewish establishment and cause an incident where he is viewed as a victim. Then make sure antifa knows the Jew is racist.

      They’ve been using this tactic forever and we don’t seem to learn by example.

  16. It’s nice to see know we’ll have one less crackerass piece of shit walking the streets.
    FUCK this guy and anybody with him.

  17. Stupid is as stupid does. The fact that you thought you could stroll into one of the most liberal cities on the planet, have a “””KKK rally””” and think it was going to end any other way than life-shattering political prosecutions shows just how dim and uncomprehending of reality you were.

  18. Jacob Goodwin is now getting his ass fucked in the prison shower and tonight he’ll be doing a round-robin cock-o-thon for his new African-American cell masters. But then, what else did you expect to happen? Did you puny alt-righters seriously think you had a chance against the Deep State? Against we SJW’s? Against the SPLC and Heidi Beirich? We OWN you. We OWN this country. And you WILL do as we say or you’re going to prison too!

    • LOL your little faggot ass would be mulch if you didn’t have the police, the courts, the corporations and the media protecting you. Eventually if you keep pushing people and they finally realize they have nothing left to lose, we’re going to start seeing many many happenings.

      • Other than getting your ass kicked, you fucking cunts are gonna do a goddamn thing.

        • Are you still broken-hearted over the loss of the lovely Heather “Light as a Feather” Heyer? All of you Pantyfa types look like death warmed over.

      • Volkstaat said: “Eventually if you keep pushing people and they finally realize they have nothing left to lose, we’re going to start seeing many many happenings.”

        Your threat of violence suggested by “nothing left to lose” has been duly noted, Volkstaat. True, you’re probably just a basement-dwelling, pasty-faced whimp who beats off to photos of Richard Spencer, but just on the off chance you’re serious we are going to treat your words as a credible threat. And though we may not get you personally, we have opened a case file on you, Volkstaat. But more so, your threat will be used (along with other comments here) to eventually shut down Brad Griffin’s website with his service provider, as well as lay the groundwork for a criminal case against him.

        We’re not playing, Volklstaat. We mean to get all of you, just like we got Edgar J. Steele and Matt Hale and now Jacob Goodwin, among others. Have you noticed Spency is running scared now? Why is that? Could it be that already he hears the sound of cold steel bars clanging shut behind him? Yes, I think so. We’re winning with each day and all you girlfriendless masturbators will soon be exposed and behind bars. That is, once Brad Griffin’s website data is seized and all of your true identities are known.

    • @SPLC staff member,
      Everything you lot do, you do it behind closed doors in your shiny suits, and with the help of all the money in the world. You hide behind the legal system that you’ve infested with gusto and use against ordinary people.
      Jews have been kicked out of how many nations in the past? Whites can come down on Jews like a ton of bricks anytime we feel like it…and it will soon happen-the writings on the wall.
      Come out from behind you’re shiny suits and office desks and fight like real men, you gutless swine!!!

      • John, the guy’s a troll. Why respond? You’re not engaging who you think you’re engaging.

        • @Snowhitey,

          Yeah you’re probably right. Why justify its comment , or nonsense, with a response.
          But I leave these responses mainly for others to read as well, not just the target.

    • Not for long, and it will all be l thanks to you kind Jew troll. Jewry never learned to keep quiet when it’s to the best interests nor do they understand that it’s unwise to ruin a good thing.With each passing moment, you’re playing into our hands.

  19. The guys at C’ville did very well, considering the deck stacked against them.
    They weren’t aware of the extent of scheming and entrapment planned for them.

    A lot of money and time was spent to ruin their demonstration.

    • Yes, and it went all the way to the governor’s office and beyond. The stench in Virginia can be smelled in Florida. It’s no different than a landfill ripe with the same rot.

  20. the equal rule of law, civil rights etc was simply an after effect of the civil rights era, wherein the upper class effected a cultural coup in order to grow the supply of worker-consumers by bringing nonwhites and immigrants into the worker-consumer mainstream…that is all it was about…now that racial integration and multiculturalism have been accomplished, the upper class is not interested in the application of equal civil rights to white political dissidents…the racial preferences laws in effect in america ought to tell you that…

    as for Charlottesville, c-ville is a city that eats at the trough of the university of virginia (UVA), and UVA is an elite liberal arts institution that is a major propaganda generation and dissemination organ for the upper class (and the corporations that are owned primarily by the upper class)…cville and its populace make a good living off generating multiculti propaganda and using it shape and mold young white minds…the alt-right is an enemy of that multiculti propaganda …

    so, the facts are that the alt-right went into the maw of the beast, into the domain of a major propaganda organ of the upper class…and the alt-right somehow believes that there really is civil rights and equal application of the law for all, even for whites…this was never true…and it is certainly not true in a jurisdiction that feeds off of the propaganda regime of the upper class….

  21. I get your point, but…

    Look, the type of liberals who have 6-figure salaries and listen to NPR on their way to work have no problem with believing that Mumia Abu Jamal is the victim of a racist conspiracy and he gets streets named after him and nearly hosted a segment on NPR.

    And the actual radicals, antifa and their ilk, who go out and get arrested for smashing up property and assaulting those they deem “fascist” get hagiographic coverage from the media.

    The left always supports leftists who engage in violence to further “progressive” goals. Fair play and free speech were used by the left since McCarthy to undermine our institutions. Now that the left is in power, they don’t give a damn about those values.

    This isn’t a time for being reasonable or rational. The left’s agenda, of white replacement, would have caused 90% of white Americans to riot had they been honest about the 1965 Immigration Act. Today white replacement is a fait accompli.

    Fighting for the right of white (and Southron especially) national liberation and self-determination means we can’t be fair. Our fairness, openness, and honesty was weaponized against us.

    • “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide.

      “Replacement” is yet another code word for White Genocide.

  22. We have no choice now but to go full 14/88. That’s what I’ve wanted to do from the beginning.

    The American National Socialist Workers Reichpartei, or ANSWR. Coming to a jew controlled country near you.

    • What do you mean that’s what you’ve wanted to do? Why aren’t you already doing it? Any man or woman still yapping about 14/88 shit is either a fed, an anti-White zealot trying to stir the pot, or a perpetual loser who lives a life no sane person would envy or choose to live.

      • Whenever you pop up in the comments it’s only so you can start in with your predictable faggotry.

  23. Why is there no fundraiser for Goodwin? There has got to be other methods of doing so besides the kike operation.

    Why doesn’t Sam Dickson represent him? It’s on tape!

    • One thing I don’t like about the Alt Right is that they tend to be hard-asses who don’t look out for each other. The left tends to its wounded, but not so the Alt Right. Or that’s my impression. I feel sorry for this kid even though I probably disagree with most of his ideology. I hope to be proven wrong.

      • You’re spot on about that. As for his ideology, do we really know what it is exactly? This is a man who stood up for himself and his people. Whether you like his ideology or not, he deserves our respect.

        • Snowhitey: “You’re spot on about that. As for his ideology, do we really know what it is exactly? This is a man who stood up for himself and his people. Whether you like his ideology or not, he deserves our respect.”

          He deserves some Vaseline, since he’s being boned like crazy by some bubble-lipped niggers right about now. Thank Spencer, Kessler, and Matt “Fuck My Mother-In-Law” Heimbach for that. Because the alt-right leadership is fucked-up and incompetent, and now guys like Jacob Goodwin are sucking nigger cock with a prison shiv held to his throat. That’s the end result of “Unite The Right” – only it’s unite the right in a common prison cell. As it stands, the alt-right has bad leadership AND low-quality members. Fucktards leading dumber fucktards. There’s a better way, but most WN’s are too stupid to know that.

      • You are correct. Pro White patriots Matt Hale and Yorie Kahl are sealed up in ZOG dungeons on trumped-up charges and no one ever mentions them.

  24. Who chose Charlottesville as a location? Was it Spencer or Kessler? I thought the whole thing was a bad idea. The only way the majority white population is going to get behind something like that is if they’re all unemployed. Whites are cowards period. They got themselves into this and very few are willing to fight to get out of it. Look at the f*cking white cops in Charlottesville. Defending the people that hate them the most. They don’t help us no matter how much we’re in the right. Never.

    Will everyone stop responding to the spic or whatever it is. Probably a federal employee. He wants you to respond. You’re giving him a rise when you do.

    By the way, if anyone does follow QAnon (I don’t have an opinion on him yet) I believe he said the Starbucks incident in Philly was a setup. Starbucks is a globalist company. Another Deep State operation perhaps? Minorities are its army, so…..

  25. Is the problem really the anti-White system or is it more of a problem with poor leadership and a group(s) of people who still haven’t yet learned how to adapt and aggressively attack the system at its weak points?

      • Whatever course of action I take or would ever put into motion, I can assure you that you wouldn’t be part of it. If you were part of it, then it would only be as an example of the types of people to openly shun. Nothing good has ever come from people like you. Nothing good will ever come from people like you. In fact, it’s because of people like you that MSM and other anti-White entities and people have such an easy time corralling support and convincing people that anything remotely pro-White, sane and professional is nothing but a festering ball of hate and lunacy at its core.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The American pro-White sphere has practically no real leadership cadre. It’s an assortment of self-serving prima donnas, opportunistic control freaks, caricatures and sociopaths. The “leaders” that are out there who don’t fit into those categories are middle management material at best. YOU are just the sad sack of shit who chooses to hitch your trailer to that clown show and live vicariously through them.

        • Dont think you understand white nationalism at all bro, White Nationalism has always been the code word for ‘gay hook up scene’. Its where confused white boys go to bottom for the big black male in Hitler costume

  26. “The mistake that we made in Charlottesville was assuming that it was like other cities in the South. ”

    Virginia has a reconstruction government.

    It’s to the advantage of Neo-Yankees and their Jewish masters, that the Southern people not be allowed to govern their own states as they see fit.

    • Rumor has it cleanup detail after Charlottesville was tough, so many used condoms coated with poo

  27. Aryans, we must execute an Carthagian Peace on our enemies. The Day of the Rope is fast approaching!

  28. So reports have an all-black jury?! How did that happen?

    Something stinks here…an attempt to scare white men out of defending their people?

    • Sounds like a hot fantasy, can it be an all-black jury composed of large basketball Americans?

  29. does anyone else get the feeling that covington’s books are playing out here in slow motion?

    • Meet Gay singles online & chat in the forums! Thatz where we found Covington hiding Sadam in the Gimp box.

  30. Which book, Mr. Moonlight? The one which attacks Hunter Wallace? Are you HAC? One of his shills? But to answer your question, what happened to Jacob Goodwin is nothing like any book by Covington.

    • I am no HAC, as I am sure you can tell by my awful writing. I had to look it up, but it’s Mighty Fortress; one of the main character’s father gets locked up for defending himself against a basketball american, however more than a specific storyline I wanted to point out the insane clown world this is becoming, not unlike the one described in HAC’s books.

      That may make me a shill (that’s Mr. Shill for you), but I won’t be like a sportsball fan, just rooting for ‘my WN team’ only and excluding others, when I know what’s at stake. Unless of course, the red pill I took was, in fact, a roofie.

  31. People this is not a tragedy, this is our Beer Hall Putsch. Quit sulking and come to the next Charlottesville rally!

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