Mitt Romney: Trump’s First Year Was “Very Similar To Things I’d Have Done My First Year”

Mitt Romney thinks the Trump administration has been better than expected because it has done a bunch of things that he would have done in his first year as president:

“Former GOP presidential nominee and current Senate candidate Mitt Romney praised President Trump’s first year in office on Tuesday, saying it was similar to what the first year of a Romney administration would look like.

In response to a question from a voter in Utah, Romney seemed to indicate that he largely approved of the policies pursued by the Trump administration during Trump’s first year in the White House, calling it “better than expected,” the Washington Examiner reports.

“His first year is very similar to things I’d have done my first year,” Romney said. “The things he’s actually done have been better than I expected.” Romney quickly added, however, that he would continue to oppose the president if he said something the former Massachusetts governor viewed as “racist” or “divisive.” …”

I agree with Mitt Romney.

If Romney had been elected president in 2012, he would have dramatically increased defense spending. He would have attacked Syria twice. He would have spent his political capital on tax cuts and Obamacare. He would have appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and other conservative judges. He would have pushed through the Heritage Foundation’s agenda of deregulation.

President Romney would have been subservient to Israel and would have “stood up to Iran.” He would have put the interests of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States above “America First.” He would have imposed massive sanctions on Russia and sold weapons to Ukraine. He would have maintained the NATO alliance. He would have put neocons like Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley and John Bolton in charge of American foreign policy and national security.

President Romney would be looking for a way to reenter the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He would have worn a yarmulke and prostrated himself before Benjamin Netanyahu at the Western Wall in Israel. He would have unquestionably signed the Charlottesville Resolution. He would have observed the pieties of political correctness and gone through the motions of celebrating the entire multiculturalist calendar. He would have signed the omnibus. He would have enforced immigration laws about to the same extent as George W. Bush while increasing H-2B visas. He would have talked tough about immigration during the campaign (Romney endorsed self-deportation) while carefully maintaining the status quo in office. He would have pardoned Sholom Rubashkin, Scooter Libby and Jack Johnson.

President Romney would have also turned a blind eye to Antifa violence. He wouldn’t have been interested in doing anything about assaults on his own supporters. He wouldn’t regulate Big Tech because monopolies and censorship are part of the magic of the free market. He would have congratulated himself over the rise in the stock market while ignoring student loan debt. He would have opened up new lands to offshore drilling for energy corporations. A major part of the President Romney agenda would be paying for the tax cut by cutting entitlement spending as “welfare.”

Under President Romney, conservatives would have continued to lose ground in the culture war while pushing neoliberal economics to new extremes. Confederate monuments would have still been torn down. America’s racial demographics would have continued to change. American culture would have become more sordid. The most that could be said of the Romney administration is that it would have slowed down the Democrats from advancing their agenda in some ways.

America wouldn’t be in any sense “great again” after President Romney left office and in fact would be worse off than ever before. We would still be tumbling toward the inevitable mid-century reckoning albeit I imagine these years would have passed in a more dignified manner.

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    • Campaign-Trump made a difference.
      Imagine campaign-Romney… Yuge difference.

      ZOG-Cucked-Trump, okay, you’ve got a good point there.

      Still I have faith in Romney that he could and would do even worse – lol.

    • Retreating to some remote corner of the country to make a last stand doesn’t sound like a viable plan to me.

      • It is actually a pretty nice place if you can avoid the Mormons. The mountains make micro-climates so you can pick and choose your environment a little.

        • I would compare it to Austria as a base and you can go dryer or wetter with elevation and proximity to the deserts. Cool volcanoes, hot springs etc. Excellent farming in some areas and you could probably hunt and fish for a century without really impacting much.

          • Those states are TOO White and must be made LESS White to combat “racism”.

            Already they are flooding Somalis into those states. From deepest darkest Africa to your doorstep. Diversity means chasing down White people.

          • The three Jewish famine-genocides againt the Ukrainians alone should be enough to convince right thinking whites of their intentions.

  1. I won’t be voting any more and I think a lot of other Whites are going to drop out of civic participation as well. We just need to replace the despair with anger against the jews and race-traitors responsible for this mess.

    • Hitler didn’t take power in by dropping out, he had to play the game in front of him, just like everyone else has to. Local politics is where the real power is, so run for local office and secede!

      Those who vote conservative or liberal are traitors to their race. Nationalists that campaigned for conservatives should be taken down to their cucksheds and beaten to death with a 2X4.

      Why don’t American intellectuals run for office? Do they think the Jewish Oligarchy gives a damn about their race stats and boring essays? The Jews don’t care, they have white genocide on their mind.

      • Yes you have to play the ball where it lies: “Truth is not what you want it to be; It is what it is, And you must bend to its poer or live a lie” – A. Hitler.

        And the white race can and will win with the hand we have now (and for some time to come), sold out and betrayed as we have been, if we coalesce and choose to win.

        As far as “retreating to one smaller land”. Far better to secure one relatively small but viable state than to be spread out and swamped everywhere.

        Once we have our own state and are secure against the inevitable jew-contrived attempts to destroy it the ultimate outcome is sure.

        A white state that survives will rule the world (or as much of it as it may find necessary) in 100 years — In 1000 years an interstellar empire, in 10,000 the galaxy.

        That’s why (((they))) were so paniced to destroy and erase Germany. If Deutscheland had lived the white race would have been secure, white destiny assured, and the servants of satan left bewailing their sealed doom.
        Germany had no ambition to conquer or rule the world but the white ethonostate that would have formed around a victorious Deutscheland would have been entirely secure and thorougly unassailable.

        Simply because of the creative and faustian nature of the White European race to awaken, create, and successfully survive in just one viable ethonostate is to win it all — in time.

        So it is only pride, and perhaps the pride that goeth before the fall to insist on holding all white lands at first. Spread out too much and we might end up defeated in detail. Sufficiently concentrated, and defended we will survive, and leave all our enemies and haters behind in the dust (metaphorically or literally in the case of those who attack us – lol)

        Given just one viable and defensible white ethonostate, there is no race in this world, including (((them))), who can stop us from our destiny if we decide we shall not be stopped.

      • White nationalists should now be focusing on consolidating in certain localities and gaining political power there. We have enough people that we could take over towns and small cities. Basically like Charlottesville, but instead of shitlibs and nogs running things it would be white nationalists.

        • You don’t have to run off to Montana to find places that are predominately white. The town i live in is 97 to 98% white in Illinois. The high school football team last year was all white so was the basketball team.

      • One needs to point out that Germany was a revisionist power in the 1920s and 1930s and actively seeking redress of the result of WW1. The industrial magnates of Germany wanted a tough as nails nationalist to start rearmament and redress of various sleights. Germany in a sense was the number 1 European power but had none of the trappings of that power in 1932.

        Various characters like Hitler, and there were a handful of nationalists at the time who’d have Fit the bill, vyed to be in charge once the rearmament went into effect and demilitarization was cancelled. He was the one best prepared in the circumstances to get the nod from Krupp and others.

  2. Is Shitt Romney angling for the position of Trump’s running mate in 2020? Who cares?

  3. All niggers and jews must die no exceptions, no quarter. The southern whites who fucked their slaves caused this mess must die the roman, greek way, to the vultures

    • Your internet tough guy act is unconvincing. And get an avatar, you cheap, lazy-ass nigger.

  4. You forgot another part – White Nationalists would slavishly, cuckishly ignore or excuse everything Romney did, claiming it was “chess” and “muh Obama would have been worse” to shut down any criticism. Anyone WN criticizing Romney would be suspected of being Soros, Antifa, etc.

    • Not all of them, but a small number of them that post far more than anyone else, for which I suspect they are paid Republican shills.

      For the life of me I don’t understand why Stormfront lets Republican shills operate there, when Republican websites would never in a million years extend the same courtesy to Pro Whites. It reminds me of the cuckery of Conservatism where they let Liberals treat them like trash and they push this idea that you have to play fair with your enemies and extend them every courtesy. It is pathetic and icky. Disgusting.

  5. There is one thing that Trump always has going for him, he’s not quite as bad as the loathsome and contemtable assholes on the left trying to run him out of office, them and the never Trump Republicans.

    • Meanwhile Trump is bringing in 1 million non-Whites a year legally, while playing distraction games on his promise to deal with illegals and the wall. Like a good white slave you endorsed one of the two devils they offered us. The one you endorsed stabs whites in the back, instead of our front and you pay your respects to your Massa for his kindness and honor.

      Have you seen Trump’s Twitter? He has a picture of himself in the oval office with the future of the US military. They are mainly black and hispanic and a few whites. They have three white boomer officers who trained them up. It doesn’t look like the US military at all, it is the military of Brazil. The USA is finished. Trump was the last stab in the back.

  6. “it’s exactly what I would have done if I had a spine so that I could have beaten the worst president in the history of America”.

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