Finding Our Own Sports – Gaelic Football

I tried to stay interested in the Soccer World Cup – the early knock out rounds were pretty good. I also enjoyed watching Vladimir Putin and THE RUSSIANS host this international event and the home Russian side did very well. All the Black African, Arab Muslim nations got knocked out in the first stage. But, there are simply too many Black, Arab, Brazilian mulattos, mestizos playing international soccer – must be over a billion. In countries like France, Belgium and soon England, Blacks, Browns and Arabs are using their numbers to bully White European boys – turning Western European soccer in to “their sport” a White no go zone.

So be it.

I spent the World Cup final Sunday in South Suburban Chicago’s Gaelic Park to get my first taste of the sport Gaelic Football. It’s a mix of soccer, rugby and a little basketball. The game is played with a round soccer ball, players run like in rugby but can only run ~ 4 steps before they have to dribble, pass or kick. Points are scored through a traditional soccer goal (3 points) or an American football style field goal between the uprights (1 point) – the game is very physical with lots of pushing and body punching, but without full tackling.

My friend is trying to toughen up his 6 and 5 year old nephews and also teach them some ethnic/racial/cultural pride in their Irish Celtic heritage. The early age 5-6 yrs old group is co-ed and boys and girls basically run around and get some exercise.

The Gaelic Park – Gaelic Football field is an Irish American/Irish Irish etho sports/pub state. It’s a good place and I was pleased that the Pub was showing Irish Gaelic Football instead of the Black French dominated World Cup soccer finals.

It’s very important that we find our own sports, our own music, our own dance, our own languages and religions and not share them with the entire world, or they will cease being “ours”.

Once upon a time – a long time ago SEC South Eastern Conference American Football was a White Southern sport – White Southerners and Whites from places like Pennsylvania (Joe Namath) dominated SEC Football – the “Ol Miss Rebels” were led by Archie Manning and the crowd flew Confederate Battle Flags. Those days are long, long gone – Gone With the Wind. And now SEC Football is dominated by Black African thugs, academic and moral standards have been lowered to the point where my alma mater Vanderbilt University allowed Black African American rapists to target White college girls.

But, the reality is that the only sports Black African American thugs dominate in the USA are American Football and Basketball. Even boxing works well for us – the champions are White Europeans, White British/Australians.

So, it should just be something we do to transition our people towards sports where the participants and stars are our people instead of Black Felons or 3rd world imports.

I note that tall White boys in places like Southern California have pretty much given up on trying to make it in basketball, instead they go in for baseball pitching – good for them.

Ice Hockey does very, very well in the South – Nashville TN as in Dallas Texas and now Los Vegas NV. If you want to revitalize your downtown, bring in an NHL or minor league hockey team – the (middle and upper class Whites) crowd will go out to dinner or stay afterwards for drinks, which is not the case for NFL games – people just tailgate and then leave.

None of us are going to be NFL Football owners like Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots (the Whitest, most winning NFL football team), but we can get involved in all kinds of other sports. How about putting together an investment team to buy 2 minor league hockey teams – on both sides of the Mason Dixon line – one will be the


The other the Yankees

We’ll offer inexpensive beer a few hockey fights, lots of great music including “Dixie”.

What do ya say?


  1. The French gamed the system. Brazil had been the go to team for the Multiculturalism Multiracial obsessed. Germany and Italy historically provided the ethnic antidote. Spain even managed to figure out a viable alternative for 10 years.

    Black African teams were fun to watch but they always lacked the training resources in Europe.

    France, or more specifically, the French FA have fucked up the unique qualities of the World Cup.

    Import niggers? C’est ci nest pas un equipe. Pah.

  2. When France wins the world cup, its a win not for France, but for ‘diversity’. Sickening stuff.
    An Australian team is on the brink of signing Jamaican Usain Bolt-in a position an Australian should be filling. Why can’t they just play for their own nations and help them?
    Don’t worry about being replaced in your own country, with the corresponding rise in rapes, murders, carjackings and welfare bills…..hey these guys will win us a world cup…

  3. Regulation Soccer is really gaining in popularity, and has almost displaced football in Division II nationally. College soccer is almost a 100% White game, and the kids today understand the game. The co-eds love to see the boys running around in their soccer shorts, or so I’ve been told, and many places the games are on Friday or Saturday nights, providing an inexpensive date.

    • It’s starting to make sense that rugby or soccer will ultimately replace Ghettoball as White America’s favorite spectator sport.

  4. Already given this a lot of thought. We need to replace football, baseball, basketball with things like non contact martial arts, combat games, ( meaning team A of 4 guys, vs team B of 4 guys – or whatever – compete to achieve some kind of objective, ) paintball could be part of it, shooting, archery, mountain bike racing, and even something like those Ninja games. Get rid of boxing, UFC, ( and especially “womens” UFC because we want feminine ladies in The Confederate States, ) because they’re just brutal bs. White Christians have “class.” We could even have some kind of war games involving video gamers ???

    Open to other non nigger with a ball ideas 🙂

  5. Celtics were crushed once and for all at the historic crucial Battle of Alesia in 52 BC, under Vercingetorix.
    Vercingetorix surrendered, bow down before Julius Caesar, who sent him to Rome, where he was ritually strangled.
    Celtics never ever recovered.

    • The Irish, Welsh and Scots diaspora, for want of a better word, now populates two continents and has at various times been the political leadership of these vast nations. What continents speak Italian?

      • Captain Charity, more than half of English vocabulary comes from Latin, and you’re writing in the Roman alphabet.
        If you live in America basically you live in Rome. Washington’s architecture for example is not based in the Chatti tribe’s model.
        All Western countries are Rome’s offspring.
        Though many of these countries are stubborn and ungrateful.

    • @Nemo: Do you find Julius Caesar’s account of the campaign in Gaul to be an honest, unbiased one?

      • Spahnranch, it’s fair to say that Caesar’s book was aimed mainly as propaganda for himself, because he needed to gain the favor of Roman populace against his many enemies in the aristocracy, every winter a part of his narrative reached Rome to be used as propaganda, it was later put together as a book.
        Plus he was always eager to demonstrate that hjs campaign in Gaul was basically for defensive purposes, wich was not true.

        But his descriptions of the numerous battles against Gauls and Ariovistus’ Suebi, his Roman legions, the thousands of Gauls and Germanics auxiliaries and mercenaries, the geography, the high volatile political situation in the Gallic tribes, etc, are recognized as accurate by the ample majority of historians, including modern German ones.
        Also his officers maintained regular correspondence with friends and relatives in Italy so he didn’t have much room to fantasies and lies.
        Archaelogical excavations in the last years also show that his descriptions of the two historically famous massive fortified lines his legions built around the city of Alesia, to face the two Gallic armies, were also pretty accurate.

        He described both Gauls and Germanics as barbarians and unsophisticated, but apart from that he never showed contempt for them.
        He surely was not politically dumb.

  6. One of the fortunate coincidences of the epic six week long vacation I just concluded is that I was in a soccer crazy country whose team was thought to be a championship contender and in fact the defending champions from 2014 during World Cup season. Even though the German team was a flop this time around, I got to watch two WC games from two different German cities, (we were in the Czech Republic during the other game), and the atmosphere was nothing like I ever experienced.

    And I don’t even like soccer.

    I never had so much fun doing something I don’t like.

    • What’s the nigger and Mohammedan situation in Europe like? Is it as bad as they say? I’m planning a trip to visit the site of the Berghof and Wolf’s Lair.

      • As far as Germany goes, you’ll find much more mystery meat in the former West than the former East. But the one group of people I saw very few of anywhere in Germany? Negroes. Of course, there’s always The World’s Most Important Graph, and Merkel’s Boner included some negroes.

  7. A variation on a highly appropriate quote:


  8. About football, this 2018 world cup was by far the worst ever regarding the quality of the players.
    Whites kids don’t bother anymore to play, they have video games and Internet. To become a good player you need natural talent, and play it tirelessly to evolve.
    So increasingly low IQ negroes and Arabs with little talent, using European methods, expertise,, coaches and so on will replace white players.
    It already became very boring to watch.

    The Russian stadiums were all half empty in the tournament, with the exception when Russia played. Half empty stadiums never happened in a world cup.

  9. France was the World Cup winner not because they imported the best players from a dozen African countries, but because they had a friendly ref who overlooked countless French fouls, got a goal from a penalty kick that should not have been awarded, and got another goal after a dive (a tumble from fake contact– an acting job) gave them a free kick. As some wrote, they played “anti-football.”

    Croatia and Russia fielded all-native teams (exception: Russia does have a naturalized Brazilian player) and did well. The Third Worlders did not dominate the competition. The award for best player went to Luka Modri? (Croatia) and the award for most goals went to a white Englishman, Harry Kane.

    I am the proud owner now of a ??????? ?????? (Team Russia) official Adidas jersey.

    It was a very enjoyable WC, except for Françafrique. Don’t give up on football (soccer).

  10. The image of Dejan Lovren hauling down a member of Pussy Riot was the image of the tournament though. A massive fascist looking chap wearing the Croat Checkerboard crest dominating a subversive rat.

    Similar to Zidane head butting Materazzi in 2006.

    A wtf moment that gives one hope.

  11. Dear Jack – you are a brilliant fellow, whom I respect, but, this idea is plum crazy.

    Southerners have football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, volleyball etc, etc.

    Moreover, football is our national sport, down here, basketball a close second.

    One more thing, Sir – down here we have always enjoyed our Negroes playing for us and entertaining us.

    Long before all these sports, hithertofore listed, our Negroes were champions of boxing, cock-fighting, dog-racing, wrestling, and, in each small town, there was a square devoted to it.

    Wax sceptical on that score – check the record.

    So, we don’t need anything else, nor is there any better justification for having Negroes than their great athletick skills, although they good right good, too, as well as make for good manual labourers.

    Sir, our granddaddies already had all this stuff figured out.

    We don’t need to reinvent anything. We got it all – a rich culture!

    • TYPO…

      So, we don’t need anything else, nor is there any better justification for having Negroes than their great athletick skills, although they COOK right good, too, as well as make for good manual labourers.

    • Sorry I strongly disagree.

      American football used to be our sport in the South – the SEC South Eastern Conference Football was all White up until ~ 1972. Blacks had their own college teams – Grambling, Tennessee State, Jackson State and they produced great players like Walter Payton – Chicago’s best. But that was history, like the Southern Democrats. It’s a huge mistake to hang on to loyalties from the past that aren’t working at all for us now. It’s like trying to stay in some Southern Baptist Church that has gone over to the other side and now pushes MLK Jr worshipping and Black Liberation Theology. And Junius – we/you have to get away from the mindset of”

      “Well my grand daddy voting Democrat, my grand daddy hated the Russians, my Grand daddy hated healthy White Scandinavians from Minnesota so God Damn I’m gonna do the same”.

      Our enemies the worst Zionists, Neo Conservatives, J Media monopolists know how to play in to this mindset and always push lying propaganda to get Southerners to support anti White Jew wars.

      Get out of this #*$&@>

      • Another interesting aside. Although most of the schools in the Big 10 were integrated from the 1870s IN THEORY, you can literally count on one hand how many Negroes actually played on a team sport at any of their schools until WWII. It was WWII and immediately afterward that most of the Northern College teams officially integrated and by that I meant field more than one token linebacker or something. Paul Brown officially integrated Ohio State Football in 1941 and later most of those players who played for him after WWII went onto the first Cleveland Browns team in 1946. Famously there was a incident in Miami before the Miami Seahawks franchise folded in which there was an issue over the fact that Paul Brown’s team fielded Negroes and the laws in Florida were such at the time that there was a to-do over the game. Before that time, it had been understood that if a Northern team in College football played a Southern one and had one Negro on the roster, the Negro would not travel with them. This was the first time this was challenged

      • Thank you, Jack.

        I appreciate what you have had to say, yet, I note that this strategy of evacuating our lands, institutions, and customs has not gotten us anywhere – except more domination.

        We just cannot abandon our culture just because the coalitions of The New England Yankees and Jews have horned their way into it.

        No, sir – we must stand fast and not be culturally genocided.

        I really do love your expansive thinking, in general, but, we have a culture and we will stick to that and our own uniqueness.

        God bless you!

        • You will have to do something about Kentucky and North Carolina though which are 100% hoplessly devoted to Basketball. The Highest Paid Public Employee in KY and NC are Basketball Coaches

          Football is one thing but Basketball is an entire other thing.

    • Football is the sport in most Southern States, aside from Kentucky and North Carolina where it is SECOND to basketball. The place where Football is literally THE CULTURE is like Ohio, Western PA, Western NY State. That is because these areas have no culture of their own, so their entire culture is Muh High School, Muh College, Muh Pro Team. Texas may have it in High School, the rest of Dixie has the College obsession, but literally the Ohio Valley and Western NY, it is the entire culture YEAR ROUND.

      Thomas Jefferson, the Fool He Was, believed that the Western Territories could be a mixture of all the regions and ethnic/religious groups. Well he got his way in the Northwest Territory and it continued west to California and what was the result? The Midwest is cultureless and much of the Mountain West and Pacific Northwest are also cultureless. What they are is a mixture of many tiny cultures but there is not one culture

  12. The picture you chose is from an annual international series played between an Australian AFL team and an Irish Gaelic team. It’s pretty fun. The Irish — though not often professional like the Aussies — usually give it a good run. AFL is a great sport and thankfully, for now, still very White.

  13. Football of all codes around the world are now just virtual employment agencies for blacks. Note how a Japanese team will be Japanese, ditto the Chinese or Indian sides…..but a French or British side? How DARE they be homogeneous-throw 20 nogs into the mix.
    With all the problems facing most white countries around the world today, a lot of it can be solved with one innocuous, achievable measure :- encourage whites in their own nations to BREEEED! A no brainer really.

  14. For the last three or four years I have been watching a very good high school football team, there has been one black on the team the last four years, last years team was all white, most of the teams they play in this area are the same, almost all white. High school football can be very exciting compared to the pro game, for one thing, they play the game, this is no stopping every time the ball changes hands to watch beer commercials.

    • Yeah, but I’m afraid White football is a thing of the past, kind of like White Southern/Texas Democrats. The sport isn’t ours and it’s really not a great sport in any event. Who wants to spend their life just being a blocker? In rugby everyone gets to run with the ball and tackle. Gaelic Football looks really good. I am afraid Southern/Texas football is completely associated with George Bush type politics which ain’t us.

      • The irony of the racial integration of Southern College Football is that once the Athletic Boosters were on board, it happened quickly. Most of the South, excluding Alabama and Ole Miss was integrated by 1965 or so, What is amazing is how quickly once Alabama football was integrated that the populace overall accepted it. Richard Spencer when he spoke at Auburn brought this up. He pointed out that the athletic boosters do not GIVE A SINGLE D-N if your daughter is gang raped as long as LeRoi and Tyrone can play football. Look at Art Briles at Baylor, I think it was him though I might be wrong who went around to little Negro towns throughout the South telling them, COME TO BAYLOR AND GET YOU A WHITE GIRLFRIEND SAMBO.

        I will never understand how a Southern White Man can ever be a party to KNOWINGLY promoting Miscegenation. I could understand it anywhere else but in Dixie? Is the money that important?

  15. Watch this space White Identity. The AI sexbot craze is set to boot up. This is a completely market driven project – no diversity and multiculturalism here. They are only making these bots (for the lonely you understand) in one flavour and that is vanilla. They know what sells. At $8,000 a bot, your lonely Blacks and Browns are going to get a White bot. The JewK gov’t will probably even subsidize Black bots for lonely Africans.

    White Identity is going to have a lot of fun with this.

  16. One reason why many white women date blacks is due to football and basketball, and to a lesser degree boxing and track and field. These are the only sports where blacks dominate. But they are popular and about half of the white family men out there sit around the tube rooting for Negroes to win. Their impressionable young white daughters observe how the fathers admire these athletic blacks. Add to the mix how the media turns these over paid nogs into heroes, and how whites are trained to dislike themselves,and it is not surprising that so many white women cross the color line.
    To help fix this, white men must forge a new martial mentality in themselves. No more flab or sluggishness. Basketball and football etc.must be savagely eschewed. Gaelic football is an excellent choice for our people,but much more needs to be done.

    • What is even more shocking is how Southern White Men within a single decade went from fighting to accepting this. Southern Colleges bear alot of the blame as to way Sports is so black. After integration, Southern Schools have percentage wise played more Negroes than all the other schools in the US combined. I used to have the numbers on this.

      If anyone had told any of the Patriots at Old Miss In 1962 and at Alabama in 1963 that by 1977 or so, their families would be cheering teams with sizeable numbers of Negroes on them, no one would have believed you

  17. Don’t want to approve my comment after two days Jack?
    I screen grabbed it to send to Brad.
    Honestly, I can’t imagine WHY he allows you to publish here.

    • Sorry for the system delay, for some reason the comment didn’t go right through I had to manually find this and approve. No harm intended.

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