Are the Russians our #1 Enemy?

Breaking the Zio TV Addiction

Fake news, lying media along with Neo Conservatives, RINOs still trying to reverse presidential election by spreading the meme


Idiot RINOs like Paul Ryan and Mittens Romney go along “THE RUSSIANS ARE OUR #1 ENEMY!”

Not! How about some other enemies like American birth right US citizen Anwar al-Awlak?

F*#&$*# Idiots. Here are some beautiful Russians and a real enemy American born Al Qaeda leader in Yemen


  1. Just replace “Russians” with “jews” or “Israelis” and then it will all make sense.

  2. I, for one, do N O T believe Tsar Vladimir’s Russia is a mortal enemy of the United States, as the previous Communist regime was.

    Not being Abrahamic in religion, loth as I am to use specifically Christian terminology, I can only say that Russia suffered demonic possession from October 1917 to 25 December 1991. Whatever his faults, Mr. Putin appears to be trying ti heal his country from its previous Ordeal of Possession; that is why, no irony express nor implied, I call him Tsar Vladimir.

    • Imagine if the Romanov dynasty was restored, even if only in a ceremonial capacity. The jews would PLOTZ.

  3. No, Russia is not our enemy. It’s time for us to Unite with our white brothers and preserve our civilization and people. Whites are the minority of the earth compared to blacks , Hispanics, and asians. Black , asians, and Hispanics are super ethnically homogenous about their nationstates. Its time to break out of the brainwashing and reclaim Our Future and stop allowing inferior scum to invade and destroy what our white ancestors have created.
    The time for waiting has been far over. Stand with Russia and stand with the Nationalist Anti-EU uprising in Europe.

    Dont back down. Double down. Dont let them steal WHAT WE BUILT.


    SOME Russians are right on. ( Just like some Americans … some southerners, etc. ) No, Russia’s not our enemy, the illuminati is. However, integrating Russians into Dixie … in many cases might be like integrating a square peg into a round hole. MOST eastern euro’s are miserable. Capitalism is new to them but cut throat step on your neck to get ahead is what they’re used to. Corruption … PREDATORY CAPITALISM … shortage of everything … all normal there.

    Did you know there are many Russian troops IN America, allowed in by traitors like Obama / Brenner … who’ve been told WHEN poo / attack happens, THEY get to keep anything they can carry that’s not attached to a building home or ground ?!! Yeess sir. That’s 100 % correct. ( Chinese troops here too. )

    I believe WITH PROPER EDUCATION tactics, many Russians could fit nicely into Dixie. ( Especially the hot babe types like in pic above. ) I even think a new very enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christians only could be friends and trading partners with, Russia. Just go slowly … weed through … careful about those other eastern Europeans that are VERY used to treating YOU, their employees, like crap ! Dixie doesn’t need or want any of those punks. We need a “Punk Distiller.”

  5. Understand that your real enemies are not in Russia….they’re in the white house.
    Putin is taking steps to help the white race such as encouraging breeding and accepting genocided white South Africans. The U.S. government is doing nothing…..well , except aiding and abetting our extinction.
    So arm up, learn to fight and keep fit…..the real war will be at home.

  6. Only anti-Whites and warmongers, often one and the same, want to revive and keep the Cold War going on forever.

  7. JR,

    Did you see the story that FIFA was mad that TV coverage of the WC showed too many gorgeous women?

    We all know that was nothing more than the bitching of homely obese women that largely constitute the feminist movement.

    But I think that was also part and parcel of the fact that some people are too worried that showing too many gorgeous Russian women serves to humanize Vladimir Putin. It’s hard to hate Putin when thoughts of Anna Kournikova run through your head.

  8. I agree with Bobbi.

    If you want the countries which are our worst enemies (based on damage already done to us or with the greatest potential to damage us seriously) I’d say:

    1. Israel
    2. Mexico
    3. China

  9. I concur with Bobbi and Mestigoit, our greatest threats are from within. To those already named, I would add: White NeoCons and White Apathy, White SJW’s and other assorted White Degenerates, Africans in America, and Muslims of all varieties.

    I also agree with Billy Ray, Russia is not our real enemy, but they really can’t be trusted either. I believe that we could have gained a lot of ground with the Russians if we had supported them in their struggle against Chechneya.

    In the first years of the new millenium, I kept a picture of Slobodan Milosevic on my desk at work, because I recognized that a common enemy was the Muslims. I’m not certain why there seems to be so much sympathy for the Islamics from some of the commentors on this site. I get the opposition to Israel aspect, but that does not, in anyway, detract from the very real threat posed by the Muslims that the Western World has permitted to freely invade and who are responsible for increasing acts of mayhem.

    “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

  10. No, Sir – the #1 Enemy of The White Southern Race IS The White Southern Race.

    Tied for Enemy #2 are The Jews and the New England Yankees.

    Honourable mention goes to The Far Northwest and England.

    • I would say UNFORTUNATELY the Texas Business Class, Chamber of Commerce and Farm Lobby have been the number one group funding our destruction, Unfortunately many of these men didn’t even realize they were doing it, they bore no ill will. However just like with anything, you do reach a point of demographic saturation its simple mathematics. Southern Planters once encouraged Negroes to have large families, how did that work out? Again demographic saturation comes into play, something for some reason men cannot figure out how to calculate

  11. Russia is not an enemy at all, they haven’t done anything, same deal with North Korea, do some of these other countries send people over here to meddle, yeah sure, it’s been going on for decades, Washington is chuck full of lobbyists. I don’t see any evidence at all that Russia effected the election outcome.

    I think a lot of this fear mongering is done to maintain the pentagon budget. And Trump completely unhinged the mainstream new media, I don’t know why, to me he had turned out to be not much different than one of the Bush’s, a little but not enough to get this upset over.

  12. Meanwhile, we’re being invaded and conquered by Mexico and a horde of Spanish speaking injins from further to the south.

    • The Texas Business Establishment and Chamber of Commerce types are the reason our borders are open to begin with. Native Texans who all the way back in 1920 demanded Open Borders, their spokesman was none other than John Nance Garner, later VP under FDR, Before the 1950’s we were getting a deluge of Mexicans into Texas which then spread mostly to California. At that time Texas was the entry point and they usually fanned out from there. California bordered Baja and no one lived there, at least then. Did the Governor of Texas ever stand up? Nope because Big Ranch, Big Vegetable and Big Oil said those Mexicans are needed to boost our economy. LBJ went to the border in the 1960s and said that Texans stand by Mexico and we will always keep this border unmilitarized as we trust you

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