Paul Ryan: Conservatives Must “Fight Back” Against The Alt-Right

When it comes to the Founding Fathers, Paul Ryan is as aggravating as the people who have rebranded themselves American Nationalists:

“We have to go back and fight for our ground and re-win these ideas and marginalize these guys the best we can to the corners,” Ryan said. “Do everything you can to defeat it.”

Ryan made the comments in conversation with National Review senior editor Jonah Goldberg. The two conservatives spoke at an event hosted by the American Enterprise Institute. Ryan had harsh words for the alt-right, an umbrella term for extreme right-wing individuals who reject mainstream conservatism and often embrace racism and white supremacy.

“That is not conservatism. That is racism. That is nationalism. That is not what we believe in. That is not the founding vision, that is not the founders’ creed,” Ryan said. …

He said the faction “hijacked” conservative terms like “western civilization” and distorted the conservative message.

“It is identity politics. It’s antithetical to what we believe and it’s a hijacking of our terms,” Ryan said. “How do we get the core back? How do we get back classic liberalism properly understood in the 21st century?”

I don’t agree with either side on this subject.

The Founding Fathers weren’t mainstream conservatives. The Declaration of Independence condemns King George III for inciting the “merciless Indian savages.” The Constitution contains the 3/5th Clause, the Fugitive Slave Clause and refers to “Indians Not Taxed.” White Nationalists have pounded away at the fact that Naturalization Act of 1790 restricted US citizenship to “free white persons.”

The “founding vision” of the United States had no room for women in politics or the rights of homosexuals. American Indians were treated as foreigners. Blacks were overwhelmingly slaves. American citizenship was based on whiteness. The deracinated, cosmopolitan vision of Americanism as a purely ideological creed for a rootless people didn’t triumph until aftermath of the Second World War. It was created by a group of alienated Jews known as the New York Intellectuals in the 1930s.

The American Revolution itself was a product of “identity politics.” The rhetoric of liberty and constitutionalism became a key component of British national identity after the Glorious Revolution. The song Rule, Britannia which originated in 1740 contains the line “Britons never will be slaves.” The American colonists thought of themselves as “free” because they were British subjects. Liberty was meaningful to the American colonists because their slaves weren’t free and the Catholic Spanish and French weren’t free. Liberty was a marker of Anglo-American ethnic identity like Protestantism.

The American colonists were incensed because they felt their sense of identity was being trampled on by the Crown and Parliament. The Revolution began as an argument over the nature of the British Constitution before it was justified on the basis of Enlightenment universalism. At best, the “founding vision” of the United States was an ancestor of classical liberalism. It was not the same thing. It certainly wasn’t anything we would recognize today as mainstream conservatism.

18th century Whiggery was an ethnic creed before it evolved into a universalist ideology. It was rooted in the peculiar historical experience of the British Isles which deviated from the absolutism of Europe.

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  1. can someone please tell me, across the ENTIRE FUCKING WEST about ONE SINGLE conservative party, that actually fucking conserved something at all?

    You can’t can you?
    (((conservatives))) are the enemy

  2. At least Ryan admitted that he and his Jewish comrades have lost control of the base and the message. That’s positive, and I can’t see him turning that around. Nobody thinks highly of him, Jonah Goldberg, or their fellow travelers. Ryan’s constituency is unlike most of the people he is trying to appeal to, and nobody reads National Review.

    • I agree and that’s why they’re all scared shitless and going bat shit crazy. While Trump isn’t certifiable pro-White he represents that to the anti-White cabal and that’s why they hate him.

  3. God DAMN you, Paul Ryan.

    Exaudi Domine, oratione mei
    In nomine Jesu Christe.

    Long live the King. King Donald!
    Death to his enemies.

    “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your personal enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.”- St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

    “”The peacemakers shall be called the sons of God, who came to make peace between God and man. What then shall the sowers of discord (Ryan et al.) be called, but the children of the devil? And what must they look for but their father’s portion?” – Bernard of Clairvaux

    Paul Ryan is the seed of Satan, for he is a Jew outwardly, and inwardly is full of dead men’s bones.

  4. Filthy traitor Ryan is part of the illuminati. They are our enemy. We know this. Now we need to focus on the mid terms. We MUST hold our noses and vote for and HEAVILY campaign for, THE LEAST WORST ONES. If we dare not … it’s over. We have very little – hanging on a thread – time to bring about a new Confederacy. It’s a constant war, and one of our main objectives we cannot fail at, is to out vote the libtards at every election. STFU. Hold your noses, and VOTE AND CAMPAIGN. The alternative is far far far worse. NOW GO SOLDIERS GO !!!!!!

      • I had a conversation with the guy who runs that site on Faceberg some time ago. He is a Rainbow Confederate who hates the League and thinks Dr. Hill is controlled opposition. Fuck him. Anyone who thinks the U.S Government is gonna say “Okay we’ll let the CSA reform since it never got disbanded, my bad” is fooling themselves

          • I should write a piece about why the idea of forming the Confederacy was a horrible compromise, but at the same time the only idea that could get the Southern political establishment to agree to.

            The South could have easily overthrown the US Government in 1860, rounded up and killed the Northern politicians and installed Breckinridge as President. Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina all had militia enough to do this. The problem was that this was considered lawlessness and men like General Lee would have fought on behalf of Lincoln and the Union had this happened. In fact the Knights of the Golden Circle floated the Coup De Etat idea for years before 1860. The reason it didnt happen was because the Southern politicians, so honorable, couldn’t stomach the idea of a violent coup, but they would agree to forming their own nation. In other words they preferred to walk away from the United States international recognitions, the symbols, the laws, etc to form a new government, rather than seize control of the very government the South established in the beginning. Sort of like being kicked out of your own house.

            The Confederate Political Establishment were the Cucks and Oathkeeper types of 1860, they were never on board with the idea of pure brutality. Unfortunately this was the very thing that cost them everything. At Least Jeff Davis could say, WE DID IT THE LAWFUL WAY. Yeah see what the lawful way accomplished. NOTHING!

          • They also didn’t want to get their hands dirty in guerrilla warfare once war by conventional means started to fail, so they decided to just keep fighting and lose honorably.

            Same thing happened to Hitler. He threw the Rohmists and Strasserites under the bus to appease the bourgeois military leadership, and how did they repay him? By trying to launch a coup when things started going bad. Stalin purged his officers. It hurt, but in the end he won the war.

  5. The Alt-Right is too mild and ineffectual for my liking. It needs to be replaced by the Alt-REICH.

      • @ChadinSiberia: I listened to Alex Linder narrate the book over at VNN, because reading it was a chore, not a pleasure. If I wrote a book like that I would make damn sure it was worth the reader’s time.

        • Yeah… turning a newsletter (or a blog) into a book just doesn’t work, usually. The writing is disjointed, it’s too repetitive, it’s kind of shallow. He keeps talking about the need for revolution, but WHAT KIND of revolution is he looking for? Spit it out, Mason, who’s cars do we put the bombs under!?

          (Never mind that the whole thing is starting to feel just a little bit phony to me. Mason himself never engaged in revolutionary action. He never threatened the life of a racial enemy; he went to prison for threatening his wife. I ain’t saying that everyone has to be a trigger-puller or that you have to get yourself killed before I take you seriously, but, well…)

          He actually is a decent essayist. I’ve read some of his stuff on siegeculture, and maybe one day I’ll give one of his other books a go.

          Incidentally, if you ever want to see “Siege, the Novel”, it’s called Fight Club.

  6. What kind of Marxist propaganda is this? Paul Ryan is bad? The man who admires Goddess Ayn Rand and believes in defending the good, hard-working white bourgeoisie against the lazy white trash proletariat? You are NOT white nationalist if you don’t realize that defending capitalism and the rich is just as important as race, if not more important. In fact it’s more important, WNs are Social Darwinists and we would prefer the odd Black capitalist to a “white” welfare queen.

    What next you egalitarian hippie, will you say that poor white bastard children should not be starved for the free market. This is cultural Marxist degeneracy NOT white nationalism. You need a swift helicopter ride.

      • Well my post was obviously sarcastic but, as of yet I have NEVER seen a “White Nationalist” capitalist explain how so many of their capitalist heroes not just Rand but the Austrian School as well, were JEWS. They always say you can’t be a WN Marxist because Marx was Jewish, then they openly promote a philosophy founded by Jews.

    • Hmmm….I suspect more men have been grabbed by the pu*sy than men who have grabed women by the pus*y!

  7. The only kind of “conservatives” taking Ryan seriously are the aging boomer readership of National Review. They don’t represent the future, They represent the past and they are fading away.

  8. Its good that they feel threatened by the Alt-Right enough to mention it. They’re worried that one day we’ll have to step in and do their job for them and actually start conserving things.
    With Jewish puppet masters calling the shots, nothing will EVER be conserved under them…..except wars for Israel.

  9. I suppose they’ll (again) try to frighten me into voting for the Repugs in November, but it won’t work this time. Both parties are clearly anti-Trump (hell, it seems the WH staff and the cabinet also oppose him or are AWOL like Sessions) and will probably impeach him if there’s no war with Russia beforehand. Only Rand Paul in the Senate seems interested in avoiding war. F*** them all.

  10. It’s mind-boggling to see liberals and leftists worshiping the “intelligence community.” I wonder if Philip Agee is turning in his grave.

  11. Paul Ryan wants to be the new John McCain. He envisions himself as the jewsmedia’s “good” cuckservative.

    Closeted faggot and Puerto Rican puta Luis guttterez and Ryan were in league together to pass immigration legislation with both amnesty and a “path to citizenship” for illegal immigrant vermin.

    Ryan is a traitor to the Founders and his race.

  12. All American conservatism ultimately stands for is greed. They’ve spent decades lying to white Americans who love their nation and their heritage just so these greedy pigs could fill their bank accounts.

    They’re like that villain from The 5th Element who was helping to destroy the world with a giant ball of doom so that he could make money off the clean-up.

  13. Did anyone see the little *slip* that Ryan made in the above quote of him. Of course Paul Ryan hates us and White nationalism, but he said more than that. He said: “That is not conservatism. That is racism. That is nationalism.”
    Wait a minute. Ryan said “That is nationalism”, not that is White nationalism. This tells us one of two things. First, from a racial perspective, one could argue that Ryan implicitly acknowledged that race based nationalism *is* nationalism, and the only true form of it. Second, from political only perspective, one could argue that Ryan rejected even civic/proposition nationalism in favor of globalism (aka a border-less Jew World Order). Very interesting.

    • I noticed that and was about to write about it, but you pointed it out first, and eloquently.

      He did indeed say that race is nation and threw down for open-borders globalism in the same breath.

  14. It was Paul Ryan who once said that his job as a US representative was to put himself in the shoes of all the people around the world who want to come here for the American Dream.

  15. “Ryan made the comments in conversation with National Review senior editor Jonah Goldberg.”

    “That is racism. That is nationalism. That is not what we believe in. That is not the founding vision, that is not the founders’ creed,” Ryan said. …”

    …..Ryan doing the bidding of the Jew and lying about the Founding Fathers, who were both racists and nationalists….

    I look on the bright side. These traitors (like Ryan) are finally being held to task. Things are going in a much better direction these days than they have been. Ryan and many like him aren’t even running for offices this time.

  16. Paul Ryan slept with a colored wench who later did prison time on a felony. That’s all you need to know about what a low and filthy character he is…

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