League of the South Launches Russian Language Page To Promote Southern Nationalism

In light of the current hysteria on the Left about Russian conspiracies, I predicted there would be an uproar about this when it was publicly announced:

“The Alabama-based League of the South is launching a Russian-language section of its website designed to attract people interested in “Southern nationalism.”

Classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the neo-confederate organization made the announcement in the days after President Trump met with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The new page will reflect that the Russian people and Southerners are natural allies, according to a letter from league president Michael Hill posted to the group’s website. …”

The truth is that this is a consequence of Silicon Valley’s adoption of Antifa’s “No Platforming” doctrine. The League of the South is one of many rightwing groups that has been purged from American-based social networking and crowdfunding websites over the past year.

The League of the South used to rely on Facebook as its preferred platform for internal communications and social networking, but the purge after Donald Trump was elected has forced us to move to VK.com, which is the Russian language version of Facebook. Similarly, we have been banned from Twitter and PayPal for “hate speech,” which has forced us to rely on other platforms like Gab and VK Pay. We were already pro-Russia long before this, but now we have even more reason to be given that that Russia has solved our communications and payment processing problem.

Russia is committed to free speech and commerce on the internet, not Silicon Valley (Facebook, Twitter, Google, PayPal, etc), which is controlled by the ADL and SPLC.



Why wouldn’t the League of the South open a Russian language section on its website? We have to rely on a Russian based social media and fundraising platform due to political censorship in the United States. As the ADL and SPLC’s political censorship of American social media and fundraising platforms escalates, we expect more rightwing groups will have to rely on Russian based alternatives.

Note: In the last week alone, I have heard that Facebook and PayPal have purged Faith Goldy, ALIPAC, Red Ice and Peter Sweden. I’ve been told that FreeStartr has also been deplatformed by PayPal and Stripe. Everyone is being given an incentive to get on VK.

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  1. Three very well respected human rights activists-Dr David Duke, Dr Micheal Hill and Vladimir Putin I think are all baby boomers-so they’re not all bad. The South/Russia alliance sounds fantastic.
    Russia is now taking in 15, 000 white South African farmers, but really, they should be taking all 4-8 millian. Let black South Africans enjoy black privilege in South Africa once the whites are gone. At the same time, let whites have privilege in their nations-they built them.
    God bless Russia, but remember Hungary, Poland, Italy and Austria are going in to bat for us now as well.

  2. I really don’t think many Russians will be interested in Southern Nationalism. I understand the idea, to gain sympathy for our movement in Russia, but to be honest I see this step by the League as putting the cart before the horse. We still have to win over the hearts and minds of our own people and should be focusing time and resources on that. Plus I don’t think Russia is really a natural ally, though I don’t think of them as an enemy either. If you made the claim to the average Russian man that we were “natural allies in blood, culture, and religion” then he would probably find that idea totally absurd. Southerners and Russians have very little in common on a kinship, religious, and cultural level.

    • A Southerner, Russians and Slavs in general have a huge amount of respect for the Old South. The flag for the Russian separatists in Donbass is literally just a Confederate Battle Flag without the stars, and one of their popular songs is sung to the tune of “I’m a good old rebel”.

      Can’t for the life of me remember the name of it. ? ??????????.?? ???????? or something to that effect…

      Anyway, I wholeheartedly support this, but then I’m an SVR agent so of course I would. (I suspect Hunter Wallace works with the GRU, but that’s because he is bydlo pridurok). The one thing I would say is to be wary of Roskomnadzor. They they have a very bad habit of deplatforming even fairly mild nationalists in their own country.

      It’s going to be an interesting day when the Weibo gets more user-friendly for English-speakers.

    • Maybe among the Ameriphilie Russians will they find some allies. After all, someone like Maria Butina and folks like her (the pro gun rights, pro freedom of speech (within reason), frontier mindset) speaking a good word or three about the League of the South would help Brietbart-tier normies warm up to the idea of Southern Nationalism. I think anyways. At least it is a new direction to reach folks.

      And, Mr Wallace, Russia doesn’t have freedom of speech, but the limits are, generally, known. Usually. Their Deep State does ban people for no obvious reasons.

    • Russians have always been the natural leaders of the White race globally. The biggest mistake WNs ever made was not to back the Soviet Union during the Cold War. When the federal government forced integration on the South, Southerners should have declared themselves Marxist-Leninists and enlisted Soviet support for a second secession. Just think how much better things would be now.

  3. “And, Mr Wallace, Russia doesn’t have freedom of speech, but…”

    ‘Free speech’ is way overrated to begin with. I daresay that part of the problem that has led to America’s current situation was due to our egalitarian sense of ‘free’ this or that. Ask yourself a question (and give an honest answer): If you were the New Fuhrer of our White ethnostate, would you allow ‘free speech’ to masticate into open demonstrations against your nation and government? I know that I wouldn’t. People who would have the gall to, say, advocate for communism and my overthrow would be met with a swift and overwhelming crack-down. To allow them to advocate and recruit, while you tolerate their activities because of a misplaced worship of ‘free speech’ would be utterly foolish.

    We need to stop whining about how our free speech is being violated. We need to stop whining about it and just get busy overthrowing these Leftists. They LAUGH at our whining about our “free speech”. As will we, too, once WE have the levers of power in hand.

    So Putin’s Russia doesn’t really have freedom of speech? Good. Putin is smart.

    • Thanks, Joogle: “masticate” was a spell-check error. I meant “metastasize” in the post above.

    • Agree 100% w JimB. I try to make similar arguments sometimes but it feels like talking to a brick wall.

  4. “We have to rely on a Russian based social media and fundraising platform due to political censorship in the United States.”

    No you don’t. There are so many options out there we can’t even keep up with them all. Not to mention the options that could be developed based upon the need.

    • “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.”

      It’s a Marines unofficial slogan as many of you know. And it sums up my view perfectly when it comes to the challenges that face us. Like Tom said above, there ARE plenty of options out there for us. Granted, the ‘social-media’ platforms ran by the Left are Goliaths… but they aren’t fit and healthy giants. They are sickly and week ones, actually, like King Kong after being shot dozens of times on the Empire State. We can fly around their heads like the helicopters did, make em dizzy as hell. We have to stop whining… and improvise, adapt and overcome.

  5. I wouldn’t invest too much breath in Russia-worshipping as seems to be all too common among American white nationalists. I find it not only unhealthy but sickening as well, but we definitely share some common enemies these days and we would be fools not to seek out strategic alliances.

    Do we share common blood with Russians? Very, very little.

    Do Russians view us as their racial cousins? Pfft. Now that is a joke. They don’t even like Ukrainians.

    Do we share a common religion? Just barely if you draw the line at faith in the Resurrection. It is much more reasonable to just acknowledge we have a common enemy in mohammadanism and a common enemy in globohomo and just leave it at that.

    Is it a good idea to start reaching out with stuff published in Russian? You bet, but please spare me the drivel.

    • Closer in agreement with Tom Jones. The pros are : 1. If a full blown Civil War II hit … we’d want help from Russia, or at least them to stand down and let us win. 2. In the restructuring of America into a few new Republics, ( ours being a very enlarged Confederate States of America for white Christians only, ) we sure might end up having labor shortages in certain categories. From where would we fill them ? I would start with Europe, then South Africa, THEN Russia, but not Ukraine or eastern Europe because we need closer matches with ourselves. 3. The new CSA will need trading partners AND we certainly don’t want to be seen as a threat to any nuclear power. ( We’re just a Super Switzerland. Leave us alone we leave you alone. ) Cons : MANY Russians and MOST eastern Europeans … are accustomed to treating their subordinates ( that would be you when one of them hires you, ) like dirt. Creating a “distiller of scumbags,” so to speak, meaning a filtering and training them to be a Confederate system … would require effort and resources. What do we gain ? I’m 1000 % serious. You would need training books and videos and PSYCHE TEST(S) to filter out the A-holes ! I suppose we’d need that for ANYONE we let in from another country though ?

      Go slow.
      Try again …

      • We can fill the labor shortage the same way we would have if we had won our war for independence.

        I suppose it may be good to draw in a handful of elite (nonsemitic) European businessmen and scientists but other than that I really don’t see the use in ANY immigration unless we are buying Mayans at rock bottom prices from Mexico and those wouldn’t really be immigrants so much as chattel.

        It would be simpler to just have zero immigration, that way you don’t have to worry about setting up a bureau to inspect them all. We can have our own children.

        • The original CSA provided for Open Borders. A new nation should not repeat that mistake. Also the farm lobby idiots must be stopped at all costs. Better a $20.00 head of lettuce than nonwhites in your midst.

          The original CSA had no desire to rid itself of the Negro, in fact it would have been impossible to grow Cotton without them as mechanical cotton pickers were not perfected until after WWII. Up until 1960 25% of Southern Cotton was still hand harvested. That was because the first mechanical pickers did a poor job. Even today, farmers often send men through the fields to clean what was left behind.

        • You will have to rid yourselves of child labor laws compulsory school laws and public high schools as well. You will need field workers if you deport nonwhites, and that free labor will have to be from children and teens.

        • The Deep South would have collapsed without the Negro. PERIOD. There was no way possible to fill that labor shortage, at least in the Deep South, the Mid and Upper South yes. Why do you think proposals to emancipate then deport them always failed? Being in 2018 you have no concept of what it was like to live in 1850 and how much hand labor it took just to survive. It was truly unreal. Whites couldnt have enough kids to feed the labor pool

      • @TheGrayGhost

        Very much in agreement with your assessment. At this time I think we need to focus on getting our own folk on board with Southern Nationalism. When we finally do win our independence we, as a new nation, will probably need a transfusion, so to speak, of new blood in the form of skilled immigrants. Ideally we should have a very discriminating(and limited) immigration policy, letting in people with skills we need, and preferably from the Anglosphere, as they will assimilate faster than different ethnic groups. We should have a scale, in which skilled Anglo-Celtic people get priority, and so on from there. I think immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe should be basically nonexistent, unless there is someone from those areas who has a particular skill we absolutely can’t do without. I think we all understand how detrimental the mass immigration of Irish and Germans into the North before the Civil War was to the Southern cause, and we should be weary of allowing in any large number of immigrants over a short period of time, no matter how close they are to us in language, culture, religion, etc. Preferably, any immigration should be kept at bare minimum, and only for a set amount of time. Also, we must remember that we are trying to preserve our own unique nation, not trying to create refuge for all whites from around the world.

        • Open Immigration was a SOUTHERN Proposal Gray Ghost in fact Thomas Jefferson based his entire party on it, on the belief that if the largely New England Federalist Party was destroyed, Slavery wouldn’t be opposed. Jefferson sold this lie to a bunch of Southern Democrat MORONS and they BOUGHT IT, HOOK LINE AND STINKER. Well it seemed to work, at first the immigration was Ulster Scots, English, Welsh and some Irish Catholics. They were ambivilent toward slavery. Then in the late 1820’s began the Immigration from Central Europe, which was made up of men looking for small farms and they were told the South had slavery which was unfair competition. These were the men who lobbied for the Homestead Act. The 1848 Revolutionaries came, but thanks to Jefferson there were no laws to keep them out. From the Immigration Act of 1802 to the Immigration Act of 1921 we had open borders 100%.

          The problem with Immigration is that it gave Northern states more Congressional Seats, More Electoral votes and by 1860 the ability to elect a candidate unto themselves. Jefferson for a person who supposedly understood math didnt grasp this simple principle.

          Immigration caused the War For Southern Independence, it will cause another war soon. No Immigration=South continues to dominate politically. Open Borders=Northern Domination

  6. I think everyone must bear in mind that the Russians cannot be expected to embrace any pro Fascist or NS website, after what they went through in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 -1945.

      • After what they went through?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Are you nuts? What the Soviets did to the German women after the war was the true Holocaust.

        • The Germans were not exactly social workers in WWII, they destroyed Warsaw, Leningrad and Stalingrad. The mass rape of German women after the war was a crime that the jews, not the Russians, were responsible for.

  7. “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values, Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”
    –Vladimir Putin

    In his state of the nation address in mid-December [2013], Mr. Putin also portrayed Russia as a staunch defender of “traditional values” against what he depicted as the morally bankrupt West. Social and religious conservatism, the former KGB officer insisted, is the only way to prevent the world from slipping into “chaotic darkness.”

    After having learned about Putin’s stand on morality a year or so ago, I have come to admire him more than any other politician on earth today. I am sure he has his personal faults like everyone else but to stand up and speak so boldly in such a high political position is incredible.

    Great move, League of the South! We are living in this modern day Sodom and Gomorrah known worldwide as the USA … and none of these American politicians or even religious leaders can take a bold stand and thoroughly and convincingly condemn it.

    God Save the South!

  8. Good God, has anyone looked at the comments on that AL.com article? There’s the typical accusation of us being unpatriotic and unchristian, of course. Weird how the “opiate of the masses” types love to wrap themselves in the flag and the cross whenever they talk, but I’ve come to expect that kind of thing.

    The newer slurs are a lot more hilarious. They’re accusing us of being communists and Republcians (the latter accusation personally offends me a lot more than the former), saying we’re all in the pocket of Putin (more of a Zhirinovsky fan, tbh) accusing us of all of working for KGB…

    …that one makes me feel especially ashamed. I could almost understand if it was just senile boomers doing it, but hearing supposedly-informed people talking about KGB agents trying to “subvert our Democracy” makes me think that 150 years of peace have done our society a lot of harm. Maybe we could use a good purge.

  9. We have to attack the whore Baptist and all other so-called Christian churches. That is where the rot starts. I have put a section on my website walkerforhouse48.com showing how corrupt the Baptist church and their ludicrous ignorant beliefs are. The Baptist Churches have absolutely no idea what Genesis 1, Chapter 1 means.

  10. AL.com is obvious Jew controlled enemy territory,
    and it’s great that the LOS is a Jew-wise organization!

    Yet to be determined is the intention of Russia’s Putin,
    as truth must withstand the test of time – our best gauge.

    First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

  11. AL.com is obvious Jew controlled enemy territory,
    and it’s great that the LOS is a Jew-wise organization.

    Yet to be determined is the intention of Russia’s Putin,
    as truth must withstand the test of time – our best gauge.

    • Thank Hunter and the young pups for making the League of the South a White Nationalist Organization, taking it away from the Rainbow Confederates. Hunter is a godsend

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