Response To Jasmine Olivia & The Concerned Citizens of Selma

I received a copy of this in my inbox the other day:

Dear Hunter Wallace & The League of the South Members,

We’d like to officially welcome you to the beautiful and historic Selma, Alabama. We read your sentiments about being too scared to show up in Wetumpka, so you chose our hometown, Selma, and our historic bridge as your next choice. Very good decision! We only wish you had chosen to come later in the day when Selma’s citizens were actively going about their day. In case you were unaware, Selma and the Edmund Pettus Bridge are famous symbols of the strides made to change voting rights in the United States. The bridge, named after a deplorable Confederate officer, is a symbol of hope and victory for all people in this country. It is a warm reminder that minorities in this country are not going anywhere and will be treated as equal men. It is for this reason that our bridge is recognizable all around the world and a beacon of hope for so many, so I can see why you chose it as the background for your early morning photoshoot. Who wouldn’t want to stand where the great men and women of the Selma to Montgomery March stood? It’s a no-brainer!

Did you know that Selma, Alabama is a predominately black community? With Dallas county being one of the poorest counties in the state and our incredibly high crime rate, we’re surprised that you had the gall to come into the city limits, let alone post up on our bridge and take pictures. While we might not have the best reputation in terms of poverty and crime rates, we are not ignorant to the existence of hatred, bigotry or racism from some of our white sisters and brothers. We know that the current political climate in the U.S. has you convinced that being outwardly hateful and distasteful is a fun trend that will go unpunished, but we advise you to be very careful about where and when you decide to show up. We certainly advise that if you decide to “show up” in Selma again, to also “show out” and make your presence known. How blissfully ignorant it must be to make a grand statement when there is no opportunity for those who oppose to respond. You mentioned in your press release (if you’d like to call it such. We’ve seen better.) that an SPLF representative was waiting for you in Wetumpka and publishing false stories about your “organization”. We can assure you that you will not have those types of problems in our town. You see, we will wait for you but false stories will be the least of your worries. If you’re interested in finding out what you should be worried about, we advise you to come back for a mid-day visit. You might even want to take a tour. We’re certain that you’ll be met with the same hospitality that our young people give each other.

On the outside looking in, it may seem as though we are divided. This could very well be true, but I can’t think of anything else that would unite us more than a group of disgusting, ignorant, imbeciles congregated on our beloved bridge spewing hate. So again, we encourage it. We look forward to your next visit to the birth place of the Civil Rights Movement. We hope this letter reaches you with the warmest regards.


The Concerned Citizens of Selma, Alabama


It appears that someone in Selma was highly offended by the recent League of the South flash demonstration on the Edmund Pettus Bridge:

H/T The Progressive Pundit

I figured out who wrote the “open letter” this morning:

Jasmine Oliva is from Selma and lives in Birmingham:

“All this city got is history. If this bridge wasn’t here, it would just be another f—-d-up place nobody would visit.” Arsenio Gardner, Selma resident

“We’re tired and too old to be hearing 96 rounds at night. We want to go to bed at night and not hear gunshots.” – Selma City Councilwoman Jannie Thomas

Hi Jasmine,

I’ve been coming to Selma for years now. If memory serves, I was last there in January 2017 to take photos for the launch of Paul Kersey’s book The Truth About Selma: What Happened When the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped. I wrote the preface for that book.

There is nothing beautiful about historic Selma in the 21st century except for the Confederate graveyard. Selma is a dirty, impoverished, blighted, crime infested wasteland. You’re right that it has the distinction of being one of the worst places to live in the United States. I’ve used an image above of the sight that greeted me on my last visit. Even the Shabbat group from Washington, DC which was visiting when I was there called it “a place that feels like an enormous prison with a Wal-Mart.”

What would be the point of the League of the South coming back to Selma in the middle of the day? Does anyone from around here go to Selma these days for anything except to gawk at the spectacular ruin? I’ve been through Selma many times on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons and even then it is still a ghost town full of idle gangbangers, abandoned houses and boarded up businesses that is slowly retrograding to the wilderness. The only thing missing in downtown Selma is tumbleweeds. I noticed that you have plenty of “No More Violence” yard signs though.

The Edmund Pettus Bridge is a symbol of the folly that was the Civil Rights Movement. I love to take friends who are visiting Alabama on tours of Selma and Dallas County for they can behold the result of the Civil Rights Movement with their own eyes. Here is a place where all social and economic progress has ground to a halt and civilization itself is collapsing after a half century of Rep. John Lewis marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge for civil rights. General Sherman’s March to the Sea wasn’t as devastating as John Lewis was to the local economy of Selma and Dallas County.

(Fifdy Years Forward)

A few years ago, President Obama came to Selma for the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. He landed in what The Washington Post called “the post-apocalyptic landscape” of Craig Air Force Base. Imagine what must have went through the mind of the first black president as he passed through the Selmont area where a resident of Selma had just speared, gutted and roasted a raccoon and feasted on its carcass in front of the national news media. Obama put on a brave face when he marched across that bridge and smiled for the cameras. He never gave any indication of the living conditions he must have saw around him in Selma which are significantly worse than many Third World countries.

(MLK wrote the first draft of the Voting Rights Act in Selma)

You act like I have never heard of the Voting Rights Act. This is the home of Amelia Boynton Robinson, the “matriarch of the Voting Rights Act,” who passed away in 2015. This is where MLK wrote the first draft of the Voting Rights Act. It still stands in Selma as just another blighted, boarded up wreck. President Trump should designate it as the Rose Sanders National Monument.

(Rose was recently arrested in Selma for stealing yard signs)

(Thank God. Where would Selma be without her?)

Last time I checked, Selma had a black mayor, a black majority city council, a black district attorney, a black police chief, a majority black police force, a black school superintendent, 99 percent black public schools, a black US representative, a black state senator and a black state representative. While I am sure there has been some turnover in recent years, Dallas County voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. The Voting Rights Act has succeeded in empowering black people in Selma and Dallas County. Congratulations, you now control every elected office of significance in Selma.

Now, I am sure you would love for the League of the South to return to Selma. After all, it is always 1965 in Selma and “racism” and “white supremacy” is the perpetual scapegoat for all of your problems. We can assume the role of the villains while you play the heroes. I have no doubt that you would love to “show out” in a big confrontation on the Edmund Pettus Bridge and make a scene for the national media. Rep. John Lewis could parachute into town for a photo op and you could all hold hands, sing “We Shall Overcome” with Al Sharpton and have another big LARP fest like you do every year there when you pointlessly reenact the Selma-to-Montgomery March.

(No one LARPs harder than Selma)

That’s not going to happen. We’re not going to take the bait. You’ve been living off the fumes of that fake news narrative created in 1965 for over half a century now. Pretty much the last thing that Selma needs in the 21st century is more civil rights LARPing and grandstanding.

(We’re the media now)

I think I will take you up on your offer and return to Selma in the middle of the day though. I will come back quietly, drive around town and take a bunch of photos of Selma’s decline which I will upload to an album on Flickr. We will shoot some video, cut it up and make a documentary. The point will be to show outsiders what Selma looks like 50 years after the Civil Rights Movement. I think we will also drive out to Valley Grande to see where civilization is being rebuilt in Dallas County.

Good post from Eric here about the Selma mall. That’s your real problem. I travel to Selma once a year to snap photos and document the decline. I’ve been coming since 2011.

Note: I did this last year shortly before the Trump inauguration, but I lost all my photos when Twitter deleted my account.

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    • Oh, she wants to kick off the race war with Hunter standing in for the raccoon. How cute.

      • “Trump should designate it as the Rose Sanders National Monument”


        don’t encourage him. Trump loves niggers almost as much as he loves Jews.

  1. Selma simply proves again what everyone already knows: Negroes left to themselves are incapable of creating or maintaining 1st world cities, towns, countries, anything. As long as they are allowed to hate and blame whitey for their dysfunction they will continue to live in smug denial.

    • We don’t “hate” you blacks & browns. We, like you, just want to be with our kind. Our tribe and kin. Multi-culti societies never worked throughout history, and this one, ( America, ) was forced on all of us. We’re NOT all equal but it’s not OUR fault. GOD didn’t make everyone equal. Not even all WHITES are equal ! You guys have to be honest with yourselves. Look at ALL … say it again, ALL majority black cities and nations. Really look at them. YOU would be happier at home, in Africa. WE would be happier at home, in The Confederate States. Let’s each be happy and not hate. Let’s help eachother, let’s make $, let’s focus on making it into Heaven.

      • I hate them! They are childish, prone to violence over NOTHING, mind-bogglingly selfish, parasitic, literally worthless, and UGLY in every way. Their narcissism is in direct proportion to their inferior intellectual inferiority. They run their blubber lips every waking moment, yet offer nothing that’s interesting or thoughtful. Their relentless babble pervades the airways in the same noxious manner that their bodily stench does. They appreciate NOTHING, and destroy EVERYTHING. I hate them.

        Perhaps the inherent tragic flaw in White Southerners is that you don’t hate them. You have too much compassion and generosity to hate them. I’m a Copperhead. I HATE them. I want them OUT of my world.

        • It would be impossible to add anything of substance to what you’ve already said, madam.

        • Southerners never did completely hate NEGROES, they hated certain types of NEGROES. In other words, Uncle Remus and Mammy were good Negroes, they went to Church and praised Jesus. They hated bad Niggers, who were uncooperative violent savages and immoral Jezebels. The system worked fine before Jewry had its way, BUT in the long run it was not sustainable

        • I am right there with you, Denise. I’m a Southerner who has developed an insane hatred for that despicable race. This is mainly because I closely observe them every day, and often have to deal with them because it is part of my job. I have also, along with some family members, been the victim of crime resultant of having to coexist with that subhuman race.

        • I don’t hate blacks. To some extent I actually find them kind of interesting and amusing, I just wish I could keep watching “Sweet Brown” and “Eat da poo poo” from a distance, which (((you know who))) makes harder and harder by the day..

          Actually… I won’t say that I became more tolerant of blacks when I finally became JWoke, but I will say that I became more… forgiving I guess. I used to look at the general shitiness of their communities compared to 50 years ago, I constantly wondered why they were the way they were. Then I noticed that my own people were becoming more and more niggardly by the day (up to and including interbreeding with them). I started looking around to see why, starting to see the Cohencidences piling up and…

          …oh, that’s why you are the way you are.

          …heck, they wouldn’t even be on our continent in the first place if it wasn’t for the Jews and the white overclass who continuously enables them.

        • We just have to really be able to articulate what we want. An enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christians only … preferably with ZERO blood shed. The “war” is not over … but it’s a fluid campaign.

          • If you want to see a new CSA you will have to fight a hard, bloody struggle to make it happen. Voting, petitioning and marching won’t cut it.

        • Toleration for negroes decreases as immediate contact with them increases. Every White person knows this but only “racists” will admit it.

  2. First fruits of the League’s new tactics and this sheboons chimp out is music to my ears. If the League keeps this up and hits one “civil rights” landmark after another in quick succession then I think they will start to get some serious publicity.

  3. The wickedly funny element is that these Negroes are so very, very proud in the devastation THEY created. NO Negro has ever built a structure like the EP Bridge – yet it’s all they have. They, themselves, as a glaring testament to the bedrock sanity of segregation.

    The 2014 Federal Budget detail the FACT that, on average, WHITES pay approx. 3k in Federal taxes, each, and Negroes and now Latinos take approx. 7,500.00 OUT of the system. I wonder if these Negroes are capable of doing that simple and obvious calculation…….

    The White population is diminishing. White resources are growing VERY thin. An earlier article on this site detail Paul Ryan’s vow to “fight the Alt Right”. What that means is that he is being forced to deal with the FACT that Whites, en masse, are beginning to NOTICE things.

    We pay well over 50% in taxes to pay for this NIGHTMARE. I am SICK of it!!! I am SICK of Negroes, and every other variety of rent-seeking dreck. What do these Negroes think is going to happen to them, now that Whitey is saying “ENOUGH!!!!”? They’re going to have to get used to a regular diet of raccoon, or worse, in very short order………….

    • @Denise

      And to add to that, few things irk me more than the lie of ‘white privilege’ spewed by blacks and other minorities. Jews and Asians have more privilege. In any case, whites should be privileged in their OWN nations-they belong to us! I believe in African privilege… Africa. Why don’t they return there, where no whites are, make their own destiny and enjoy black privilege? Because there’s no whites there leech off or claim victimhood against. In my country, I should be more privileged than an Eritrean who rocked up illegally in a leaky boat.
      Deport diversity. Deport enrichment.

    • So true Denise, they literally have blinders on. The so called “civil rights” leaders when doing their LARP ing marches have to look at the ground, or straight ahead to avoid seeing the results of their handiwork. The only reason the bridge still stands is because they don’t live in it, otherwise it would have been destroyed years ago. Uh less the state has been maintaining it though, it is sure to fall apart due to their usual neglect, a la all the former colonial infrastructure in Africa ( railroads, power grids,water systems, agriculture, etc.).

  4. My tweet to Pettaway. “I had a good laugh at Jasmine’s response, couched as it was as a threat of violence against LS members. We in the LS don’t want violence and scheduled our “taking the Pettus Bridge” when we knew that most of the “majority” race would be sleeping off their typical night time.”

  5. What’s interesting Hunter, is that you know a lot more about Africa than LaQuisha does. I bet that like most plastic American Negroes, she knows nothing about the history of any African nation before or after colonialism, and can’t name any African tribe other than Zulu. I doubt she even knows what the capital of Angola is.

  6. It reminds me of East St Louis, another almost all black town, with nothing left but boarded up buildings.

      • It is said that subdivisions are named after what they destroy, eg Piney Grove, Cedar Point, Willow Brook, etc. I suppose the same would be true of our Federal District (or whatever version of a capital we have). I don’t want Dixie to have to sacrifice another small town, another farming community or any wilderness area. I therefore propose that our big, beautiful capital be built on top of a bulldozed ghetto.

      • Cairo must have always been a bad place, because even Charles Dickens didn’t like it when he visited America in 1842.

  7. I could tell right away that the letter HW rec’d from the Concerned Coons of Selma was written by a Simian-American. I’ve never read anything written by the coloreds that wasn’t rambling and incoherent.

    If I am ever in that part of the South again I would be delighted to have HW as my tour-guide!

  8. HW, you have never shared your thoughts with us regarding Governor Wallace. I should like to hear what you have to say.

  9. Hunter, the thing is the South will always survive poverty because it still has its faith or least at this time it still does. The irony is if you see the Northern cities with the chaos there, the Negro is so much worse because he has no connection to the history, no real deep connection to anything, so he just lashes out. He knows his family came here for labor and never will be anything but a Nigger to them. The sickening thing is the way the Northern Liberals butter up the Negroes, yet they scorn Poor Whites, because most of the Poor Whites come from Southern Diaspora families.

    You need to do a good piece on the Diaspora Hunter. I dont think you even realize how many people exist in the diaspora

    • The most violent black-on-human crimes seem to occur in your Southern cities, though. Our nigras in Boston and New York are relatively tame compared to the ones you’ve got in Houston, Dallas, Little Rock, etc.

      • That is because the South is INTEGRATED, it was always INTEGRATED. Segregation was only about Marriage, Schools, public buildings, social interactions, etc. The North was in fact the place where full separation was kept. Thus you could grow up in Queens or Brooklyn NY say you were born in 1930 or 1940 even and have very little contact with them. Same with Cleveland, Detroit etc. In the Deep South they were living near you working in your homes, etc

  10. In the aftermath of PermitPattyGate, I cruised through a fairly ghetto-ish Target and overheard two Boomer black women wondering aloud what possessed the shoppers who’d left clothing strewn all over the aisles. I’d have given it a 2.5 of 0-6 on the Negro Retail Rampage scale.

    Then a week later I was in another, more solid middle class Target that tries to compete with Walmart by classing things up. A middle class Boomer black man stood beside me while I found my Kevita probiotic drink for 50 cents less than the nearest health food store. He commented that he couldn’t find his specialty elixir but at least he didn’t have to deal with ‘that crowd’ in Walmart.

    We all know who ‘that crowd’ is, and all these black Boomers know too. What’s confounding is why they think that crowd won’t take over and drag us down into a Third World shithole if they – black people – don’t stop them.

    I guess they don’t feel the power to, or can’t in their hearts face the reality of the situation.

    The entitlement the black elites and undertow live in knows no bounds. Whatever non-state-enabled black middle class exists stands no chance against the alliance between their more and ‘less’ fortunate counterparts. I can’t say I don’t feel sorry for some of them, but I also can’t say I’ll waste a minute feeling guilty, either. The jews rigged it all at the end of the day. I resist indulging the impulse to exult in premature schadenfreude.

    We simply don’t have the time or resources for it.

    • I don’t mean to lecture obliquely here. I’m just emoting.

      But I do struggle with feeling that we are running out of time, and that if the League and Southerners in general cannot countenance the jew hand behind black depravity we also stand no chance.

      It is a jew-set trap, this defining of white liberation and identity in terms of direct conflict with blacks. Even if Southerners or League members don’t truly define themselves thus, the jewish governmedia juggernaut will do it for you.

      Michael on here I think once explained the historic symbolism of the black and white cross. I was intrigued but unconvinced that the aesthetic doesn’t feed into charges of ‘KKK’ etc.

      The South that I explored and experienced was a place of love and compassion compared to the North, particularly the Northeast. Its history will only be accessible to those whose eyes and hearts are open. So while Southerners and sympathizers can’t fully reclaim it for the future, we can still write a new one of our own, this time with no jew hand to sully and distort it.

  11. This same scenario plays out everywhere that whites hand over control to blacks. Selma, Detroit, South Africa or even some towns in the U.K. Notice a pattern here? Blacks take over something, then it just happens to turn into a dump…..who would have thought!
    Myth:- nogs think they’re an equal race who are
    treated unequally.
    Fact:- they’re an unequal race that ARE treated equally, more equally than they deserve to be.
    Also, in South Africa they don’t treat whites equally…
    Some of what was said in his letter sounded like threats. You have a right to show up and voice an opinion, just like they always do. Don’t
    EVER allow yourselves to be bullied or silenced.

  12. What a warm and welcoming letter. I’m surprised she didn’t use those really big, BIG words like Michael Eric Dyson does. What a smug little jig. The delusion among blacks is breathtaking.

  13. I get so sick of the “brotherhood” thing. The nigras were 6th day creations. Adam was an 8th day creation who blushed red in the face. Your Selma article was excellent. Well voting rights do not create wealth without intelligence, purpose and work. I feel sorry for the people of Selma because they have been so seriously misled.

  14. Selma and South African crime on the Cape have a lot in common. Home invasions, detroiting, shitholing, roams in packs, opportunistic – I could go on. Listen to the Conservationist at the end of the vid. Where have we heard this speech before?

    Baboons cause havoc

    • Such a good video. One can imagine that the residents there are sublimating rage against blacks by aiming at the Capetown Baboons. Cathartic release.

  15. Jasmine Olivia proves that the only thing blacks know how to do is threaten violence and aggression when their precious feelings get hurt by reality.

  16. To make a long story short, they’re Stone Age savages. No amount of free breakfasts and lunches can fix Evolution.

  17. The really only encouraging thing is that all these Leftist strongholds have the potential of becoming Selmas.

    Just view the city council meetings at Charlottesville VA online. These radical Leftists scream at and shout down every one on the Right and even those who just oppose their radical Left-wing plots to transfer wealth from whites. The business people are watching things turn unprofitable and soon they will have to flee if the whole place indeed heads for a Selma type dump… these radicals are blocking their plans to bring more business and profitability to the area …

  18. There will be no more building anything for any non-whites. It’s back to stone age. For all of them.

    Frankly, these days, if a non-white asks for directions, I send them in the opposite direction. There’s no donating anything if I don’t have any control over where things are going, nor volunteering time or advice.

  19. There is a black nationalist group on You Tube called War On The Horizon. One video I listened to concerned a black power meeting in which the speaker was disgusted with the brothers who believed in black power and yet brought their white girlfriend along for the meeting as if to show off to other brothers.

  20. I’ve been reading Booker T Washington’s auto biography Up From Slavery. You have to wonder what black men like him who were trying to make an effort to improve things for their people would think of the state of things today in some of these places. Or the criminal aspects of black culture and their crappy RAP music calling bitches and hoes. I’m sure that is what he was thinking of when he founded the Tuskegee institute.

  21. I was just looking at pictures of mourners at the site of the Missouri Duck Boat incident. Curiously, from the photographs, all of those who had gathered there for a remembrance ceremony were White, while it would seem that the majority of the victims were Black. I guess the only time that Negroes have a candlelight vigil for some other Negroes is when they’ve been killed by the Police or Whitey.

    Additionally, I see where all nine members of a White family survived, while nine out of eleven members of a Black family drowned. It is an inexplicable coincidence according to the fair and balanced media. I also have some serious doubts about the claim that the Negroes were told that they wouldn’t need their life jackets. The only person that I’ve heard saying that is one of the surviving Negroes. My guess is that the Negroes refused to put on their life jackets, and, to avoid a category five chimpout, the boat operator relented. It seems that anyone 13 or younger is required by law to wear a life jacket. It’s kind of hard to imagine a business like that willfully ignoring, and even flouting, the most basic safety regulations.

  22. @Someone,

    I haven’t read any of Booker T.’s works in their entirety, but I have read numerous excerpts from them, and I have often cited them. Some of my favorites include him warning against a class of Negro who would seek to profit from their past grievances. And, how he no longer felt any animosity toward, or misgivings about, those who had held him in bondage, acknowledging that the benefits of living in the United States far outweighed the price of admission. At the dawn of the 20th century, He flatly and accurately stated that Negroes in America were in a far better condition mentally, physically and spiritually than Negroes living anywhere else in the World. As it was then, so it is now, with the glaring exception that they are no longer held accountable for their misdeeds.

    It seems obvious that, no matter how well intentioned Booker T. may have been, William Jennings Bryan was right to condemn Theodore Roosevelt for inviting him to the White House. If I had to pick a Negro to celebrate, it would be Marcus Garvey.

    • I was just reading Bryan’s commentary on that and he seemed to feel, while he didn’t harbor any ill will toward the Coloreds, he did seem to state that Teddy Roosevelt’s grandstanding with Booker T Washington was just encouraging the Coloreds to rebel.

      Booker T Washington went to Sicily in Italy on a trip and saw the Sicilian Sulfer Mines. If you can see the movie from 1962 BARRABAS with Anthony Quinn, a fictionalized work about Barrabas. Anyway Sicily’s sulfer mines were where Romans worked condemned men to death. Booker T saw the sulfur workers and said they had it worse than any Negro he had ever seen.

      Booker T Washington was destroyed by the (((FELLOW WHITES))) who realized that as long as the Negroes applied themselves to economic and educational improvement and left politics alone, they wouldn’t be able to use them as political leverage. So they put forth this Quadroon called WEB DuBois and he became one of the founders of the NAACP with the (((Spigarn))) brothers. EVERY SINGLE TIME

  23. @Billy Ray,

    W.E.B. DuBois was who Booker T. had in mind when he spoke of the kind of Negroes who would use their collective experiences for their own personal gain. I will have to see if I can locate a copy of Barrabas. Older movies are becoming increasingly hard to find.

    William Jennings Bryan was an interesting fellow. I read a biography of him that had been discarded by a local high school. It was obvious after reading it, why they chose to remove it from the school’s library… His attitude toward Negroes, arguing against evolution, and his Christian faith combined to make him inappropriate for developing young minds. His father almost deserted the Union army when the Emancipation Proclamation was issued.

    • The Southern Planters and the Texas Ranchers and Vegetable growers did more for White Genocide for their own gain than the worst Leftists and the sad part was, they didnt even realize they were doing it. For example, Southern Planters even after slavery rewarded Negroes who had lots of children, thinking more babies-more pickers. The white poverty this glut of Negroes caused in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, those people were told to shut their mouths. Finally after WWII, someone realized this strategy of encouraging Negroes to have big families wasn’t a good idea.

      In 1920 Texas sent a delegation to Congress complaining that if Congress stopped Mexican Immigration, the ranches in Texas would all die and the vegetables and cotton would never be harvested. Because of Texas, Mexico was left with 100% open Immigration to the USA.

      The Texas Chamber of Commerce has done more for White Genocide, encouraging nonwhite immigration from Latin America, Africa, India and the Middle East by the millions into Houston and other places. If you take Texas out of the Union, the USA’s White Population is percentage wise much larger. Literally if you want to blame anyone, no one has done more besides Texas Business to destroy us all.

    • Sadly Texans seem to keep their mouths shut on this subject, because I reckon it’s considered unbecoming for a Texan to criticize the business establishment if the men in charge are Native Texans or something like that. No one is supposed to criticize the Petroleum Industry even though they are bringing in large numbers of nonwhites or criticize ranchers or vegetable farmers, because them’s just good ol boys.

      In 1920 remember Texas sent a delegation demanding open borders. This was long before the Sun Belt Migration of the 1970s. Texas business and farming has never stopped being Pro-Open Borders

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