Christopher Cantwell Is Free

He is banned from Virginia for 5 years, but finally gets to go home to New Hampshire after this ordeal:

A New Hampshire man charged in connection to a white nationalist march at the University of Virginia last year is entering a plea deal with the commonwealth.

Albemarle Circuit Court was expected Friday, July 20 to only take up a motion to revoke or modify bond for Christopher Charles Cantwell. However, the Radical Agenda radio host decided to entered a plea agreement to two counts of assault and battery.

Cantwell was facing two felony counts of illegal use of tear gas, which stemmed from clashes between white nationalists and those protesting them around the UVA Rotunda on August 11, 2017. Jason Eric Kessler had listed Cantwell as one of the speakers at his Unite the Right rally, which was to take place the next day at then-Emancipation Park. …

Cantwell had been scheduled for a five-day jury trial, which was to begin on August 13th. Per Friday’s plea agreement, he is also now barred from Virginia for the next 5 years, is not is allowed to possess a gun while in the commonwealth, is not to have contact with the victims, and was fined $250. …”

I think Cantwell has seen enough of the People’s Republic of Virginia and has no desire to come back anyway. He is free to raise hell now though in 49 other states.

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  1. See the irony….Americans can be banned from their countries’ own states, yet people from Mexico and the third world can just rock up and claim asylum in any of those states.
    Five year ban from Virginia? That’ll hurt!
    No contact with the victim’s? What victim’s?!
    WHAT A JOKE !!!

  2. I will miss walking the battlefields in Virginia but I no longer wish to spend a nickel or a minute in that f***ed-up state.

    • Dear Mestigoit,
      I appreciate your sentiment, and share some of your feelings, but, that so, I think it is unfair to punish millions of Native Southerners just because so many Yankees have invaded Virginia, and the fact that Washington D.C. has coopted the government of the state nearby to it.

      Do you not know how many Native Virginians seethe at that to which they are subjected?

      Do not abandon Virginia.

      No, in fact, let us cede not another idea, another inch of land, another custom to those from alien lands.

      No, Sir – let us stay right smack dab in the middle of our lands with our symbols and our customs.

      If someone don’t like how we are – let them move, let them stop coming to our lands.

      That, Sir, is how I see, and, I hope, you will rethink your views.

      • Racism of the KKK variety is a hard sell anywhere. Segregation was basically a colonialist scheme. In the Jim Crow era southern whites did not hate blacks and got along rather well. They loved black music — something I was surprised to discover in college. Blacks today are worse off than in 1964 by most measures. … Charlottesville is dominated by soy boy yuppies from the north who think being against racism is the only value other than making money. However, there are pockets of old-school resistance and the city council has been reprimanded by a judge for trying to remove the statues. Council members are being sued by a pro-statue group. … It’s very important to remember that the Democrats would lose every election without the automatic vote of the minorities. BUT the minorities do not give a damn about feminism, gay rights, or Israel. They are just voting for freebies and flattery. We need to turn this fact to account. … We also need to find a new definition of southernness that is not segregationist but affirms the greatness of Lee and Jackson and asserts such traditional southern values as honor, masculinity and femininity, courage, family, and faith against the values of the northern degenerates.

        • “We also need to find a new definition of southernness that is not segregationist”

          Yes! This is an amazing idea. I think I we need a slogan that can really encapsulate this concept. Hmm…

          I’ve got it! “Heritage Not Hate”! This is some good stuff right here. Let me go get a Facebook community started built around this motto. Be right back….

          Well shoot. Turns out there are already hundreds of pages and groups with “heritage not hate” in the name that are obviously Southern/Confederate themed. I guess this idea has already been thoroughly explored.

          Damn. I thought you were on to something there, friend. Guess we’ve kinda been there and done that.

        • @Al Camus
          “We also need to find a new definition of southernness that is not segregationist but affirms the greatness of Lee and Jackson and asserts such traditional southern values as honor, masculinity and femininity, courage, family, and faith against the values of the northern degenerates.”

          The man who is fiercely loyal to nothing specific is in desperate need of psychiatric care.

  3. Maybe he can get a job as a trucker running up and down I-95 and invoke the interstate commerce clause as a defense against his banishment from the Virginia Colony.

    • That’s brilliant actually.

      He could turn coyote and land a plane full of Mexican children into a commercial airfield as the parents await on the tarmac…

      Human Trafficking is Family Reunion!

  4. Excellent news, reminds me of our Fuhrer’s early release from Landsberg Prison in 1924. Will there be another Unite The White rally? Someone here suggested it should be more like a Woodstock music and arts festival instead of a conventional event consisting of marches, speeches and demonstrations.

  5. I’m glad Cantwell is free. He was defending himself from a dire physical attack. He was persecuted for doing so. There is innate natural RIGHT to defend one’s person, no matter what the Commies do and say.

  6. I am glad that Cantwell is free. He was defending himself from physical attack. He was persecuted for doing so. That’s horrific. There is an innate NATURAL right to defend oneself from physical attack, no matter what the Commies say and do.

    • The right to self defense for free born men (NOT SERFS) dates back to the English Common Law. As sefdom ended during the reign of Elizabeth I, we white men have all been in theory free born men. Of course that can be taken away from us by commiting crime but I digress. Solely judging by the common law, Cantwell was within his rights as a natural born free white man.

      The Jewish clown world we belong in today of course doesnt recognize our ancient European laws. We are under Talmudic Law

  7. I pray that all the other political prisoners will be set free … the present Communist PC judicial system is totally corrupt …

  8. Monetize and use it as a force multiplier Cantwell. Write a book. Make sure to have good help and editor. Don’t blow your chance. This is a pivot point for you / us. What do you want : A very enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christians only. How do you get it : By force multiplying the injustice you experienced. Put the book together … then it’s interview and book signing time buddy 🙂

  9. He must be glad to put Virginia in his rear-view mirror It’s clearly a nest of communist insanity at the current time.

  10. The Common Law gives all free born men the right to defend ones life. Cantwell did of course nothing wrong. However under Talmudic Law, there is no real LAW, there are opinions on Laws and opinions are more than the law itself. We live under the Talmud

  11. White Activists will not start to really win until they are willing to not defend themselves, under attack in pub lick.

    I know it’s a lot to ask, and that many are not mentally equippt to so do, but, it is the only way, at this time in history.

    It workt for Ghandi, it workt for King, and it can work for Whites, as well.

    In the era of the film camera, the only good way to protest tyranny is to let it be demonstrated plainly upon yourself.

    Everything else is pissin’ in the wind, so to speak.

    • @Juni

      And I can’t reiterate enough-to be of any use to the movement, you need to build up your strength and learn self-defense. You need to eat healthy food and keep your mind active. Keep it clear and dont cloud it with drugs or booze. Have 4 or 5 kids each-and teach it all to them. Network with likeminded people.
      Overweight drunkards who take drugs and roll around the house all day wasting their time doing nothing, despite being ‘alt-right’, are of absolutely no use to us. I’m huge, muscular and don’t drink or do drugs at all. I don’t look for fights, but am ultimately ready for them.
      The world hates us, as the situation in South Africa clearly highlights. Be ready for your future-and fight for it.

    • @Junius – no. Nyet. Gandhi and King were dark appealing to WHITE People. White People are under the whip hand of the Dark Ones now. We will not be treated with the same generosity and fairness. No.

  12. The liberality of the settlement raises the question of whether the state found itself in an untenable position and was bailing. While I can’t blame Cantwell for taking his liberty and running, it might be that he could have won the case. Perhaps there is still some play in the situation that could be exploited. The cops stood down and didn’t protect Cantwell. Hmm … The city appears to be guilty of conspiracy to deprive the ralliers of first amendment rights. Its plan was to neglect their duties in the hope that a fight would ensue and use the fight as an excuse to declare a state of emergency and thereby disallow the scheduled rally. I’m sure a lot of top lawyers read this blog and will take up the cause…

  13. These unite the right meetings need to continue, however it seems pretty clear that picking the right setting for these meetings is very important, I feel the movement is growing and is getting stronger, but there still are a lot of people who are against us, all the niggers, wetbacks, hebes, white liberal horses asses. In many instances, the police cannot be trusted to do their jobs properly. Local authorities can wind up being a kind of kangaroo court.

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