League of the South Holds North Florida Meetup


I had to choose this weekend between going to Selma and going to the beach. It wasn’t a hard choice. We decided to go to the beach to attend a Florida League of the South meetup.

Selma isn’t going anywhere. It will be in even worse shape whenever I decide to visit. I’ve been saying since the 2018 League of the South conference that we need to have more private fellowship events away from the public spotlight which are safe, fun, comfortable and relaxed. In Alabama, we had a big BBQ and floated down the Coosa River last month.

In Florida, I took my kid to the beach for a few hours, socialized with friends, relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the summer. The point of public demonstrations is to build social capital and real world social networks in our movement. We can accomplish the same goal with private meetups without the presence of Antifa and the violence, doxxing and lawfare that follows in their wake.

Antifa is gearing up for #AllOutAugust:

If you want to go engage with those people, you will have an opportunity to do so at the Patriot Prayer event in Portland, OR on August 4th, UTR 2 in Washington, DC (and possibly Charlottesville) on August 12th and at the Resist Marxism event in Boston, MA on August 18th.

These are all public events in liberal strongholds which have been announced well in advance. No one knows whether the police will stand down again or who will show up at these clashes. Journalists will be on the scene to dox anyone who attends these events.

As for the other goals of our street demonstrations, we can accomplish all of them without the presence of Antifa. We can go anywhere in the South and hold a public demonstration without letting our enemies know about our plans months in advance. Antifa won’t have the time to mobilize, show up and disrupt our events. We don’t have to expose ourselves to their violence, doxxing and lawfare. It is an unnecessary risk that we take by giving them intelligence about our intentions.

We’re better off with Antifa being arrested in droves at their futile #OccupyICE protests and street fighting with conservative groups like Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys. Let them be preoccupied with that while we quietly organize and build our network in the background. They can focus on beating up elderly women and teenagers like at Boston, MA and Berkeley, CA last August.

Note: If you would like to attend one of these private meetups, join the Florida League of the South.

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  1. The problem is that American White Nationalism is weak, disorganized and riddled with infighting. It lacks a coherent ideology and is full of people who seem like infiltrators, or like they don’t take it seriously.

    Say what you want about Sweden but they are lightyears ahead of the US as far as far as WNist activism is concerned. In the US you will never see militant anti-Semitic National Socialists holding large and well organized rallies on the streets, you won’t even seen Alt Lite rallies like that.

  2. You’re taking the correct approach, HW – Spending quality time with one’s family and choosing which battles to fight and where to fight them, instead of letting the enemy decide.

  3. HW is fighting the enemy the right way – He is spending quality time with his family and deciding which battles to fight and where they shall be fought, instead of allowing the other side to decide such things.

  4. I admire and envy your ability to organize quietly and unobtrusively in the South. In other parts of the country this is not always an option. Even so, your efforts are commendable. Keep up the good work.

  5. You should gather one weekend and anounce it to the world. A gathering to promote…..world peace, local jobs, animal welfare and the environment. Have some music and kids events. If the libtards attacked that, it would be a public relations disaster for them. The key is to present as the normal, better side and have a strategy that advances our cause.

  6. Agree 100%. There will be plenty of opportunities to do high risk activism in the street any time. We need to be building families, businesses, networks, and propaganda channels even if it is boring and “cowardly” stuff like using sock accounts online.

    We can also work to mature our ideology and clarify our vision and the strategies to get there. Imagine if we woke tomorrow to hear on the news that the Congress had voluntarily dissolved the US and disbanded, never to meet again. Would we be ready to assume control?

  7. @Tom Jones

    If you can draw people in and share positions on things other than the usual taboo stuff, we can then educate people on our beliefs on a whole range of issues. The really political stuff can then be discussed at a later time-if they wish to know more. There are probably people who believe the myth that we’re all pro-war KKK who support the Neocons. We can win many over if they know what we’re about, and that everything we support is not ‘far right’ as such, but just common sense.

  8. “These are all public events in liberal strongholds which have been announced well in advance.”

    Oh gee… I wonder (((who))), (((who))), (((who))) could have organised them? Any coincidences?

  9. Southern Nationalists don’t need to battle a bunch of imported mobs and their Jew Kommissars, bussed in from Minnesota and New York©. Especially since such events attract the types of people who dilute the Southern Nationalist Message.

    The Confederate Summer of 2015 is the model to emulate for public demonstrations in Dixie. It had a big impact in my neck of the Piney Woods. Probably elsewhere, too.

    On the subject of uniting the Right. You don’t see German Nationalists marching with Polish Nationalists in Poland. Or vice versa. They may share information on tactics and their common political enemies, but that’s it. They don’t dilute each other’s Nationalist messages. Similarly, we don’t need outsiders from other American nations diluting ours. We’re trying to persuade Texans and Alabamians, not folks in Michigan or Wisconsin.

    • They no longer need to bus them in, there are plenty of hard leftists in ever major city now, THANKS JEWS. The Communists now hold Charlottesville VA, Northern VA, Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC, Atlanta GA, Athens GA, most of Urban Florida, New Orleans, Memphis, Houston, Austin, and likely a bunch of other places I left out. These leftists now have a breeding population, that’s been going on in the College towns since the 1950’s and most people didnt even bother to notice.

      As I have said on this board a bunch of times and elsewhere, you have to organize in SMALL CITIES and AREAS in which you control who is coming and going. PERIOD

      • @billyrayjenkins

        “As I have said on this board a bunch of times and elsewhere, you have to organize in SMALL CITIES and AREAS in which you control who is coming and going. PERIOD”

        Exactly what the Texas Nationalist Movement are doing. Every weekend in small and medium sized towns all across the state. They even came to the Fall Pumpkin Festival in Paris, Tx. They hit other local and state cultural events as well. I think they set up a booth at the State Fair of Texas.

        TNM have also gotten the ear of the state legislature and have gotten some legislation passed or pending in the State House. The Texas Gold Bullion Repository Bill, for instance. Which allows for the construction of storage facilities for state gold and valuables of private citizens. It’s considered a step on the road to Secession.

        • Yes and its high time everyone takes an honest look at logistics and takes their activism to areas in which it makes sense. For one, I wouldn’t choose to meet in ANY College town, I dont care whether it is Greenville SC where Bob Jones is, or Lynchburg Va where Liberty is. COLLEGE TOWNS ARE A NO-NO. The reason they should be avoided is the chance that even at a small conservative school these Commies have fellow travelers is high. Instead rally at small towns adjacent to said College town. Another problem with College Towns is the Colleges often have such power they control the local constabulary. This is why Charlottesville happened. In times past Colleges RESIDED in a town, today the towns ARE OWNED BY THE COLLEGE. Colleges take over the politics of an area from top to bottom, like kudzu does.

          The only way to move forward, is to move forward with some INTELLIGENCE. Another thing some states have Independent City Laws. Know the law in said town before you even show up

  10. Mr. Owen is correct, we Northern sympathizers with Southern independence cannot do much for our Rebel friends other than wish them luck. This is your fight, we have our own struggle to wage against the Iron Heel.

  11. I disagree with James Owen only in this sense. Charlottesville WAS a Southern Nationalist Rally, all of those who came from other areas of the country RESPECTED that which was why you mostly saw Confederate stuff. The others came as muscle and respected the message. Which was why you did not see much Nazi stuff in the crowd.

    As for the disaster that happened afterward, unfortunately James Fields Jr. was sad to say this, a native of Kentucky and had grown to adulthood there, before moving to Ohio. Thankfully and I say that loudly, the media has not latched onto that

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