Israel Votes To Create Jewish Ethnostate

Jews: America is a “nation of immigrants.” Abolish ICE. Build The Wall is racist. White Nationalism is immoral. Ethnostates are tantamount to Nazism.

Also Jews: Israel is a Jewish state. Syrian refugees are a threat to Israel. African immigrants should be deported. Israel should create exclusively Jewish communities.

“Amid a moment of national euphoria, Israel’s founding prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, emerged from retirement in July 1967 to warn Israelis they had sown the seeds of self-destruction.

Israel had just won a stunning military victory against its neighbors, elating Israelis with a sense that the grand experiment of a Jewish state might really work.

But Ben-Gurion insisted that Israel give up the territories it had conquered. If it did not, he said, occupation would distort the young state, which had been founded to protect not just the Jewish people but their ideals of democracy and pluralism.

Now, a half century and one year later, Israel has formally declared the right of national self-determination, once envisioned to include all within its borders, as “unique to the Jewish people.” …”

What is their objection to White Nationalism?

“Following the howls of criticism leveled at Section 7 of the Basic Law on the Nation-State, enabling the establishment of segregated communities based on religion, nationality or other characteristics, the coalition came up with a new version: “The state sees developing Jewish communities a national value and will act to encourage, promote and establish them.” Racists, it turns out, remain racist.

The previous version tried to garb the provision in the appearance of neutrality towards the group. It was only in appearance, because a day-old babe in arms would realize that the whole point of the provision is to enable the establishment of purely Jewish settlements through the constitution, not just through the law. The new version raises the overt, blunt discrimination to the constitutional level. After all, how could Jewish settlement be advanced without confining it to Jews? And that isn’t necessarily in tiny existing communities but in new ones established in order to manifest the national value of Jewish settlement. And why confine this Judaification to small rural communities, instead of letting this racism flourish everywhere – in the cities too?

Richard Spencer is embracing Israel’s new nation-state law:

I’ve seen him getting some pushback on this. Wouldn’t this be a good talking point though to use on White evangelical Christians who worship Israel?

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  1. Jews have exclusive Jew towns in at least New York state. The government is exclusively Jew, the cops are Jew, schools taught and run by the Jew. The Jew cops enforce the Sabbath restrictions on various activities such as driving cars on the streets.

    • and as you pointed out at WRS, Broward County is…or amounts to…an “Eruv”, i.e. Israhell-in-America. Ditto Hollywood, Miami Beach, and a lot of other places in Zionist-controlled ‘Murka.

      • In my extended direct experience, “Leftist” Jews tend to be as ethnonationalist as the Orthodox and most often marry other Jews.

  2. Perhaps the Fourth Earl of Spencer is trying to provide consistency to his argument regarding the ethno-state, that it is a concept which can apply to both jews and humans?

  3. The Zionist state of 2018 has drifted quite far from the “guarantees” made by Arthur Balfour in 1917 regarding the establishment of a “national jewish home” in Palestine.

  4. Maybe Spencer is subtly trying to point out the hypocrisy of the jews regarding their desire for a jews only ethnostate in Palestine?

  5. Israel has always been a pretty piss weak example of an ethnostate. Leaving aside that it has 25% non-Jews, the Jews there come in all shapes, colors and sizes with a light-skinned Ashkenazi minority ruling the rest. Seems less like an ethnostate and more like one of those feudal Central American countries where everyone is supposed to be united in a “Hispanic Catholic” culture but in reality they are divided by a color-caste hierarchy.

    • There’s no real need to “leave aside that Israel has 25% non-Jews”, as they did that on their own through their recent declaration that only Jews in Israel have self-determination. They’ve long been doing that through Jew specific marriage and immigration law.

  6. This is just the same thing they have doing all along just spelled out.

    “Israel will ensure the saftey… of Jews in the disaspora.”

    In other words, Israel will be like a base for a globally operating ethnic mafia.

  7. I kind of agree with Spencer. I’m happy to see Israel be Jewish-they need to be somewhere, so long as they allow it also for white Europeans in their territories. I also want every
    African country including South Africa, to consist only of blacks. Pretty simple really.

    • Except for the fact that Today’s ‘Jews’ are NOT the ‘Israel of God’s’ heirs, and that they no more have a ‘right’ to the Holy Land, than I do, to the State of Hawaii as my own personal kingdom!

      They are a foreign ethos, who are miscegenated Mischlings that have NO CLAIM to ANYTHING pertaining to YHWH God, the Covenant, or the blessings of King David.


    • You’ll wait forever for them to “allow it”. They never will.

      They’ll just drag this out, throwing you breadcrumbs through Breitbart (wink, wink, the Muslims are antisemitic goy, don’t you want your sons to join the military to fight them in the Levant to fight for good goy cuckservatism?), until their State power is eventually un-matchable in contrast with the destroyed Aryan nations.

      Moreover, citing the need for their such allowance, combines with ignoring 20th century history, to both equal an acknowledgement of their aggressive supremacy (which precludes their allowance) and a willful misunderstanding of the Jewish political entity and its recent history.

  8. While I would love to wave this in the face of my lefty friends on social media, the fact is that not even this is airtight as an accusation of hypocrisy against the Jews. The two Jew publications you cite here take a negative stance, and it is mentioned that this was a move put forward by “right wing Jews” against left-wing opposition. Way too easy to just handwave this as “not all Jews.”

    Now, if the more left-inclined Jews start openly championing this move…well then, I’ll be licking my chops.

    • “Many Southerners” are the way that they are due to relentless Jew negative cultural influence and interference.

  9. If I was Jewish I would support a two state solution-one for Jews and one for Palestinians because I would recognize the greatest danger to Israel is the high Arab birthrate of those 20% of Arabs who are Israeli citizens but not Jews.Send them to the Palestinian State otherwise Jews will become a minority in Israel.

  10. I heard somewhere that Jewish anti-white hate group, the ADL, gave a token comment condemning this move by Israel. I’m guessing it was just to give themselves some credibility and to look balanced, when in reality, they likely support it wholeheartedly in private.
    If you want a white ethnostate, you’re racist. If you oppose Israel being an ethnostate, you’re racist. If you support staying out of wars for Israel, thats racist…

    • The ADL will do that from time to time. Though, their real (supremacist) feelings on the matter invariably shine through by how little or how much they say.

      For example, when Ovadia Yosef went full Jewish Supremacist in a public speech the ADL managed to cobble together about two lines “condemning” as “divisive” Yosef’s expressed view that non-Jews are meant to be slaves to Jews. Not supremacist, wrong, alarming, nor immoral. Just divisive. AKA: just bad for Jewish-Goysih relations / bad press for Jews.

      In contrast, David Duke has never come close to such supremacy and the ADL seems like it must devote 20% of its budget to monitoring and writing about him.

      Similarly, don’t expect any type of significant ADL effort to condemn an explicit Jewish ethnostate. Its lip service They want this ethnostate. They are, by definition of their double political standards, Jewish supremacists.

  11. Jews cultivate non Whites in our countries to turn them against the White majority. These same non Whites are turning on their Jewish patrons.

  12. Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, a well known Jew, when writing in the Jewish publication, Liberal Judaism, January, 1949, about the newly created state of Israel declared:

    “For the curse of Cain, the curse of being an outcast and a wanderer over the face of the earth has been removed.”

    John 8:44 Christ told the Pharisees: “Ye are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father you do. He (Cain) was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.”

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