RIP Harold Covington

Harold Covington, the leader of the Northwest Front and a fixture of the White Nationalist scene for the past several decades, has passed away in Washington.

He once wrote an entire novel about me, Freedom’s Sons, in which I was cast as his arch-enemy and president of the United States. I was a sexual pervert who was assassinated by my mistress in the Oval Office. Needless to say, Harold Covington was a difficult person to get along with. He clashed over the years with nearly everyone in the White Nationalist movement.

Anyway, I forgave Harold for writing that book a long time ago. It is hard to imagine a world without him. Even if I didn’t always agree, I enjoyed listening to his podcast from time to time. I will always have fond memories of listening to Radio Free Northwest while living in Virginia.

RIP Harold Covington

Note: Andreas Donner has a memorial podcast up.

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  1. I think his idea of the Northwest Front was PARTIALLY and I will say it again PARTIALLY right from a demographic sense. However demography isn’t culture. The people in the Pacific Northwest are known to be some of the biggest Race Traitors, Cucks, Atheists and heroin addicts on earth. Why exactly would we think we could make it work there? The people who have been there since the 1880’s have metacisized into utter degeneracy.

    At least the South, even with the prospect of being massacred and eaten by Negroes in certain places, is still culturally strong and religion still matters. It does so because of blood and soil.

    • We want the land not the people. Race traitors, cuckservatives and libtards will be pushed aside. There is no place for concentration camp fodder in the Pacific Northwest.

      • Well you say that, but seems to me something up there in the Pacific Northwest just creates cucks. Would I want my descendants (speaking metaphorically) to be cucks? No

      • No sir, it is an opinion. I personally believe certain environments breed certain men and its obvious to me the Pacific Northwest does not breed good ones. Now could that be changed? With hard work anything can be changed. I did NOT object to the Northwest Front, I raised a doubt about it because to me, to start from scratch while i see the benefit in doing it long term, you take away the links to blood and soil. You cannot uproot Dixie plant it in Idaho and expect it to remain the same.

    • The “Northwest Republic” idea was an old, dead idea that Harold Covington picked up when it was no longer viable.

      In the late 1980s when Richard Butler and Tom Metzger were still promoting the Northwest, Harold Covington had something called “Confederate National Congress.” Tubby gave up the Confederate idea and embraced the Northwest idea in the mid-1990s when he had to flee the South because of Will Williams’ libel suit against him.

      The Northwest at that time was no longer full of angry White farmers as it had been in the 1980s.

      • Hello Hadding the Loveless KAS-Fluffing Mattoid Meercat:

        Is WhiggerSwill Welass Williams still paying you out of his $5,000 per month federal crazy check to stir up haet against Hair-old?

        WhiggerSwill is scraping the bottom of the barrel insofar as ZOGbux is cooncerned. Why don’t you go back to phorafags/feebs and itz “Sheltered Workshop of the Hu-Whigger Bowel Movement” to post your latest revisionist-haet on Hair-old? I’m banned from over there since Jewlie 4, 2009, although I might make an appearance as a sockpuppet and run you off again like a meercat pissing down itz leg & running for the tall grass..

        Randolph Dilloway says that CornCobb’s ninety-year old mother is worth $80 million. A few million to buy the Pierce compound, do an egg-transplant for CornCobb’s hibernigger skank a-theist/CreaTard girlfriend so that she could spawn a 14/2 % nog, 86/2 % jew mischling and 100/2% crazed hiberniggress skankazoid of infused capital would be worth a lot more than $400,000 in Order loot in 1984-era ZOGbux, I’m sure. CornCobb could pay by cashiers check instead of digging it out of brown paper bags stashed in a duffle bag as well.

        You could move into one of the trailers with Kevin Alferd Strom and whatever he could lure in from the grade skrule as well.

        I’m allowed to post here as long as I don’t go overboard on the Dylann Strom Roof fan-club stuff.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

        • Fellow WN, regardless of your opinion of HAC, this turn of events have exposed a situation among ourselves. If we truly wish to succeed and overthrow the enemies of our race, we must stop fighting each other and start coordinating to succeed in observing the 14 words. For everything that is right in this world, we must stop fighting! HAC was cut from a different material, he did things his way. Regardless of your opinion, the man and the deeds passed this world and left. Whatever your opinion, I respect it. Could he have done this or that better, probably, we all could have done better in several situations in our lives. The man and the deeds are done. We must now continue our fight for our race. Let us learn from our previous mistakes and understand this, united we will succeed, divided we will become extinguished! Southern League, Northwest Front, National Socialist Party, Christian Identitarians, we all have one goal, and one goal only, the 14 words!

          It is time we stop looking at the past, at our previous mistakes, grievances, personal or otherwise, and start cooperating! If we fail to cooperate for our own good, we will perish! Let this be a warning as well as a message. After you have read this and understood that nothing else matters than to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, if you continue to engage in endless destructive commentary or behaviour, you are part of the problem.

          I beg of you WN, we must unite! I understand there are profound differences in our movements but the end goal is one and the same, so let us cooperate! I want to see the Southern League succeed, the Northwest Front found the NAR, and the National Socialist movements across the White world reverse the damage that a century of Zionism and Marxism has inflicted in our people. Wherever you are, keep fighting for the 14 words, in your movement, in your own personal life, I salute you. When the time comes that a fellow WN requires assistance, we must be there for our brothers and sisters. Regardless of differences in religious and political views. We all want the same destiny, so let us pursue that instead of fighting each other. In a true meritocracy the best of us will lead and the rest will follow. As important is the leader as the soldier who follows. Let us be a brotherhood of love for our own race and leave petty squabbles behind. I implore you brothers and sisters, let us leave this dark past of inner fighting behind and write in history a new page, for our time is at hand and we will succeed!

          Hail victory!

  2. As fate would have it, Mr. Covington ran the Nazi Party a few blocks from my home in Raleigh, during the 1970s.

    At the time it was popular among teens, and I was one, to call his office to hear him vent and spew, at the top of his lungs, on his answering machine.

    He was so over the top in negativity that it was simply comick to behold.

    Of course, we really had no real comprehension of the matters of which he spake, and his churlish ways made sure that none would investigate those matters further.

    As to the adults in our community, they either totally ignored him or regarded him with disdain, and so, if it had not been for childish pranks, and the fact he covered the main window of his office in a giant Nazi flag, he might have passt through completely unnoticet.

    Many years thence, and I have come to regard Mr. Covington as a first lesson in learning how to distinguish between those Traditionalists & White Activists, who do what they do out of love, and those who proclaim Traditionalism and White Aims because they are vitriolick misanthropes, venting their childhood-acquired spleen mererly for spite’s sake.

    Activists like Mr. Covington are a great blessing for The Left, just as those like Congresswoman Maxine Waters and pundit Kathy Griffin are a boon to The Right.

    My hopes for Mr. Covington is that the Lord remakes his heart, so that whatever future existence he has is not filled full of unct.

    My hopes are that his family, which was endlessly severed from, and by, him, can now begin to get some healing.

    • I’m not the type to badmouth a guy after he’s dead, but he did rage at me for weeks after I asked if he wanted to do anything IRL or just rage about how everyone else does things.

      • Dear FNP,

        I do not think that you are badmouthing Mr. Covington.

        That said, the legacy of a man is basically threefold –

        #1. How his community remembers him

        #2. The esteem, or the lack of it, his family feels for him.

        #3. What The Good Lord thinks of the way he spent his life.

        Your silence, or that of others, cannot change the tracks that Mr. Covington left in the hearts of others.

        Mr. Covington badly needed the inscrutably magical healing which the King of Kings, Jesus Chryst, could have brought him, yet, and he did not get it, because he rejected Him.

        In any case, thank you for your testimonial.

        Be well.

  3. Andy Donner called me Friday and told me the “bad news”. I said tht I didn’t think it was Gretchen the Librarian wearing a wire like Axis Skanky. Harold has been in poor health, particularly the past three years. They had a welfare call made Thursday and figure out Harold died the morning of Tuesday July 17th.

    I asked Andy what they would do. They started working on Harold’s modest estate yesterday, Harold has no debts other than a used car payment. Harold’s intellectual property was made public domain four or five years ago dealing with WhiggerSwill Welas Williams who settled back in 2014 his outlandish claims. Harold’s family want Harold’s Party People to deal with Harold’s funeral arrangements, and they didn’t notify the SPLC or ZOG. What few assets Harold has will be plowed back into Harold’s Northwest Front. From what I gather probate will be a mere formality.

    So for the next few months there will be eulogies and “best of” Radio Free Northwest podcasts. They will have to cut back.

    Andy is pretty competent and might well turn into a Brigham Young to Harold’s Joseph Smith.

    I advised Andy to not notify anyone until most of the loose ends could be tied off Monday but to inform everyone before Wednesday. Pretty much everyone was disciplined and the news didn’t get out until Andy Donner tweeted the news around 11:40 pm Pacific time Monday night.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • I predicted (I really did) that the National Alliance would die on the vine once William Pierce passed away. The sucklings on his staff (Strom, Roper, Gliebe, etc) didn’t have leadership ability, and were obnoxious in other ways. Today the NA is just a shell of its former self, and dead for all practical purposes.

      Likewise, with the passing of Harold Covington, the Northwest Front is dead too. Sure, it will linger on for a few more months, then…..just fade away. Why? Because the very thought of that boring drone going by the name of “Andy Donner” filling Harold’s shoes makes me chuckle. Listen to his voice if you haven’t already, and imagine him leading us toward a successful quest for a North American ethnostate. Look: if HAC couldn’t make the NWF succeed after ten years of trying, how in hell can an “Andy Donner” do it? Answer: he can’t.

      So the NWF is dead. So what should the seven or eight members do? Well, you could always move to Arkansas and join Billy Roper’s outfit. True, he’s been struggling to make something work for over two decades (White Revolution, etc) but just continues to stumble along, going nowhere. He does do a podcast, albeit far inferior to the one HAC did. And that’s it. The NWF failed and Roper’s shitty outfit is going nowhere. Depressing, I know. Oh well, maybe Matt Heimbach will reinvent himself and make a comeback.

      PS: (((Denise))) is a Jew.

  4. HW as a Caligula or Nero type dictator? Rabbi Covington had quite the fertile imagination. But retreating to the Pacific Northwest was never a realistic or even desirable goal. Just the same I enjoyed listening to Covington ‘s broadcasts. He did have interesting things to say.

    • I have to admit that his books were definitely entertaining, and he definitely made some interesting points from time to time…

  5. The utter hypocrisy of the commenters on this board beggars belief.

    People who have NO TIME for anything approaching orthodox Christianity (Yes, Denise, I am talking about you, just as a ‘for instance’!) and godless Jew converso “faux-convert” papists (Dalton), both asking prayers of the Almighty (which God will NOT hear- for “God does not hear the prayers of the wicked”)….

    And that, for a man who NEVER espoused the love of Christ, or sought, by his works or his words, the building of the Kingdom of God?! Cry me a river.

    I first encountered HAC in the late 1990’s, when I began to receive unsolicited emails from someone (him) that was spewing forth vituperation and bile, but who (on occasion) made sense from time to time. I tried to listen to all comments back then (I learned better, as time went on, that there are/were F/T blogger nut jobs online (313Chris, anyone?) And, because of the technological primitiveness of the computer/online medium back then, I failed to note that a barely legible spinning image on MY computer was clearly discernible as a ‘swastika in rotation’ on my FRIEND’s computer, when I forwarded one of those emails to him… who, (when he received it) because of that symbol that (then) was something unalterably vile and insulting to ANY Christian, caused said friend to sever our professional and personal relationship, stopped all correspondence with us, and even returned a gift my wife and I had sent in apology, all because of HAC, ‘hacking’ my email, and sending me propaganda, unsolicited.

    I read of HAC’s gross personal appearance, his monstrous personality flaws, and his useless, continual mantra of a “Northwest Front” without ANY cognizance (as another has said on this forum) of how LIBERAL the Sea-Tac/WaOre tree-hugger area, is! HAC made John de Nugent, look like a Nobel Prize winner in comparison! The fact that HW’s having been ‘immortalized’ as a lecherous adulterer in one of HAC’s ‘novels,’ is just typical of a man devoid of grace, sanity, or the milk of human kindness.

    “Let the dead bury the dead.” Christ was right. Prayers for a man who never had time for Christ, will mean an eternity apart from Him. And that was all HAC’s choice, from first to last.

    HAC was nothing, and nobody, when it came to working for the good of the Anglo-American.
    Almost as useless as John McCain… or any other faux ‘conservative.’

    • Fauxther John – crawl back up your own anal tract. I hope Mr. Covington does rest in peace, after a long, active, troubled life. I send the message to HIS soul – not YOUR desert Semite gawd.

      Covington made a lot of mistakes, obviously. As a very imperfect Human, I can sympathize with Covington. When I found Stormfront, many years ago, I initially thought the “old guard” folks were crazy. Covington, like a handful of others, was trying, DECADES AGO, to alert a much Whiter West to the peril that was unfurling in every sphere of life. The Mainstream citizens were too pre-occupied with leading their lives, indulging themselves, and dancing to every tune the Pied Piper of ZOG played, much like the doomed ballerina in “The Red Shoes”, or the selfish, feckless, idlers, fleeing the plague in “The Masque of the Red Death”. Covington attempted to sound the alarm, like an increasingly maddened canary choking in a deepening Coal Mine.

      The Whites that have tried, and still try, to get the White Herd to notice that they are being driven over the Existential Cliff, have been insulted, derided, mocked, slandered, persecuted, attacked, and murdered. The worst thing is the rejection of other Whites, who don’t want to challenge the (((status quo))).Did Covington make mistakes, and sever ones? Yes, indeed, I stand by what I wrote – Harold Covington NOTICED, he SAW, he ACTED, and he TRIED. Even if he failed. However imperfect he may have been – he TRIED.

      What have YOU done?

      Mr. Covington This Andy Donner, fellow, whom I do not know, has been given an impromptu recommendation by the marvelous Pastor Lindstedt. This speaks exceedingly well of this intriguing Mr. Donner. This Mr. Donner was willing to work with Mr. Covington. Who works with YOU?

      I grow increasingly weary of “Righteous Christians” and their furious and empty imprecations. I am certain any-one who has read this blog over time can imagine my opinion of Stephen Dalton – but at least he was kind enough to offer a prayer for a dead man. He shows a generosity OF spirit that completely transcends and surpasses your ridiculous, hectoring screech. Your narcissistic sputtering serves as a stark example of why “Christardanity” is dying. And VERY good riddance.

      In short, piss off. You’re a BORE.

      • Denise, as a Catholic. I offer that prayer for anyone who dies, friemd or foe. I offer it for I wish and hope that perhaps they accepted God’s love and mercy at the very last second of their life. Because, what I want for myself, I want for others.

    • @Fr. John+

      Your invented God of the Word doesn’t exist. He is man-made. We know this because certain passages of the Bible on which the entire Christian dogma rests cannot be reconciled with physical reality. You respond by changing the goalposts and assuring us it’s all metaphor. “It’s not to be taken literally!”, you tell us, as if we should have known that all along. Your beliefs are false. God does not exist outside your own head. He was invented to control you, just like the gods before Him. That being the case, what is the use of all your fury at the late Harold Covington? You are just crying into the wind. And why are you Christians always so bitter, angry and hateful?

  6. RIP Harold. I see a lot of people pissing on Harold’s grave. Christ cucks and those who don’t want to move to secure the 14 words, because they’re all talk, and no action.

  7. I listened to a couple of his pod casts but grew weary of his incessant moralizing about how decadent most white people were. He was arrogant and patronizing. I liked his Northwest Front idea though. Forming White community is always a good idea, even if he was not particularly good at it.

    He seemed to have a lot of conflict with other WN leaders. None said anything good about them nor he about them. He seemed to enjoy attacking other WN’s. I tire of that.

  8. Unlike many here I knew Harold, met him, interviewed him, met him & other NW Front Members at Harold’s home. They are all 1st Class, orderly & disciplined, something lacking in other WN entities. Interesting Harold’s “faith” is being attacked, while a person like Heimbach & Parrott who wore it on their sleeves disgraced themselves, Harold never disgraced himself, he fought on for the 14 Words and actually discouraged attacks on Christianity. While some mock the fact that Harold never compromised despite being ostracized by family and others, it is actually a testament to Harold’s strength of character and these people’s weakness and conformity.

    • “Harold never disgraced himself”? This is a guy who only sees what he wants to see.

      Apparently being exposed as a chronic, outrageous liar is not a disgrace, according to El Diablo.

      The laudatory characterization of Tubby’s followers may apply to one or two of them, but as a generalization, April Gaede disagrees:

      “The only problem we have had in Kalispell is with Harold Covington’s Northwest Front followers, Colonel House, his rotten raving drunken webmaster, Axis Sally the former torture porn queen, and the sweet little chain smoking thieving couple from Georgia who have a half black child and a retard they left behind. Harold is so jealous he can’t contain himself so he keeps writing this trash about us because we are successful and he is not.” (April Gaede, VNN Forum, 20 September 2011)

      The kind of violent fantasy that HAC peddled seems to have attracted people prone to intoxication through drugs or alcohol. They were escapists. Several that I noticed came to a bad end.

      All that I can say to somebody like El Diablo is, put down the drugs and get in touch with the real world.

      • Hadding is a close friend & supporter of convicted Pedophile Kevin Strom, enough said. VNN Forum was a supporter of Traitor Glen Miller, enough said, April Gaedewas NOT successful and even failed with her own daughters who are raving pot heads and support multiculturalism. Finally, Hadding is also the Waylon Smithers to one Will Williams another chronic convict.

  9. Hunter Wallace, I have no idea who you are. I landed on this blog as one of my Facebook friends posted a link to it. I have heard of egomania, hubris, narcissism, & overwheening pride but you’ve certainly taken the cake by stating that Harold Covington wrote his entire novel “freedom’s Sons” about you.
    Denise wonderful & accurate comments!
    I knew Harold personally & will miss his brilliance for the rest of my life. Ditto, Stephen Dalton: Eternal rest grant him, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him.

  10. It’s easy to see why these far right movements don’t get off the ground very far, the Nazi’s want to attack the southern nationalists for believing in traditional Christianity. This Covington fellow I never heard of, being pretty new to the far right but he doesn’t seem like a fountain of good personality and positive feeling. I think a movement that is going to really change things for the better, has to offer a type of positive message at some level, not just complain about everybody else.

  11. HAC lied a lot, and endlessly bashed anyone who wasn’t on board with his group, which wasn’t many. He was a notorious user of sock puppets for self aggrandizement, and constantly put forth libel against his fellow man. Its a shame he actually managed to reinvent himself as some kind of movement godfather in his final years. He did all he could do to undo many groups and individuals over the years.

    • Well-said, Fenris.

      I never knew much of this history of conflict with other WNs until recently, but I was always leery of the man and didn’t trust his movement one bit. For one thing, his character, or lack thereof rather, was a major red-flag for me. He threw racial epithets around constantly, fitting perfectly the ADL’s portrayal of White racialists: fat, unshaven, low-IQ and low class, vulgar, beer-swilling “Kluxers”. That was my most immediate impression of the guy after listening to only a single broadcast of his.

      I won’t say “good riddance” about his death, but I will say that I’m glad it didn’t happen at this critical time in our struggle to someone actually important to this movement.

  12. Hunter Wallace’s forgiveness of Tubby Tubbington — and even promotion of his legacy! — after Tubby shat all over not only him but dozens of other people, is a kind of thing that makes Christianity despised.

    You’re looking weak and improvident, Hunter Wallace. Probably you need a testosterone patch.

    • Maybe Hadding the Meercat and Kevin Alfred Strom will share their testosterone patch, given that when they are left to they’se own devices they tend to get into mischief.

      I find it a hoot that Kevin Alfred Strom — of all pisspul — is writing for the WhiggerSwill Alliance about Hair-old forgeries.

      Maybe it is time for Kevin Alfred Strom to republish his notions in the “Charlottesville Tribune” the fake newspaper in which he tried to explain away his coonviction for child porn.

      There are those who are accused and fight the accusation and those who plead guilty to the charges who then are used as liars for ZOG.

      I think you need to go back to the WhiggerSwill Alliance or your own pathetic smarmy jewsuit blog or even phorafags/feebs to get out your spitfool haet of Hair-old, who was flawed yet a greater Resistance Soldier than all of you Piercetarded ZOGbots.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

      • Now Marty, I am a little confused here.

        I recall that some months ago you said on Facebook that you HATED Hair-old, but that you had helped Hair-old only because you hated Whiggerswill more.

        Have you been telling Hair-old’s supporters something different?

  13. You’re probably right.

    Although I feuded with him for years, I didn’t take the opportunity to dance on Covington’s grave because I am a Christian. I find that distasteful. I’m capable of forgiving people and moving on. What are you going to do now that Covington is dead?

    • I am mostly going to keep doing what I’ve been doing, which has nothing to do with Covington since he’s become increasingly irrelevant over the past 4 or 5 years, with the growth of Alt Right media.

      Tubby attracted attention as the most outrageous self-promoter in a small milieu. It’s not so small now, and there are bigger mouths than his at work.

      What flummoxes me is that you are promoting nostalgia for his counterproductive works that promoted violence and were vehicles for libel. Ideally all that shit should be piled up and burned.

      • I acknowledged his death. I think everyone decided years ago that he wasn’t worth engaging and feuding with anymore. Jack Ryan had his own relationship with Covington.

        • You are supplying a link and implicitly endorsing the people who are trying to perpetuate Covington’s cult.

          They should not be getting that kind of assistance, especially from people like you who learned the hard way what Covington was about.

          I might add that you were exasperatingly slow to learn. You didn’t really care until it touched you personally.

          • The Mewling of the ZOGbot PierceTards. Psrt 1

            Give it a break Hadding the Meercat. Now that Harold Covington is dead you lying ZOGbot Piercetards can re-write the History of the Nutty Nineties.

            Back in March 2010 I tried to convince Brad Griffin to not be bullied by Will Williams and his ZOGbot Creatarded meercats to censor Harold Covington on Occidental Dissent. “Robert Campbell”/Tard Wee-weeSperg was allowed to censor Hair-old on the basis of sock-puppetry. Brad Griffin’s best quality is loyalty to his friends but sometimes it leads to his own undoing when Brad’s “friends” turn on Brad, like at phorafags where his “friends” lead by a Belgian Sephardic jew lawyer bought their own v-bulletin license, set up a new domain name of ‘”, downloaded Brad’s database, and then banned brad from their new improved phorafsgd/, That’s what happens when Brad’s “friends” especially them who are jew turn on Brad.

            Whereas with a friend like me when we are around tend to give Brad both barrels when he pisses us off by his fecklessness.

            When this occurred in March 2010 I tried to get Harold to back off in his new book “Freedom’s Sons” but Harold wasn’t having anything to do with it. Hair-old wrote the most implausible section of that book — The Empire Strikes Out — With President Hunter Wllace being a Zionist puppet with testicles the size of peanuts and a sperm count of four as a pervert of sorts texecuted by a whiggress Mata Hari. Conversely “Robert Campbell” aka Tard Wee-WeeSperg is made into a sort of Resistance hero.

            So Hair-old made another enemy simply because Brad stook by some of his worthless friends.

            William Pierce was largely unsuccessful until he gotr $400,000 in Order Loot back in 1983 or 1984 according to Katja Lane (David Lane’s wife) and by the admission of Pierce’s biographer. Pierce immediately paid off the $90,000 note on the 400-acre farm, wasw able to make a sort of payroll, and immediately attracted a pack of largely mamzer and degraded whigger CreaTarded freaks. I called this a sort of “Elohim City for CreaTards”. Pierce’s “plan” was to write super-propaganda so that hi-level whiggers in ZOG’s Satannic Regime would “turn” to the good side of the Farce, like Darth Vader at the very end. See Pierce’s “Hunter” for details.

            Of course accepting ten dollars in stolen money is enough to send you to prison, much less the $400,000 that EVERYONE in the bowel Movement knows about. So Pierce becum a ZOGbot. And Harold Covington called Pierce out on that as Harold did with Metzger and others. THAT IS WHY HAROLD COVINGTON IS SO HATED, EVEN ON UPON HIS DEATH. Brad Griffin, not being a ZOGbot, can forgive albeit not forget Harold.

            But all manner of bowel Movement filth was unleashed upon the bowel Movement by the Pierce ZOGbot Cult. WhiggerSwill Welas Williams, April Gaede, Kevin Alfred Strom, Ron Doggett, TraitorGlenn Miller, Corn Billy Roper. All narcissistic ZOGbot tards who at theyz’ best don’t get anyone but theysselfs in trouble with theyz’ masturbations.

            Harold Covington, for all his numerous faults loved our People and had a Plan, which can be modified to fit in place in the South, the Midwest, and sundry places when ZOG collapses.

            End Part 1

            Hail Victory !!!

            Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

            P.S. Send an e-mail to me @ and we can arrange a debate, Hadding the Meercat.

          • Marty, it’s funny that Hair-old liked to use the alleged $400,000 in order-money to explain why Dr. Pierce was more successful than he was. Sometimes Tubby only claimed that it was $300,000. Obviously these numbers were invented.

            The news-reports said that Dr. Pierce was among those that got $50,000 from Mathews.

            You can speculate that it was really more than that, but there is not really evidence for it.

            Dr. Pierce made a lot of money from The Turner Diaries, and the publicity that the book got because of Mathews must have boosted that enormously. National Vanguard Books was bringing in huge amounts of money in the 1990s. Whatever Dr. Pierce got from Robert Mathews is not a comprehensive explanation for the fact that Dr. Pierce was so much more successful than HAC.

            Did you know that in the 1970s Hair-old inherited $90,000 from his Jewish grandfather, A.B. Glass? Why didn’t that make him spectacularly successful?

  14. Harold Covington did all he could to destroy effective White nationalists, and lying, sock-puppetry, and disgusting smears of good men were his stock in trade:

  15. I came into the Harold war late, first knowing him in 2001. I corresponded with Harold, and he wrote back. These were the days before the NWF overwhelmed him. I also read early drafts he sent me of the Northwest novels for editing, and I admired his writing, both in fiction and history. Harold had a clear, concise voice on the page and on radio. He always sounded like my father. I was always impressed with Harold’s commentary and views of the movement, our struggle, and life. He also sent me cartons of books from his library and things fans sent him. I was impressed with his range of reading. Again, I understand he might have said the wrong things, and bothered people. That was not the HAC I knew.
    I wish Harold had written some memoirs. Also, I admired his standing up for Edgar Steele and Bill White, both men who kept him at a distance. Next to William Pierce, Harold had the most influence on me in my thoughts on white nationalism.
    I was sad at his death, but I knew he wasn’t in good health, and he seemed very dispirited at the lack of support he had. This is typical of WN. There is no great movement. The National Alliance had a chance, but Pierce wasn’t able to move out, and he had terrible successors. He’s not alone. Marcus Aurelius, one of Rome’s great emperors, left it to his son Commodus, an utter disaster. So.
    As for the NWF, I always listened to his podcasts and sent money. I liked Harold, and have met Andy Donner. I admire him, but wonder if he has the ability to move on with the NWF. I think it will probably die out. I enjoyed Harold’s commentary, found Gretchen kind of dull, The Trucker okay but a bit obnoxious telling us to move up to the NW or else. The only time I disliked the NWF was when Axis Sally was on. She was annoying and low class. HAC must have had high hopes for her.
    I can see the point of the Northwest as a retreat, but I live in Missouri, and it’s too far for me. Also, although HAC said it was basically sympathetic to WN, the cities are controlled by the left, and they will never give them up. But I think the struggle in our country and the white world will be a country/city struggle. One of HAC’s problems was, if you move thirty miles out of any city, you are in a potential NW republic. Read Tom Chittum’s Civil War Two.
    Again, i had nothing but respect for Harold, but understand how others might feel differently.
    And naming Hunter Wallace as a major villain in Freedom’s Sons left me scratching my head.
    Thank you, Hunter, for offering a balanced view of HAC.

    • “Nothing but respect” for a man who falsely called a good, sincere family man and White activist like Ben Klassen a Jew — and also called him “Benny Buttf*ck” and made up stories about how he anally raped young skinheads and then murdered them? Pathetic.

  16. I’d like to add one more thing. HAC at least gave Christians a forum. He disliked a lot of it, but was tolerant, and denounced the anti Christian elements in WN. I’m a Christian, and I think, if there ever is a real racial struggle, the devout Christians will be necessary allies. There is a lot in Christianity to mock, but the dead jew on a stick talk does no good, and although I enjoy and am enlightened by VNN, I wish Alex Linder would lay off the diatribes against Christianity. As for HAC, he talked about his religious beliefs here and there, especially in one novel, The Stars in Their Paths, which dealt with reincarnation. Also, in one of his last podcasts, he discussed evil and the nature of combating it. One of the last letters I sent Harold, which he probably didn’t read, was about the devil, evil, and reincarnation. I believe in it, and as I said in the letter, the idea of death need hold no fear for us.
    We talk a lot about the struggle, guns, and fighting, but we are in a spiritual battle with our enemies. As HAC said, they’re just WRONG. Since Trump’s election, they’re thrown off the masks and robes and are showing their real selves. I’m reminded of the Twilight Zone episode where a man finds a whimpering, bedraggled man behind bars, pleading to be freed from his oppressors. The man frees him, and once free, the poor man turns into the devil. After so many decades of playing beggar, our enemies are showing their fangs.
    In that respect, Obama and Trump did us a favor.

    I promised Harold I wouldn’t do this, but now he is dead, I can say it. His last book was Give Me the Night, written under the name of Martin Scanlon. It is a vampire novel, and he wanted to try to make it commercially, fearing if his name came up, it would be censored. The novel is a vampire story, but has an historical, mature, spiritual side to life, taking blood, and regeneration, as well as continuity. I believe HAC ended his literary career on a good note. I urge people to read it.
    Harold could have developed his spiritual side more; certainly, according to many on this thread, he had things to atone for. His literary side is far better, as it for many of us. But look at Byron, Rousseau, Hemingway, etc. He’s not alone.
    HAC was not the spiritual leader WN needs, but he was planting tendrils here and there. It is up to us, as it always has been, and will be.

    • Fabius, I too was sent a copy of “Give Me the Night” as well as cartons of books. Harold was very generous. Bottom line is nobody should say anything negative about Harold as he worked extremely hard for the cause. What have all of you critics done? Fabius, e-mail me

  17. For the record, Harold didn’t send me a copy of Give Me the Night. I bought it online, as I told him I’m willing to help out writers, and also wrote a review for Goodreads.

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