Patrick Little Attacked By Antifa In Olympia, WA

I’m not sure what happened here, but Patrick Little was attacked by Antifa last night in Olympia, WA. Violence follows them everywhere they go.

Note: This is another example of broadcasting our intentions on the internet. It gives Antifa advance knowledge of our whereabouts which gives them time to plot to engage in violence. In this case, Antifa used Twitter to organize an attack on Patrick Little.

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    • @Denise

      “The Anti Fa vermin shouldn’t even exist in the FIRST place.”

      They exist because the Jews created them. At any Antifa actions, you’ll find Jewish Zampolits pushing from behind, and Jewish Kommissars giving the orders.

      Even in the above Tweets, they give away the fact that they’re advancing Jew interests. The Israeli flags, Six pointed stars and pro Jew slogans that surreptitiously show up in the midst of their flags, symbols and chants, ought to be enough of a clue.

      • Which particular tweet has the Israeli Flag in it? Because as I have said before the only openly Pro-Zionist ANTIFA i have seen online is in Germany. I dont doubt its there, I just havent seen it

  1. Oh I fking loathe these commie “people of brown color” and their little White cuck hangers-on! I so wish the coming civil war would go ahead and kick off in earnest so these pieces of dog crap could be dealt with correctly.

    • God’s arranging a lot of these freaks into mega earthquake zones 🙂 How about the nig with pierced native UGLY face. Her problems aren’t cause she’s a dumb baboon … no, it’s cause of “white privilege.”

      SGTReport just got banned from YouTube … but here’s another informative channel :

  2. Interesting how Antifa’s definition of “fascist” seems to mean “pro-Palestinian human rights activist”. I don’t really see what good cause this action could possibly serve. I wonder whether Antifa would ever beat up someone with any power and authority, or whether they would put their lives on the line to protect an indigenous tribe from a multinational corporation.

    Actually, I don’t wonder.

      • @billyrayjenkins

        “ANTIFA in the USA supports the Palestinians or should I say CLAIMS TO SUPPORT THEM. The only ANTIFA I am aware of that supports Israel is in Germany”

        Two things can be said about this.

        1. Jews always play both ends against the middle. Like Abraham Lincoln, they take all sides of an issue.

        2. That particular chapter or chapters will be corrected in its/their error, unless it suits Jewish interests to let it/them continue as it/they are.

        • James as I was saying in the USA they are always Pro Palestine (((Fake of course))). The strange part is alot of US Jews are also leading this whole DIVEST FROM ISRAEL THING. (((Of course they know this wont happen))))

          Jewish interests in US tend to revolve around Pro-Palestine because the Israel issue is typically Conservative BUT like i said thats all (((Fake)))

  3. I am sure the behavior of these commies will convince Little his beliefs are all wrong. How couldn’t it? I also hate to say it but it won’t be long before Russia ditches the South African farmers for these critters, too.

    Those cops were utterly useless.

    • You actually believe Pat Little will become a Leftist? I have talked to Pat Little for a long time personally, the guy is stubborn. These events should strengthen his resolve

      • Patrick does seem like a stubborn fellow who is determined to follow through on a given course of action once his mind is made up. I am pleased that you are in personal contact with him, because I believe you are a positive influence who can offer wise counsel.

  4. These same group of fag misfits would happily allow BLM or some pro sharia outfit to freely gather and say what they want-but can’t stand white nationalits doing it. These are your enemies-not Russia. And your taxes pay their welfare! Scum of the earth those bastards.

  5. The only thing the pigs did was buy antifa time to escape… Wake up white man ! The pigs are not on our side.

    • The fact that we STILL have to explain to people that the Police are on the side of the Communists is mind numbing. Southern Whites didn’t cooperate with the US Marshals during Reconstruction, but during this period of JIM CROW, they developed a trust for the law. A trust that was rewarded in the 1960’s when masses of Southern Cops began siding with the Civil Rights Protesters and even protecting them. Somehow this betrayal was forgotten and alot of fools and well meaning people still support the police


    • Time we do the same thing but be real about it. Our men will be looking at prison sentences if we do, and I am not meaning for anything bad I am just talking simple fistfighting. We have to be able to fight them nonviolently IN PART at least for now. We have to know the laws every place we are. In some places if you have a small pen pocketknife on you, thats a weapons charge.

      Virginia was a mess because of the Independent City clause. Charlottesville is 100% its own entity only the Commonwealth itself can say boo to it. Augusta County has no power there, if it did our boys would have likely never been charged

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