Unite The Right 2 Cancelled In Charlottesville

Unite The Right 2 won’t be coming back to Charlottesville:

This is great news.

No one wanted Unite The Right 2 to take place in Charlottesville. There are pending lawsuits and sentencing hearings coming up stemming from the first rally. I’ve said all along that we have no reason to trust elected officials or the police to uphold the law in Charlottesville. I thought it was a gamble to go back there and I am relieved this event won’t be happening.

As for Washington, DC, I think the police are much more capable of upholding law and order in Lafayette Park. Richard Spencer has held several events in front of the White House. He held a free speech rally last June in front of the Lincoln Memorial that went smoothly. The chances of Unite The Right 2 going awry in front of the White House are dramatically less than in Charlottesville.

The worst thing we can do to these Antifa LARPers is to stop engaging with them especially in places where the police stand down and allow them to incite violence:

Just by refusing to engage with these people, we are denying them publicity which will result in fewer Twitter followers and Patreon and Venmo donations. I don’t believe we should engage with them at all anymore, but if it is going to happen anyway let it happen in Washington, DC. The Trump administration won’t tolerate another debacle on its doorstep before the midterm elections and the #DisruptJ20 protesters are unlikely to want to go through another legal ordeal.

While I think UTR 2 in Washington, DC will likely go fine, I don’t believe that is any guarantee. I remember a few years ago when Antifa assaulted a friend of ours from Georgia and stole his Confederate flag at an event in DC. I also remember Richard Spencer’s antiwar protest against the Syrian intervention and the chaos of the Trump inauguration. We will all still be anxious about how this event pans out on August 12th, but at least it is likely to go much more smoothly now.

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    • The Civil Rights Movement of the 60s would intentionally go into unfriendly places and demonstrate with camera crews and lawyers ready to publicize the bad behavior of their opponents. The Alt Right badly needs to demonstrate that it has a following and a degree of strength. Backing down fails on both points. Do you think your demonstration will be allowed to proceed smoothly in DC?? On the other hand, better call it off than have a demonstration with half a dozen attendees quaking in their boots as Antifa prepares to clobber them. Nobody is going to sympathize with a bunch of white nats no matter how brutally they are treated, right? And you can’t afford lawyers and cameras, right? Maybe the whole movement is a bad idea.

      • The civil wrongs movement had whole Jewry money and organizational skill,s behind them. And years of training and preparation.

        Of course it is possible to fight on the enemy territory but it must be well prepared special forces not schoolboys fighting commando formed week ago.

        Training and preparation must be in the most friendly place available. Even Waffen SS did not made training in the battleground. They trained new guys behind the lines and their first battles were with partisans or support unit cleaning up the mess after not important battles in the non important places.

        Mr. Putin has whole army and nuclear bombs and he still preparing he,s patriotic youth outside towns in the quiet rural areas.

        Movement is good idea but time horizon is also. Our western brothers seem not to understand what the word strategy means. Everything must built up on the loose sand, from Trump wall to patriotic movement. Why not to wait for example 1-2 years and use the time to find and train best young people for one serious Eastern European style torchlight rally ? We also fucked up things for almost decade until we got Nazi thing on the right track.

  1. The League should 100% disassociate itself from Kessler, Spencer et al. It is 100% imperative to do this. No need for official disavowals, just leave the connecting trail(s) as cold as possible as soon as possible.

    I warned people last year, very tepidly, and was still pseudo-shamed and hushed.

    This time, I’m warning LOUDLY.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    • Krypto Kike Kessler and Richard, the Fourth Earl of Spencer are not going to get us to the Promised Land. They should be avoided.

      • No single person is going to do this. Whites have group organization ability second to none, especially when motivated. I think a loose confederation rather than a single leader is going to be more effective for recovering what we can of the USA and EU as it starts to collapse.

      • We must first be able to ‘define our nation,’ ( that we’re trying to create, ) in order to sell it to the white Christian public. And we better HURRY ! A very enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christians only. What’s it like ? How does our Constitution differ ? What laws and programs are new ?

    • @dusti

      “Any news on James I-hit-a-Whale? I haven’t seen anything new on Heather Light-As-A-Feather.”

      It’s no longer politically useful, nor is it fresh grist for the propaganda mills. It’s been forgotten. They’re waiting for new events, which they can then exploit to their advantage.

  2. Hunter, as the anniversary of UtR approaches, there are more & more articles repeating the same lying media narrative about what took place there. Expect these to reach a crescendo, perhaps including TV specials, around August 11/12. As you have no doubt observed, after throwing the Heaphy Report down the memory hole, the usual suspects have continued to engrave in stone the Big Lie of Charlottesville. You, Hunter, have done more than any other leader to push back against the media narrative, with your Deandre Harris & other videos, and articles in the weeks immediately after UtR. Since the media will never stop making C-ville a 21st century version of Auschwitz, Emmit Till, & straight out KKK lynching, I hope you will put together all your resources to produce a comprehensive documentary, perhaps 20 minutes long – combining the highlights of your previous work – “What Really Happened at Charlottesville.” This will be a valuable resource for all of us who continue to fight the media narrative. Many times I have cited your videos in response to the VICE video with Cantwell & Azzmador, which I’ve found in many comment threat battles is the go-to resource of the other side. The one new addition I recommend would be to incorporate and cite the findings of Heaphy at the pertinent points. We need a relatively short, powerful, user-friendly resource of our own to explain the truth of UtR. At present, we don’t have one.

    • What’s the sports phrase? Three and out? One and done? I thought we were going to come back at them but we’re waving the white flag, ha ha. What would General Jackson say? The publicity would benefit US, not the normies. Their position is already known. But I shouldn’t say “we” and “us” since I stayed away and watched on my computer. I have no wish to get beat up for “the white race.” The white race seems to be a bunch of losers anyway. How can I join the Jews?

  3. “after showing up 45 minutes late to his own hearing & a brief recess with his attorneys, jason kessler”

    AttorneyS? Who’s bankrolling this questionable and suspicious character?

    • Second that question.

      One of our people was attacked horribly by a UVA prof who went to Georgetown undergrad. It turns out same (near) rapist is now trying to write for the tabloid Washington Post moralizing vacuous screeds riffing off of UTR. So far he’s only taken aim at Kessler, Spencer and then in his desperate self promotion on youtube at Moore and Sessions. He was never a Southerner and before being trained by the Jesuits to tape (the anglo female especially) he grew up on Saudi Arabia and attended Philip’s Andover.

      If he or his reads this blog understand that evidence for this assault goes well beyond the flimsy Metooist threshold.

      An ugly whale he unlike Heyer probably acts out his own psychopathic delusions of being relevant, as opposed to being an FBI or CIA plant.

      He tries to hitch his wagon to the white rights movement to seem important when on his own he’s merely hideous transparent and superfluous not to mention truly criminal.

      So far he’s avoided squaring off against Brad or Dr. Hill. I think he and his ilk are scared to advertise the real revolution.

      And BTW he’s sandnagger influenced but biologically white and I think germanic for all the men who think only white women are the problem.

      Refusing these wannabes the opportunity to lie and feed their pathetic egos through associating with us is the best revenge there could be.

      • To add, the LA Times jews chastised UVA after UTR for refusing to characterize the demonstrators as ‘white supremacists:’ http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-harper-davis-uva-white-supremacists-20170812-story.html#

        So maybe the UVA higher ups dispatched the ugly cretin via the Washington Post to try to respond to LA Times’ criticisms.

        Its delusions are still its main motivations, however.

        Please register this, Southerners. McCauliffe is the governor, he went to Catholic U and Jesuit-run Georgetown Law and was central to the set up. Kaine, an irish catholic, went to a jesuit high school and eventually Harvard Law. I won’t mollify the pathetic assailant’s endless need for attention by listing his name or specific university site, but will point out again that he raped and molested his way through Georgetown undergrad.

        Catholics and their acolytes – especially any associated with Georgetown – need to be identified as suspect, along with jews.

  4. Did you censor 3 of my posts !!??? It’s been 2 days and I don’t see them. Either you’re FOR freedom of speech or you’re not. We also NEVER see anything here about forming a Confederacy. One wonders “what’s the point? What’s the goal or plan or even dream? Are you just ‘whistling Dixie?”

    Bye bye …

      • Several of my posts disappeared but do eventually show up. However, some permanently disappear. I think it is the system. Hunter really doesn’t censor differing viewpoints. I’ve noticed he even lets the attacks and insults roll.

  5. The ‘civil rights’ marchers of the 60s did indeed deliberately go to unfriendly places to cause a reaction, and cause a reaction they did. May of them got beaten and some were even killed. Two difference between them and today’s “White civil rights” marchers: 1. With the exception of small, White owned newspapers, the jew led, negro ‘civil rights’ movement of the 60s had the full support of the jewsmedia. Their influence can not be underestimated. Everything shown by the lamestream jewsmedia put the negroes in a positive light and the Whites who resisted them in a bad light. Remember, there was no internet, social media or smartphones one could go to for independent news. 2. The beatings and deaths of the ‘civil rights marchers’ of the 60s actually made a difference. Their sacrifice changed everything. If WNs get beaten or killed, even at a ‘White civil rights’ march, it will make no noticeable difference. It will not change any laws nor have an impact on society.

    I am certainly not saying this to discourage participation in any pro-White demo or rally. These are just facts as I see them. I tend to agree with Hunter Wallace-have unannounced demos in friendly places so antifa does not have a platform to engage us. They are not who we want to deal with anyway. It is the White public that needs to hear our message.

    As far as the DC rally goes, I am tentatively planning on going. I do agree that DC is a better choice than CharlottesvilleSSR for a WN rally, in light of how the kwaps there stood down last year. This rally is just a message-we CAN and WILL express our point of view. I do also feel that law enforcement in DC will commit to doing a good job of keeping the sides apart.

  6. I really am having trouble understanding the seemingly low IQs here. Have any on you ever BEEN to DC? I mean even saying it makes me laugh. Sodom on the Potomac. Do you know what percentage of the vote Trump got in DC? Zero. It is like going into a termite nest and not expecting to see millions of termites everywhere.

    I’m sure the DC police will –definitely– be lessed biased than Charlottsville. You people never learn…

  7. Quote by Apex Predator:

    I really am having trouble understanding the seemingly low IQs here. Have any on you ever BEEN to DC?

    I’m sure the DC police will –definitely– be lessed biased than Charlottsville. You people never learn…
    Yes, I have been to DC, at several demos. The kwaps did their jobs. The next time you accuse a group of having low IQs, it might be good to proofread or at least use spellcheck.

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