Harold Covington: A Brilliant Writer and Teacher

The great writer, public speaker and teacher Harold Covington has passed away. I send my very best to his friends and supporters.

Harold Covington was simply our best fiction writer. Like certain other great artist (Richard Wagner) – I tend to separate the art from the artist. Mr. Covington had many personal failings and just wasn’t good at lots of important things like fundraising, working with other like minded people. Mr. Covington was extremely abusive to our own Hunter Wallace and to me – yes he did fall down in to spreading lies, gossip, rumors, but in the end I don’t think that matters.

Harold Covington was a brilliant writer and I highly recommend his first 3 Northwest novels and also other historical fiction – my favorite is the “Black Flame”.

Harold Covington was also an excellent teacher, something that I aspire to be. It is the White Aryan concept of Dharma – one must do ones duty.

Warriors must fight a sweeper must sweep, a mother must mother, a student must study and a teacher must teach.

I send my very best to our great writer and great teacher

Harold Covington

God bless.


      • OK, wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the info. I am curious enough now to look into it.

        • Richard Wagner also funded revolutions, so he wouldn’t have to pay his tailor and furniture maker. He was an egomaniac, a total dirtbag, and a genius!

      • Close, but no cigar, Ryan, you dumbass!

        Yes, Wagner and Cosima von Bülow were involved in adultery initially, but that does not BY ANY STRETCH equate one of the West’s cultural GENIUSES, with a mediocre hack like HAC!!!!!

        Your utterly biased, self-referential (because both effectively “Alt-Right”) idolatry of HAC is PERVERSE. There is no other term for it. Just like the Jews, who laud ‘one of their own’ (for no other reason than that they are both Kikes) so, you too, laud the gross HAC, because he was a ‘Neon-nazi”?!?!? Talk about basement dwelling malcontents, who have no vision for the future!!!

        Wagner was effectively GIVEN his wife, Cosima, by von Bülow, because the latter considered Wagner far and away SUPERIOR to his own paltry skills (which were awesome, BTW).

        Have ANY of HAC’s wives, said or iterated that of him? NO! Because it just isn’t true.

        Moral strictures are there for a reason. With a name like Ryan, I would assume you have (or are) Catholic roots. Do you even KNOW the concept of Election, salvation, or ‘working out one’s salvation’? At least Wagner, in writing Parsifal, came to a knowledge of his own Christian culture.

        All you (and the whore Denise, with her self-justifying comments and perpetual HARPING of hot air- may the Lord judge her for her blasphemies) do here, is ‘circle jerk’ among your own; this article is a case in point.

        Meanwhile the J-Left, the Neocohenservatives, and the Normies consider your kind to be aberrant, juvenile, and easily dismissed, because you are so NARROW! You despise the ‘old paths’ and think you can reinvent Christendom, without Christ. At the same time, you LARP and play act, and the Jewsmedia has a field day with you!

        Look at what has transpired since 2016- Trump’s disavowal of you all, C’ville, the utter ignominy you all have faced; Cantwell and others being hit with lawsuits; Milo’s gay antics, Spencer’s slap, Based Stickman, Heimbach and Parrot’s trailer trash peccadillos…. and the list goes on… and on, and on.

        This adulatory dog feces post is just one more slap in the face to reasonable men and women, that the “Angry Kids” in the Alt-Right, are unwilling to learn from their betters, or to grow up, either.

        A pox on you all…

  1. Harold Covington was both right and wrong. The Pacific Northwest, the land itself has yielded cuckolds and radical anti-racists. What is to say if you moved the most radical Mississippi racialist to Washington that his children wouldnt grow up like the rest of them? The point of Southern nationalism is that the blood and soil and racial conflict defines the people. Remove it, and the people and cultue dies Unfortunately

    • You have to go inland. The coast is hopeless and will need to have a border and checkpoints going east immediately after the (((collapse))) v. II The natives will probably go south to California after the food runs out.

      • You’re very welcome Denise. I try to be positive and honestly promote our people who are good at important things like writing and teaching. Harold Covington was very good at writing and teaching.

        I understand Mr. Covington’s weak points and he certainly was very cruel, petty and mean to our own Hunter Wallace and also to me personally. But, that’s life.

        It’s a fallen world – we have to try to make the best of what’s still around.

        14 Words

  2. PIV* Harold. Harold was the king of infighting. He wasn’t happy unless accusing other movement personalities of homosexuality, as if white nationalism was always teetering just on the precipice of faggotry pandemic. Without Harold’s guidance we would have all been become sodomites long ago. Thanks Harold! /s

    *Party In Valhalla

    • Covington struck me in my brief exposure to him as a brilliant creative mind. Perhaps he carried a torch of a kind for some out there, but I sensed a profound vanity and cult of personality in him that didn’t seem to accomplish much in the real world.

      Sad that such a celtic fire died out, but odd that he sowed so much conflict along the way.

      I for one won’t miss him and question the authenticity of cause in those who will.

    • According to HAC’s first wife Karissa Ann Lowell, he was a homosexual. Her account of their experience in Rhodesia is online and it includes this claim.

      I notice that HAC also to this day has homosexual supporters. Not just Greggy, either. There was one with a rainbow flag on his profile who made a nasty comment to me on Gab a couple of days ago. When I attended the Stormfront conference in September 2012 there was a Covington-booster there who was obviously a Jew. Remember the torture-porn queen who was his co-host? HAC had the most bizarre assortment of supporters. A real freak show.

      • It’s rather ironic that Hadding attacks Mr. Covington for alleged homosexuality, while his friend Kevin Alfred Strom confessed on tape that he’s “sexually attracted to children”. Not only confessed on tape, but also in a courtroom of possessing child pornography – after which he was sentenced to two years in prison. In addition to that, it has been long rumored, hasn’t it Mr. Hadding, that KAS might also be a homosexual, or at the very least a bisexual. Isn’t that true, Mr. Hadding? Tell everyone here why you hang out with such a degenerate, won’t you? But then, you’re also friends with a wife-beater, an individual who was also arrested for violently attacking a National Alliance employee. Former NA member and well-known activist April Gaede has stated how crazy violent Chairman Will Williams of the National Alliance is, and yet you say nothing of that. Why not, Mr. Hadding? I did not know Mr. Covington, nor called him friend or enemy. But long after the trash running the National Alliance are forgotten and that organization dead, Covington will be remembered. He may not have been the best white nationalist writer, but he was a good one – and certainly better than Mr. Strom. In the end, you have no ground to stand on in attacking Mr. Covington, since whatever he was, he was better than you and the violent, sexually warped psychopaths you have “running” the failed National Alliance.

  3. I’m going to miss HC. I never missed a Northwest Front podcast. For those of you who rip his religion or lack thereof or his demeanor. In his own words “I believe in the Iron Dream”. He wasn’t selling the stained-glass dream or the American Dream.

  4. He was a gifted writer. Not all of it was racialist.His radio broadcasts were also top notch. He realized that humans have a short attention span so broke his broadcast into bite sized segments instead of going on for an hour monologue. His Other Voices, Darker Rooms, was a fantastic horror collection. Out of the states he hoped to make into the Northwest Republic only was was politically sane and conservative. The other two were rabidly liberal blue states.I understand Californians are pouring into Idaho.I see no solution other than red state secession. Donald Trump is a passing phenomena and may be the last gasp of white conservative America.

  5. Here is a great podcast from HC analysing the failure of American Democratic Politics made in 2010. It all came true

  6. As to be expected, all the debased creatures, wracked with advanced-stage Inferiority Complexes, profoundly jealous of Mr Covington’s far-ranging talents (including his rapier forthrightness) come to the fore in the comments sections of these decent obituaries, spewing the demented product of their mental illness.

    HAC, as he was affectionately known, had a deep history in The Cause. He made enemies because he chose NOT to keep quiet on other self-appointed ‘leaders’ failings. He never enriched himself with the cause. He lived up to the end in relative poverty, because he knew that The Cause is greater than any one man, and he lived in service of it. The Aryan race is in the worst state it has ever been in. Harold was cut from the old material – he was a completely different entity to the modern degenerates who were intellectually incapable of understanding him and seen him as someone whom indirectly highlighted their own inherent degeneracy.

    A truly brilliant man. I am sure his deeds and his wonderfully crafted writings and speeches will not be in vain.

  7. I have been honest in praising Harold Covington as an excellent writer, public speaker and teacher. He was not good at other things like:

    Fund raising.

    Fund raising is something we need to do – and our side has been notoriously weak a doing effective fund raising. The Southern Poverty Law Center has over $ 500 million in off shore bank accounts because they are good at fund raising – sure they lie, scare old Jewish people that evil Nazis are about to come round them up, send them to concentration camps to gas them unless they turn over some shekels but they are good at asking people who sympathize with their politics, ask them for $ and they get it.

    If we are going to be competitive on the state, local and national scene we have to get much, much better at fund raising. If you like my/our work here at Occidental Dissent and at The Political Cesspool please send us/me a donation through the safe, private:

    Chase QuickPay/Zelle network

    Most banks now have some online private pay service tied in tot he Zelle online payment network:


    You can send a donation to me or Hunter Wallace through your desktop computer or smartphone the the Zelle Network/Chase QuickPay – just send it to my email:


    We have one supporter who heard Hunter and I on The Political Cesspool, he’s offered to match donations up to $500 through the month of August.

    So please set up your Zelle network/Chase Quick Pay account and send a donation – help us grow and reach our people and save our people during these difficult times.

  8. I have written on Harold and his impressions on me, as well as his literary side. Please go to the thread RIP Harold Covington.

  9. Harold was crass and bombastic but he was one of us. Our uniform is our skin color. I would prefer the company of the worst white reprobate so long as he is not a sellout over the genius black, any day of the week.

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