David Horowitz Deplatformed By Visa and Mastercard

I heard on Twitter from Cernovich that the well known Zionist counter-jihadist conservative David Horowitz has been deplatformed by Visa and Mastercard:

I went over to his account to take a look. I had to click through the content warning that has been arbitrarily imposed on his Twitter timeline to verify this:

Check this out:

I suppose you could say David Horowitz is “a gateway drug” to the Alt-Right. I personally started out reading his books Hating Whitey and Uncivil Wars back in 2001. At the rate we are going, Trump supporters won’t be allowed to have social media or bank accounts by 2020.

First they came for Andrew Anglin and I said nothing because he was a “Neo-Nazi white supremacist.” Then they came for Alex Jones and I said nothing because he is a nutty conspiracy theorist. Then Mastercard came for counter-jihadist Jews like Robert Spencer and David Horowitz …

It wasn’t until Ben Shapiro was deplatformed that conservatives finally admitted there is a problem.

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  1. Never heard of DH. Wasn’t he the one who led the 60s crap movement against anti Vietnam and pro MLK freak show..

    • David Horowitz was indeed a 60s radical and his father was a communist chased by McCarthy. But Horowitz was tossed out of the radical movement early in the game for being a total jerk — something like that. He became a neocon specializing in exposing the sins of his radical ex-friends. He’s a big Israel-first crusader against Palestinian and Muslim sympathizers having platforms on campus. Since he himself seems none too sympathetic to free speech my heart doesn’t bleed for him, but it is an interesting development when these Jewish neocons get deplatformed. What does it mean for John Bolton, Bill Kristol, Elliot Abrams, Max Boot, Robert Kagan, Jonah Goldberg, the whole bunch of Arab-hating Israel-firsters in respectable academic or journalistic niches?

  2. Something like that.

    He was a Jewish radical who supported the Black Panthers back in the day. In his autobiography, he talked candidly about showing one face to the tribe and another to the goyim. If memory serves, he became a conservative after some friend of his was killed in those circles.

    • I came upon this really funny exchange on a bulletin board where Horowitz was being discussed:

      David Horowitz Deplatformed By Visa and Mastercard …

      A.First they came for the jews… …
      B.Then all the problems were solved and they stopped coming for people.

  3. The de-platforming of this vile jew Hebrewitz is just to prevent the goyim from suspecting that there is a massive jew orchestrated campaign being launched against them if they dare to step out of line. I’m sure his credit card account will be quietly reactivated soon enough.

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