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  1. *yawn*

    The hippies looked like shit back in 1972. Had bad optics, supported a hopeless presidential candidate, had the entire country despising them…

    …they won anyway. All those goofy flower power types that your parents used to laugh are going to be the ones deciding what your children are going to have to accept as right and wrong.

    Assuming no DOTR, (and let’s be honest, there won’t be) I see no reason to think that Antifa will be any different.

    • There’s a huge difference though…

      Hippies were all about peace and love and connectedness.

      Antifa are all about murder, vandalism, assault, and endless rioting even against the left. They’re widely hated by the average person.

      • “Hippies were all about peace and love and connectedness.”

        Um… no they weren’t.


        They were about arson and bombs and more than a few assassinations.

        The “nonpolitical” ones were about getting high and fucking in the mud at Woodstock.

        The reasons our official history has such a flowery view of the hippies is because… well.. who controls our education and media?

        (Well, Jews. Who else? Weirdo shabbos goys. The kind of people who still think that spirit cooking is a good way to spend one’s time.)

  2. Bravo. I is not exactly Jobbik or cossacks but step to the right direction. I is not ok to be a communist.

  3. I am glad that Steven Crowder confronted this POS and reported him to the police for putting a bounty on Federal agents. However, nothing will be done about this by law enforcement. Now if a bounty was actually placed on the scum that destroyed Silent Sam, as I have read rumors of online, I am sure federal authorities would not hesitate to round up whoever placed the bounty and put them in prison for a long time.

    I noticed how meek and quiet this lowlife antifa bitch was when he was alone and outnumbered. He was very anxious to get away from his tormentors as well. That’s so opposite of how they act when they heavily outnumber their enemies.

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