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  1. Can’t really boycott what you already ignore, so…

    …oh well, let’s hear some more about redpilling bourgeois conservatives and how the pathway to victory lies in LARPing as Republicans and thinking they’ll never catch on to our game.

    Jesus, where’s the Charlie Hebdo shooters when you need them? I hate these “respectable conservatives” that you tend to find in journalism even more than I hate legitimate leftists.

  2. Didn’t the Fuhrer once say that when a government becomes tyrannical the best men will meet in prison? Or was it Suzanne Summers?

  3. Amen to all above comments! Our saviors wont come wewring suits and ties talking about free market principles! 88

    • They’re not going to be neo-pagan, government-schooled evolutionists either, Fenris.

      Until our people collectively return to Christ, we’re going to continue spiraling into the hellscape of Satania. Revolutionary movements and darwinian analysis notwithstanding…

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