The Colin Kaepernick Nike controversy explained

I was asked by Occidental Dissent to explain the whole Colin Kaepernick Nike cringefest.

So here is the core story of how Colin Kaepernick became a saint in the eyes of the mainstream media and the Nike shoe company.

Here is a review of Nike’s new Kaepernick narrated tv commercial. I explain why it has some serious flaws. Then I show how Adidas makes better commercials.

Here I explain why Nike is just a bad company in general and why Adidas is way better.


  1. This is Nike’s way of taking the wind out of dissident sails. It’s about defiance and discouragement. They’re saying to White people “So, you think your bitching about Kaepernick hurt his career? Wrong, Whitey! We’re going to make sure that he still makes big money! You don’t matter, you’re history.”


  2. They’re hiring somebody nobody in the NFL would hire, he was too toxic even for them, that shows you how crazy Nike is.

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