Jair Bolsonaro Assassin Has Been Linked To Antifa

This whole episode again reminds me of Mussolini who survived several assassination attempts including one by an anarchist. I can imagine the next step will be to organize an open paramilitary force to protect Bolsonaro from violent leftists.

The most incredible thing about this is that we are seeing this happen in Brazil of all places. I’m fascinated by Bolsonaro in large part because Brazil has been for the longest time the racial dystopia that we fear is our own future. Brazil has been the go to response to the “worse is better” argument. It has been held up as the example of Whites being content to sink into the mud of Third World status, but now we see Whites are actually getting fed up with living like this there.

If White people are rising up in Brazil of all places, well, that should give you hope. It is white pilling. We’re seeing this happening in Italy, Germany and Sweden in a few days too.

It has been a rough day for Jair Bolsonaro …

… who nearly died for his country.

This is his wannabe miscegenated communist assassin Adelio Bispo De Oliveira:

He is affiliated with PSOL and ANTIFA:

ANTIFA are trying to assassinate presidential candidates now:

It is impossible to overstate how much this is going to backfire on the Left. A huge portion of the electorate in Brazil was undecided and ready to swing either way:

The polls out yesterday had Bolsonaro losing by 10 points in the run off in October. I don’t see that happening now. I think he could actually pull this off.

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  1. Flavio Morgenstern©

    Antifa© are a Jewish organisation from top to bottom.

    Brasillian Jews are out in the open and militant.

    There, as here, Jews use coloured auxiliaries in their unrelenting war against Civilisation. The would be assassin obviously has some Nigger in the woodpile.

    • i am not convinced that it can happen there, POTUS always has large security detail and would never just be out on the street in a massive crowd like this, he has bombproof vehicles and masses of security no matter where he goes.

      not saying that it couldnt happen but imo its massively unlikely which is good for him but kinda sucks that he needs to do that to protect himself from leftist nuts

      • @nosdan

        “I am not convinced that it can happen there.”

        I don’t believe in the President’s case either,. Or much of Capitol Hill.

        But candidates running for office, especially lower office, members of State and Municipal Government, or members of private political organisations, definitely.

        For instance, a chief of police, mayor, state representative, university chancellor, or the leader of the Texas Nationalist Movement, for example, may become targets of assassination.

        • They are much more likely to do this while their Democrat Crime Bosses are in office. They are at least smart enough or organized enough to know that a lot of political capital can be gained from attacks like that while Republicans control the direction of government action. The reason so many riots and attacks happened under Obama is because they believed—they were more than likely informed of potential responses toward their actions—that Obama would work with the mainstream media and use the office and flow of information to give them cover and excuse away their violence. That’s exactly what he/they did.

        • @James Owen
          oh absolutely, we are all just pawns to the (((socialist capitalism)))

          was it stalin who said one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is just a statistic?
          millions of “us” are slaughtered for capitalist goals and the system dosnt give a fuck tbh

      • Don,t underestimate liberal madness. I would not surprised when some liberal congress member or White House worker will “stop Hitler”

        McCain was mad, he knew the security procedures , he had weapon competency and he was dying so nothing to lose.

        When Omarosa brought phone to situation room, then professional could easy bring weapon in. Don,t underestimate the liberal madness.

    • Lot’s of folks in the know are predicting it will happen next in my former city of Chicago. A White police officer shot and killed a deranged Black street guy who was out of his mind on PCP Angel dust running down the middle of the street with a large knife slashing car tires and threatening to murder people. This cop shooting was supposedly the worst crime of the year and the White policeman is being charged with murder with large groups of Communists/BlackLiesMatter mobs protesting outside the court.

      • @jack ryan

        Thomas W. Chittum describes the assassination of police officers in his book Civil War II.

        Police officers and Judges are always targeted for extermination in Judeo-Communist revolutions. The police forces and Judiciary are the most visible and active organs of government, especially state government.

        If they can destroy Chicago, politically, the whole state of Illinois becomes vulnerable.

        • Frankly, I never understood American Leftist logic in this regard. The police aren’t protecting us from Leftist mobs. The police are protecting the Leftist mobs from the millions and millions gun-toting White Americans who will do what we have to do to protect our communities and families from their violence and depravity.

          From what I understand, Bolsonaro wants to make it easier for Brazilian citizens to acquire firearms in one of the most violent countries in the world. The reason is obvious. Citizens will usually do whatever it takes to protect their family, community and property.

          Police, when you cut through all the protect and serve bullshit, will usually do whatever it takes to protect their jobs. Who’s hiring them and giving them that job and giving them orders is always in flux in a democratic society.

          Again, I just don’t understand American Leftist logic. The last person they want to have to deal with when it comes to responding to their violence and mayhem is someone like me. Police will be much more civilized and hesitant to curb stomp them than I would ever be.

          • The Supreme Court has already ruled that the police are not required ‘to protect and serve’, they can protect and serve whom they damned well please.

          • Dont waste ur time trying to understand them. All we need to know is the left hate the cops because “the police is racist”.

            We in Brazil r always told by the media the cops target blacks in favela for no reason, just racismo/hate. Even If a black cop kills other blacks.

            We should use this in our favor, the left is always trying to fuck their jobs.

          • Like the late Mayor Daley once stated in a rare moment of candor: “The policeman isn’t there to create disorder, he is there to preserve disorder.”

    • It already has happened here–Teddy Roosevelt was shot while campaigning as a third party candidate. Sitting presidents have also been targeted, most recently Reagan. If you think things are any different in 2018…just remember, a deranged leftist *did* jump up on stage behind Trump at a campaign rally. Trump could have easily been wounded if the guy had a weapon (and malicious intent). It’s actually quite surprising that nobody actually did try to kill Trump during the campaign, with all the vitriol going around.

  2. Brazil is a case study in what happens when miscegenation becomes normalized. Nothing gives me the shits more than mixed race couples with all their half breed offsprings in tow-and promoted ad nauseum in media and advertising. Mudskins with low IQ’s just replace normal white demographics in the West, whilst Asian, African, Jewish and Middle Eastern populations in their nations are unaffected due to their mono cultural population.
    Everybody has a right to be born with one clear, identity to be proud of.

    • Everybody has a right to be around White people except White people. White countries are for Everyone!

  3. Well it’s just another example that Antifa members embrace violence as a core tenant of their ideology and method of operations. Nobody should be surprised as we’ve witnessed their approach here in the U.S. many many times over the last couple of years.

    As people have pointed out, Antifa are the storm troopers of the (((Bolshevik / Communist))) elites. If you are appalled at the violence now, what do you think they will do when (((they))) achieve absolute power in 2020?!?

  4. Hunter, you should keep identifying, tracking and compiling information on any and all Antifa and other anti-Whites in the US. This is an area where you can attain maximum leverage with minimal risk and $$$. If you need help or some advice or inspiration or whatever, all you have to do is contact me next time you are going to be in the Nashville area.

    DO NOT get sidetracked and driven off course by the usual circle-jerking of Jew this, Jew that. It’s a tactic that anti-Whites have effectively used for many, many years. Leftists are dirty, smelly, neurotic, have no real sense of honor or compassion, and they certainly can’t make a point without copious lies and distortions. But they do know how to keep you chasing your tail while the rest of the world moves around you.

  5. The left continues to shoot themselves in the foot-or in this case, stab themselves in the gut. If Bolsonaro had been killed in this attack, the kikes would have succeeded in silencing a pro-White voice in Brazil. However, wounding him has incensed his supporters. Stay tuned…

    • The attack was most likely a false flag by Jews to increase sympathy for Bolsonaro and encourage voters to elect his pro-Jewish agenda.

  6. The number of Jews in Brazil is around 115.000, in Southern Brazil alone is less than 15.000 souls.
    Jews immigrated from Russia to Southern Brazil in the early 20th century,,they found a colony called Phillipson or something like that and tried to be farmers and failed miserably.
    So surprisingly they went to the capitals.
    To Southern Brazil arrived a small number of negro slaves, since there were no plantations.
    So Southern Brazil has more than 20 million inhabitants, largely Europeans. and less than 15.000 Hebrews.
    Guess who totally control the media, with the main newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, cable provider and so on? It ain’t the Chinese.

    • Jews are like swarms of ravenous locusts, their lust for power and stealing from others is matched only by their lust for murder.

  7. Brazil is irrelevant, for the most part it’s a mix of the most dumb indigenous people in the whole of the three Americas, the archaic retarded sagave Negroids from Africa, and Portuguese the most pathetic and insignificant Europeans of all.
    Brazil is the definition of a shithole.

  8. ln Southern Brazil first came the Portughese basically to raise cattle bringing also some Negroes, then by the middle of the 19th century came a big number of Germans from places like Pomerania and the Rhine, after came Italians from the Northeast and Lombardy, that’s the clear division in the South.
    Also in smaller numbers came Poles, Dutch, Ukrainians, Austrians, Russians.
    But the clear division was Portuguese, German and Italian areas.
    It seems that around the 1960s waves of Portuguese and Negroes started moving to the industrialized German and Italian areas searching for jobs.
    There is powerful industries in that areas, like Gerdau, Eberle, Marcopolo, Tramontina.. and thousands of medium to small size industries.
    Now in the bigger cities in the German and Italian areas racial mixing occurred,.especially with Germans since they are closest to the Portuguese areas.
    But in the smaller cities the majority of people still keep their heritage, it’s common to hear people talking in German, Venetian, Lombard, Friulian dialects

  9. Don’t get too excited about the right in Latin America. They are all pro-ZOG, pro-globalism and pro-neoliberal. Even the ones who claim to be nazis and fascists are like this. They are not any kind of allies of ours.

    • Exactly. Latin American death squad right is garbage.

      In all of the violent left-right conflicts in Latin America during the 70s and 80s the right wing anti-Communist terror forces were funded and trained by Zionist Israel. That includes people who praised Hitler and Mussolini. There is a lot of good info on this from Aryan Skynet and the book “Who Israel Arms and Why”. (That book is a real “read it and weep” for the Based Rhodesia crowd too.)

      Gladio never really ended there. Fascist groups like ORDEN in Venezuela continue to engage in globalist destabilization and call it “nationalism”. Which is why Maduro needs to grow some cojones and go full Pol Pot on the “opposition”. The real nationalists in Latin America are the Left, not the pro-Zionist Contra death squad right.

  10. It was during the military dictatorship in Brazil that the destruction of the Amazon forest started.
    Destroying immense pristine forests, unique animals’ habitats, just to build more violent shitholes. In the name of ridiculous delusions of grandeur and retarded patriotism.
    All political ideas are absolutely useless if that don’t include massive sterilization programs.

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