VICE: My Gay Prison Gang Fights Neo-Nazis

UPDATE: More on who Vice is giving a platform:

THIS … is the “mainstream” in Weimerica.

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    • Spahn, I think YHWH God feels pretty much the same way as you do.

      Every time the biblical (as opposed to the modern counterfeit) Israelites were judged in Scripture, it was due to one of two things, both of which are joined at the hip – idolatry (the worshiping other gods) or fornication and/or Adultery* (*for the two acts are not the same).

      The first, because it was a counterfeit image of the real God, put in God’s place, and then blasphemously worshiped. The second, because it was a counterfeit Human (i.e., one of the OTHER races, and NOT Adamkind) put in place of the real Man – the ONLY ‘Man’ God created in ‘His image and likeness,’ and resulted in the adulteration of the Divine Species, created in Eden, apart from all other hominids. When confronted with God’s Law, the pious Hebrews ‘put away’ (“puta way”?!) their whoring alien spouses and the illegitimate spawn from them, in order to be ‘clean.’ [Ez. 9:2ff.]

      And among the greatest sins that blotted out that image – and for which punishment was most deservedly severe, were the sins of witchcraft and sodomy… both of which we have in Feminism (witches- reminds me of Hillary; Feinstein; Steinem; Sonntag; all the ‘me too’ crones) and Globo-homo (Lindsay, Rubio, Milo, Bergoglio, Frank, Bush, Deep State, Pizzagate, and all the multinational fag-worshiping corporations, starting with Tim ‘Cock’ of Apple!).

      Such utterly irrredeemable refuse of humanity as I read about in this article, must suffer the death penalty, across the board. Every prisoner convicted of a sex crime, should be stoned to death. The Bible clearly condones it [Rom. 1:32 ‘…deserving of death.’] and no society that wants to survive, can avoid its civic duty, to ‘rid the land’ of such evil.

        • What part of the Truth of my post, don’t you like, “Jack” (for you must be the son of an ass…)?

          The fact that I use the Tetragrammaton, (a biblically given name, that is as valid as anything else in scripture [II Tim. 3:16] to purposely insult the supposed ‘Chosen People,’ who alone claim fealty to the God the [sic] ‘Jews’ – and who say they worship, but don’t? Or the fact that sodomites should be stoned, according to the same law that gave us the name of God the Father? Or the fact that globo-homo is now actively seeking to destroy the Christendom you are the beneficiary of 20 centuries of?

          Or that perhaps you are one of those whose racial ancestry is ‘traif’ – corrupt, bastardized, and worthless?

          Or are you merely a tool of all those godless individuals, fomenting discord on this site?

      • I agree, the death penalty needs to be brought back and given to sex criminals and child molesters, hanging by the neck until dead seems appropriate. I have no problem with stone to death.

  1. Susan Sontag’s real last name is Rosenblatt and it is she who stated that the white race was a cancer on society. These satanic kike bastards are all born of fornication and therefore carry the seed of the serpent, who was a fallen angel as we are told in Rev 9, and they therefore have the enmity or hatred as we are told in Genesis 3:15. Of course the white race on the planet today are the true descendants of the Israelites of scripture, both Old Testament and New.

  2. Susan Sontag’s real last name is Rosenblatt and it is she who stated that the white race is a cancer on society. These satanic kike bastards are all born of fornication and therefore carry the seed of the serpent who is a fallen angel (Rev 9) and have the enmity or hatred toward the true children of God, the white adamic race.

  3. The pedo vermin already have a gang protecting them, it’s called the prison administration. The government always protects nonces from the people’s justice because it sympathizes with them, the elites being largely nonce themselves.

  4. I love when criminals try and virtue signal, especially murderers and child molesters. It’s funny and shows a complete lack of self awareness.

    • Yes, but why should we stand by and allow such scum to live, when we have to pay the outrageous taxes to keep them alive- not to mention the thieving lawyers, clerks, advocates for the spurious misapplication of terms such as ‘justice’ in these cases, not to mention all the hangers-on of society (baby mammas, bastard children, social workers, the nigger underclass, the faggot underclass, the JEWISH underclass) who are bleeding us dry?

      If Trump is fighting this battle, (and I believe he is- there is just too much against him by all the guilty parties, now including the accursed Obamanation, to dismiss it) why can’t we take up pitchforks and mattock, and march on the proletariats, who (of all classes) don’t deserve to be excused from the fallout of Rom. 1:32, for instance?!?!?

      Do gays and other perverts really deserve to live? Have you SEEN the depravity of Sodomy, Inc.?!

      Does even censorship of RUSSIAN- language news by Zuckerberg et al.,

      not count as a clear UNIFIED Bolshevism by ALL of Globo-homo and the antichrist Jews all over this country? How much more do we need to observe? Why are we sitting on our asses? Why does Antifa even continue to live? What need would we have for prisons, if all offenders against God’s Law, were summarily executed by a jury of their peers (White men judging white men, ONLY!) and the voice of the White community acting as God’s ONLY Lawful agents, as in Ancient Israel? (Niggers and Jews should be summarily excluded from such assemblies, for reasons aforementioned…)

      Theonomy or Death, frankly.

      Or are all Whites just cowards, as Obama’s Nigger AG, one said?
      I’d like to think not…..

  5. I’m wondering how much of this story is really true. “Gay prison gang fighting neo-nazis” sounds more like queer pornographic fiction than a legitimate article about real people and actual events. At any rate it’s obvious a lot of killing will have to be done.

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