Journofa: Exposing The Antifa To “Journalist” Pipeline

At this point, Huff Post should give ANTIFA a byline:

Atlanta Antifa publish a story doxing a Georgia police officer on their low traffic blog.

Now watch how “journalists” operate:

It is a joke.

I’ve seen this happen at least half a dozen times now. “Journalists” and ANTIFA are openly coordinating their propaganda now in public view on Twitter.

Reminder: “Journalists” also deliberately cover up stories that make ANTIFA look bad. Last month, ANTIFA cracked open the skull of a Bernie Bro in Portland after trying to steal his American flag at a Patriot Prayer rally. The video was viewed like a million times and was ignored by Christopher Mathias in his story on the “violent proto-fascists” who rallied in Portland.

Note: A few days ago, Christopher Mathias recycled an ADL press release which accused the wrong guy of murdering a black man in Tennessee by burning him alive.

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  1. I continue to be sorry that our brethren do not comprehend the nature of what is against us and, thus, do not exercise the proper precautions.

    That said, as an Eastern North Carolinian who is friends with, and talks to many, in Blue, I can tell you this : The Southern White Supremacist will never be driven from our police force, because, in fact, he IS our police force.

    And, whether you like that or not, there is one thing you can do with it : you can take that directly to the bank.

  2. Of course a reactionary organization like the Klan will be infested with pigshit. A real, revolutionary White organization will be one that recognizes that pigs and the system’s “law and order” are our mortal enemies.

    The only good pig is a dead one.

  3. (((They))) want the END OF THE WORLD. Don’t you get it?

    Ever since their place, kingdom, and GOD were taken from them, 2000 years ago at Calvary, the Antichrist Jews have lusted for their ‘kingdom’ and ‘place’ to be (in their heads, only) ‘restored.’ They wrote the Talmud to make their RACE, their effective Deity, just so they wouldn’t have to bow the knee to Christ. How much more psychotic does a race have to be, to prove itself a danger to the entire world?

    As to their ‘Restoration,’ (which they blasphemously call ‘tikkun olam’ (‘for the [sic] restoration of the world’) IT NEVER WILL HAPPEN. Just like a ‘Third temple’ will never be built in the counterfeit Jerusalem.

    And anyone (Christian, Pagan, Moslem, or [sic] Jew) that thinks it is/should be/must/ will….
    Is acting as an agent of HELL.

    [John Hagee, are you listening? Anathema sit!]

    Why? Because the restoration of the world has been going on for 20 centuries, already! The preterist view of Scripture, held by so many, and confirmed recently by AD 70 advocates for both the close of the canon of Scripture, and the nexus of John’s apocalypse [Babylon= Jerusalem/Jewry en masse), lays to rest, once and for all, the Talmudics’ claims to continued relevancy in a world, destined to be Christendom, once more/again, once we shake off this ‘shitty little country’ and all her inhabitants, wherever they may be found.

    This Trumpian era is the ‘beginnings of birth pangs.’ But the ‘Kingdom’? It’s ALREADY HERE, and has been for 2000 years. The uncovering of the Pederasty within Roman catholi-schism is just another ‘uncovering’ of the evil that the Jew accomodaters have been engaging in for centuries. For ANYONE that sides with the Jews, God says, WILL LOSE.

    Globo-Homo is merely the secularized version of Talmudic Judaism. That should be patently clear. And it, too, needs to go. By any means necessary.

    Deo Volente.

  4. Ask yourself why the United States is warning Russian, Syria, and Iran not to attack the remnants of ISIS and al-Qaeda now they they have been contained to a small area and surrounded. America warns of a poison gas attack which will necessitate American military action against the three, especially Russia. The deep state is firmly in charge. American has been doing firestorm operations to show off Russia their military might in the area. Why is America even in Syria? The other two border it and do want that poison to spread to their country.When America warns against a chemical attack they are telling their insider operatives to start a chemical attack so it can justify American intervention.

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