Poll: 70 Percent Of North Carolina Voters Oppose Silent Sam Toppling

This isn’t surprising.

Even after Charlottesville, the polls showed that ‘Unite the Right’ had no impact on public attitudes about Confederate monuments in Virginia. A majority of Virginia voters continued to support preserving Confederate monuments. I tried to point this out at the time to no avail.

In North Carolina, a whopping 70 percent of voters oppose the violent removal of Silent Sam and 50 percent oppose even legally removing Confederate monuments:

“A new poll of likely North Carolina voters found that 70 percent disapproved of protesters’ toppling of the Silent Sam Confederate monument last month.

Twenty-two percent of those polled said they approved, while 9 percent said they were unsure or declined to answer, according to a news release from the conservative Civitas Institute, which commissioned the survey.

However, opinions on whether to legally remove Confederate monuments were more balanced.

Those polled were asked: “And, regardless of your feelings regarding the Silent Sam statue, do you favor or oppose legally removing Confederate monuments and memorials?”

Thirty-nine percent said they favored moving monuments legally, while 50 percent opposed. The rest were unsure or declined to answer. …”

In this case, the public rallies are working.

ACTBAC and CSA 2 scored major victories over North Carolina Antifa who are being doxed, arrested and financially drained by these protests. After Hurricane Florence is over, the activism needs to continue until Silent Sam is restored on the UNC campus as required by North Carolina law.

Note: Here are Thom Goolsby’s latest videos on the Silent Sam crisis

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  1. “Thirty-nine percent said they favored moving monuments legally, ”

    That 39% are non Southern. When a Southern state reaches 30+% non-Southern, it’s in trouble culturally and politically.

    The same thing applies racially. Thirty plus percent non-White is big trouble. Culturally, racially and politically.

  2. And toppling these monuments will achieve what exactly? If a nignog wants to lift himself out of poverty or enjoy a better quality of life…..demolishing monuments of men from the
    nineteenth century won’t do much. They could try working, staying out of jail……or better still, just returning to Africa!
    History cannot be changed or erased. Its there, and is a part of us. Monuments should serve as reminders of things we did well in the past, and not so well-but it still happened.
    People need to understand the times-these men lived their lives in a way that was normal in the context of that era.
    These libtards really need to get a life and worry about real issues.

  3. This is good example what is wrong with democracy. When I checked the election results, then Trump got pathetic 3% majority, then they have Republican senator and Democratic Governor, both also by less than 5 something percent.

    Silent majority exist only until election. Then the electorate votes by wind direction or candidate shoe or dress color or whatever the dumbest part of society likes at the current moment.

    Silent majority never transforms to election results and that is the problem. Normie does not think and does not know what he wants. Most people in Sweden consider immigration a greatest problem. Despite it, SD did not got most of the votes.

  4. Those who want to see Silent Sam removed at all costs are most likely liberal fags from the West coast and Northeast who have nerdy IT jobs in the Research Triangle.

  5. Between the efforts of the progs in the university establishment and the “Research Triangle” Chamber of Commerce types, it is a good bet that the statue will never be restored, law or no law.

  6. I had solid success contacting individual White GOP Virginia state representatives and presenting our side about the Unite the Right demos in Charlottesville VA. We can and must do the same in North Carolina. Please let me know if anyone needs help contacting NC state reps. I’m good at this.

  7. About the only thing good about toppling the Silent Sam monument was that the sculptor based the image on some guy from Boston…a Yankee! Phoenix South will replace it with a monument sculpted after the likeness of Michael Cushman.

  8. The thing that I seem to have the most difficulty making my fellow Southerners understand is that Silent Sam literally represents them. These Antifa, BLM and other fellow travelers are knocking us down and stomping us to death in effigy. As they have so readily demonstrated, they will move quickly from bronze to flesh if allowed an opportunity.

    This isn’t a matter for intellectual discussion and debate. It’s not a question of who is right and who is wrong. The results of polls don’t carry any weight unless those responding favorably are willing to step forward and speak out. Time and again, politicians and law enforcement have demonstrated their willingness to ignore popular sentiment and aid in implementing the minority agenda.

    I have been trying to convince my Compatriots to place themselves on a war footing; to forego frivilous entertainments as much as possible and, especially, to avoid financing the enemy by going to movies, concerts and most City, County or State sponsored events. We should be very careful about putting money into the hands of those who will turn around and use their wealth to discredit and undermine us. Our time and funds would be much better spent networking with one another and finding ways to get our message directly into the hands of the public, bypassing social and mainstream media with guerilla pamphleteering and direct contact.

    Most of all, we should be finding ways to offer our aid and comfort to children who are being punished for wearing Confederate themed apparel to school. Anytime there is a controversy, the door is wide open for a massive information campaign to be put into effect. Information can be produced by us and disseminated among the faculty and student body by the pupils who are being subjected to censorship. It may not change everyone’s mind, but it can give those who are being unfairly treated a means to defend themselves and to make their tormentors uncomfortable. It may even result in more students joining together, after they are better informed. On one occasion, when I gave out a bunch of self produced fact sheets to some middle school students on a field trip, the kids came back to me asking for more information. When the children were getting ready to leave, the teachers forced their students to relinquish the materials that I had provided them with. That is how afraid they are of the truth. We can spoil their attempts to indoctrinate children by getting to them while they are still young and rebellious and their minds are still open. By this method, we may be able to stop some of them from becoming the next generation of Antifa.

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