National Review: A Fairness Doctrine For The Internet

This is why the GOP Congress is on track to get blown out in the midterms:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions is convening a meeting of state attorneys general to consider whether Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other social-media companies are “intentionally stifling the free exchange of ideas.” The honorable gentleman from Alabama should stick to his brief.

Two quick questions asked and answered. One: Do these companies treat conservatives unfairly? Yes, they do. Two: Is that any business of the attorney general of the United States of America? No, it isn’t.

A funny thing happened on the way to the counterrevolution. Conservative media have become a constituency of the Republican party. Conservative media have had many different relationships to the Republican party over the years: sometimes a megaphone, sometimes a critic, sometimes a talent scout, sometimes a friendly forum for working out in-the-family disagreements. But its emergence as a political constituency with interests and demands of its own is something new. It is no longer merely a voice for conservative interests but an interest group of its own, and for the moment its attention is focused on Silicon Valley. …”

The True Cons have sabotaged the Trump administration.

If you look at the agenda of Congress over the past two years, it has been everything these people want: huge increases in military spending, imposing sanctions on Russia, the Charlottesville resolution, Obamacare, tax cuts, Tax Cuts 2, deregulation, foreign aid to Israel, etc.

Did the GOP Congress fund the border wall? No. Has the GOP Congress done anything about internet censorship? No. Has the GOP Congress condemned Antifa violence? No. Has the GOP Congress done anything to protect historic monuments? No.

The disconnect between the ideology of “True Conservatism,” the GOP agenda in Congress, “the Resistance” in the White House, the donor class agenda set by the Koch brothers and what Republican voters want to see happen is enormous and grows larger by the day. As things stand now, the plan is to campaign for reelection on tax cuts and conservative judges.

In spite of the 2016 election, the Republican legislative agenda in Congress never changed. It could have been the agenda of the 1980s, 1990s or 2000s. Many voters will conclude it will be no real loss when the GOP Congress is wiped out in November because it wasn’t doing anything they wanted anyway. President Trump is holding rallies, but the enthusiasm and energy of 2016 is nowhere to be seen on the internet.

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  1. True-cons hate the Alt-Right, Hard Right, Racialist Right more than they hate communists, anarchists, and terrorists. They are out to physically destroy us. We should never forget that.

  2. It might be a good thing if the Dems win the House and impeach Trump. Trump is being too passive and it might be that his cause would be better advanced by someone new, who could cite Trump as a martyr to the left. I’m for Rand Paul. He’s the only pol who opposes middle-east wars AND opposes NSA spying and wants to protect freedom of speech.

  3. Williamson’s articles are amusing because of all the desperate name-dropping and attempts to impress the reader with what a man of culture Williamson is. One article of his I saw is about 50% Williamson talking about Leonard Cohen chord progressions and other nonsense that was totally irrelevant to his point, which would have taken all of one short paragraph to state. I think his point was that it would be good if less bad stuff happened or, failing that, more good stuff.

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