Brett Kavanaugh Gets #MeToo’d

This is one of those moments when I feel the urge to tune out of mainstream politics and get lost reading about more interesting times in another century:

“The woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct has identified herself and is speaking publicly about her allegations against Kavanaugh for the first time, according to a Washington Post investigation published Sunday.

Christine Blasey Ford, now a 51-year-old professor at Palo Alto University in California, described an incident between the two in high school, alleging that Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed one summer in the 1980s and forced himself on her. …”

I don’t really care about Brett Kavanaugh.

I’m sick of mobs destroying people though on the basis of politically motivated accusations.

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  1. I am also sick of mobs destroying people on the basis of politically motivated accusations.

    Rape and sexual assault are political. Perpetrators and orchestrators (and enablers) of such crimes are politically motivated, as are false or sensationalizing accusers.

    • Do you really think he raped her? At most there was some horsing around, which can be verbally embellished to sound like something unacceptable and the Dems can wreck his career. Thank God sex robots are just around the corner and we can tell women to get lost. They aren’t worth the problems. They aren’t smart enough to do STEM so they’ll have to compete with the robots as best they can.

  2. What more evidence do you need that the United States is unsustainable, nonviable, irredeemable, and headed towards a Soviet style Geo-political implosion in the decades to come. This is not something we should desire or look forward to but we did not cause this catastrophe the Lunatic Left did! Trump is just a reaction to their insanity. But as George Soros suggested Trump is a transitory affair. What comes after Trump? Or are we content to go back to politics as usual in this demonic game of political chairs.Whither goest the Whitelash Revolution? (Whitelash was a term of contempt coined by CNN commentator Van Jones to demonize Trump’s white middle and working class supporters.)

  3. I hope Michael Moore is right about Trump being our last president. Haven’t I been saying the same damn thing here on OD for the past year?

  4. This is now a shit country and a menace to the world.

    The economy once based on manufacturing and agriculture is now a jew economy of finance, debt and selling.

    The media is far worse than that of the old USSR. Sleazy, disgusting, filled with lies. And why not?– it’s dominated by jews.

    Popular culture is degenerate garbage.

    Politicians are trash whose first allegiance is to a war-criminal foreign country.

    The list is endless.

    The US has no business being the leading country in the world.

    This current farce highlights the sickness.

    • The beginning of the end was 1860. The defeat of the South in 1865 was really the knell; the sign that you couldn’t opt out of the Abolitionist Poz, and they’d kill you to prevent it.

      Of course, our foreign adventurism and forcing our outcomes on the world didn’t really blossom until 1917, when we intervened to prevent Nature from taking its course and the nationalist, racially aware Germans defeating the early-Euro-poz Brits and Frogs, which they would have done without us sticking our nose in (contrary to the wishes of the people).

      The next phase was WW2, when we intervened to save (((communism))), essentially strong-armed the British into getting rid of their Empire after WW2 (thus causing unlimited breeding of the wog), etc.

      This was perhaps the biggest phase shift, because up until then isolationism was DEEPLY ingrained in American culture. We the People were pretty much were content to enjoy our vast spaces of Nature, carry on about our business, ply the rivers, herd cattle, dodge trolley cars for fun in our cities, and occasionally get into shootouts with each other, while viewing foreign adventurism and war with a jaundiced “I don’t want any part of that” eye.

      However, the (((propaganda))) effort for WW2 pretty much transformed the whole scene. Now maintaining Freedom doesn’t mean sitting in your shop, or on your farm with a wench and a rifle, it means rushing about the world, killing and forcibly imposing Poz and pretending that this is somehow keeping us “safe” while ignoring the giant flood of invaders gushing into the country behind the lines.

      At this point ,I’m not sure if “Making America Great Again” is a good idea. All it would mean, as far as I can see, is strengthening a Mongoloid Idiot colossus with an utterly degenerate culture and a hypnotized devotion to an (((alien master))) to continue to wreak devastation on the world, and possibly destroy what’s left of Europe.

      Seems better if this ended up as several separate countries, none of them strong enough to impose (((marxist))) insanity on the whole world. Time for a new approach, perhaps.

      • Well you can certainly burn that MAGA hat.

        Don Jr.’s joke is about as funny as a cartoon of a Viet Nam vet, just returned home in a wheelchair, at a party next to a cute girl with a caption that says, ‘Would you like to dance?’

        He and Eric should get together and make further fun of those working class women who ‘weren’t strong like Ivanka’ when they couldn’t avoid sexual harassment on a job.

        This dog won’t hunt.

        • So, your dog in this fight is gender. How sexist is that? Remember, for every cheating man there’s a conniving woman on the other end.

          • Clue me in where sex doesn’t involve…our sex.

            You sound ridiculous with your incessant compulsion to distort my comments for your own neurotic purposes.

            Humor me. Explain exactly how my comment is ‘sexist,’ in concrete terms.

        • You pick sides based solely on gender. Always crusading for women here. That is very sexist in its nature. You originally targeted me because I made a statement that was not rallying around the female cause in your view.

          “Clue me in where sex doesn’t involve…our sex.”

          You missed the whole point of my statement. I’m not here to vent about the war between the sexes. I’m here for race and country.

  5. The third person that was in the room, Mark Judge, has publicly stated that the communist hide is lying, utterly and completely. None of what she’s claimed is true.

    Of course, that won’t matter to the communists in congress, they simply want the vote stalled until after mid-terms are over.

    • One other thing. I worked in Palo Alto for 13 years and have never heard of Palo Alto University. Maybe it’s new.

    • One other thing, that guy, Mark Judge, quoted a famous writer on his high school yearbook page who said “Women should be struck regularly, like gongs.”

      He also wrote a memoir about being a hardcore alcoholic during high school in which he admits to blacking out regularly. There’s way worse dirt about him and his violence towards women but so far it hasn’t been completely verified.

      Oh and let’s not forget the Jesuits and Georgetown Prep, a rapist training camp by any sane person’s standards. Or that Kavanaugh lied on the stand about his relationship with the established sex offender Kozinski, for whom he clerked.

      The fact is, neither of these people have great stories. Hers is clearly flawed but there are possible justifications for some of the holes. The story still isn’t totally cogent, however.

      If the Republicans can’t find a candidate who is clean enough that such an accusation would seem extremely improbable they have no business nominating anyone.

  6. As the truth starts to trickle out about this Christine Blasey Ford, possible motives appear. Kavanaugh’s mother seems to have ruled against her parents 13 years ago in what may have been their foreclosure case, I don’t know. They were foreclosed upon. She signed a letter attacking Trump over immigrant children’s alleged treatment as a psychologist, one of 5,000 signatures.

    Neither point means her story is false but it is all part of the picture between these two people. It’s extremely odd that Ford didn’t say or do something about this incident back when her parents faced his mother in court.

    Now, who out there who doesn’t like or believe her (I don’t like or believe Kavanaugh on lots of points) can say they’ve considered the fact that various of his friends and mentors are proven womanhaters with established records of violence against women? Does that disqualify him from being Supreme Court Justice?

    • Genie – I love ya, but Ford’s story is false. It’s really obvious. Now the beeyach is backing out of testifying, until “The FBI has completed their investigation”. Wut? Of what?

      • So how do you figure the two classmates who corroborate Ford’s reporting this incident at the time? I link to their accounts somewhere in my OD-as-Genie’s-Gab account below.

        How about the gay guy, Eric Ruyak, who reports that Mark Judge is on record in internal discussion at Georgetown Prep (via email) saying Ruyak brought a G’town Prep priest’s molestation on him? The priest was found guilty of many molestations of G Prep students. Ruyak also says these types of scenarios were ‘very common’ at his high school.

        Photo evidence and at least one of the above women verify that Mark Judge was in fact best friends with Brett Kavanaugh.

        I’m sincerely curious how you square these corroborations, especially by the two women (whose names are down below)?

        Are you theorizing that they are, like, CIA or something and are being brought out to say this?

        If so, why are there two signed letters emerging from Holton Arms? One is the first publicized that had at least 600 signatures which obviously doesn’t speak directly to the claims.

        A core of Christine’s actual classmates wrote their own separate one that they want America to know represents their direct knowledge of Christine and her claims. ‘The core’ was at least 8-10, maybe 12 women and it may have grown to the larger group that was there at the time, when Cristina Guerry (I think that’s her name) said ‘everyone was talking about it for days.’

        All CIA, Denise? I guess a couple women could theoretically be ‘deployed’ given that this is DC and there are spook families all over the place in these elite schools and circles.

        But more than a couple defies reason.

        Besides, you have so much on Mark Judge, a catalogue of verified comments, pictures of various kinds, and then the famous video of Kavanaugh himself bragging about how the truth stays in Georgetown Prep.

        What more do you need to know something akin to this happened?

        I truly want to know.

      • Denise, try to be rational. I spend time ‘Gab’ing below not to be some spam artist, but because these pieces of evidence I report MATTER to anyone sincerely interested:

        Kavanaugh’s frat at Yale has an EGREGIOUS reputation and was banned for five years for chanting in front of the Women’s Center, “No means yes and yes means anal.”

        The other society he was part of (that we know) was some secretive one whose nickname was ‘Tits and Clit.’

        Yale undergrad women are speaking out now.

        Deal with reality. It may seem painful but it’s reality. I say this as the main conspiracy realist on this blog.

        • I’ll add that I think there exist elements of Deep State dynamics involved, but that the basic meat of this is real, in the sense that Kavanaugh is this person.

          Other aspects floating around, from the logistical timing of it (which Ford may have been complicit in although her agency was limited) to the larger agendas being served (I have come to believe some truther theories that that Deep State will probably supplant Trump with Pence; certainly this will neuter Trump himself if not) are shadow government machinations.

          Disturbing as it is, there’s enough real reality here.

  7. While White Republicants and CONservatives are cucks and traitors to their own people, the DIMocrats are absolutely insane WHACKOS and degenerates. A virulent physical POX on ALL of them!

      • The mad irony of female Generation X’s Viet Nam is that our two greatest heroes were irish catholics, the ‘incomprehensible and incomparable’ Sinead O’Connor and Dolores O’Riordan:

        • Dolores passed away under a cloud of suspicion last January at 46. Only last week was her cause of death determined to have been ‘drowning’ in a bathtub under the influence of alcohol.

          Why would it take seven months to figure this out? Could it be because, like other late Boomer and X female heroines (Carrie Fischer…) the pharmajewticals prescribed for her pseudo ‘bipolar diagnosis’ really caused her death?

          Another brave and brilliant warrior, In Memoriam:

          PS While we’re at it, could someone please shame that godawful piece of russian slavic sleaze ‘Vera Lokteff’ off and out of our movement?

  8. While standing on one foot, Nancy Pelosi was able to sum up Saul Alinsky in just one sentence, . “Do whatever you have to do. Just win.” So if our Consequentialist Democrat Party can cancel or just postpone the Kavanaugh vote until after the next election, and if they can also win enough seats in the Congress, they win. Otherwise, they fought from a position of weakness, lost but persisted, smeared several decent people, and undermined the Rule of Natural Law and a legal system that prohibits lies. That’s precisely the Pragmatic, “sporting view” of Law. But the Law doesn’t deal in trifles. And the Law of Unintended Consequences is not kind to those who routinely substitute disinformation and appeals to emotion for reason and logic and truth. As Justice Ginsberg said, “Let’s Make America Just Again.” Just kidding! I can’t wait for the hearings when she retires.

  9. Why does anyone on here even believe this? I wonder if there is anything the herd will not believe. It appears to be a strategy, no?

    Sarah Westall’s guests on this clip talk about how it’s no wonder the controllers do what they do with a public that is so gullible and so complacent… it’s an interesting analysis whether you agree with it or not:

    • Arab women weren’t exactly high on the list of cannon fodder.

      There’s a time and place.

      Please see above comments re shame and sleaze.


    • If you were persuaded that what the woman is saying is true, would you think Kavanaugh should be on the Supreme Court?

      • The word “persuaded” is a problem. I was once persuaded – by an even more supposedly trustworthy source – that fluoride in my water was great for my teeth. I now know I was conned.

        • You’ve always had an attitude on this board. I look at the evidence and I am either convinced or I am not convinced. I would never allow someone to persuade me.

          I just answered you.

          • If you were convinced that what the woman is saying is true, would you think Kavanaugh should be on the Supreme Court?

          • No. If I am convinced of his guilt, I believe he should not be on any court or in any position of public service. I guess she didn’t see a need to prevent him from sitting on the bench of a lower court. Of course there will be no focus on that aspect of this circus.

            Do you take her word just at face value without hearings? Do you think it’s possible it is a hoax? If it is discovered she is a fraud, should she be prosecuted?

            Just the accusation alone – even if it turns out to not be valid – will follow Kavanaugh for the rest of his life. Some people will always see him as guilty regardless of fact finding results, especially feminists. Is that fair?

          • FWIW I happen to think this could very well be a hoax.

            But you take up an attitude on this board of misogyny st times that i find very offensive.

            Notice I said *could.*

          • You see misogyny in your cornflakes. My view of women is clearly not based in self delusion. Your subliminal hatred of men is the problem and you expect me to rally around the female gender at all times. You don’t like any woman who calls out female shortcomings. Hence your attack on Lana Lokteff. Your view of my comments in rooted in victimhood. You also sound like a little snot. Where’s Deep South and his Arab accusations? I realized afterward that is where your silly comment above came from. I thought I was a Slav?

          • European people have these odd values. Free speech. Etiquette. The marketplace of ideas and values.

            I humor you, Snowhitey, but I’m really addressing MY people.

            Wasn’t it Freud who dealt in ‘subliminal?’


          • I forgot to mention shame.

            It’s what makes *my* race unique. It’s what causes the entire world to stalk us into every country we erect, on every corner of the planet.

            I think it’s time you excused yourself from this blog.

          • I doubt, Snowhitey, that Kavanaugh’s accuser won’t be asked why she didn’t bring this up earlier, i.e., when Kavanaugh was appointed to a lower court. Actually, I don’t know that she didn’t; but if she didn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised. These sorts of things are tricky–in a personal sense. Sometimes, one holds one’s tongue forever about something like this, sometimes not at all, and sometimes only until some particular set of circumstances. Your attempt to minimize the accusation and diminish the accuser by speaking of a “circus,” not incidentally, is trite and unfair.

            Do I take her word just at face value without hearings? Now why would I do that? What I also don’t do is dismiss it, as you dismissed it, before she’s been heard.

            Do I think it’s possible it is a hoax? Of course, it’s possible, though I’d bet it will turn out not to be. If it is discovered she is a fraud, should she be prosecuted? If it’s discovered she’s a fraud, well, then, yes, I hope that her action will qualify as a crime, for which she’ll be prosecuted.

            “Just the accusation alone – even if it turns out to not be valid – will follow Kavanaugh for the rest of his life,” you write. “Some people will always see him as guilty regardless of fact finding results, especially feminists. Is that fair?” I don’t know whether it’s fair or unfair, but it’s rather in the nature of these things.

          • “Your attempt to minimize the accusation and diminish the accuser by speaking of a “circus,” not incidentally, is trite and unfair.”

            It’s a circus. The whole enchilada. The standard application of sensationalism was there from the start. Shouldn’t that excitement be reserved for the verdict? I’m sorry you don’t see the hard work these performers are putting into their act.

            A woman like that can hurt women far more than help them. Women are used as a weapon and have been for close to a century. Our controllers don’t give a damn about nation, race, religion, or gender. They’re weapons to rally troops toward a goal. I think she was “persuaded” to take on this role.

  10. The Jews are pushing another sex smear scam like they have done so many times before to destroy honest people, Christians, and those who are not under Zionist control. The Jews are giving Kavanaugh the Roy Moore treatment –

    Kavanaugh must be okay. Otherwise the Jews wouldn’t attack him. Good they call evil and evil they call good.

  11. A generation and its nation are on trial.

    With friends like these…

    My prediction: Brett Kavanaugh is going down.

    When your defenders are your accuser’s best advocates, there’s no other way it can end.

    This is just one of the many, many obscene lies and unfathomables that defined Generation XX.

    Second prediction: the combination of this and Manafort will end the Trump administration. He’ll either get impeached or step down. It’s possible he might linger in total impotence, but not as likely.

    • I want to see you eat those words. Keep up these predictions. It’s barely started but your female intuition already knows the outcome, heh? My bullshitometer is pointing right at you.


    More reasons why he probably won’t get confirmed. I suppose it all comes down to how the iffy senators think this will impact their next race.

    But if by chance Kavanaugh gets pushed through without what Christine’s ever-expanding army of IWitnesses considers sufficient due process the repercussions will be vast, for Donald Trump and for the Republican Party.

    Truth Never Fears Investigation

  13. Now Collins requests that Kavanaugh’s and Ford’s attorneys perform the questioning of each other’s client:

    Heads will roll on this one, for anyone bothering to read these, pondering this pathetic attempt by Collins to dodge the problem of a panel of men interrogating a woman trying to defend herself from (direct) male violence alone, before the entire country. Mostly she’s trying to both set up a female interrogator for Ford while simultaneously protecting her republican colleagues from being forced to live with their questions to Ford and lack thereof to Kavanaugh.

    Nothing in the history of this country’s public life has caused me to want to voyage somewhere to impact an issue or event the way this one has. And I almost flew across the country to meet up with friends in my semi-youth for one of the most famous presidential campaigns of my lifetime, after volunteering up to a hundred hours of my time to it.

    Nothing even comes close.

    No ‘WN’ male should ever ask the question again, in my presence anyway, of why white women ‘betray their own people.’


    This is just one expression that appears in both Mark Judge’s and Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbook from Georgetown Prep, someone on Twitter is claiming she was tipped off by someone associated with Georgetown Prep, the oldest Catholic high school in the US, right next to the oldest Catholic college, Georgetown University.

    Its second meaning is anal sex.

    There are other of these sexually violent coded allusions in both men’s yearbook pages, as well as supposedly in books by the human sludge, Mark Judge.

    This is one multi-year long ‘I told you so’ that gives me not one iota of satisfaction in any way.

    Just peace.

    And thanks to all the detectives out there who have spent time and energy trying to bring the truth of the Jesuits to our people.


  15. Rodeo, a fine Georgetown tradition

    A guy found a girl, maybe at what was called The Pub, and took her to his room preferably on campus. He would leave the door unlocked so that when he gave the appropriate signal, maybe a knock on the wall, a gang of his Jesuit acolytes would rush in and surround their friend, who held the girl on the bed in as naked a state as possible while the future leaders of America yelled ‘Rodeo!’

    That was when there was at least a bit of consent involved.

    The prof who reiterated that ‘sex doesn’t require consent’ is tenured and heads a department at Georgetown University.

    This is all the tip of the iceberg.

    Next I might regale whoever’s out there with tales of ‘Healy’s Boys,’ an inner circle of Georgetown male students who gathered around the head dean,’ Father’ Healy.

    The dog’s decomposing flesh is just starting to smell.

  16. From Cristina King Miranda this morning:

    “I graduated from Holton Arms, and knew both Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge. Christine Blasey Ford was a year or so behind me, I remember her. I signed this letter. The incident was spoken about for days afterwards in school. Kavanaugh should stop lying, own up to it and apologize.”

    Miranda has stated (I’m getting this from Twitter) that she has said all she has to say

    “I will not be doing anymore interviews. No more circus. To clarify my post: I do not have firsthand knowledge of the incident that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford mentions, and I stand by my support for Christine. That’s it. I don’t have more to say on the subject.”

    In addition, another Georgetown Prep friend of Kavanaugh’s, Patrick Smyth, sent a letter denying he was at the party Ford had written about – before her letter was made public.

    Ford never named Smyth in her letter.

    For the women at Holton Arms, our people’s best:

  17. Article claiming a White Nationalist twitter account leaked the address of Christine Blasey Ford, who is now in hiding with her family:

    I know my men are out there. Is this report true? What’s being done about it?

    When the Romans came to England, at first it was for trade. They made ‘friends’ with some on our island, maybe pushed their way in a bit, forged alliances and did their greasy thing. Eventually they established a stronghold, and after that, a stranglehold. By the time we united against them and their lackeys it was too late.

    We have to purge this pestilence, this plague of child molestation, torture, of all the vilest of evils the Judeo-Romans unleash upon us. There can be no compromises, no rationalizations, no excuses, no appeasement. It’s not just the Catholics:

  18. Kavanaugh’s clerk, Zina Bash, was in fact purposely making the ‘OK’ signal with her hand during the hearings:

    The video that 100% proves this is at Tomthunkit@Tomthunkitsmind

    Notice, though, that under the video above her husband mocks the leftists who claim it’s about ‘white power,’ explaining that his wife is half jewish and half mexican.

    Skull and Bones, I’ve thought this from the start.

    So is Gorsuch, almost certainly.

    White men, speak now or forever hold your peace. If rape gangs, targeting your own girls and women no less, do not represent you let the world and your people know.

    You are being mocked and set up. All over the internet it’s the evil whitey man we need some brand new museum in Alabama for in apology for his crimes.

  19. Ex Georgetown Prep classmate, Eric Ruyak, points the finger at Mark Judge for blaming him for a priest’s molestation of him:

    The article reports on Ruyak’s account of a priest, Orr, he accused of molesting him who was later found guilty of that and many more incidents:

    “Once Orr admitted to molestation, Judge allegedly said: “Orr was raping kids because of the unchecked liberalism at Prep, and that regardless of whether or not I was telling the truth, I was a homosexual and had it coming.”

    He urged people to search for news about “Mark Judge Gary Orr,” and noted evidence is available about “what a f*cking loon” Judge is “and with what malice he writes his right wing bullsh*t.”

    “So…for me to hear that this son of a bitch is involved in the allegations of Kavanaugh attempting to rape a girl in high school comes as no surprise to me,” said Ruyak. “It’s always the loudest most arrogant voices that are trying to hide the truth beneath the din of their own pompous voices.”

    He went on to say that the story Dr. Christine Blasey Ford “is one that I know was repeated dozens of times in my 4 years at Prep.”

    Internet researches combed through Mark Judges’ history online and found an alarming number of photos of young women in sexual positions”


    Abort this mission.

    Next stop: Impeachment

  20. What happens at Yale, law school anyway, doesn’t always stay there:

    Kavanaugh only hired ‘model types’ as law clerks and further, a close associate and very central power broker prof there with whom he was closely associated (who counseled young women on how to land a job for him) is under internal investigation by the administration.

    • If I was in a position to hire a lot of good looking dames I would do so without thinking twice about it. Ugly broads should stay out of sight.

      • When I was 18 I decided I was never going to have to have sex with wrinkly old men. I would become famous like Georgia O’Keefe and keep a stable of 18 year old guys around me.

        Didn’t work out.

      • Modelesque is not an appropriate criterion for law clerks though and to appoint on that basis fundamentally undermines a judge’s authority…

        • Ivanka Trump is reported by the main papers, a day or two after I posted, to be advising her father to ‘cut bait.’ This is a not an unusual expression but it’s not most women’s every day language (the men around me love to fish, even the boys). So there’s no provable connection or even conclusion, which is the way the Trumps who are not dumb people for the most part like it:

          SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 AT 5:41 AM
          Message to Donald Trump and advisers —

          Withdraw all support from Kavanaugh. His relationship with Kosinski alone disqualifies him from any consideration for SCOTUS. He’s clearly lied on the stand about this relationship (all clerks according to some reporting received emails from the perv judge list serve). He attended the elite and corrupt Georgetown Prep, part of a larger institution that is known to promote rape. He has a ridiculous bunch of female ‘close friends from high school’ trying to bully his accuser as if predators don’t pick their targets carefully, and women don’t play their own part in rape of those targeted as ‘less than.’

          This is not an association that Trump needs when he will have to continue rallying support from the working man. Brett Kavanaugh and his uber-priveleged misogynist control freak extremism will only become an albatross around the President’s neck. All the womanhaters of the republican party are coming out trying to justify forcible sexual contact.

          Even if that support is withdrawn quietly, it needs to be felt and heard loudly somehow.

          Time to cut bait on Kavanaugh and hire better advisers.

          I can be reached at…”

          Tell me again who the nuisance is.

          The CNN quote of me during the campaign was more obvious and I wasn’t the only meme-propagated of it, I merely originated it, in this scene.

          This family hasn’t achieved the pinnacle of power in this country without having some savvy to them.

          Ivanka attended Georgetown University undergrad for a time and then transferred to Wharton.

          • Will they take your advice? I say a big, bold NO! I am now convinced you are a total:

            The only thing you require is repeated high dosages of Mothers’ Little Helpers.

            I’ll personally ask my Patriarch, Constantinople Bartholomew I, as well as Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb to pray for you. I’ll even say a few for you myself during my next pilgrimage to Mecca. Keep in mind I don’t do this for just anyone…..

          • You’re really that jealous. You must really be a fat arab.

            Maybe Lana Lokteff will invite you to her anti-feminist support group for fake sexual harassment survivors and anal-fetish pornography stars.

            For any wondering, Lokteff demonizes what she and her ilk term ‘victim feminism’ while living off some lawsuit settlement for sexual harassment, an inflated sum for what was likely trivial if not imagined. Her best WN friend makes porn movies educating about anal sex, and music videos with lyrics like ‘rape me.’

            While anyone’s reading or wondering, HW might need donations so we can keep this blog up without such Snowhitey’s semitizing contributions.

            Relevant men have asked valid questions like, why did Generation X teen girls and women not go to the police or have ‘proof’ of our assaults.

            I and half the country’s women are answering.

          • “Lana Lokteff Fat Shames Lolcow Talia Lavin

            September 4, 2018 at 1:15 pm

            Some on here don’t seem to understand that many Jew names are distortions of European names.

            I love Lana and Henrik. I do not subscribe to the belief that they are controlled opposition. I do believe David Duke is controlled opposition. You just got a great tip, now go chase it.

            September 4, 2018 at 1:35 pm

            I’ll repeat to all southerners that Snowhitey admitted on here to being part slavic, and has echoed the kinds of a. misogynist divisive anti-southern rhetoric that Lokteff specializes in (although to nowhere near Lokteff’s degree) and b. anglo-undermining/subverting stances in general.

            Neither of those encompasses the extent of evidence that exists to support the contention that Lokteff is controlled opposition. Snowhitey herself is probably just some woman who seeks to bend the anglocelt South to her own alien non-Southern will.

            I’m appropriating ‘the South’ to my own 100% angloceltic will , here, but with the 100% emphatic imprimatur of every working class old Southerner I conferred with in about 3 weeks of traveling all over Dixie.


            Deep South
            September 4, 2018 at 2:12 pm

            She’s an Arab. She has said that she is 3/4 Arab. I’m sure she would not mind reasserting that as it’s in the comments and there are screenshots. She lives in Michigan, probably Dearborn.”

            Now, who started it again?

            I have no problem with Slavs. I’m disgusted with your degrading remarks about them.

            “You’re really that jealous. You must really be a fat arab.”

            You are some piece of work. How do you manage to type so many comments when you apparently spend an enormous amount of time in front of the mirror? You know an exaggerated sense of one’s self is one of the signs of a psychopath.

            Typical feminist loon attacking other women – and white women at that!

            Are you wearing your silly pink hat while you type this trash about Lana?

          • Piss off back to your desert catbox, S’notwhitey.

            Who do you think founded this country, the South, and America?

            Do you not get that this site is devoted to Southern Nationalism? That angloceltic people built this nation?

            That not one here defends you?

            Take your shekels and venom elsewhere.

          • @ Southerners

            Check out the anger and violence these swarthy women on the right, literally and figuratively, spew at our blonde anglo girl:


            I think they’re jealous. Certainly they have no place in the discussion menacing our young girl with their spic and guinea hate.

            Maybe the intellectuals at Occidental Observer were right about salvaging some native romans but they brought with them such north african depravity. One of Kevin MacDonald’s writers explored this topic in the last year or so.

            All I see in the Dear Dr. Ford video is Julianne Moore, and Marisa Tomei, two beautiful Generation X women who speak with such quiet dignity. Tomei always had that musical celtic voice we loved.

          • Maybe I missed it but I don’t see anyone defending you here. Your crazy high off the fumes of the witch hunt for a strong white Christian male. Flakka for Feminists.

            I don’t think anyone wants to enter this fray. Try to be happy. Toodles.

  21. Trump says ‘can’t delay the hearing any longer:”

    Ford has every right to demand that the Senate Judiciary Committee hear her witnesses, and subpoena Mark Judge and whoever else.

    Otherwise it’s just a ‘he said, she said’ formality that serves zero purpose.

    If Trump lays low he might be able to shrug off some of what’s gonna fly throughout this process, since he can’t control the Judiciary Committee, but he needs to be more passive in that.

    I don’t even think it will save him anyway, though.

  22. Trump finally turned. I guess ‘Ivanka’s advice,’ or her top adviser who reads this blog, didn’t work for long:

    Trump didn’t live through Generation X and he has no woman to advise him, to lie in bed and explain to him what she heard happen to her friend’s daughter, of the ways and means of women. He doesn’t have Melania to explain to him how he’s crossed the line of no return in the minds of that pivotal segment of now truly indpendent women, how the rage lived inside us all our lives and how it transformed into cold calculated ‘uncontrolled lust’ as Mark Judge calls it, now 35 years later.

    We had no words then, no organization, just a youthful disoriented army without any generals.

    The game they played has made us strong.

    Anger drives people to the polls more than anything else, and fear perhaps.

    Denise once told me what any sage person knows.

    Don’t mess with crazy people.

  23. Prepare yourselves, steel yourselves. Here’s the meaning of the word ‘jesuitical’ as used in classic literature. I couldn’t find synonyms because the Jesuits literally have no equal, other than jews, which of course no dictionary is going to admit:

    So now these Jesuit proteges are blaming some less jesuit-accoladed, ‘uncool’ guy who supposedly looks like Kavanaugh and who also attended Georgetown Prep when he was there. The pictures aren’t a pathetic try but there’s no doppelgänger whatsoever there. Remember, Christine Blasey looks like these men. She’s clearly of northwestern european descent and clearly hung out in the very same circle(s) at times based on reports from classmates.

    We have reams of verifiable evidence of Brett Kavanaugh’s life…his ‘Tits and clit’ club at Yale, his compulsive opacity regarding his finances (check Gorsuch’s; he’s an open book), his gambling habit which at times can jibe with the exact types of self indulgent entitled ‘risk’ taking (does he even know he was attacking here or was it just what he’s due in his mind?).

    Now there’s an issue. Gambling. Don’t we know of a leader amongst us with such a problem? Does ‘ladies man’ come to mind? Some might say leche. *But* one word we never hear – rapist. Or even violent. I’ve been around long enough, and never once does ‘force’ or ‘fear’ seem to attend complaints.

    We all know the difference. Men who hate women v. Men who have issues.

    Brett Kavanaugh is a monster.

    Think, white men, about how he and his pause not one minute to cast blame on some innocent guy who did nothing to anyone but try to be a decent person. You’re up next.

    From the dictionary:

    “It was a jesuitical, cold, unfeeling, and selfish manner, that seemed to say, “I have kept within the law,” to the man he had so cruelly injured.

    Well, let me tell you that if I hate anyone here–I hate you all,” he cried, in a hoarse, strained voice-” but you, you, with your jesuitical soul, your soul of sickly sweetness, idiot, beneficent millionaire–I hate you worse than anything or anyone on earth

    More than that, we become casuists, we learn to be Jesuitical and for a time maybe we can soothe ourselves, we can persuade ourselves that it is one’s duty for a good object.”


  24. One reporter’s account of relationship between Kavanaugh and Gorsuch:!%27-for-Gorsuch,-Kavanaugh

    Gorsuch is two years behind Kavanaugh and became his class’s president, favoring debating and government-type obsessiveness (totally typical of Georgetown undergrad). Kavanaugh was a jock. Georgetown Prep’s classes were around 110 boys per grade.

    Unlikely that they were close friends, but pundits describe Gorsuch’s two year campaign for his seat as somewhat jesuitical and very calculating. Kavanaugh followed with extremist suck-up positions in the last year, particularly on big business and abortion.

    I don’t want to libel Gorsuch, and he probably wasn’t too close to Kavanaugh if at all, but when I read ‘president’ of his Jesuit Georgetown class very loud alarms ring.

    A veteran of that world, I simply don’t see any way for an ex ‘president’ of any class at any jesuit institution to be fit to represent America, or us. I don’t see any catholic suiting such a role, but


  25. Manspewing from some roman rapist aka jesuit priest:

    Never trust the posturing of jesuits. They’re both delusional and cunning at the same time, a most dangerous combination.

    There is no such thing as ‘respect for women’ from them. This applies to the most ‘prestigious’ institutions like Georgetown to the most inconspicuous. I’d use the word humble but that would require the ability to experience shame, a completely foreign concept to the ‘jebbies’ as guineas sometimes call these freaks.

    h/t to saboteur365 whose blog has been purged but who once posted about Branden Vandenberg, California jesuit high school Vanderbilt recruit. Vandenberg arranged the gang rape of a white girl at Vanderbilt by him and a bunch of black teammates.

    He looks somewhat jewy if anyone googles. Also notice that early articles admit Xavier was his high school, while later, as this movement increased its jesuit and catholic awareness, reporters claim he attended some ‘Desert Palm Community College.’

  26. A family member of mine reports having had two of Kavanaugh’s father’s girlfriends as friends at Trinity College, which was back in the 1960’s the ‘sister school’ to Georgetown undergad. Neither woman was close inner circle friends with this family member, so no inside scoop on Kavanaugh Sr.

    But Edward Everett Kavanaugh, Brett’s father, went to Georgetown undergrad.

    Kellyanne Conway is the Trinity College (same one in DC, still an all women’s school) grad who helmed Trump’s presidential campaign. She’s a native New Jerseyan and gets tackier by the day with her defense of this lowlife.

    The fact that Edward Kavanaugh attended Georgetown College (or whichever undergrad school) takes things beyond guilty to filthy guilty.

    Utterly disgusting people these Georgetown clubbies. I once met an undergrad alum, or his wife, who said both he and she could barely stand them, and felt constrained to maintain their connections since it helped her husband’s career as an attorney, either in NYC or right outside in NJ. He’d been awarded a scholarship so he felt he couldn’t split when he got there and discovered what a pathetic pit the place was.

    As I met her she was sending her oldest son off to Fordham in NYC, which I found sort of disappointing as it’s another Jesuit coven. She looked at me and said, “He got into Georgetown. If he went on to win a Pulitzer prize (he was interested in the arts) it wouldn’t top this. I’ll never be more proud.”

    Georgetown is like The Firm.

  27. Eric Wants to Strike Her, at least last he’d written on Dailyschnorrer, claims the Catholic Church has a homosexual problem, not a pedophile one in that he attributes the child sexual abuse scandals to the high percentage of gay men in the Church.

    Michael Cushman out there, who once defended Catholics on here?

    How about one of this site’s main writers, who just yesterday tried to validate me by blabbing on about all ‘the boys molested by the priests.’

    DELIVER US FROM EVIL, Oscar-nominated documentary expose on all the ‘homosexual priests:’

    Pedophile Priest admits that raping girls was not considered a problem ‘because they were girls.’

    In another clip that’s not in that trailer, another priest testifies that it wasn’t an issue for the priests to molest girl children ‘because they were going to grow up and have sex with men anyway.’

    • It was not one of this site’s actual writers who asserted that boys were the main victims on here.

      It was his significant other, not Hunter Wallace’s wife.

      Deliver Us From Evil


        Kennedy was a decent man, judging from his record on the Court and in life generally.

        To compare a vile pathetic loser like Kavanaugh to Kennedy, who didn’t attend any Catholic school (Stanford undergrad then Harvard law) is obscene.

        The means don’t always justify the ends. Sometimes they take you straight to Hell.

        Absolutely nothing of any value comes from these Georgetown rapists.

    • Even if Eric Striker didn’t explicitly state on Dailystormer in the past that he wanted to strike a woman, he absolutely allowed his writings to appear on that site at the exact same time Andrew Anglin was publicizing his sick violent fantasies about beating women.

      I feel the same way about this Kavanaugh, although I knew and studied in depth and in person the community of Georgetown so it’s not wholly analogous.

      Even if Brett Kavanaugh is being lied about (which 95% of the evidence negates) in terms of this specific instance, I DON’T CARE.

      His whole record reveals a lifetime of cover ups, of promoting horrific abuse of women, of judicial extremism that should disturb any conscientious person.

      I was there, he was there and I’m 100% certain he has no business anywhere near SCOTUS. He has molested the 4th Amendment depravedly and will unleash a tyrannical anti-white anti-middle class anti-decency government on us.

  28. Fourth witness named by Ford claims to not have been at the small gathering:

    Bizarrely enough, Leyland Keyser the only other girl (I think) at the party, a former classmate of Ford’s from Holton Arms, claims to not have been there or to have known Brett Kavanaugh. Ms. Leyland Keyser was a coach at Georgetown undergrad for volleyball.

    Deliver Us From Fucking Evil

  29. More disgusting catholic filth vouching for Kavanaugh:

    Article describes a close knit circle of catholic private schools in DC. So far I’ve noticed most of Kavanaugh’s female defenders are catholics.

    When I called Holton Arms to voice my gratitude to Christine Blasey Ford, and for the women standing by her, I broke down twice in sobs, in between explaining how old I was (a few years younger than she) and that I’d attended Georgetown.

    The notion that ‘some people are good people, some are not’ doesn’t work when applied to catholics.

    It’s just a sick evil cult.

  30. Damien O’Donovan refuses to turn on his brothers in The Wind that Shakes the Barley, braving death as a consequence:

    “I’m not going to sell out.”

    Damien refused to make compromises with the Catholic Church, instead desiring full liberation from Roman tyranny, even as he wouldn’t have termed it that way.

    It’s a fictional tale of two brothers’ leading the IRA in the 1920’s based loosely on real life.

    • Damien had ‘shot Chris Reilly in the heart’ a poor irish man who’d taken bribes for information on where the catholics were hiding arms.

      The bankers and landlords who purposely starved the irish were mostly jews, just as the puppet masters of the occupation in the 1920’s were.

      I’m not claiming there were no evil protestants, just that most of the orchestrators and certainly benefactors of the irish genocide were jews, ultimately, who aren’t really divisible from romans.


    A group of Brett’s female associates express their support for his confirmation.

    Why don’t they offer their bodies to be violated and invaded by his filthiness?

    How is America even considering a man known to chant, ‘No means yes and yes means anal’ at women?

    The article asserts that Kavanaugh holds the respect as a judge of both conservative and liberals, when that is untrue. Kavanaugh was very controversial before Ford’s accusation surfaced among liberals.

    Some at Yale were already lobbying against him from the law school and now their school’s dirty secrets are being exposed, as more and more ‘liberals’ and people of conscience challenge this man’s unprofessionalism and chronic dishonesty.

    ‘No means no and yes means anal’ ‘Do these guys beat their wives?’ ‘What happens at Georgetown stays at Georgetown.’

    The notion that a girl or woman could just go to the police and get an investigation is absurd.

    When I finally went in 1993, ten years later after linking up with women who were defending against acquaintance assault, the detective told me, ‘You were just kids.’

    He refused to investigate even though the statute of limitations for prosecution hadn’t passed yet, and in spite of the fact that NJ law made sexual contact between any minor under 16 by anyone three years older than her or him, which my attacker absolutely was, a statutory crime.

    My assailant used brute force to restrain me from escaping, in a foreign town that forced my smaller one to bus into and where I’d essentially been abducted.

    The irish catholic cop called this ‘playing.’

    Yet our president has the audacity to claim Ford should have a police report to show.

    What she has is an army who will never back down.

  32. More? Again? Is anyone even paying attention anymore? Maybe “Deep South”. So easily manipulated by an (((enemy))) psy-op. Must have taken a few hours off to re-energize.

    You must play Helen Reddy over and over and over and over…… it’s getting old. I pray you have no male children.

    Time to disembark the pulpit. Act like a real white woman and get your head together. You’re making a fool of yourself. You’re behaving like your off kilter at this point.

  33. So another accuser, this one from Yale, comes forward:

    The uncanny thing for me here is that a Georgetown classmate of mine from South America once told me a very similar story about a guy she said had literally rubbed himself against her at a gathering at Georgetown. I don’t even think anyone was drinking or that it was some nighttime party, not that that would excuse it. This particular woman wasn’t lying or part of some Democratic partisan plot; she only started getting mad about it when I stirred her up with my reports of even worse violations.

    It could all be a very elaborate sophisticated Deep State democratic plot, just as it could be the truth given how incredibly close to real life the stories sound.

    Does it really matter?

    Who wants this entitled bought out tool to sit in judgment of us? Who wants him creating precedent that could empower Trump or some other flybynight dictator?

    Who’s going to decide who gets their guns seized under ERPO’s – Extreme Risk Protection Orders? It’s the Fourth that allows search and seizures by dint of warrants. Kavanaugh’s record on this pivotal amendment is terrifying if you don’t love the executive forces who will use it to decide who is somehow ‘risky’ and who is not. ERPO’s as they exist in certain states now allow the cops alone to petition judges for warrants to confiscate arms without any due process or transparency, or even warning.

    I don’t trust a man who has a history of massive gambling debts, who can be bribed so easily to support his lavish lifestyle, or one who joked about men beating their wives and college men raping women.

    Fuck Kavanaugh and the whole sordid mess he’s unleashed on our country.

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