Brett Kavanaugh Gets #MeToo’d

This is one of those moments when I feel the urge to tune out of mainstream politics and get lost reading about more interesting times in another century:

“The woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct has identified herself and is speaking publicly about her allegations against Kavanaugh for the first time, according to a Washington Post investigation published Sunday.

Christine Blasey Ford, now a 51-year-old professor at Palo Alto University in California, described an incident between the two in high school, alleging that Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed one summer in the 1980s and forced himself on her. …”

I don’t really care about Brett Kavanaugh.

I’m sick of mobs destroying people though on the basis of politically motivated accusations.

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    • “I think they’re jealous. Certainly they have no place in the discussion menacing our young girl with their spic and guinea hate.”

      At least be consistent with the spics. Everyone’s jealous. Or, do you just mean the females who aren’t on board your little delusion?

      • “I think they’re jealous. Certainly they have no place in the discussion menacing our young girl with their spic and guinea hate.”

        “All I see in the Dear Dr. Ford video is Julianne Moore, and Marisa Tomei, two beautiful Generation X women who speak with such quiet dignity. Tomei always had that musical celtic voice we loved.”

        Be consistent with the guineas, too, or you’ll eventually lose credibility.

        • So that engages the question of ‘what is a guinea?’

          First off, I cited Tomei’s beautiful voice and that it echoes the celts. Because it does and I was in a mode of memorializing celtic music.

          Some people aren’t so superficial as to commodify people or women. Marisa Tomei was always attractive, but her beauty there was her words conveyed by her voice and spirit.

          Second, are you denying that rhinoplasty wasn’t the single most common, by a fairly wide margin, of cosmetic surgery procedures during the years Tomei and I – Generation X – grew up? Seriously?!!! Are you denying that the majority of those getting the procedure were italians and jews?

          Because I was there, and they most definitely were the largest contingent of people trying to change their noses to look like anglos. That is fact, not my ‘hate.’ And nose jobs weren’t the only cosmetic alterations mediterraneans got to look more like anglos and northwestern europeans. Many dyed their hair or even got colored contact lenses.

          The sheer fact that ‘guineas’ came into this country prove they coveted our culture and identity in some basic ways. What on earth is challenging about that? Marisa Tomei happen to express not just celtic voice in the video but also culture in her attitude and lack of italian tackiness. She wears glasses, desists from presenting herself in some made up commodified way, expresses compassion and responsibility and even has relatively fair skin. Overall I consider her an exception for all these reasons.

          So that brings us to what is a ‘guinea?’ The two women in the pro-Kavanaugh don’t have white skin, among other native european traits. The first is clearly a mix of native south american or thereabouts with some other stuff maybe mixed in. She doesn’t approach white at all so she’s irrelevant.

          The other clearly comes from North Africa and Italy. I can see it in her look, her voice and her attitude. She is utterly disgusting in every way. The difference between her and Tomei is so vast I barely see them in the same race as it were, yet northern italians and central/southern italians consider themselves all ‘italian,’ for the most part except maybe in Italy where some northerners don’t include the obvious north africans in their identity.

          The entire country is jewed, however, through and through. Henry Makow has written on northern Italy and its different jewish history.

  1. Kavanaugh changed his famous speech off the cuff that he made at Columbus Law School, Catholic University.

    This video contrasts the version he submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee with the actual speech Kavanaugh delivered, to which he adds the phrases “what happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep” as “the dean just reminded me:”

    Now, why would a dean (who would be a catholic man, very likely a priest) of Columbus Law School be reminding Brett Kavanaugh as the two reconnoitered about the old days at Georgetown Prep that what happened there stays there? What went on that was so memorable that the two still talk about it and plot to cover it up 30 years later? Why does Kavanaugh stutter so many times when he repeats the phrase, then quickly looks down, reflecting that “that’s been a good thing for all of us?”

    Just men joking casually about old times?

    Then why the stutters and quick nod down? Was he alluding to this new accuser’s gang rape by these men?

    If some group sex scenario at a party involving the three old Georgetown Prep friends he alludes to was consensual on the girl’s part WHY ON EARTH IS HE STUTTERING AND LOOKING DOWN AND COLLUDING TO KEEP IT A SECRET?

    Going to sleep now, finally. It’s been a long week.

    Anyone following this story should recognize that Brett Kavanaugh committed gang rape at Georgetown Prep.

    Thanks to all who contemplated the painful truths I and other survivors out there have endeavored to illuminate, and to all who respect Christine’s right to justice, which is all our right to justice.

    Shame on those who troll this site with their sick hatred of women, of me, and of the truth.

  2. This really is my last post, for the night anyway.

    I need to add that at Georgetown undergrad, even by 1995 when most american colleges were talking about acquaintance rape and sexual assault, the administration was still refusing to accept campus security reports.

    I know this because I tried to do it three times and they wouldn’t accept any reports. The DC police were also taking a very hard line against investigating assaults that happened on or around the campus between students.

    At the time I thought the city police were just backwards and sexist for some unclear reason. For a big upscale city their attitude was shocking to me in how distorting they were of very real violent acts into petty minor things, characterizing an attempted rape as ‘simple assault,’ etc.

    Now I wonder how much repression of their male students’ violence the Jesuits had wired for their campus and immediate surroundings specifically, how much of the misogynist stance was spontaneous and how much was catholic conniving.

    Peace dear Christine, I didn’t know you or your friends at Holton but I wish I did.

    We stand with you girl.

    Go get ’em

  3. This stuff basically sounds like what went on at all high school and college parties back in the 80s and 90s when America was still Great. Now basically any conservative is going to have any treasonous white bitches who became a careerist liberal shrike come out of the woodwork and redefine any sort of encounter that went on when they were kids as some sort of assault. Of course this assumes the bitches aren’t just making all this stuff up. One is a leftist activist, the other is wearing a “Puerto Rico” shirt, and most likely hates the Republicans and blames them for the hurricane. (The lates leftist mindset on the weather is sort of like a pre-modern tribe believing the weather gods are punishing us because of evil republicans driving SUVs. They don’t even tell you the actual temperature anymore, it’s all exaggerated “windchills” and “heat indexes” to try to make you think the same damn weather I remember as a kid is some anomaly.)

  4. Article on Pennsylvania Church scandal happening now: “But the findings, identifying 301 predator priests, also showed a “failure of law enforcement,” Shapiro said.

    The investigation found that while the church leadership was consistently involved in protecting offenders, it sometimes had assistance from police or district attorneys who looked the other way.”

    I researched a number of articles on this ongoing investigation and it does seem that young boys were more often targeted than young girls by pedophile priests, although girls were also victims. The film Deliver Us From Evil features two women out of three adult survivors among all the cases documented during that wave of investigating. I’d guess adult women might have felt easier speaking out about it.

    When it comes to catholic high schools and colleges the ‘holy fathers’ actively promoted sexual violence against teen girls and young women by male students as the prime targets, however.

    The male narcissism that emerges through the vaunting of male status prevents normal alpha males to defend women, and children.

  5. This link has the raw data, as it were, about the yearbook allusions and its interpretations by DC urbanites:

    That Kavanaugh’s yearbook lists these coded expressions isn’t under debate. His side is not trying to deny this forensic evidence exists.

    Some would study all this stuff and just claim that ‘catholic boys felt more shame about sex.’

    Then why the expressions of violence about ‘the need’ to strike and beat women? Why would a dean of Catholic’s law school and Kavanaugh be discussing teen sex play if that’s all it was, somewhat promiscuous but consensual sex?

    Yet sick people on here and in this country are still calling this guy a ‘strong, good man.’

    • It’s worth basically zero, since all it reflects is that some of the girls at Holton, like teen girls and guys across the country, partied pretty hard in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The DC prep school milieu was probably more indulged in these habits for various reasons.

      It tells us nothing, however, about whether Kavanaugh and a Mark Judge used force against Christine Ford.

      I have proven to anyone reading that clear promotions of violence towards ‘certain women’ were written on both Judge’s and Kavanaugh’s yearbook. I’ve linked to the best analysis of Kavanaugh’s speech, which he very purposely edited when he submitted its text to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

      I’ve also given some still limited insight into how these dynamics played out at Georgetown undergrad.

      So I’d ask: What more evidence does a reasonable person need?

      And, is the issue for supporters of Kavanaugh that he may not have committed this exact assault, even when all evidence points to that he did others? Does the fact that he assaulted others matter to those answering yes?

      Only one city in America has the motto ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’

      There’s a reason during an era and in a specific milieu of extreme decadence that only Georgetown Prep has this mantra.

      That’s because prostitution and sexual slavery go hand in hand, and both are despicable, the former even moreso when sons of the highest privilege are its orchestrators. The latter is the stuff of nightmares and horror films.

  6. More yearbook exposes, as Brett appears in a picture with Mark Judge and friends with the phrase ‘Renate Alumni;’ Renate was a girl some of them dated and clearly made a target of.

    From CNN, “Michael Walsh, another student at Georgetown Prep, also wrote “Renate Alumnus” on his yearbook page, the Times reports. He also included a short poem, “You need a date / and it’s getting late / so don’t hesitate / to call Renate.”

    The poor woman signed Kavanaugh’s 65 woman letter. A classmate of Kavanaugh’s, Sean Hagan said the football team spoke very disrespectfully to and about Renate.

    Kavanaugh’s mask is coming off.

    Why do I feel so ashamed at this tragic display of how cowardly and overall insane these men are. It’s as if they suffer from dissociative disorders. What else does one call these ‘catholic choirboys?’


    The fact that this woman, as a young girl, had no idea she was being used, targeted, devalued…that she was the butt of all their jokes and subconscious inferiority complexes, just makes it more disgusting when Kavanaugh feigns innocence.

    Any person raised irish catholic who does not experience some shame at this display has no spine or conscience.

    Any southerner who thinks they can back this man and not incur the wrath of God and of your northern brethren is as delusional as this joke of a judge.

  7. I find it difficult to believe a handsome outgoing young man like Brett Kavanaugh, who came from a well-to-do family and attended private schools that were known for parties and sex stuff, could have remained a virgin through high school and college. No that I give a damn about his private life. Even if he did force himself on a girl or two (which I strongly doubt) ch

    • (continued) it hardly would have been surprising, given the environment he was raised in and the era during which he was a youth. Didn’t Slick Willie get kicked out of Oxford for sexually assaulting a co-ed? Funny how the Left gave him a pass on that and all his other disgusting sexploits.

      • It’s about military tribunals, missing trillions, espionage, and a whole lot more. They’re also trying to prevent civil war. A lot is going on behind the scenes.

        Although many believe the Zionists/Luciferians control over Western Civilization is due to their money printing of the globe’s reserve currency, the fact is they have a second weapon that is equally as powerful and that’s the ability to steer the beliefs of the masses.

          • Brett Kavanaugh is a very real person with a very real sordid past that’s been well established. The forensic evidence, not to mention surrounding circumstantial, is copious and has been acknowledge as authentic by Kavanaugh himself.

            So what are you saying? That she’s Deep State but he isn’t? That she doesn’t exist at all? That both are part of a sophisticated psy op designed to tear white people and the genders in general (and society) apart?

            What’s your point with all this.

            Because your assertions that he is a ‘strong man’ are obscene. And one basic problem with all this is that I absolutely am a real person whose identification has been verified and I absolutely was in that exact environment and know these stories are exactly what I witnessed in various capacities.

          • This is to say that clearly that letter’s format is problematic both syntactically and grammatically, although I’d deem a few points in your article as trivial and inconclusive.

            I’d also question if that is indeed the original copy that was published.

            If so, it clearly expresses fakery, with various possible agendas.

            But Brett Kavanaugh is ‘real,’ so where are you going with this?

          • The lower case ‘i’ doesn’t appear in other publications’ copies of this letter. That was the strangest problem.

            On the macro level it’s odd that Ford didn’t hire a lawyer to contact Feinstein or her local representative, and even stranger that she or her lawyer didn’t simply write directly to Feinstein herself, especially as a PhD.

            Beyond the lower case ‘i,’ the latter point creates the biggest inconsistency. No well educated person starts with their congressperson in such a situation. Some might begin a solicitation for an investigation without an attorney but it’s still highly unlikely.

            It’s not that stuff doesn’t stink with this oddball and odd situation. It’s that that smell could be coming from various sources and may never be aired, while Kavanaugh’s stink is clearly coming straight from him, his disgusting character and denying him the seat is the obvious solution for it.

          • Last for this micro thread, your problem with Ford is not just the obvious flags and hallmarks of a possible psy op of some kind.

            It’s that you clearly harbor profound anger at women in general, of whatever ethnicity or race. You wouldn’t care if Kavanaugh committed the worst interpretation of Ford’s claims, and that’s disgusting.

            The conditions and overall war the ‘Ford’ describes and hearkens were 100% real.

            Notice I don’t say every individual’s claims, however.

  8. “It’s that you clearly harbor profound anger at women in general, of whatever ethnicity or race. You wouldn’t care if Kavanaugh committed the worst interpretation of Ford’s claims, and that’s disgusting.”

    I did not respond to your comments for a reason. Your referring to me as a Slav or Arab are merely meant to distant others who post comments here. That’s the part of you that set me off. You could never find me anywhere on this board – ever – stating I am anything other than a white woman born in NYC of Irish, English and Danish descent who was baptized Catholic and am now agnostic and I currently live in North Florida. My husband is of Italian descent and also agnostic. I do not attack people when they make negative comments about the Irish or Italians or Catholics. I don’t take any of them personally. You target people personally and spread lies and it’s only to mislead. Your anger is all over this article. I don’t hate women and I’ve never stated this. Just because I don’t automatically rally to their defense does not make me guilty of misogyny. I don’t discriminate and call things as I see them. I believe the main gender war going on is the specific targeting of white Christian male power merely to neuter it and replace it.

    You’re attacks on Kavanaugh without even waiting to see how things pan out are unfortunate in my view.

  9. “Because your assertions that he is a ‘strong man’ are obscene.”

    At least quote me accurately, bitch:

    “Your crazy high off the fumes of the witch hunt for a strong white Christian male.”

    • My love of my white men (and of my white women sisters) is what informs my passionate conviction that this pathetic weakling has no business near SCOTUS.

      You keep trying to distort my disgust for one man, here a roman catholic, into some supposed monolith of ‘all men.’

      That’s in you, not me. I think since you’ve been forthright about your husband’s ethnicity you’re probably angry at my rejection of his culture and its ways.

      All I can say to that is, if his culture was equal to my people’s he and his wouldn’t be here.

      • You really don’t get it.

        You don’t know what’s going on any more than I do. You believe practically everything you’re reading. Even Lindsey Graham says the narrative is unraveling. The fact that after all these years and the whole charade surrounding the 2016 presidential election, you still haven’t learned to wait and see. Race and sex are the two topics that are capable of destroying anyone without any thorough investigation and the masses suck it up like lemonade.

        I don’t give a damn what you say about Italians. Go right ahead, it rolls right off of me. My point was that you condemn them and praise them in the very same comment. For someone who is obviously educated, you are totally lost as to why I respond to you at all, Onceler, no?

    • I believe I captured the gist of your quote.

      I’m not going to parry your name-calling. I think it’s uncivil and accomplishes nothing in this exchange.

      • Are you not familiar with the fact that a single word added or omitted can completely change a sentence? White and Christian were equally important. I reserve the right to pass judgment on him after the dust settles. Are you not familiar with the Duke Rape Hoax? I understand sexual assaults happen and we all know not all of them are true. Some are even committed by females. A lot of evidence was brought against those young men and it turned out even the DA was in on the frame.

        Civil? You are quick to use derogatory terms – especially when it’s unnecessary – and that is hardly civil. Bitch was the appropriate word. Maybe that’s the word you should have used against Kavanaugh’s supporters instead of spics and guineas since ethnicity wasn’t really relevant at that time.

        Why does it bother you so much that I am not filled with venom for him? I really never gave him much thought and never mentioned him on OD before our little squabble. And, what’s with the overuse of the word “jealous”? I even think “fat Arab” is uncivil. Do you use these words during a disagreement with intellectuals?

        I’ve been studying this NWO/Zionist thing for close to 15 years. I believe very little at face value anymore and, more often than not, it has been a very wise decision. I think the problem here is that opposition skullduggery never entered your mind. I think you may have briefly considered it but your life experiences took hold of the reigns. Deception is a pretty large slice of our reality.

      • “I’m not going to parry your name-calling.”

        Must I remind you that your name calling is what started this whole thing.

  10. “Anyone following this story should recognize that Brett Kavanaugh committed gang rape at Georgetown Prep.”

    Verdict without trial? How un-American.

    “Thanks to all who contemplated the painful truths I and other survivors out there have endeavored to illuminate, and to all who respect Christine’s right to justice, which is all our right to justice.”

    With emphasis on “I and other survivors” Did a family member do this to you?

    • I’m not sure that that’s really your business but the answer is no.


      Are you trying to deny that the Catholic Church and its institutions aren’t rape factories? And more specifically that the Jesuits and Georgetown aren’t particularly horrific?

      Also what lies are you accusing me of telling. What basis do you have for such a libelous charge?

      • I’m trying to understand your exaggerated zeal.

        The Roman Catholic Church is a business. It is a control mechanism. It’s a magnet for homosexuals and pedophiles. If the Italians burned down the Vatican tomorrow, my response would be “finally”! Bella Dodd stated that the Communists sent in a thousand men in to subvert it. I believe her. The war between good and evil is as old as man himself.

        “Also what lies are you accusing me of telling. What basis do you have for such a libelous charge?”

        For starters, you said I was a Slav. Then an Arab. Then a fat Arab. I was waiting for nigger but you disappointed me.

        “Anyone following this story should recognize that Brett Kavanaugh committed gang rape at Georgetown Prep.”

        That’s a big, bad ass statement, Genie. Go start re-reading your comments from the beginning. You went from A to Z in no time. I think the real problem is that you underestimate Trump’s opposition forces. A swamp? The swamp is just the welcome mat. Dave Janda shared an appetizer on YouTube relaying his first encounter with Lee Atwater. I think Dave is still a little naive in regard to the dark forces controlling government. The whole interview is on Westall’s website. I believe Janda to be a very good man.

    • The evidence that Kavanaugh committed gang rape is very strong. A congressional hearing isnt a trial. Ford doesn’t have any prosecutor or even an attorney to interrogate Kavanaugh. Instead she’ll face a panel of biased republican senators who refuse to subpoena her witnesses, like Mark Judge and some who might testify in affirmation of her story.

      There isnt going to be a trial at all by this Judiciary Committee, only a one way Inquisition of a woman by a gang of men.

      And if they bring in a professional prosecutor to question her, why cant she bring in a prosecutor to question him? Why is the Committee refusing to subpoena her witnesses if they’re interested in fairness?

      You dont get that Kanaughs fitness to be a judge on the highest court in the land is at issue. There are hundreds of people who dont have the character problems he does. Depriving him of a seat isn’t some violation of his liberty. He has no legal right to it to begin with.

      So I don’t need the threshhold of ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ to convict, as it were, of the direct crime.

      As pertains to what would be his role and power as a justice, he’s been proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

      Anyone who lived through that era much less that specific environment should be able to see that he used his lack of judgment or malice in judgment to aid and abet rape and assault.

  11. Avenatti’s client, Julie Swetnick, also claims Kavanaugh and Judge gang raped her after spiking her drink with something:

    First, I’d like to state that a woman can be wrought physically defenseless by alcohol. Not all alcohol-rape situations are about the woman regretting consenting the next day for whatever reason, although obviously that does happen sometimes.

    Kavanaugh added some drug to alcohol, from what it sounds like, to incapacitate girls, which might account for some of Blasey Ford’s disorientation and lack of clarity on details.

    As an older X’er, but not this old, I’ll say that I didn’t hear about drugging girls’ drinks until like maybe the mid to late 90’s or something. But these teens and young adults lived in and around Washington DC, which would have been an urban playground. It’s possible Kavanaugh and Judge were into this practice long before it became a sort of ‘thing.’

    Don’t know when Cosby admitted on stage to spiking women’s drinks as part of his standup routine but it was probably back in the 1980’s at least.

    • Correction. She claims Judge and Kavanaugh ‘were present’ when she was gang raped. She doesn’t seem to specify whether or not she knows that they themselves raped her.

      Not that it matters that much in terms of deciding his fitness to be Supreme Court Justice. Either way he’s totally incompetent.

      • Genie, what’s going on is probably far, far more than we think. I think Trump is backed by the military and if you look at his inaugural address, there are hints at it. Also, several retired generals/military higher ups even accompanied him on the campaign trail. I believe he was asked/chosen to seek the office. As Catherine Austin Fitts stated, and I think she is probably correct, Trump represents those who are willing to sacrifice empire for the United States — as opposed to those who are willing to sacrifice the United States for empire (she also thinks the velvet gloves will come off Trump after the November elections regarding many issues facing the nation). I think his bankruptcy experience (we’re flat broke) and his ability to withstand tremendous personal attacks were also a part of it.

        I also think that the exchange between Graham and Kavanaugh in this clip is probably one of many reasons for the attack on Kavanaugh’s character, military tribunals for traitors within:

        Am I 100% certain? No, but I believe there’s logic in it. Time will tell.

        • Just got to watching this now.

          Could also be the R’s way of deflecting what they knew might be coming. Evidence clearly indicates that Kavanaugh knew Ramirez was out there and that some around her were being contacted by him and/or his people with the goal of damage control. The Republican defense against Ford and Ramirez was ‘Deep State Democrat’ attack.

          It is definitely an odd detour presaging something but who knows what.

          The complete silence around Ford clearly supports that she has ‘Deep State’ connections, something I’ve suspected since the beginning. I differ with conservatives in that I recognize that Kavanaugh does, too. The money funding both him and Gorsuch was both darker and deeper than that being spent to help Ford.

          I know Kavanaugh was capable of committing such an act. We have enough info on him, and that reality may have factored into the plan to try to torpedo him, contrived as Ford’s allegations may have been. But they stuck because he’s downright sticky slimy. And I’m not sure that Feinstein (doesn’t she have Zionist sympathies) didn’t botch the job on purpose…

          Also seems possible Graham was playing with people out there, dangling some fantasy future for those wanting to believe. When he used the ‘drunken slut’ defense for Kavanaugh I suspect he was obliquely suggesting the real drunken slut was Ford.

          I think the Kanye West Oval Office meeting was staged, in the sense that at the very least Kushner was angling towards ‘mental illness’ as the reason behind massive black incarceration. I’m not even sure if West was performing for this purpose, given that to many blacks the ‘mental illness’ card is how they plan to shirk responsibility for their community’s endemic problems. They like the idea that judges and ‘mental health experts’ and prison personnel will be the arbiters of justice, not juries who can’t be bought off and relied on for liberal anti-white bias. This is a thing, this meme of ‘disabled by mental illness’ in the black community.

          Trump’s actual role in that (he let the reporters in) and the transference of power generally is unclear to me. He’s not clueless and comes from NYC (which means he will have been formed by the city’s historic debate about the homeless as mentally ill or not), but I’m not sure the military as it were is either united even at the top brass (and didn’t Obama move out most of the old whiteys) or so approving of him.

          It is all a mystery, but I can tell you that Kavanaugh and Trump and the whole gang should not be trusted, by whites or anyone.

          Scary stuff is afoot is all I can see.

          • I should add that it is a major thing among the ‘massive mental illness’ promoters that most ‘bipolar’ people don’t know they have it. The biggest lobbying group behind the Murphy bill that was snuck into law in fall of 2015, the last law Obama signed, even has a term for this non-psychotic psychotic condition called

            I think they lengthened the original greek word to make it even more inaccessible and irrefutable somehow. Note that it claims to describe 40% of ‘bipolars,’ even though the actual manic depression is a clear cut disease whose manic phase is defined by psychosis, while its depressive one is not. So a person is either psychotic or not in real life. In the make believe world of psychiatry, a person who isn’t psychotic can still be since they don’t know they were at some point.

            My study of manic depressives is just the opposite. They all remember being psychotic during mania, what their delusion(s) were, and don’t struggle at all with acknowledging that they have the disease. Some struggle with accepting how they’re going to deal with it and with the shittiness of it, but recollection and awareness of having been psychotic is one main distinction between it and schizophrenics, who don’t have episodes and who therefore lack awareness.

            There’s a lot going on here, Snowhitey, that needs to be investigated and interrogated, and we’re on the very edge at this point. Major shifts are going to happen in the next two years and it’s beyond a gamble to think they’ll be for the better.

          • I’ll also say that West’s 10 minute monologue didn’t resemble the manic phase of manic depression. It did seem to be possibly drug-influenced, and I also saw some hardcore narcissism in there along lines of black cultural style. But it lacked the material delusionality of true mania, among other differences. He wasn’t spouting about being God, or Muhammad Ali or some such.

            But if I were to plot a simulation of what some pseudo manic episode would look like, I might make it very similar to Kanye’s diatribe.

            Or performance.

        • Genie,

          I understand Kavanaugh is not completely clean especially being connected to both the Bush and Clinton families. He’s also been in the DC area from the beginning. He’s achieved a lot compared to most especially when you look at the administrations this has occurred under. However, I disagree with you on the sexual assault charges. Personally, I still believe they were completely fabricated as relating to Blasey Ford. I presume some Deep State players don’t even know they’re Deep State players. I also believe Feinstein IS Deep State. Feinstein was a NWO player from day one. A politician leaning communist is a pretty good indicator of being Deep State. A lot of Dems have communist ideology – not for themselves just for us – and that is a product of the NWO going back a century or far, far more. Her sitting on that manufactured letter for weeks was part of a strategy. I still don’t believe Ford was the actual author. I also have certain viewpoints that are not mainstream regarding the control of both political parties. I think some of the control over some players has recently been removed. Perhaps there were deals made behind the scenes like with Graham and McConnell. Both have changed course and I doubt it’s a coincidence. McCain’s departure, regardless of method, created a vacuum.

          I haven’t studied mental illnesses so I can’t comment on that aspect. And, it’s not that I don’t have mentally ill people in my environment, it’s just not a focus at this point in time. All official mental health experts are controlled. When you need a permit or a license to do something….. you stay inside the box…. if they’re outspoken and not condemned or vilified they’re suspect. A lot of people love Jordan Peterson. I was always apprehensive of him. He often sounds really good. Another quandary? I think his statement about Kavanaugh confirmed my suspicions. Some people can’t comprehend that someone who appears so anti-establishment could actually be a part of the establishment. It’s a really old strategy. I think they’re always manipulating the true definitions of words just like they’re always manipulating the true facts of events.

          Yes, Obama did perform a lot of house cleaning. His was more advertised than most Presidents. I believe there are good and bad within the military and it has been infiltrated just like other faction of our government. Look at Trump’s inaugural address when he states he is giving the country back to the American people, there is a representative of, I believe, every military sector behind him. It looks like a message to the global control mechanism to me. I believe Trump did not keep any of Obama’s Joint Chiefs. They’re just politicians anyway. Also, what’s Trump’s “calm before the storm”? Take a good look at the brass in that video. Even the body language of the spouses is interesting. I think Dave Janda may be right that it’s all about the return of the rule of law. The rule of law around the globe not just here. If accurate, it has to be done in a way to minimize upheaval. Civil wars can last for decades and the vacuums created could irretrievably change the chessboard. If we finally see a focus on actual justice regarding the behavior and actions of the Left – after the November elections – I think it will be a telltale sign. I think a lot of people the world over are sick & tired of the endless death and destruction. Not just those in the rank & file. I think Trump’s message about creating a military space force is to redirect the military industrial complex toward earning a living in that direction instead of endless conflict on Earth. I also think he may loosen the restrictions on cannabis which I believe to be a positive. He’ll get a lot of liberal fans with that one. It would be a very interesting and unexpected move from a figure like Trump.

          I didn’t watch the Kanye event. I think the entire entertainment complex is controlled by dark forces. I am not kidding when I say this. Perhaps a hidden knowledge of some kind. I just don’t know. I also think there is massive mental illness in the general population. A lot of it also engineered. Is it just another way to control people by making them dysfunctional? Maybe Shia LeBeouf is really a victim of mind control manifesting as mental illness. He’s too over the top, even more than Kanye. I think the exaggerated role of sports in American life has been totally engineered for one purpose only and it’s not entertainment. Jay Dyer has an interesting site on symbols and their hidden meanings. He often focuses on Hollywood. There are others as well. I also think there are theatrics on both sides of the political aisle aimed at the minority populace of every stripe. I think the Walk Away movement is one result. Everyone’s perception is on the agenda. The major shifts ahead are still unpredictable to even those paying close attention. That’s not to say they are unknown to everyone. I think for us to focus on only two paradigms is naïve but it’s often what we automatically do because that’s how we’ve been programmed.

          Perhaps the future can look bleak and bright at the same time.

  12. For the record, I was never gang-raped.

    I tend to believe this Julie Swetnick, though, because she sounds like a substantial person and because all the forensic and verified (as in not under debate) evidence supports her claims. The exact details will never be certain, like whether they truly used a drug or not, or whether they actually raped her specifically. I do think it possible she’s exaggerating with the drug part to make up for the ignorance about how alcohol can affect who and where, or even wholly falsifying her own rape by them for a higher cause, but I’m certain these men did this exact type of thing.

    I sensed he was dangerous and an extremist early on, and tried to warn people after he was named.

    For those who are processing all the evidence and weighing it, the conclusion of guilt should be solid.

    So I’d point out just how rigged the catholics have things that this type of monster could get so far, and so close to holding national office.

  13. Trump calls it a con, says republicans should have ‘pushed harder’ to hold hearings without Ford’s input:

    I would have considered that he might be posturing for the base, but after watching the video he sounds sincere and goes too far. Lets FBI off the hook completely. Sounds like a metaphor for gang rape even. He also sounds truly paranoid, given how ubiquitous this phenomenon was and how much corroboration there will likely be from Swetnick’s witnesses, etc.

    I think we’re seeing the final unraveling of the Trump administration.

    • I don’t see how anyone watching the hearing and the evidence can believe Kavanaugh is innocent. She made the accusations before he was even nominated and passed a polygraph, which the new ones are practically foolproof.

      Just another Jesuit scumbag cuckservative who should be sent to Federal Prison after an FBI investigation

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