The GOP Stupid Party in Oklahoma: Rep. Tom Cole

American political and cultural life isn’t complicated. We at OD don’t push weird conspiracy theory nonsense. The Disunited States of America’s elites are dominated by racial, ethnic and sexual groups that hate us. The Jewish and Homosexual media mafias dominate this elite but there are legions of straight, White Anglo types who simply refuse to take our side because they are traitors or worse….

Just plain stupid.

Two parties in the USA

The Democrat Party – the evil party
The Republican Party – the stupid party

Many times both parties get together to do something really evil and really stupid – it’s called “bi partisanship”.

This evil and stupid bi partisanship includes spending $ trillions to defend the North/South Korean border to protect one group of Koreans from another group of Koreans, but not defending our US Southern border allowing tens of millions of diseased, criminal Orcs to invade and destroy our country.

How evil and stupid is that?

This week Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole said something really stupid, saying Congress shouldn’t build the wall and defend our Southern border because…

“We haven’t given up the fight. But if it keeps us from doing other things that are pretty important, like defending the country, then I think it’s a fight not worth having right now,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee. “Let’s get these critical day-to-day functions of the government done, and the American people will be expressing an opinion in the election. We’ll see where we’re at when we come back.”

Somehow this dumb as* Okie can’t rap his mind around the simple fact that “defending the country” means defending our borders, defending our nation and our people from a mass invasion.

Now, we all must do the simple, necessary task of “outing” Rep. Cole and letting his congressional staff members and his supporter know just how stupid his border security national defense comments were.

I spoke to one of his staff members today and had a very productive talk – I didn’t rant and rave, instead started a dialogue and presented my own personal experiences with the illegal alien invasion, Islamic terrorists in New York City etc.

Please make your own calls and ask for specific staff members. Be polite, keep it short, start a back and forth dialogue. Has anyone else noticed that we have successfully pressured Sen. Rand Paul to stop making stupid, treasonous comments about immigration, BlackLiesMatter etc?

Here’s the contact information for Rep. Cole – I want all our readers to make at least one call and pass this information across your social media:

Phone: (202) 225-6165

Staff Members:
Chief of Staff: Joshua Grogis
Scheduler: Sabrina Parker
Dep. Chief of Staff: Maria Bowie
Legis. Dir.: Vacant
Comm. Dir.: Teresa Davis
Veteran Affairs LA: Maria Bowie
Military LA: Maria Bowie
Child/Family Issues LA: Carter Cloud
Health LA: Matt Diller
Financial Services LA: Matt Diller
Foreign Policy LA: Maria Bowie
Education LA: Joshua Jackson
Agriculture LA: Joshua Jackson
Telecomm LA: Carter Cloud
Elections LA: Carter Cloud
Energy LA: Joshua Jackson
Environment LA: Joshua Jackson
Firearms LA: Joshua Jackson
Judiciary LA: Joshua Jackson
Tax LA: Matt Diller
Transportation LA: Matt Diller
Trade LA: Matt Diller
Commerce LA: Matt Diller
Labor LA: Joshua Jackson
Budget LA: Matt Diller
Arts/Humanities LA: Joshua Jackson
Civil Rights LA: Joshua Jackson
Government Affairs LA: Maria Bowie
Housing LA: Carter Cloud
Medicare/Medicaid LA: Matt Diller
Appropriations LA: Maria Bowie
Science/Technology LA: Carter Cloud
Social Security LA: Matt Diller
Space – NASA LA: Carter Cloud
Pensions LA: Joshua Jackson
Women’s Issues LA: Joshua Jackson
Native American Affairs LA: Joshua Jackson
Immigration LA: Joshua Jackson
Homeland Security LA: Maria Bowie
Staff Asst.: Drew Roberts
Legis. Asst.: Carter Cloud
Dist. Scheduler: Katie Ringer
Legis. Asst.: Joshua Jackson
Sr. Exec. Advisor: Matt Diller
Animal Welfare LA: Carter Cloud
Dist. Director: Jeff Peters
Washington Office Information:
Room: 2467 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515


  1. I live fifteen miles south of the Oklahoma border, which is the Red River. Have all of my life. Since the 1980’s, sullen, rude Messicans have increased twenty fold in Texomaland. They’re even across the river in what old timers called “up in the nations.”

    For Texans and Okies, Mexicans are the threat, not the Saracens. California is already falling to the Mexican invasion of North America.

    Make no mistake, Mexico is invading and conquering us. They make no bones or denials about it. For them, it’s both fact and national policy.

    For Tom Cole, apparently, “national defense” amounts to going halfway around the World to bomb some country that votes in ways USZOG doesn’t like. The rest of those characters in Washington obviously think the same way.

    We gotta get rid of the Republican and Democratic parties. Especially here in Dixie.

    • There are still old timers in your area who refer to OK as Injun territory? Just how old are they?

      I lived near Wichita Falls, Houston and El Paso for short periods of time and encountered a lot of mestizos, but for the most part they weren’t any problem. Have they become worse over time? I guess now that they’re no longer in the minority they are losing their fear of the gringo.

      • @spahnranch1969

        There are still old timers in your area who refer to OK as Injun territory? Just how old are they?

        Yep, they said “up in the nations.” They started passing away in the mid 90’s. None of them left, now.

        When I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, the only Mexicans I knew were Texans of Mexican ancestry. There weren’t many of them, either.

        Most of the Mexicans I saw in Wichita Falls and Amarillo seemed to be native Texans. El Paso is practically enemy territory. They definitely hate anybody who ain’t a Mestizo. I drove through there once, comming back from New Mexico. Not a friendly place.

        In the late 80’s, Mexican Mexicans started moving in. Towns like Sherman and Denison, Bonham, Gainesville, Paris, and even Hugo, Oklahoma, have sizeable amounts of Mexicans, now. Dallas and Ft Worth are especially overrun with them. Which you really didn’t see much of, before the mid 80’s.

        Now they’re all over North Texas and into Oklahoma. In the grocery store they’re sullen and rude. They act like you’re not even there. They’re contemptuous of anybody that doesn’t speak their language. They open their own clubs and restaurants and make it clear you’re not welcome there.

        TXDOT road crews, paving crews and construction crews are mostly Mexicans anymore. A trailer manufacturer in Paris just got busted for have an all illegal Mexican workforce.

    • James,

      I have been harping on my terrible meme, “Never an R or D Again” for a decade.

      Yet, no one has helped me spread it (even the owner of this blog).

      What are the implications of no one ever voting for either of the two corrupt parties? How would this be implemented?

      I have answers, but can’t seem to get anyone interested in fighting the faked two party paradigm.

  2. thank you James Owen – you sound like a very practical SouthWestern American man who has simply observed what is happening where you have lived.

    Please make the calls to Rep. Cole’s state and Washington offices – speak directly to staff members, be calm, respectful don’t rant and rave, try to create a dialogue.

    I had very solid success today doing this.

    This type of activism does work.

    Sending post cards, starting petitions, running obscure 3rd party presidential campaigns – that doesn’t work.

    here are some contacts for OK State offices:

    Office Locations
    Washington DC
    The Capitol building at night
    Washington, DC Office
    2467 Rayburn HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-6165
    Fax: (202) 225-3512

    District Offices

    Ada Office
    100 E. 13th St
    Suite 213
    Ada, OK 74820
    Phone: (580) 436-5375
    Fax: (580) 436-5451

    Lawton Office
    711 SW D Ave.
    Suite 201
    Lawton, OK 73501
    Phone: (580) 357-2131
    Fax: (580) 357-7477

    Norman Office
    2424 Springer Dr.
    Suite 201
    Norman, OK 73069
    Phone: (405) 329-6500

  3. If a rich, beautiful state, like Califorrnia can be ruined by mexiscrement, think of what it will do to other states. Think, slums of India.

  4. Politics in American can be divided into two factions: The Lunatic Left and the Retarded Right. The LL is as malevolent as it is psychotic. The RR, on the other hand, knowledge of politics is a mile long and an inch deep. They have absolutely no understanding of the Concept of the Political but unfortunately for them the LL does understand that concept and that is why conservatives never conserve anything and have been losing since Brown V Board of Education-if not longer. They lost on immigration, abortion, prayer in schools, Gay rights, and affirmative action…the list goes on and on. Indeed their knowledge of meta-politics is so hopelessly ignorant and naive as to border on political retardation-hence the term Retarded Right!

  5. Great ideas, Mr. Ryan — very “do-able”, practical and, in your experience, effective.

    As skeptical as I am of those vile creatures in public office, I’ll give it a shot!

  6. “running obscure 3rd party presidential campaigns – that doesn’t work.”


    A Presidential campaign that was taken seriously and quoted nationally by the media, until the American Freedom Party higher ups lost their nerve, and gave their party’s votes to the Zionist Republican Party. Only then did they become a national laughing stock.

    Bob Whitaker’s White Genocide was quoted by both candidates during the election campaign. Donald Trump retweeted his meme and won. Hillary Clinton whined about his White Genocide in a televised speech, and lost an unlosable election. You can find her whining about White Genocide on Youtube.

    No one else in the movement was quoted by either candidate and that is a fact. The fact you are still talking about Bob long after he died, shows what an effect he had. Will they talk about you when you are gone?

    Unlike Bob, you have run no successful revolutions in foreign countries for the CIA, and you have never been hired by politicians in Washington DC to write speeches and memes for them. Your political resume is empty and will remain so. Without Cold War warriors like Bob Whitaker, you and your relatives would still be slaving for Communists.

  7. the Jews own both demoncrats and republiscams

    it’s all a dog-and-pony show whose purpose it is

    to keep dumbass Whites participating n the (((System)))

    while the (((System))) destroys them.

  8. Robbo – I agree Bob Whitaker was a very good activist and successfully spread sensible, positive pro White European memes, message – good for him. I just strongly believe we need to stop putting most of our time and efforts our desperate hopes that somehow some pro White American man will somehow be allowed to run and win the office of the President of the United States, ride in on a White horse and somehow magically restore the idealized White, wholesome world of Ike’s 1950s America before the Blacks starting rioting and raping our women, before the worst Jewish feminists poisoned the minds of our women, before hard core porn, before the Jews in Hollywood were unleashed to spread all their worst Talmudist venom against us etc.

    I’ve seen this all my life – regular White folks hoping that some folk hero like NASCAR driver Richard Petty or Elvis would be elected president.

    There is also always ALWAYS the dreams that some military hero, increasingly some trusted honorable non White military hero like Colin Powell will be made president and then the mass media will somehow turn completely pro American and stop hating on us 24/7.

    No, this isn’t going to happen but…..

    We can and have elected tough local leaders at the state and local level – a Sherrif Joe A, David Duke even won his LA State representative race and did very well in Senate and Governors races. So can we.

    Also, avoid the trap of just wanting get on TV and talk, or putting all your time and effort in to getting Ron Paul to be allowed to speak at the GOP convention on prime time TV and somehow reach all remaining White Americans or the entire world including all of Black Detroit and Baltimore with….


    Might as well put all your hopes and time in to promoting some homeless guy to speak the truth to power.

  9. I’ve had two days of very, very successful phone interaction with Rep. Cole’s Washington Congressional staff. Most of these young staff members are intelligent, honest and like to talk to (us) intelligent constituents or just regular Americans who know what we are talking about.

    Here are some more tips.

    1: Be polite and let the staff member that you just want to give a very brief constituent/voter opinion on an important issue the Congressman is involved with.

    2: As if you could maybe leave a voice message for some intermediate staff member like in this case Dep. Chief of Staff: Maria Bowie.

    The staff member answering my call was very impressed that I actually knew the name of the Rep. Cole’s Dept Chief of staff and he asked if I wanted to speak directly to her. I said, no that wasn’t necessary I just would like to maybe leave her a short message on her answering machine.

    Then I proceeded to discuss this issue and this terrible, cowardly comments Rep. Cole made that he didn’t think it was important to build the wall secure our border as we had more important things to do like fund national defense. I asked the staff member just exactly what nation was he referencing for “national defense” because he obviously wasn’t referring to the United States of America and defending our nation, defending our borders. Then I gave lots personal experiences I’ve had with invading illegals terrozing and murdering regular Americans like 9/11/01. I referenced other countries like Japan, Israel, Switzerland that somehow manage to protect their borders don’t allow their citizens to be terrorized, rape and murdered by invading illegals, M13 gang members.

    I did thank the staff member for listening to my concerns, but I should have gotten his name and e-mail address and sent him a “thank you for listening to my concerns” e- mail.

    Most of the Congressional Staff members are young, very intelligent and idealistic in the first few years they work on Capital Hill. Then they either get corrupt or burnt out. Get em young.

  10. A good example of the lying jew twisting facts about America.

    The jew demonizes Europe for the rise of socialism in America caused by influx of Mexicans and Central Americans. Jewish open borders policies are the reason for the rise of socialism in America but the jew blames Europe.

    Here is kike David Stolinsky’s analysis of America.

    Europeans lived for centuries under kings and emperors. They came to believe that power flowed from the top down. The “elite” decide what is best for the “common people” — the “masses” — and then cram it down their throats.

    The “elite” send their children to the best schools and universities, and relegate the children of the “common people” to lousy schools, where they get lousy educations, which prepare them for lousy jobs, which pay lousy salaries, which leave them dependent on the government for a lifetime of “assistance.” But they expect the “common people” to be grateful for the “universal education” — andfor the “assistance.”

    The American idea of individuals being responsible and taking responsibility is utterly foreign to the “elite,” who seem much more comfortable with the European idea of infantilizing subjects to make them dependent on a parentified government to protect them, care for them, dole out money to them, and in general control their lives. If people cannot even choose their own light bulbs, toilets, or dishwasher detergent, in what sense are they free?

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