Gang Raping Judge Kavanaugh

America’s political system has devolved into incivility and farce, with the most farcical voices being those clueless fools begging for a return to civility. It’s anthropologically axiomatic that you cannot maintain a democratic system while also hosting a very diverse society lacking shared affinity, heritage, and values. The state will be reduced to a weapon the competing identities must fight for their lives to seize for themselves or it will surely be used against themselves.

Beyond the fog of duplicity, double speak, dog whistling, and denial lies an ethnogenetic process in its earlier stages, with a Brazilian-style Cosmic America forming on the coasts and in small enclaves while a White America is struggling to awaken to the fact that the link between its nation and state is already broken. Talk of civil war seems hyperbolic at this point, but there’s every reason to believe that the alienation and escalation between the red and blue states will meet or exceed that which occurred once before between the blue and the gray states.

Kavanaugh has described the cascade of women being paid handsomely to fabricate nonsensical juvenile sexual assault charges as “ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone.” But is it really so ridiculous for the Democrats to be throwing the kitchen sink at this man? After all, absolutely all of their major advances in the past few decades have been through legislating from the bench abortion, unlimited anchor babies, Affirmative Action, gay marriage, and much more. With the promised “blue wave” coming in the midterms, all the DNC needs to do is delay the nomination a few months to rely on their congressional majority to obstruct appointing any justice until they can get Trump out of office.

It seems confusing at first that Lindsey Graham has come out swinging against these accusers, but one must bear in mind that while Graham is not a reliable conservative or Trumpist, he is a faithful party hack. A failure to nominate a justice before the clock strikes midnight will further dishearten the party’s base, a base which has been falling back on the Supreme Court copout as the last resort argument for why one must vote Republican in lieu of their disinterest in doing anything else their constituency asks of them.

The GOP can’t afford to screw this up, and they could easily prevail by lambasting these malicious eleventh hour unfalsifiable claims. Instead, dogged by fears of enraging the #MeToo movement, of appearing insensitive to sexual assault victims, and of being viciously attacked and subjected to similar destruction campaigns by the rabidly partisan press, they lend credibility to the charges and mumble about “hearing their voices” and reviewing their claims.

By rallying the inattentive moderates to see this for the hysterical hack job it is, they could steamroll through the nomination process. Instead, they do what conservatives always do, which is compromise and concede their way to failure and retreat. They’re speaking and behaving as if the charges could and should be taken seriously, doing the institutional left’s own work of legitimizing this racket for them.

I’m not shocked by the absurdity of the charges, and we would do best to stop whining about the decline in civility and integrity in the political process. As America grows more diverse and “Americans” grow more dissociated, this is only going to get uglier. Those men and women, like Brett Kavanaugh, who perceive themselves as noble “civil servants” who can transcend partisan bickering will be the first casualties as the polarization process continues.

Uplifting speeches about unity and shit will be dispensed with clockwork regularity by both sides as this failed experiment circles the drain.

The good news is that we’re only a couple years away from reaching a point where people just tune out every claim raised by the other side. The “moderates” are the moral hazards here, as they’re the only ones who are seriously considering whether or not Kavanaugh may perhaps secretly be a depraved serial gang rapist. The leftist operative authors of this tragicomedy certainly don’t believe it for a second, but they’re playing to win. Moderates are a dying breed, fortunately. In a short time, being publicly accused of being a serial gang rapist by the liberal media will be as yawn-inspiring for everybody as being accused of being an infidel by an Islamic cleric. Your friends and family–including the female ones–will be proud of you for having provoked their ire.

While Brett’s nomination remains on a knife’s edge and may well go through, we nationalists would do well to no longer pin our hopes on the Supreme Court restoring our freedom of (and from) association, rejecting the anchor baby loophole, and calling off industrialized infanticide. All they could possibly achieve, at their very best, is delaying and cushioning a decline that can only be reversed through a radical sociocultural groundswell that uproots this political order rather than merely influencing and subverting it.

The American political system was constructed with a series of baffles and bulkheads to protect the system from temporary surges and sloshes. It cannot and will not actually provide lasting protection against the fact that the founding stock are being replaced and will soon comprise a minority of the electorate. With our decline will go the decline in what we value, including our tradition of “blind justice,” of “innocent until proven guilty,” and “not gang raping women.”

Instead of having an imaginary conversation about imaginary preppy White kids systematically gang raping women, we would do well to examine the data and be honest about where and why gang rape is actually still happening in America. Let’s impose a travel ban on the countries importing people from places where it’s commonplace. Perhaps if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, he can help uphold the constitutionality of Trump’s travel bans, thereby preventing at least as many gang rapes as he’s been accused of perpetrating.


  1. Excellent article, going beyond the external issues to the internal ones. Multiracial states are unnatural and therefore unstable. They can only be held together by external force.

  2. I don’t see how anyone watching the hearing and the evidence can believe Kavanaugh is innocent. She made the accusations before he was even nominated and passed a polygraph, which the new ones are practically foolproof.

    Just another Jesuit scumbag cuckservative who should be sent to Federal Prison after an FBI investigation.

    • It is hard to believe that guy could have gone to all those rich kid party schools and come out innocent as a lamb. But none of this really matters to me, since I feel like I’m living in a country that’s under enemy alien occupation.

    • I must have missed the evidence that he’s guilty.

      Are you referring to the polygraph? She’s an expert in psychology who’s adept at understanding the neurological and biochemical processes underlying human behavior and physiological responses. She even riffed about norepinephrine’s function in the storage and recall of traumatic memories during the testimony.

      Even in the event that Dr. Ford would be telling the truth, do you at least concede that there’s an overarching partisan effort to throw a bunch of women with unfalsifiable sexual assault charges at the man?

      • And, for the record, the article was written yesterday, before the testimony.

        I stand behind what I’ve written, while admitting that the testimony was more coherent than I had presumed it would be.

        • Well if he’s so innocent and not worried about it, let him take the polygraph and let the FBI do an investigation. Why should the fact that he is an elitist Jesuit Catholic prep schooler give him more immunity to the law and rules than the average guy on the street? If any of us were accused of the same with the credible evidence she has, we would be in the middle of an intense court case.

          • I’m not giving him special treatment because he’s Catholic or privileged, one way or another.

            If any of us were accused of the same with fingerprints, genetic samples, a panel of eyewitnesses, and polaroids of the actual incident, there would be no court case because we were juveniles and there are statutes of limitations on these things.

            The only reason any of this is being admitted is because it’s a “job interview” rather than a “criminal trial,” and the Senators are at liberty to hold Brett to a lower standard of proof than would be appropriate in a criminal trial.

          • There is no statute of limitations on this in Maryland. Since when have 17 year olds who commit sexual assault not been treated as adults especially when the victim is under 16? Most 17 year olds will be charged as an adult in those circumstances.

            I’m sure it varies state to state but in the state I live 17 year olds who are sex offenders are put on the sex offender registry. Let’s not make him out to be the white Trayvon “juvenile” “child”, he’s part of the whole cabal of elitist power in DC.

            I’m not really sure why everyone is so quick to uphold him when he is 0% different to any other cuckservative lying Republicans who have been put on the court to destroy us.

          • I’m not really sure why everyone is so quick to uphold him […]

            I suppose there’s a rift within our community over whether this is yet more misandrist #MeToo witch hunt nonsense or whether this fits into the #QAnon framing.

            Fortunately, we’ll have our answer soon enough. The gang rape allegation necessarily involved too many participants and now has too much attention for it to remain indefinitely uncertain whether there was ritual gang rape going on. If there was, even if Brett’s not directly implicated, you win.

          • I don’t think some jewess jumping on a bandwagon about something has anything to do with the Dr’s testimony. And just anecdotally from going to Catholic schools my whole life, yes sexual assault and ritual child molestation and just about every horrible thing you can imagine was going on.

            I know more than just a few men and women who were assaulted and or raped and not a single one ever went to the police. It’s futile with these type of institutions you would be up against, and the embarrassment of it as well.

          • And just anecdotally from going to Catholic schools my whole life, yes sexual assault and ritual child molestation and just about every horrible thing you can imagine was going on.

            I have no real experience with institutional Catholicism. My fiancee attended a private Catholic school and claims that there was no ritualistic gang rape going on there. But I suppose that’s exactly what a conniving papist would say.

            Ultimately, I’m fine with there being more research into the charges, even if I remain suspicious that they’re bogus. I’m open to evidence.

          • Well, Marcus, didn’t Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit priest, warn everyone that the Vatican practiced Satanism. He also stated he was present during exorcisms and that they are performed.

            What is it that Napoleon said about Jesuits? That’s no religious society, that’s a military force (not exactly verbatim but close enough).

            ALL religions have been compromised but some more than others. I believe the Catholic Church is the wealthiest religious institution in the world. And with that wealth comes lots and lots of power.

          • All I can say is all of you young heterosexual White men better avoid drive-ins and similar places.

            I have fond memories of dry humping a young lady on a picnic table in Maryland 50 some years ago. Am I liable for prosecution if she complains today?

            Where’s Joe Bob Biggs on this issue?

          • Some enterprising young journalist should get a few words from Joe Bob Briggs on this Judge Kavanaugh situation. Joe Bob is the Nation’s leading Drive-in Movie critic, and surely has some advice and words of comfort for the Judge.

        • Ford is a lying whore. Did you see the kikes literally surrounding her? Kavanaugh keeps SNIFFING. WTF? He’s coming off like a total retard. What is happening? Why isn’t any-one calling out that bitch as a CIA operative?

          • “Why isn’t any-one calling out that bitch as a CIA operative?”

            The only people who don’t believe in conspiracies are those who never investigated even one themselves. Her brother’s firm has supposed been linked to GPS Fusion.

            I think Kavanaugh was told to try to invoke sympathy. You and I may be nauseated by it but many will will be affected in a positive way for him.

        • Or it was paid for by her own attorney, the administrator only asked two simple questions, and she understood the basics enough to regulate her autonomic response.

          The polygraph would have never been brought up if she had failed it. I’m not saying it proves she’s lying. It’s a standard part of the process to include that. But it’s simply not true that she’s been subjected to an impartial and thorough polygraph examination.

          • They asked for the polygraph administrator to be able to testify as it was a very long test and he could have went into details. They wanted it swept under the rug.

          • Well it’s two questions more than Kavanaugh answered. And besides the fact, polygraphs are permissible in Federal court.

          • Marcus, looks like you have a lot of anger towards Catholicism.

            “just anecdotally from going to Catholic schools my whole life, yes sexual assault and ritual child molestation and just about every horrible thing you can imagine was going on.”

            This statement and your naked hatred begs the question as to whether you were abused.

            And yes, I think this farce of a confirmation process is just a joo hit job on Trump. That Kavanaugh is a Catholic who believes in God is just a bonus —- an early chanukah miracle, oy gevalt

          • I went to Catholic school for kindergarten and grades 1-8. I did not, nor did any of my family or friends, encounter anything bad/wrong. All the teachers were either nuns or female laity. I never had a bad experience with a priest either. There was no bullying, I received a better education than if I attended public school, and I have pretty good memories when I reflect back on those times.

            I thought Marcus was a Baptist.

          • @Snowhitey

            Raised and grew up Catholic all the way until my early 20’s.

            And yes, while you’ll find good Catholic schools here and there, the fact that abuse of power and degeneracy exists cannot be disputed.

            In fact, where I grew up (Boston) you had one of the worst sex abuse scandals in the history of the Catholic Church – including abuse of underage girls in one of the private schools in the area.

            Everyone knew – including the high ranking clergy.

    • You all must see the BIG picture. Stay informed about the gazillion sealed indictments about to get unleashed. We NEED Kavanaugh to quickly roll on in … who cares if maybe but doubtfully 1/4 of what that lying far left self hating white cu&t claims – listen to this : ( But a side note VERY GOOD AND SMART ARTICLE. INTELLIGENT WRITING. )

      • Actually it changed after Reagan. During his election conservative states were blue (hence the term blue dog democrat for those who voted for Reagan or supported his policies) whereas liberal states were red. They got all butt hurt being red because they whined that conservatives were equating them with Communism so they changed the colors to make the liberals happy.

  3. “Talk of civil war seems hyperbolic at this point, but there’s every reason to believe that the alienation and escalation between the red and blue states will meet or exceed that which occurred once before between the blue and the gray states.”

    As an aside, the reason why Rightist states are called “Red States” is because on WSI/ACW maps, Confederate forces are delineated in red, while Union forces are delineated in blue.

    The Judeo-Communists want it to be known that the North, which they overwhelmingly control, is still at war with the rest of America. They do it to keep whites split on regional lines, rather than united against Jewry and their minions and coloured auxiliaries.

      • Joe Putnam: “Interesting Mr. Owen. I did not know the origin of the “assigned colors” of modern party politics.”

        According to what I’ve read, that’s NOT the reason for the “assigned colors” of modern day politics. Several decades ago, the color “red” was assigned to Democrats during elections (view old TV news reports of the 60’s and 70’s) when it suddenly occurred to Democrat Party leaders that they were being called “reds” – as in Reds – shorthand for communists. They then lobbied to have the color “red” removed in relation to them, since it was a bit too apt in describing their political ideology – and thus might hinder people in voting for them. Thereafter, the Republicans were designated as “red” while the Democrats were assigned the less-telling and more “patriotic” color of blue.

  4. Allegedly, the DIMocrats want to block Kavenaugh from being confirmed because of the abortion issue. For decades we’ve been hearing about the abortion issue; a women’s right to choose, on and on, relentlessly, causing many women to go along with the left’s liberal ideology, after all, believing their ‘rights’ are being taken away from them — by (“deplorable”) White men! This has been the left’s strategy, to use this extremely emotional issue, the abortion issue, to enlist so many women into their ranks. This is a trick!

    In reality, these SCOTUS confirmation hearings pitting the left against the right aren’t really about abortion. The abortion issue is a decoy. Ultimately, the Left is about removing the constitutional rights of all the American people. How so, you may ask? When did we ever hear the Left tell the truth? Obviously, the Left can’t just come out and say they will vote for a judge based on whether they will vote to remove the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution. They have used the ultra-contraversial abortion issue in it’s place in order to trick the goyim. If the jews could just get more judges on the Supreme Court who are pro-abortion rights, they know full well those same whacko leftists would most certainly do what the jews want the most, which is to rule against the 1st and 2nd Amendments. These are the real targets; this is what is really going on.

    Socalled, Conservatives, just don’t get it. Without these trickers ever mentioning these all important amendments, the First and Second Amendments, the jews are setting the stage to remove them by loading the Supreme Court with jews and other leftists using the pretext that they are protecting a women’s right to kill her child for any reason she can imagine.

    Whether you believe in abortion or not, the abortion issue as a defining issue in choosing a US Supreme Court justice, is a red herring. It’s a diabolical diversion perpetrated by the world class subverters. The real target is the American people’s right to speak their opinions openly, without censorship, and our constitutional right to have guns to defend ourselves from this corrupt (((US government))) and others who would harm us.

    • John Dicarlo, interesting point. I would like to add that abortion is still a main issue for mainstream Evangelicals, who make up a large bloc of the Republican voting base. They continue to vote hoping that a Republican president will install a SCOTUS justice who will overturn Roe v Wade. These are the types who shilled for Cruz over Trump because he seemed more Christian. They don’t get the race issue because they think purposefully turn a color-blind eye to race differences.

      • You are right, of course. I don’t care about the issue too much, myself. Abortion rights have affected “minority” populations more heavily due to their lack of responsibility and self-control. I say abortion should be government funded for black and Hispanic women.

      • @arlsecc — Of course, it is the evangelical tools who are so riled up about the abortion issue, but as I said, the abortion issue is a totally, successful, diversion from what the (((LEFT))) really wants. That is of course to silence us and disarm us.

    • Interesting take but Congress ceded many of its legislative prerogatives to the Federal courts a long time ago. If we had legislators loyal to us they would curb the power of the courts, limit their jurisdiction, etc. Put an end to these confirmation pissing contest exhibitions.

  5. To be fair Kavanagh was a Bush-Cheney Patriot act golden boy.

    I don’t like him much for that reason.

  6. This is important on a deeper level than what we see. what is at stake is presumption of innocence which is codified in the constitution. it’s also an attack on the white especially male establishment.

    • Thank you, Karene. Apparently some of the brilliant White autistes here-in don’t appreciate the fundamental “Big Picture” issues you so gracefully and succinctly present.

  7. Makes me wonder how Vince Foster feels since his murder was covered up by Kavanaugh and EVERYONE (including this site) seems to ignore this issue while the Kabuki plays in front of them.

    Oh. That’s right. Vince is dead. He doesn’t feel or think (nor do Drumpfters).

    • Foster is on Clinton’s body count list and Kavanaugh actually questioned the “official” suicide conclusion. I believe the first EMT’s who arrived on the scene did as well.

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  9. The hills are alive with cognitive dissonance. Not only has Ford’s Holton Arms highschool yearbook been scrubbed from the NET, but so has the blog Cult of the First Amendment which reported it. Here is the cached report from The Gateway Pundit : “Christine Blasey Ford’s High School Yearbook Was Scrubbed to Hide Racism, Culture of Binge Drinking by Minors and Elitism”, Sept 20 2018.

  10. The reason why Germanic nations are ruling in the last centuries are/were the enormous technological and economic prominence
    Because politically these people are astonishingly dumb.
    How easy these people are duped and bow down to parasitic Jews and females!
    All this mayhem because an airheaded idiot is whinIng about a rape in high school?
    Most women don’t mind (to say the least) to be raped, as long as there’s no too much violince involved.

    It’s unbelievable to outsiders to watch this infantile ludicrous circus. tough it’s pretty entertaining
    When there’s a political and cultural reaction to this insanity, they come to with more laughable ideas, like swastikas, “Aryan” crap, and a half mustached lunatic.
    Time to grow up!

    • Reading psychopathic, quasi-traditionalist outbursts like these makes me thankful each and every day that I was born a WASP and that the Reformation happened. Please outsiders, please continue your text-rage against the Anglosphere and her kin, it’ll only serve as evidence for our descendants that the borders of Northwestern Europe ought to include electrified fencing.

  11. These ‘rape’ victims are doing real harm to genuine victims of rape to the point where nobody will listen, or believe a rape claim. If you’re a woman raped by an enricher, nobody will care or believe you.
    I was raped…..I’m a victim…….you’re a racist….I’ve been discriminated against…..your a narrrtzeee! All of these things have lost their meaning and impact because they’re been used to death.

    • The lack of a single voice from the organized left expressing concerns about crossing streams between political theater and sexual violence is deafening.

      There’s not even been any attempt to sort of separate Dr. Ford’s half-baked allegation from Avenatti & Crew’s gonzo allegations. They’re just like, “Oh, cool! More accusers! The more, the merrier!”

      The thing about white women is that when the chips are actually down, they reliably line up behind white men. Always. The DNC’s notion that they can peel off suburban soccer moms with these theatrics is really off-base. I get the impression that a lot of “moderate” soccer moms they expect to be appealing to with this garbage are sitting in their Toyota Highlander staring off into space, terrified that their sons they just dropped off for practice could become victims of this game. They’ll nag about “pay gap” and “reproductive rights,” but will kick that thing into 4WD and roll right over their “allies” as things heat up.

      • What bothers me is that Kavanaugh made his name as a lawyer justifying torture, rendition etc etc. Had he been an official at his level doing what he did in the context of the Third Reich he’d have been hanged by the allies.

        The rape accusations actually cover up his sadistic streak. And he’s not going to be using that streak to bash Nogs and Yids.

        • As much as I despise Bush Republicans and neocon bugmen, I must admit that the Supreme Court is the one part of American politics where I actually feel like I’m on Lindsey Graham’s team against the other side, …as disgusting as that is to spell out.

          God help me.

        • Trump won over the majority of white women despite his actual record of being generally disrespectful toward women. And yet you’ll have me believe that they’re going to unite behind the Democrats over this flaky claim that Brett might have had a brief lapse in his respect all women lifestyle back before 3.5″ floppy disks were invented.

          I’ll return to my regularly scheduled nihilism about Republicans until the next Supreme Court nomination. But right now we have the first amendment, the second amendment, the travel ban, Affirmative Action, and a whole host of other issues directly pertaining to white interests hanging in the balance.

          • What actual record did he have back then? Being obnoxious to all sorts of people? There wasn’t enough back then to find him anything but generally irreverent. No one cared that he cheated on his wife, and germans have a tendency to compartmentalize so Trump’s asshole attitude towards women in dating/mating wasn’t enough to embitter us about our lives which don’t involve his personal one.

            Generation X – including XX – is now the political majority. Prepare for a dinosaur shitstorm.

            You should be a lot more vigilant. You consider yourself informed yet you haven’t taken one look at Kavanaugh’s annihilation of the fourth amendment, for starters.

            ‘I can’t even.’

          • The issue, though, is that the First Amendment (the most important obviously) is already subverted through the private sector and the “free market.”

            Not one single Supreme Court decision has been made, and I haven’t seen anything about Kavanaugh (all this dumpster fire crap aside) that convinces me that he would stop any of this from escalating.

            That, and the fact that not too long from now, I have a feeling we’ll see the Left pull their own twisted version of Andrew Jackson vis a vis the Supreme Court.

            And when we become majority non-White, does anybody think a few guys in robes are going to be able to stem the chaos that will be unleashed?

          • And when we become majority non-White, does anybody think a few guys in robes are going to be able to stem the chaos that will be unleashed?

            Are you vehemently opposed to all pro-white agitation which does not strike through the root? Can we not favor some small victories while awaiting more comprehensive ones?

            My post actually explicitly makes your point about the limitations of system-oriented solutions. But victories limited in scope remain victories, as do defeats.

          • Not at all, but I think we need to always keep in mind that some things we perceive as small victories are in fact nothing of the sort. We’ve had that issue for decades – we’ve thought gains were made, only to be hit with the next gut punch not too long after.

        • Like the Rich Lord doesn’t get his pick of the damsels voluntarily! He’d only have needed to offer them a steak or a bottle of wine and he’d have had those girls willingly.

  12. There’s no question Brett Kavanaugh is guilty of attempted rape in regard to Chrissy Ford. I know, since I held her down while he climbed on top. Get some!

  13. The fact the left are willing to go so far to stop this man’s appointment, is proof they know that the Supreme Court is an unelected dictatorship.

    It is a Judicial Dictatorship.

  14. Up early @ 5:30 this morning…news breaking is that Collins Murkowski and I think Corker will vote to confirm.

    The backlash will be profound, and will eventuate in either Kavanaughs impeachment or possibly some denouement for Trump after the Democrats rally.

    One thing is certain. It will be chaotic, ugly and destructive for whites’ interests.

  15. When the roman rapists came after Mel’s woman next, she fought back and the roman cocksucking corporal killed her:

    I don’t even find Mel sexy. Well, maybe when he was young…when we were all young lol.

    The War Has Begun

    Mostly chaos will ensue and whites’ chances of survival have dimmed.

    But a fight it will be.

    Tell me again who the ‘cucks’ are.

    • Genie, they weren’t Romans. They were British soldiers loyal to King Longshanks.

      The Scotts were portrayed as the Catholics in the film “Braveheart.”

      There’s been enough spilling of European blood by other Europeans. The only whites that are deserving of the noose are the traitors of great race.

      By the way, before trump nominated Kavenaugh, I posted that I hoped he wouldn’t nominate another Irish-American. They have an awful record on issues of importance to us?

      Three recent examples are Kennedy, O’Connor, and Brennan.

      How cliche a booze hound Irishman.

  16. The old leftist moral code : The means is justified by the end. Even if you give them an inch, that is more than they had. It is called progressivism for a reason. Nothing should be yielded and it is well past time for an all out attack on these scumbags. They mean to harm us and end the USA as it is. There is nothing they won’t do to achieve it either.

    Put it this way. The USA has a situation in the SCOTUS wherein a very small group of people in for life may wield extraordinary power. It has become a political structure and very importantly, one which the left covets intensely.

    If HRC had won, it would probably be less than a generation before the USA would cease to exist. Scalia would have been replaced by a leftist.

    This explains the leftist drive to destroy Kavanaugh. The end justifies the means.

  17. Ford didn’t definitively prove her case per se, but she did prove that the Republican Senate – and Trump, whose administration had been blocking access to Kavanaugh’s records for months in contrast to traditional protocol – was complicit. They did everything they could to prevent a proper investigation.

    Which truth never fears.

    Kavanaugh completely lost it in the questioning period. Every aspect of his conversational pattern, weird facial tics, his entire demeanor and behavior all screamed out ‘Guilty.’ Before watching that, I hadn’t been entirely sure what his actual role in these sexual assaults had been.

        • One of your flood of feminist concern troll comments was automatically flagged as likely spam by the filtering algorithm.

          While I personally agree with the algorithm, I manually approved your comment.

          • So what is a ‘feminist concern troll?’ How do I fit such a role?

            You’ve heard from catholics, including this loser’s mentors themselves!

            I’m truly curious how you justify yourself.

            Also wondering what kind of name ‘Reznik’ is. Google says russian jewish.

          • Your position is that white interests must take a back seat to feminist interests or women will, as a bloc, refuse to cooperate. Own what you’re up to, ma’am. Do you or don’t you place your tribal interests as a white person before your gender issues? Can you at least spell out your list of demands of white nationalists that we must meet in order to have your loyalty? Equal pay? Believing all women even in the complete absence of evidence? $50?

            If you were a bit better with the google, you would find out that Trevor Renik is an ode to a character in a popular film inspired by the works of Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It’s not my real name, as I am an anonymous coward. A non-Jewish one.

            Here’s a brief essay from Dr. Pierce on Mr. Dostoyevsky’s position on the Jews…


          • Odd that I was never banned when I made the last Kavanaugh thread my personal Gab account.

            But supposedly was on here for fewer comments.

    • Didn’t you read what Genie wrote, Apple Pie?

      Kavanaugh proved that he sexually assaulted Dr. Ford in 1982 with his subtle body language cues which prove his guilt. What more could you ask for?

      • No, his yearbook and every other character witness in the alleged situations proved he was a party to it.

        His outrageous performance just ‘confirmed’ the degree of it.

        • What witnesses? What exactly in his yearbook damns him? What exactly about his performance galls you to “confirm” being “a party to it”?
          There is so much BS on this committee. Numerous attempts to corner him into agreeing with framed questions. Nothing comes of it.
          You leftists desperately want to block this nomination which has nada to do with Kavanaugh himself.
          It is a case of flinging enough scats and maybe some will stick. Not this time.


            These close associates of Kavanaugh’s say he lied like a rug throughout the hearing; they’re additions to the list of detractors.

            Character, more influenced by environment, and temperament, more a factor of biology, form the crux of who a person is. It’s not just Kavanaugh’s character or temperament but both flaws that don’t make the grade for a SC justice.

            He obviously had a serious drinking problems that unleashed serious behavioral and boundary problems, among other issues.

  18. Toldya’s so:–politics.html

    The cowards don’t want the total shitstorm about to rain all over their Roman Caliphate. They’ve always maneuvered behind veils of secrecy that are about to get ripped off. So they know they’re better served without this whining narcissistic weakling Kavanaugh leading the mob straight to them.

    One thing I can say for the Jews-in-suits.

    They’re a heckuvalot smarter than the pro-white movement.

    • “against the will of Americans”….Durbin asked Kav to request suspension of his nomination until FBI investigates. There is only, and only one reason for this…to get this issue delayed until the midterms. It is ALL political. The stakes are much too high to allow leftism to have another inch.

      • Uh, no.

        The FBI could haul in Mark Judge and a couple other people in no time. They know exactly where he is, the major players in terms of input have already been identified. It would have taken no longer than a week maximum to get enough to give a broader picture.

        The only reason the Republicans refused is the same reason the Jesuits above are trying to withdraw their endorsement.

        They’re scared of what americans are going to find out.

        • Scared of what? There is much more for Americans to fear. A leftwing dominated SCOTUS that will debase the Constitution and usher in the end of the USA. That is real. Everything else pales in comparison. Choose wisely.

          • I think the unfortunately named “Mr Crapo” said it well. There was plenty of time for everything to be aired, but it was deliberately timed to funnel down to this setting.
            It is thus an emotional heartstrings issue and the premise is to play fools like fiddles on their feelings and moral confection, when the left has zero compunction about engaging in the basest of tactics to achieve power.
            The consequence of failure at this time, ceding/cucking to the left, is dire. There’s no more wiggle room.

          • We still have time. The Republicans are the ones blocking investigations that even the entire American Bar Association is demanding.

            And Kavanaugh’s own club is backing out.

            Yet the autists on here don’t see trouble coming.

            Just like you didn’t it before Charlottesville even though people like me warned.

          • I’m tired of this impression that Charlottesville was a defeat.

            The men and women who stood their ground in Charlottesville prevailed in the street battle, and were then summarily thrown under the bus by movement leadership who got cold feet when the ire of our opponents was provoked.

            “Oh, dear! The enemy is fighting back! Abort! Abort!”

            Oh how clever are you movement strategists with your elaborate schemes for anything and everything other than mobilization and confrontation.

          • America is already broken beyond repair, and if you’ve been paying attention to things we’ve already had our First Amendment dashed long ago when the first White Man was fired from his job and/or had his PayPal shut down for saying mean things about Jews and Brown people.

          • [W]e’ve already had our First Amendment dashed long ago when the first White Man was fired from his job and/or had his PayPal shut down for saying mean things about Jews and Brown people.

            The mercantile assault on our expression can be and will be defeated by solutions. The mercantile assault on our livelihoods can be resolved by pursuing dox-resistant careers.

            I agree that the GOP isn’t doing anything to protect us from these problems, but they are problems which can be resolved. It’s a whole different class of problems from the Supreme Court being on the knife’s edge of allowing it to be actually illegal to be publicly pro-white. You know that Kavanaugh will be superior on white issues to whatever the Democrats will nominate, including on the very issues you wish he would be better on.

            I’m not saying we should obey or submit to or follow the GOP. Far from it. But our interests happen to be aligned with the GOP in this instance, and reflexively opposing them is as strategically nonsensical as reflexively supporting them.

          • Thank you for speaking the truth about Charlottesville, Trevor. The response of the “leadership” was for the most part hellish, in particular Anglin’s. I can never look at him the same way again.

            These people have forgotten the fundamental principle of the European warband. You stand up for your followers and allies no matter what. When the enemy is jumping up and down on their back, you help them, not pull down your pants, urinate in their face, and walk off verbally defaming the guy who is on YOUR side.

            And 80% of the trouble goes back to Anglin turning coat with his damn red shoes and sanctimony after the fact, and other people imitating him. His site’s useful for otherwise obscure news items, but he’s an unreliable scumbag. A broken reed.

          • The response of the “leadership” was for the most part hellish, in particular Anglin’s.

            Agreed, but that’s what the first stages of a political transformation are all about. Finding out who keeps their nerve, finding out who can accept risks, finding out who can weather adversity.

            A lot of folks in the movement are disheartened by all of the failures and flubs which happened when everybody’s boxcars left the garage and started rolling downhill. Some of the boxcars didn’t roll at all. Some of the boxcars rolled off into a ditch. Some of the boxcars started off strong then the wheels fell off. Some of the boxcars were poorly designed. Some simply had bad drivers.

            But the important thing is that after decades of being utterly impotent and irrelevant, explicit white nationalism has actually qualified for the derby. We’re part of the conversation, a player in the national political struggle, a force that’s being watched carefully with fear and loathing by a political establishment which believes more strongly than we ourselves do in the electrifying power of racial populism.

          • @Trevor

            On the issue of when it’s legal to be white, consider the Jesuits going way back to Elizabeth I. They were dispatched from Rome to kill the protestant queen, even though she began her reign by declaring her tolerance of the catholics. The Jesuits were deployed to activate cells throughout England and Scotland that were tasked with assassinating her. So as the years went by she became less and less tolerant and eventually had to begin the repression and oppression of the catholics. Etc. etc. I assume you’ve heard of Oliver Cromwell…

            In Ireland the celts bristled at the extreme roman-ness of the Jesuits, who unlike other orders hadn’t been trained to assimilate to or fool the native celts. So to this day they are not popular if even existent in Ireland, while in the US they have more power but also more notoriety and not the good kind, depending on which catholic circles you frequent.

            The Jesuits hate the anglo people, always have and always will. The Roman Catholic Church hates them.

            It’s no coincidence that Washington DC was a cesspool of danger where non-white men, especially black ghetto types, roamed the streets even of upscale distant neighborhoods like Georgetown and terrorized white and particularly anglo women. It was unlike most american cities where the tony neighborhoods afforded white women and people generally some at least day-time refuge from groid violence.

            The Jesuits hate white people as much as the jews. Everything with them and their agents is pure posturing with an anti-white ultimate despotic agenda.

          • @Trevor Reznik
            If the fatty hadn’t died, Charlottesville would have been fine and the movement wouldn’t have fractured. But Charlottesville was never going to be OK. Charlottesville was a trap. A promising movement of young people was led into a Jew run city and the Jews sprung their trap. Charlottesville exposed those among the leadership who are not streetwise, and do not do their homework.

          • @Richard Harris

            Virginia is a Roman Catholic-run state. Terry McAuliffe went to catholic high school (don’t know about grade school), then to Catholic University for undergrad and finished with a law degree from Georgetown. He was the state’s governor last summer.

            Tim Kaine:
            He went to a Jesuit high school and reconnoitered with their ‘mission’ while taking time off from Harvard law, not long after which he took up in the city of Richmond which in NJ attracts a lot of catholics for some reason, even though it doesn’t appear to be officially affiliated with the cult.

            The trap was not just sprung by jews. I, a fairly streetwise sort, sounded the alarm but according to Trevor was just doing it to ‘bend the movement to my personal goals.’

          • Despite appearances, Terry McAuliffe is not a genuinely religious man. Neither is Tim Kaine. They are communist operatives. And, communists are atheists. Hence, the Jesuit connection. The Jesuits are not a religious society but the Vatican’s private army. Even Napolean stated this.

  19. In mourning for the soul of the celtic people, another Generation X irish bard:

    It was a fighting song at first recording turned into a dirge by The Edge.

    Never thought of the analogy between the hunger strikes of Bobby Sands and a following generation riven by anorexia and eating-disorders, probably the primary effect of sexual assault, other than often, more assault.

    That was just beginning.

    Brothers, children mothers sisters torn apart.

  20. I don’t know if Kavanaugh or Ford is telling the truth. This is the more honest position to hold. Molyneux made an interesting point in his reaction on youtube the evening of the hearing, which is that it’s much harder to say somebody if is lying than if their statement is true. Lying is a state of mind, and we aren’t mind-readers.

    Ford may believe what she is saying even if it is untrue.

    We are supposed to be a nation where one is innocent until proven guilty. This is not a trial, which is why circumstantial evidence is more admissable – it’s more like a civil suit instead of a criminal trial.

    Digging deeper – we need to study philosophy and specifically epistemology. In the West, we are living in an age of sophistry – look up sophistry in philosophy. It’s the belief that there is no absolute truth, that what is false for one person might be true for another.
    “”Man is the measure of all things” (Protagoras) and “Justice is nothing other than the advantage of the stronger” (Thrasymachus, c. 459 – 400 B.C.).

    • It’s less than a civil trial, really. More like a job interview.

      The burden of proof is and should be exceptionally low in this context.

      Dr. Ford still failed to meet it.

      • The only thing she had to establish was that her allegation was worthy of investigation. She did that.

        • It was clever not to remember a date, a place, how she got there, how she got home. That information could be scrutinized.

          • It’s strange that the white race is in such a poor political position, when it includes so many unfoolable persons like you.

  21. Some ask why there’s a hurry.

    Because the Supreme Court session begins on Monday. If Kavanaugh isn’t there then he’s out for a while.

  22. The Democrats just lost themselves the midterm.

    Every upper middle class woman is going to see Kavanaugh as their wonderful 200K MD, JD, dentist, MBA husband.

    The left screwed up. Biggly.

    • Graham seems to be the only person with an actual read for the contemporary way this is all landing outside the Beltway.

      When it’s all said and done, the real victim of all this will be Avenatti. They’re still in denial about how this is playing out, but once they see how this has played out, there will be a string of prominent think pieces about how their very sophisticated hit job with Dr. Ford was sabotaged by Avenatti cannonballing into the whole thing with his tabloid skanks. His “moment” as the bombastic anti-Trump darling is winding up.

      • I dunno, I wouldn’t underestimate him. He finished first on his class at GW law, a school that observes Georgetown pretty closely as Foggy Bottom is the next neighborhood over from Georgetown etc.

        He knows that at the very least all of DC scuttlebutt circulates about Georgetown. And it radiates outward.

        I think you’re the one who’s out of your element here, Trevor Whoever.

        • You admire Avenatti as a great thinker and strategist, you gloat about how Jews are so much smarter than pro-whites, and you believe the public response to this will be a feminist revolt against Blonde Gynocide.

          We’ll see how it plays out.

          • I never said he was a ‘great thinker,’ nor that there will be a ‘feminist revolt against Blonde Gynocide.’ I said there’s going to be a shitstorm and that it won’t advantage whites.

            You resort to distorting my words because you can’t discredit me otherwise.

            That’s unfortunate and I’m guessing at least partially a function of youth.

        • You’ve read this suituation wrong. I don’t see how an obstructionist Democratic minority on steroids is going to help deliver the house. It starts to look like the Salem Witch Trials when weak men like Flake are caught in elevators getting cornered by berserk slags.

          Someone is going to bring down the hammer on this hysteria.

          • It was the Salem Witch trials when targeted women like me were caught in Jesuit frat houses getting cornered by berserk (male) slags.

            The 1980’s were pretty bad, through till like 1995 or so.

            You’re only a woman hater because you’re ugly.

            Or ‘mentally ill.’

        • I read all of your quotes on this thread and am at a lose for understanding the purpose of your commenting here, except the simplest answer that you are just a low rent $PLC or ADL or JIDF troll …

          I found the following dialogue from the pop culture classic, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (about 20-30 minutes into the movie) …

          Curmudgeon: That’s two thousand miles from here. How do you expect us to get it there? Drag it?
          Pappagallo: If we have to, yes. There’s always a way. But the first step… defend the fuel.
          Big Rebecca: Words, just words. You’ll die for a pipe dream.
          Warrior Woman: Wrong, we fight for a belief. I stay.
          The Captain’s Girl: I wish it would work, Pappagallo. You can’t expect to compete with that. Every day we get weaker while they get stronger. It’s finished. I’m sorry.

          If the fuel (that is believed to be) in the tanker at this point in the movie is a metaphor for the survival of the white race, we know by your pessimistic whining, that you are definitely not the Warrior Woman …

          But who do you see yourself as … Big Rebecca (Words, just words) or The Captain’s Girl (You can’t expect to compete with that. Every day we get weaker while they get stronger)?

          • You’re presuming good faith on her part.

            She’s not a white nationalist who’s disheartened because we’re not embracing second wave feminism robustly enough to win our battles. She’s a second wave feminist who’s disheartened because we’re not dropping what we’re doing to go win her battles.

            She can’t even be bothered to correct her habit of using white nationalism in the second person while reliably speaking of women’s issues in the first person.

            It’s not a sophisticated influence operation. It’s just another person on the Internet who is taking advantage of white nationalism’s lack of confidence and focus to redirect our time and attention toward stuff entirely outside our movement’s scope.

  23. “You’re only a woman hater because you’re ugly.

    Or ‘mentally ill.’

    A feminist revolt. Go back in the kicthen and feed your cats

    • What is funny about this, is that Kavanaugh isn’t /ourguy/ either.

      He was Israel’s legal enforcer.

        • @General Butt Naked
          1) Stop voting Republican like a mindless slave.

          2) Support nationalist parties that take votes away from Republicans, so they have to lie harder to get White votes.

        • And they will use this hideously distorted image of ‘white men’ to wreak what will probably be the very culmination of the genocide of all whites.

          Google the key words…Kavanaugh, white, male, etc.

          It’s ghastly yet no one on here comes even close to countenancing the inevitable fallout.

  24. Pat Buchanan once wrote that the US is a country in which everybody hates everybody else.

    A perfect scenario for a civil war.

    It’s coming. We might already be witnessing the low-intensity beginning.

  25. In the case of Genie vs. All White Men,

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, we have a confession. On the 28th of September in the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Eighteen at Five O’Clock post meridiem, the truth was revealed in four words, “…Witch… women like me…” The prosecution rests.

    Genie, go back to your Lair and stir your Cauldron… and feed your cats.

    • How on earth you conflate a bunch of white scots in the video above with a bunch of roman sentries baffles me. Last I checked they were killing each other, not uniting against some non-existent being called ‘All Women’ or ‘Genie.’

      Explain to me where ‘All White Men’ exists in my comments. It’s purely in your mind. Rape is a function of capitalism as a systemic issue, most of my analyses and demonstrations clearly express that.

      What we’re seeing playing out these past couple of weeks is a class struggle, not some conflict between the mythical classes of ‘Men’ and ‘Women.’ There is rich versus poor, however, and middle class to boot.

      • Nah, Ford has surrounded herself with Jewish attorneys, she has a couple of Jewish senators, Blumenthal and Feinstein orchestrating the hit job, and a gaggle of media Jews making jokes/assassinations to bury Kavanaugh.

        The irony is that it just makes it more likely that he gets confirmed as the Warcrime stuff is swept under the carpet.

        Ford’s absolutely pathetic. A Nothingopath.

      • No Genie – what we’re seeing is a desperate struggle for power between Jews and Humans. And the Humans are clueless. They’re still trying to play fair.

        Ford is a demented narcissistic DRUNK. She has genuine physiological issues. Her eyes are VERY close together. That’s an indication of flaws, in the brain structure. Oh yes it is. And those speech patterns? That mincing baby Valley girl enunciation? Whenever you hear an ostensible adult female speak in that manner – run away asap. Ford is a walking nightmare. Were I Tyrant Queen – I’d have her tied to a rack in a public square, and have her FLAYED.

        Kavanaugh doesn’t thrill me either. He’s a ZOGling hack. They are still crushing him, though, nt matter how faithfully he’s served them, lo there many years. Once they are done with a drone – the drone gets tossed in the trash. Every-one is cooing over his tears – but I was disgusted. I have come to LOATHE weakness. He’s a ZOG hack – who kinda deserveswhat he’s getting, He’s White. It’s kinda fun to watch some-one of his status getting . Poor Whites – ALL OVER DIXIANS IT’S NOT JUST YOU – have been taking in the neck for decades, largely due to “upper class” Whites like Kavanaugh. Wealthy, high status Whites have either ignored, disdained, or actively worked against lower class Whites for decades. In order to virtue signal to the emerging Jew Ruling Class, that they are “Enlightened and tolerant and Above Race”. Whites like Kavanaugh should have been protecting His Own Kind – but he was busy with football. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. And he doesn’t have a CLUE about the reasons for his persecution, although he’s been a Swamp Creature his entire life.

        The reason his affirmation on the Supreme Court is it’s indicative of What Comes Next. The entire, uniquely ANGLO philosophy of “innocent until PROVEN guilty” is on the line. The Noahide Court wins, if Kavanaugh is defeated. Why would a proud Anglo support Jew Marxism, anyways?

        • His judicial (and personal) record clearly reflect an unhinged turn towards unconstitutional executive overreach to the point of near dictatorship. He is going to take our guns, as his psychopathic disregard for the Fourth will corral (just like he corraled by both force and stealth depending on the incident and girl/woman) the people into a silenced powerless pen of censorship and supplication.

          He is pure narcissist. He like his Jesuit fathers wants total subjugation of the people. The Roman Catholics hate whites and he middle class generally.

          I really don’t think it’s the world you want to live in, Denise.

      • @genie

        As much as I disagree with Anglin on many issues, I find this essay facinating

        All White feminists traitors will be irrelevant in the near future

  26. from Caroline Yeager’s blog:

    “What the media is not reporting is that Dr. Blasey currently oversees the CIA Undergraduate Internship Program Stanford University developed by the notorious CIA-connected Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges-who himself, in 1985, took into his care the homeless woman Lois Lang who assassinated CIA paymaster Nick Deak-and that afterwards saw the CIA’s black operations monies being controlled by Ralph G. Blasey Jr. who, not so mysteriously, just happens to be the father of Dr. Christine Blasey.

    All her lawyers are Jews and they were recommended by Diane Feinstein’s office. Turns out Blasey Ford has been collaborating on this with Jews for months.

    So Julie Swetnick, the 3rd Kavanaugh accuser, is Jewish too. That’s 3 out of 3. Should we wonder?

    “Avenatti told the Forward that his client is Jewish. Swetnick is the niece of Helene Moglen, a professor of literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who has written about gender and sexual harassment in the academy, the Forward reported. Swetnick, an information technology specialist, is the daughter of the late Elaine Moglen Swetnick, who worked for the Atomic Energy Commission, and Martin Swetnik, a retired physicist, the Forward reported.

    These people are traitors to this country.”

    • That’s also very interesting.

      It stinks to high heaven.

      Kavanaugh as Denise pointed out was a drone working for the Hebrew-Hive…

      He may not even realize it. That’s the fascinating thing about watching him swing in the wind.

      • @ Captain – Kavanaugh has not one wee puny cue as to the real reasons for his raking over the coals. Should you or I ever have an opportunity to lay it out for him – he’d look at us, for a moment, blink, gulp, and deny everything. And then call us names

          • And who do you rubes think is funding Kavanaugh’s literal campaign for the seat?

            The Judicial Crisis Network, that’s who.

            Its website lies about ‘limited government’ when Kavanaugh’s record reveals a history of the exact opposite. He has backed a strong man executive with a complete mercenary agenda. Whoever pays him the most money and makes his gambling debts disappear.

            So does everyone want Trump as dictator?

    • Carolyn has a history of distorting debate on her blog to the point of near total censoring of any even civilly-stated disagreement or even supplementation to an issue with some aspect she doesn’t like.

      The woman has no credibility and major flaws of character.

      There is no verifiable proof, or corroboration, that Dr. Ford works for the CIA.

      There is verifiable proof from highly credible unbiased witnesses to Kavanaugh’s drunken violence and incessant perjuring of himself, not to mention his Georgetown violent gang attacks on girls and women.

      For starters, Chad Ludington looks a lot less ‘jew’ than Carolyn’s Fuhrer.

  27. OT

    UNC-Berkeley is at it again. (Marxists have to be doing something since they have nothing to do after they pulled Silent Sam down.) Article related to renaming 30 buildings on campus named after “white Supremacist” went after the football stadium named after William Rand Kenan Sr and his wife. They now have evidence that Kenan mowed down at least 25 blacks with a machine gun back in 1898.

    Taking place on Nov. 10, 1898, the Wilmington Massacre was a coup planned by a white militia which killed anywhere from 60 to 300 Black residents, destroyed many Black-owned businesses and chased the majority of Black residents and politicians out of town. The militia also overthrew the local government, to replace the Black and white leaders from the Fusionist and Republican parties, with white democrats.

    Craig Calcaterra, NBC reporter, published an article last week which revealed for many Kenan Sr.’s involvement in these horrific events. Calcaterra wrote the events were long referred to as “The Wilmington Race Riot,” to falsely portray the day as a violent uprising of Black rioters stopped by white citizens. The massacre was led by a former Confederate officer named Alfred Waddell.

    In her book, “A Day of Blood: The 1898 Wilmington Race Riot,” LeRae Umfleet wrote the machine gun squad led by William Rand Kenan Sr. was capable of firing 420 bullets per minute. Eyewitnesses reported the unit killed 25 Black people within seconds at the intersection of Sixth and Brunswick streets. As with the entire massacre, the exact number of people murdered by Kenan is unknown due to the white leaders getting rid of the bodies and Black witnesses fleeing town.
    — DTH, “Kenan Memorial Stadium: racism and white supremacy are hidden beyond a dedication plaque”

    Pray for North Carolina …

    • I’m looking forward to the day when we can put the uppity nigra back in his place. All the coloreds understand is the law of the whip, the chain and the rope.

  28. USA Today twitter
    Is Brett Kavanaugh right that he can no longer coach girls basketball? accused sex offenders should not coach youth basketball, girls or boys, without deeper investigation.”-Erik Brady

    The left has hit a new disgusting low

  29. I am reminded of the phrase I heard over and over again in the 90s–

    “It’s not the nature of the evidence, it’s the seriousness of the charge.”

    I think that the USA is a rancid country.

  30. It’s funny that in South American countries in many discussions in day to day life, TV, radio, Internet, etc., people frequentely bring up the US into the discussion, saying how everything is wonderful in the US, police, justice, education, the army, the people, how smart is the FBI, the CIA, the incredible Constitution, the amazing honest politicians (with the exception of Trump), the laws.. because in America the corrupts always go to jail, and they have to work while in prison!

    When in reality US is Jewish Politically Correct Orwellian police state corrupt to the bones with a dumbed down drug addicted population living in a Matrix of lies with a bleak future.
    And the few awoke are absolutely impotent.

  31. The Irish Savant

    Some Random Thoughts on the Kavanaugh Lynching

    “Why were the accusations from this whore (on her own admission she shagged 57 men even before she went to university, where shagging begins in earnest) given any attention when there was virtually no supporting evidence and the supposed attack took place in 1982?….

    “….And is anyone anywhere going to point out that the attack on Kavanaugh is being driven by Jews? ”

  32. Kavanaugh deserves to go on the court, and is probably about as good as we could hope for, the way things are. But this is obscuring the fact that we are talking about the deep state right here, unelected bureaucrats ordering the public about, I’d like to see the Supreme Court abolished completely, as well as most the rest of these so called ‘intelligence’ agencies, like the CIA, NSA, there is no way to hold them accountable, or even know what they are even doing.

  33. Oh and Comey’s wikipedia page describes his background as ‘irish’ without the catholic, raised in Yonkers and a graduate of William and Mary then U of Chicago Law.

    No mention of irish catholicism, no cult schools on his resume.

    Good man.

  34. As someone who–to speak personally–has conducted scores of carefully-recorded interviews with relatives and other persons to assemble detailed family history that covers far more than a century, I am not at all surprised that Ford’s memory of the alleged assault upon her is incomplete and uncertain. I wouldn’t even be surprised if discrepancies that can’t be resolved will arise between her recollection and other information that might surface. I’ve encountered several irresolvable conflicts between memories and documentary evidence, such as wedding dates or whatever. What is also surprising is just how great a mass of information can be gathered about ancient events, once you start pursuing such information. What started out as a scrap of family lore ends up as part of a nearly-complete picture, not only of family history but even of national and world history.

    The significance of this process, of reconstructing the past, is treated in the following:

    (“Don’t Pretend the Kavanaugh Facts are Unknowable”–The Atlantic, September 28, 2018; Caleb Mason, litigator and formal federal prosecutor, author.)

  35. In the early times of the Roman Republic the man had power of life and death over his wife and children.
    That mindset built the greatest Empire and culture the world has ever seen.

    It’s outrageous when people try to compare Rome with the (((british empire))) or (((america))).

  36. Nemo, when your read or hear about “the special relationship”between the jew kay and jewnited states, doesn’t that sound like homosexual code?

  37. If the Blue Wave materializes, which polls tracking white suburban women’s attitudes suggest will happen, Democrats will gain enough power to subpeona the Yale classmates (whose numbers seem to be increasing) calling Kavanaugh a liar and a violent drunk:

    It’s way better for everyone if Kavanaugh gets rejected or withdraws somehow (which neither he nor Trump seems smart enough to do).

    For one, suburban white women have turned in massive numbers against Kavanaugh and Trump. But the ramifications are endless.

  38. Jamie Roche on Twitter is now tweeting that ‘boof’ meant in Kavanaugh’s idiom ‘to have sex with someone who didn’t matter.’ Shortly after he adds that he’s hearing from people (I don’t know if they were associates of Kavanaugh at Yale with Roche or more likely in DC in high school) that it means specifically ‘anal sex.’

  39. Shit I forgot Trump had actually fired Comey as FBI director, so now whatever pull he still wields within the agency will be much more limited.

    I’m hoping his loyalists can swing the investigation towards truth.

    We really are on the verge of third world chaos.

    Remember (((who))) Trump surrounds himself with is all I can say to his apologists.

    • @Genie, there’s always room for one more cat in a lesbian’s home. Just don’t die alone with your cats, they won’t wait a day before they’ll begin eating your face off.

  40. Is anyone noticing how seemingly orchestrated and coordinated these leaks from both sides are?

    Just last night we get this letter Kavanaugh supposedly signed back in his senior year at Georgetown Prep from ‘Bart’ (owning the Bart O’Kavanaugh character in Mark Judge’s book) that has clear corroboration to the FFFFFourth of July sexual meanings?

    At the same time we get some supposed claim coming out about Christine Ford’s ex-boyfriend and maybe something substantive about her research psychologist background that implies either CIA or corruption?

    The timing on these leaks has been like this almost throughout…we get something damning about him and her at the same time, little by little.

    Makes one wonder as to exactly what the purpose of this exercise is.

    • And an email authored by Kavanaugh during his time battling the Clinton administration was released last night that contains obvious allusions to hiring a prostitute and ‘secrets’ for a weekend party.

      • Stop. please, stop. Stop! She has no standing and no credibility at this point. The entire thing is boomeranging right back into the face of the Feinstein, Blumenthal, Katz and Bromwich axis.

        • It’s Kavanaugh whose credibility is completely shot. Dr. Ford isn’t even the issue per se; his character is what matters and the evidence of his (not so distant) past excessive drinking and violence towards women keeps racking up.

          He has perjured himself egregiously and exhibited a total lack of judicial temperament and impartiality.

          The guy’s a basket case as a Supreme Court Justice.

          I suppose if you want the government to crash, totally discrediting the Court, the Presidency and the FBI is the way to go. I’d just question what’s going to take its place.

          Christopher Wray went to Andover (full of gang rapes – I knew people from there), then Yale undergrad then Yale law, two years after Kavanaugh. Both are in the Federalist Society.

          Supposedly he’s making sure every move by the FBI is recorded so when the sham of a non-investigation is addressed it won’t be his head on the chopping block. Clearly, Trump wants him to take the blame but Wray has publicly stated he won’t allow that.

          Someone will pay, however.

          • The Supreme Court should be abolished, in Minecraft every last one of them dragged into the street.

            Soon, soon.

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