League of the South Holds Flash Rally In Newport, TN

The League of the South held another flash rally this morning in Newport, TN.

The rally lasted approximately 2 and 1/2 hours. 40 activists participated and distributed literature. There were no issues, hassles or counterprotesters present while the League was given a platform to engage the public. This event had originally been scheduled as a publicly announced rally at Sycamore Shoals State Park. It was cancelled due to a new issue with security costs at Tennessee State Parks. Jared Taylor of American Renaissance is suing Tennessee State Parks for the same reason.

There was still supposed to be some big counterprotest in Elizabethton:

It appears to have fizzled out:

The SPLC wrote a fan fiction article yesterday about our public activism.

The rallies in Livingston and Newport illustrate that we are capable of eliminating Antifa and the “extremism journalists” from our public events. We can also eliminate unvetted people with their own agendas and plants who make us look bad. We can eliminate the violence, lawfare, disruption and siege mentality associated with Antifa. Without Antifa at our public events, the “stadium plan” which costs these towns hundreds of thousands of dollars can also be eliminated.

Antifa are parasites who use our public events to publicize their own violent cause. The same pathetic cast of characters who protest Amren traveled to Memphis last weekend:

Nothing is lost from not having Beth Foster, Jeannie Alexander and Jordan Reid having a mental breakdown at our public events. If you have seen it once, you have seen it all. Besides, I’m sure that both the police and the public would rather not have to deal with it anyway:

From here on out, I think Antifa should be generally denied a platform at our public events in the South. If they want to promote anarchism and communism, they should organize their own rallies. I’m not opposed though to organizing small public rallies for the sole purpose of filming and photographing them and getting them doxed and arrested like the recent string of Silent Sam rallies in North Carolina. That’s what I originally had in mind for the Appalachian honeypot in Elizabethton.

It’s no real loss. I discovered there was already more than enough footage and photographs from previous events to dox all of Nashville Antifa and much of Tennessee Antifa. There was no point in organizing an event to dox Tennessee Antifa when they were happy to do it themselves. They went to Charlottesville on August 11th and walked around unmasked in their own merch.

I’ve got to give credit to Molly Conger for that one. I probably couldn’t have gotten them to do that in Elizabethton.

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  1. Congratulations! Your new strategy is working very well.

    I just pray that the political prisoners still being held in that Charlottesville ambush will be pardoned…

  2. It sure sounds like Pantifa is projecting its own irrational hate and violence on the LoS. Judging from that photo at the top of the page the LoS folks look like nice people to me.

  3. I dare Antifa to bring their violence to Ellijay,Georgia. The locals there will kick them out and the police will arrest them.

  4. An outstanding job all around. You have antifa perplexed and on the ropes right now. Admittedly, a lot of that is their own doing, but you add to it with these flash rallies. A tip of the Confederate Kepi to all involved.

    BTW, when are they dedicating that Confederate monument in Livingston, TN?

  5. Good Work. Like the TNM, set up in a different town every weekend and pass out literature. Maybe even at gun shows or other venues you’re not likely to find anybody but normal Southron folks.

  6. The red advert says it all. They pretend that they are stopping us legitimizing our ideas when what it really is, is they just can’t defend theirs. When you can’t win an argument; then just shut the winning debater up. Trouble is, the truth, or better idea, is not getting said and held up for examination.
    When good men say nothing, these evil predaters win.

  7. Leftists get away with assaults with deadly weapons, initiating violence, protests without a permit, and all charges are usually dismissed. Meanwhile, even in the Trump era, folks on the right are precluded all Constitutional rights and given a heavy hand with prosecutions by a lady liberty with the eyes of an eagle with binoculars. Exorbitant “security fees” are obviously designed to cease all aspects of the First Amendment. They are no different from Charlottesville first denying the federally-enforced permit then physically throwing the left and right wingers together. which caused the violence. To avoid conflicts, flash rallies is the only solution available for ringwingers who wish to maintain any degree of free speech in public…..excellent work!

  8. The best part of flash mobs, is there are no ugly messed up Anti-Fa criminals ruining the photographs. Just pictures of nice White people.

  9. The picture at the top is a photographic masterpiece. Ordinary people who want a future. These are people who could be your neighbor, aunty, mechanic or wife. Compare them with the image of an antifa rally-soy boys with blue hair……and dick softening lesbian land whales screaming nonsense. Who do you think Jack Smith from Montana will relate to more?

  10. It was a beautiful day on all accounts. The weather was delightfully pleasant and the town of Newport was a charming place. The people of the lovely community warmly received our message of Southern Independence. To see the faces of noble southern men and women light at the sight of our flags and banners was indeed an honor. We distributed Free Magnolias to so many eager supporters! Many of these were young men and women obviously inspired by our presence and open display of our flags. It was very positive.

  11. We had a great time in Newport! Law enforcement was friendly and welcoming, as was the citizens, we look forward to working with them in the future to help make Dixie a better place for Southerners to live. All in all, it was a very successful event!

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